A/n: HAY THAR, EVERYBODY, KI-CHAN HERE WITH A NEW AKUROKU PRON STORY! Okayy this one is based around that one yaoi manga called "A Sex Therapist"…go search for it on Mangafox, I'm pretty sure it's there…maybe…but anyways, the characters are not mine, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, and neither is the Sex Therapist plot thinger- I just got my own sexual idea and wrote this using Axel and Roxas :3 enjoy!

Those hot afternoons in Tokyo were the days that Axel loved. Heat and summer was a thing that young Axel Haruna always found comforting, even if it really wasn't a comforting thing at all, really. But over all it just put the red-haired man in a good mood whenever he would take a stroll around the city, or his morning walk to work. The sun shined as brightly as ever when said man arrived at his job, a small cafe located right in the middle of the bustling city.

As the tall red-haired male pushed open the door and into the cafe, he glanced up with jade eyes and noticed his co-worker, a perky blond boy named Roxas Tsukino, who was scrubbing off one of the tables. And when I mean perky, I mean perky. It seemed as if Roxas always had a little tune caught in his head- he always had a smile on his face, and he was always happy.

It was probably because of how much he loved this place. The cafe he worked at was a preppy and popular little place with all the young people in Tokyo and that meant Roxas got to see all his friends nearly all the time. No matter what made Roxas happy, Axel Haru had a serious and deep fascination with Roxas, finding the boy to be absolutely adorable and very...well, let's just put it at that and keep it pure.

The blond that had been scrubbing the tables blinked when he heard the door open, and he quickly stood back up straight from where he had been leaning over the table. Roxas smiled brightly when he saw his co-worker Axel, a soft little laugh leaving him as he gave a wave, "Good morning, Axel!"

Axel found himself chuckling gently, taking a quick stride to his blond friend and ruffling the boy's head, "Morning, Roxas. How're you?"

"Oh, wonderful," Roxas grinned, his cheeks a little pink as he smiled sweetly up at the tall redhead. "I've already gotten so many tips today and I've only been here two hours."

"Oh, that's great," Axel smiled, looking down at the overly happy blond next to him. "How much exactly?" Roxas giggled when Axel said that, glancing up at Axel with a cute little smirk that Axel himself found himself staring googly-eyed at.

"Around fifty dollars, already," Roxas laughed, giving Axel a wink and then proceeding to stick out his tongue playfully.

Axel swallowed thickly at the little look Roxas gave him, but he was quickly snapped back to reality and he offered Roxas a smile as he began to pull on his waiter apron, "Wow, that's a lot..."

"Yeah it is," Roxas smiled, practically skipping behind the counter to fix a soda. "I can buy that new pair of shoes I've been dying to have." Roxas smiled widely and glanced back up at Axel with those big gorgeous blue eyes. "Is there anything you've been saving your money up for, Axel?"

Axel sighed and bit the inside of his lip, shaking his head slightly, "Not really. There's nothing I really wanna waste my money on."

"Oh, that's too bad..." Roxas said. "Maybe something new will turn up you'll really like?" Roxas winked at Axel again before hurrying back into the open cafe and handing the soda to one of the customers. Axel lazily leaned against the wall with his arms crossed as he watched Roxas talk with one of the young kids there, his smile wide, his eyes big and happy...oh, it made Axel's heart leap and fly.

Roxas was such a little cutie, and Axel couldn't stand it of how much he adored that blond boy. The way he would talk, walk, smile, take orders, serve food, and even the way he would ring up someone's total price. Axel knew almost everything there was to know about Roxas. He knew the boy's favorite color was pink, that he loved the spring, and that he always had the urge to go to Africa one day. Axel even knew which side of the mouth Roxas would always chew on. Axel didn't know if he was a stalker or if he was just a normal friend, but all Axel knew was that Roxas was simply the cutest little boy Axel had ever known, and he couldn't even begin to describe how much he truly wanted him.

Axel's expression was almost bereft, eyes staring at the blond across the room in a mild, desperate need to have that sweet little boy begging for Axel. The redhead's eyes were narrowed and somewhat glazed over as he stared at Roxas - the boy was now cleaning up a table - and he noticed the way Roxas would lean over, the blond would always lift a leg a little bit when he had to reach far for something.


Axel gave a great jolt, leaping back quickly and away from the wall he was leaning against. His panicky face landed on the outraged face of his boss, Larxene Kamaya.

"Ye-yes, ma'am?" Axel stammered, staring down at the golden-haired female in front of him.

She didn't look happy, the way she had her arms crossed, and how her foot tapped erratically against the tile floor; she looked ready to burst she was so mad.

"Axel, you're an hour late! I've had to cover for you, and I'm your BOSS!" Larxene bellowed. "That's ten dollars off your paycheck for being an hour late! Oh my god, I work with MORONS!" Larxene grabbed at her head a moment and growled something under her breath.

"T-Ten dollars? Isn't that a little much?" Axel whimpered.

"Don't you have a grill you need to scrape the grease off of?" Larxene murmured dangerously.

