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To love a brother

"I'm home!"

Ritsuka's ears swerved in the direction of the front door, his tail perking up behind him. He placed the book he'd been reading on the glass coffee table and got to his feet. He ran to the front door, his covered feet making small thumping sounds on the wood floors. One of his rare smiles formed in his face; the smiles only his brother could get out of him.

"Seimei!" he chirped as he arrived in the lobby and eyed his brother as the older boy hung up his coat, folded his purple scarf and put it away neatly in the closet. The taller one stretched his arms out, taking a ridiculously long time to do so, keeping his half-closed eyes on his brother's face. He was smiling. Ritsuka fumed and threw himself at his brother, pulling on his shirt, his ears going flat atop his head.

"Seimei, quit teasing," he huffed angrily. His brother laughed again and ruffled his hair with one hand before leaning down to wrap his arms around the smaller boy. Ritsuka's tail waved happily behind him.

"Did you have a nice day?" he inquired softly. He pulled away from his little brother and made his way to the kitchen, examining the area carefully. No broken plates or glass; he nodded and sighed in relief. Ritsuka was following him closely, his ears twitching.

"Yeah, it was fun."

Their mother, Ritsuka informed his older brother, was out at the groceries to buy some ingredients for supper. They had hardly seen each other all day, and that would explain why she had yet to explode today. If she had been home, most likely something violent would have happened while he was still out on 'business' and when his brother was left to fend for himself at home. He didn't like leaving Ritsuka alone with their mother, but some things even he couldn't overlook. As soon as he was finished, however, he didn't waste a second before returning home. If his mother was in the process of stabbing, cutting, hitting or kicking the younger one, he would stop her and stare her down coldly until she whimpered and went to her room to do God-knows-what. If she was already finished, he would gather his brother in his arms and stitch him up with the medicine kit he always kept full to the brim under his bed. If she hadn't done anything, he would keep an eye on her and make he knew where his brother was at all times. It was just a regular day at the Aoyagi household.

Ritsuka was hungry so Seimei cut up an apple into even, equal slices and spread them out on a chine plate before setting it in front of his brother. While his brother ate, he kept his eyes glued to his form, a small smile playing at his lips. Ritsuka did everything so adorably, as if he was born only to make Seimei smile, since nothing else could. Not the comedy shows on television, not any book, not any joke – only his brother. When he smiled, when he tried to clean his room, when he curled up under the sheets of his bed, when he ate, when he laughed, he always made Seimei's hard, cold heart feel warm for just a fleeting second. He prided himself in being his brother's sole source of comfort and protection against the world and the two-legged animals that inhabited most of it. It was hard being one of the only two humans on Earth, really.

Their mother returned from the grocery store, her arms filled with various items of food, including chocolate milk, Seimei's favourite drink. She always bought the favourites of her 'only' child as if she was trying to bribe him into loving her. It was pathetic and he was honestly embarrassed to have come from a creature such as her. When she entered the kitchen, Ritsuke greeted her in a low, saddened voice and hurried out of the kitchen to go upstairs. Seimei ignored his mother's voice as she asked him how his day was and headed upstairs, tailing the sound of his brother's soft footsteps. He was heading to his big brother's room, as usual.

Seimei's room was mostly empty. There was a clean desk, devoid of any stains or papers, and a computer sat upon it, always running. The only other furniture was a single bed leaning against the right wall, a bookshelf filled with thick, heavy volumes and a lonely trashcan near the window. Seimei never flicked on the light switch, preferring to live off the sun's light and, at night, the glow of his computer screen. Ritsuka didn't mind. He threw himself onto his brother's small but comfortable bed, his ears flattening sideways and his tail curling around one of his thighs as he realized, once more, how worse his life would be if his brother wasn't there to protect him and love him. Seimei, he thought to himself, was so selfless! Boys his age, he had noticed, were always out and about at night, hanging out with friends and going to loud places together as well as shedding their ears. Seimei, instead of doing all of that, came home to be with him and stayed all night until morning came and they both went to school. His ears were still firmly planted atop his head full of wavy black hair and his shaggy tail continued to wave elegantly behind him, a small indicator of his mood.

