Author's Note: So, this is the conclusion to the story. It's not the best chapter I've ever written, but it's just the simple conclusion. I took a break from this to start my new fanfiction called Angel of Mercy, but I was having a touch of writer's block when I wrote this, so I hope it isn't too bad. Anyways, I hope you guys like the conclusion!

Something was wrong.

Damon could feel it stirring in him as he walked out onto the front porch of the Cullen house. He could feel Alice falling to pieces, he knew it deep in the remainder of his immortal soul that her heart and being had shattered totally.

"Alice!" He called out as he walked into the woods, following her scent. He'd seen Edward on his way out of the house, and if looks could kill, Damon would be in a hundred billion microscopic pieces. The further he walked, the more he could feel her presence becoming closer. Just when he felt her practically right next to him, he heard her speak.

"Get. Away. From. Me." She spat out each word individually, her voice growing venom with every syllable. Her face fully transformed and she bared her lengthened, sharpened fangs at him. Why on earth was she looking like she was ready to rip his heart, albeit his un-beating one, out of his chest with her teeth? She looked… broken. Shattered. Irreparable.

He lifted his eyebrows at her questioningly and stepped forward, only to be sent backwards. She reached out and shoved him, sending him into a tree. He gasped out in pain as a tree branch skewered him threw the chest, avoiding his heart by what he assumed to be mere millimeters.

He looked at her in shock, but saw only a faint gleam of satisfaction shining in her eyes.

He saw a deep, fathomless hate that made his skin crawl. Why is she acting this way? He thought to himself as she snarled at him.

Jasper. The word slid into his mind and confirmed his worst fears. She'd found out about him killing Jasper.

"Alice…" His voice trailed off as she snarled again.

"You killed him! You lied to me!" She said in a voice that heightened with every syllable.

He had no idea what to say.

But he didn't have to, because there was a blur and Alice disappeared. And in her wake she left one question in his mind: How was he going to fix this?


Alice couldn't run away forever. She knew that. But how was she supposed to even look Damon in the eye? But the part that ripped her apart more than the lies, more than him killing Jasper to begin with, more than anything other part of it, was the fact that in spite of all of it, she still loved him. There was a tiny part of her that was almost imperceptible that still loved Damon. And that broke her heart more than anything else. She raced back to the house at vampire speed and arrived in her room to find a letter laying on her bed. It had her name on it and it was unmistakably Damon's handwriting.


I know you hate me. I know that you'll probably never forgive me. But please keep reading this, because there are some things I want you to know. I am a different person now, for one. The vampire that fed from Bella and staked the man you loved is gone. I am a different person entirely. Anyone who met me now would probably say "nope, that's definitely not Damon Salvatore." But I know that doesn't fix this. I don't if anything will. But Alice, I love you. As sappy and cliché' and chick-flicky as it sounds, I really do love you. And you saw this long before it happened. And I don't mean you finding out about Jasper, I mean us falling in love. You had a vision that day on your porch, when I was on your fingers as a bird. You saw us in love and I know it. You may have not known what you were seeing at the time, but I know that nothing could have shaken you so much. And as much as it is to ask, will you please come and tell me goodbye in person? I know you never want to see me again but please, Alice. You know where to find me.


He was right. She did know where to find him. She tucked the letter in her pocket and walked out to the front porch, the setting of the vision she'd had. And there he was, sitting on the railing, looking up. He was holding his ring in his fingers and his skin was sparkling. Her breath was taken away, metaphorically speaking. He was so beautiful.

"You're right." She choked, folding her arms over her chest.

"About which part?"

"All of it." She confessed, walking forward.

He stood up and walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"You still love me." He said simply. She opened her mouth to protest. To say something, anything to deny it. But it was true. And how could she deny such pure, honest truth?

"In spite of how much you hate me, you still love me. And the thing that you hate the most is the fact that even after I did what I did, you love me." He said, as if reading her mind. Yes, she thought to herself, not realizing she'd said it out loud until a small smile curved his lips. He took her face in his hands and leaned forward, daring to brush her lips with his. He gave her the chance to pull away, to slap him, to scream at him. She didn't move.

Then he kissed her passionately, more passionately than he'd ever kissed her. And, against every warring emotion in her heart, against the part of her mind that screamed she was betraying Jasper, she kissed him back. They'd lost track of time as they'd kissed, so neither of them knew how much later it was when they were leaning against the porch railing, not saying a word. The sun was still out and still reflecting off of Damon's skin, making it sparkle like a gem held up to the light. She reached up and stroked his hair and he caught her eyes with his.

And as they stood there, the sun setting behind them, Alice couldn't help but wonder how it was possible. How after finding out that he'd killed Jasper and lied to her about it, that she still loved him. And she always would.

"I know rocks turn to sand, and hearts can change hands. And you're not to blame, when the sky fills with rain. But if we stay or walk away, there's one thing that's true - I still love you."

~Alexz Johnson