Once Seimei had sat down on the swivel chair and turned on the computer screen, Ritsuka sat up on the bed. "Seimei?" asked Ritsuka softly.

"Hmmm?" Seimei had opened up one of his online games and was clicking on the mouse and typing, his violet eyes glued to the screen.

"You're going to lose your ears soon, right?" he whined, his ears lying flat on his head again. His brother paused the game and turned to look at him, crossing his legs.

"Why would you think that?" he laughed. His tail stood upright and his ears twitched in amusement; Ritsuka flushed.

"Because boys your age are all losing theirs…"

"That's true. But I'm waiting for one person to give them to," he purred. Ritsuka stared at him questioningly.

"Who!?" gasped the younger brother. His eyes were wide and he looked somewhat distressed; his brother wanted to hug him just for that. He was undeniably…molestable.

"Secret," he lifted one finger to his lips and winked at his confounded brother before turning back to the computer screen, "But you'll have to wait a few years before I tell you."

Ritsuka huffed and lay back down on the bed, crossing his arms over his chest, his tail hair standing on end in annoyance. He stared up at the ceiling with purple-coloured eyes, listening to the soft clicking of the keys as Seimei's slim fingers pressed one after the other. Was he slaying a dragon, trying to level up, or maybe buying some new weapons and armour? Who knows.

They stayed as such until the sun set and the room was illuminated by nothing but the computer screen on the desk. Seimei's pale face seemed to glow as the silver light made him appear almost translucent – ghostly. Ritsuka whined; Seimei raised an eyebrow when their eyes met.

"What's the matter? Are you cold?"

Rituka shook his head.

"Can I give you my ears, then?"

Seimei laughed; Ritsuka opened his mouth to retort, feeling he was being made fun of, but the older boy cut him off before he could do so.

"You're still thinking about that?" Ritsuka nodded, embarrassed, "Well, I'll tell you what; when you're a bit older we'll lose our ears together. I'll keep and cherish yours forever."

Ritsuka perked up but his face turned redder still. His brother could be so tacky at times! He never acted that way with anyone else; that made him happy. That meant his brother loved him more than anyone else. Plus, he would feel quite alright knowing his brother had his ears and tail; after all, no one wanted to give 'limbs' or body parts to someone they didn't trust.

When the clock in the lower right corner of the oldest one's computer announced the number '9:15', Seimei closed the screen (not the modem, of course) and picked up his dozing brother from the blue sheets of his bed. Still carrying his brother in his arms, he headed to his room quickly, picked a pair of pyjamas from one of his brother's drawers and headed to the bathroom. How could he still be asleep as he was being carried? Seimei wondered with a small chuckle. He entered the bathroom and sat Ritsuka down on the side of the bath, shaking him awake gently. Ritsuka's eyes snapped open and his tail swished from side to side, brushing against Seimei's hand; he shivered and gulped, then took a step back.

"Seimei?" asked Ritsuka drowsily as he yawned.

"You need to take a bath, remember?"

Seimei made sure to stay out of his brother's tail's range as he turned the faucet on in the bath so that a large waterfall of hot water cascaded down the porcelain tub's sides and created a shallow pool at the bottom. Feeling Ritsuka's thin, lithe appendage touching him forced thoughts into his head that he otherwise was able to keep under control. It was a bad idea to let those thoughts stray, especially during bath time.

"Wanna take a bath together?" he inquired to his groggy brother. Ritsuka huffed as he began undressing, pulling his shirt over his small head and then wiggling out of his pants and underwear.

"You always ask but even if I say no you get it anyway!" he howled indignantly. Seimei laughed, leaning against the side of the tub, letting the tip of his hair fall into the hot water.

"But you do want me to take a bath with you, no?"

Ritsuka looked away, face tomato red, and crossed his arms over his chest. He then got into the bath first, hissing as the hot water warmed his cold skin and making him even tired and sleepy than before. He lay down in the tub, playing absent-mindedly with a yellow rubber duck that happened to float by him while his brother stripped himself near the door. He folded his clothes just as he did with his scarf and placed it near the sink, his eyes half-closed. He then entered the bathtub in one quick, smooth movement and the water level went up drastically, causing some water to infiltrate into the smaller boy's mouth suddenly. His eyes, which he'd previously closed, snapped open and he coughed as water went down his respiratory conduct.

Seimei reached over and rubbed his brother's back, watching him spit out a mouthful of water, his ears bristling. His heart ached; he shouldn't have let something like that happen, no matter how small a deal it was. Such a precious being, small and vulnerable, was not to be harmed. He could deal with their mother but nothing else was to harm the pre-teen boy. Should his brother die…God help Soubi and anyone else who happened to cross Seimei's path.

Before Ritsuka was born, he hadn't wanted a little brother. He was a prodigy child and he awed even the most intellectual of men. His parents loved him and couldn't be more proud of him. He didn't want someone, much less someone of his own genetic code, to surpass him and take so much as an inch of everyone's love for him. People's hearts were his to play with, toy with, to control. When his mother had announced that she was pregnant, he suddenly developed rather severe tendencies to break things, to throw fits and to try and slip drugs into his mother's food. His parents were scared. They brought him to a therapist but, since he didn't want to be put on drugs himself, he lied and lied until even the therapist was against the birth of this child. There was nothing his parents could do to stop his behaviour, but somehow the pregnancy went without a single issue and Ritsuka was born totally healthy and on his exact due date.

His father had forced him into the car – at the time he'd been too small to overpower his father – and drove them to the hospital where his wife was waiting, holding a squirming bundle to her chest. Seimei sat on a chair, watching his parents coo over the new baby, ignoring him completely, and his hate for the baby grew with his desire for its death. When his mother called him over to take a look at his brother, he took out the kitchen knife he'd hidden under his sweatshirt and held it behind his back. He held out one hand and his mother placed the little creature in his waiting arms, a smile on her face.

He dropped the knife on the ground where it clattered onto the floor and lay there, unused. Seimei reached over with his now free hand to hold the baby closer, his eyes wide as he watched its eyes, identical to his, watching him quietly, its little ears swerving forward towards him. It was like an angelic version of himself, still full of innocence just as he'd been born without. This wasn't what he'd envisioned! He'd imagined a boy with his father's hard, set jay, his mother's lighter eyes, brown hair and puffy cheeks. This baby, however, was a combination of everything that could be considered as perfect. And on top of that, they shared very similar DNA, if not identical, so he wouldn't be filthy like the other children. Seimei squeezed the baby against his chest and sniffed the small patch of hair on top of its head, satisfied with the milky scent. His parents were completely distraught by their eldest son's sudden affection for his baby brother, as well as the knife that now lay forgotten on the hospital room tiles.

"Seimei, you're spacing out again!" Ritsuka hollered close to his ears. He was holding his older brother's arm, his chest pressed against Seimei's shoulder blades and his tail rubbing the skin just above his brother's backside. Seimei hissed under his breath and quickly shifted so that he could still hug his brother without being quite as close to him.

This was dangerous, he realized. Bath time would have to end soon now that Ritsuka was a bit older and Seimei just all that more frustrated. Didn't his brother realize how close he kept coming to being violated? Probably not.

"Let me wash your back," he purred close to Ritsuka's silky, fluffy ear. The appendage flicked forward and the tip of the hair brushed against Seimei's nose.


He turned around and handed his brother a washcloth and a bar of soap. The water was beginning to cool and both boys were starting to shiver as the cold air hit their shoulders and the back of their necks. The eldest boy rubbed the bar of soap until the washcloth was slick and smelled like strawberry, then rubbed it slowly on Ritsuka's back in a circular motion. Ritsuka closed his eyes and groaned a few times before he eventually let out a long, husky moan that caused Seimei's hand to freeze. He snapped out of his daze and looked back at his brother who looked rather distressed, his ears pinned to his head and his tail curled around his midsection tightly.


"Your back is clean," Seimei growled. Ritsuka's mouth turned into a downward arch and he swam over to his brother, who was starting to get out of the bath, and hugged his around the waist. Of course he didn't know he was making it worse.

"Did I make Seimei mad?"

Seimei, who had been holding his breath for the past minute, let out a long sigh to try and calm down his burning hormones and his electrified nerves. He kept his tail where it was, rushing over his thighs, before hugging his brother back. He just doesn't know…Seimei thought.

"No, Ritsuka, you didn't. It's late; you need to go to bed."

Seimei exited the bath quickly and, unlike was the usual routine, he got dressed before helping out his brother who sat in the bath, waiting. Even though he says that…he never gets dressed first…Ritsuka stared at his brother as he was getting dressed. The water was almost totally cold by then and the soap made a fine layer of white, milky liquid above the water. The duck looked like he was swimming amongst clouds.

Seimei sighed in relief once he was dressed and allowed his tail to fall back behind him. He then reached out and pulled Ritsuka out of the bath by slipping his hands under his brother's armpits, then set him down on his feet on the green plush carpet and drying him with a small white towel. Drying always took longer than it should, of course, but Ritsuka either didn't notice or didn't mind. His shirt was always put on before his underwear and pants and Seimei always hugged him before the dressing was finished. On that night, however, that wasn't the case. The eldest hurried his brother into his underwear quickly without actually helping out and then his shirt and bottom followed. The whole thing was finished much, much quicker than usual and Ritsuka felt his heart hollow out as he followed the stiff, nervous Seimei back to his room.

When Ritsuka was about to climb into Seimei's bed, his brother spoke up. "Ritsuka, why don't you sleep in your own bed tonight? You're getting a bit old for us to sleep in that little single bed."

Ritsuka bit his lip hard so hard that a coppery tasted flowed into his mouth. His hands clenched the bed sheets tightly until his knuckles turned white and his nails made little red welts in the skin of his palms. How could his brother start pushing him away now? He'd promised, ever since he could remember, to always love him and do anything for him, whatever the cost. Was Seimei getting tired of him already? He felt his eyes tear and up and he wiped it away with his sleeve, to stubborn to cry in front of his anyone, let alone his brother. Unfortunately for him, his brother had taken his eyes off his online game long enough to see tears gleaming out of the corner of the violet eyes. He got off the swivel chair and sat down on the bed, smiling mischievously before pulling his brother into his lap. Dangerous, so dangerous, he mused. Ritsuka was like a plumb rabbit running right up to a starving wolf, reading to devour the little thing.

"You don't want to grow up yet?" he purred. Ritsuka shook his head and pressed his face to his brother's clothes-covered chest. "Good. You don't ever have to grow up, Ritsuka."

The youngest boy seemed satisfied and squirmed around in his brother's lap, trying to reach up to give him a small kiss on the cheek. But the squirming, the moving, the rubbing…Seimei growled under his breath in frustration and his tail lashed behind him, entangling itself in the bed sheets. His jeans were too tight, his brother too close, his hormone level too high. Something so cute was just begging to be eaten, taken whole and scarred; but if Seimei had any love to give anywhere in his barren heart, it was for his little brother. Violating him didn't fall into the category of protecting him.

Ritsuka finally managed to kiss his brother's unusually hot cheek and sat back down in the boy's lap, his tail flicking happily. Then he felt something rather hard pushing against his behind and he looked down at his brother's lap. He ears twitched in curiosity.

"Seimei, what's that?" he moved his behind a bit to show his brother what he was talking about – not that Seimei didn't know exactly what he was referring to. Good thing Ritsuka never listened in health class or things have taken a turn for the worst.

"…it means I love you," he explained with a charming smile. Ritsuka seemed unconvinced, his brow furrowed, his nose crinkled and his eyes narrowed as he analysed the situation. In the end, however, he decided he believe his brother and jumped off his lap to lie down on the bed, making sure to leave ample space for his brother to lie down.

"I'll join you soon. I'm just going to level up a bit."

Ritsuka nodded, laid his head on the pillow and dozed off almost immediately. Seimei stood up, smoothed his pants over his legs and stretched. He was impressed at his own self control but, after all, he was always very good at hiding what he didn't want to be seen. Well…he could hide most of it. He returned to the swivel chair and sat down, jabbing the 'on' button on the screen and going to a mutated dog creature with his character, slaying it with one swing.

"I wonder what'll happen when he figures out what it is…"

...Seimei is so awesomely creepy.