Axel flinched and nodded his head apologetically and bolted to the kitchen, prepared to get extremely dirty, sticky, and quite filthy for the next hour or so. To think, such a happy and bright little cafe like this one would have such a demonic woman as the owner?

About an hour and a half went by and Axel had finally de-greased the grill, and he felt quite disgusting as he took a step into the bathroom. He had been wearing these thick latex gloves that were still caked on with the icky grease and the grimy filth was all over Axel's apron, and a few spots here and there on his face. Axel betted that scraping the grease off the grill was way worth that ten dollars Larxene took off his paycheck, not that there was anything he could do about it now.

Once Axel had cleaned himself up as much as he could, he returned to the middle of the cafe and noticed a friend of his own sitting at the bar, eyes flicking through the white and pink menu.

"Hey, Riku," Axel smiled as he strolled behind the counter. "What's up?"

Riku Nagano, a sharply dressed and silver-haired young man with dark-rimmed glasses, looked up at Axel and offered a small, sincere smile, "Nothing much- just thought I'd drop in to have a milkshake."

"Alrighty," Axel grinned. "Chocolate or strawberry?"

"I don't care..." Riku murmured.

"Okay, strawberry," Axel laughed gently as he quickly began to work on the drink. "Sooo, is there anything you wanna talk about, Riku?"

"Aw, not really," Riku said, spinning around his pink cushioned seat and looking around the cafe. He caught sight of Roxas and his eyebrows rose a tad as he noticed Roxas had done a happy little spin while holding a food tray. "Oh, is that that Roxas kid you were talking about?"

"Oh, yeah..." Axel replied back quietly, resting his elbows on the counter top as he stared dreamily at the cheerful blond. "Just look at him, Riku...he's perfect for me..."

"He certainly is the gleeful type, isn't he?" Riku chuckled, shaking his head slightly as he saw Roxas stumble slightly from spinning so much. Hey, he was showing off for some little kids who came in with their mothers.

"I feel like I'm not gonna be able to hold it in any longer, Riku..." Axel said, shaking his head. "I mean...what if I was a bit too forward or something?"

Riku raised an unimpressed eyebrow at Axel and gave a shrug, "Well, what if it turns out he really likes you, too?"

"But he's so innocent!" Axel proclaimed gently. "I don't wanna be the guy to completely destroy that with one simple comment or...action..." Axel felt a tingle go up his spine when a rather racy thought entered his mind and he clapped both of his hands over his face and shivered.

"Axel..." Riku sighed, removing his glasses for a moment. "I think you need to go to a therapist..."

Axel looked up at Riku curiously and cocked his mouth, "A therapist?"

"Yeah..." Riku said. "There's this one guy in town, he's actually a sex therapist, and he'd probably be able to help you out with your problem with Roxas. I've been to him a few times and he's sorted out some issues I've had with Sora."

Axel's face hardened a moment as he thought about this. Was a therapist what Axel really needed? And a sex therapist at that. It was probably some bony old guy who was gonna tell Axel how to just relax and use some old snazzy pick up lines.

"What's his name?" Axel asked, looking at Riku with interest.

"Marluxia Hasegawa, I believe," Riku replied. "He's a pretty nice guy, so I wouldn't get too worked up about it. But my advice, go see him, you won't be dissatisfied."

Axel crossed his arms and contemplated it for another few moments before he then asked for the guy's address, which Riku happily wrote down on a piece of paper before Axel carefully secured it in his jeans pocket. It wasn't until then he heard Larxene scream at him again and Axel spun around, letting out a surprised cry himself when he noticed the milkshake he had been preparing for Riku had been unattended to and the specialized milk that was pouring out of the machine and into the blender that was full of strawberry ice cream was now dripping into a huge puddle all over the floor.

After Axel had mopped up the massive milky mess, his work hours had finally ended. Axel had just finished removing his extremely dirty apron - which Larxene promised she wouldn't wash - and was about to step out onto the dark street when he heard Roxas call his name. Axel immediately turned around to face the uber sweet blond that had stopped directly in front of him.

"Hey, Axel, are you okay?" Roxas asked, holding a rather concerned look on his face. Axel was a little bit confused at first and he blinked a few times before he nodded.

"Yeah..." Axel said suspiciously. "Why?"

"It just seems like you've been really upset about something," Roxas said, tilting his head to the side innocently and causing Axel to gulp again. "Larxene was making you do so many chores today...is that it? Or is it because Larxene took away some money from your paycheck?"

"Don't worry, it's nothing..." Axel smiled reassuringly.

"Oh, so it IS something!" Roxas said with wide eyes.

Axel mentally slapped a hand on his face. Damnit, he didn't want Roxas to worry about him! Although...it made the redhead wonder if Roxas actually genually cared about Axel...which was good!

"J-Just trust me, Roxas, okay?" Axel smiled.

Roxas paused a moment before he nodded his head, "Okay...if you insist, Axel." The blond gave his usual little sugary sweet smile and then that wink that nearly made Axel get weak at the knees before Roxas slipped past Axel and out the door.

Shortly after Axel left himself, and he was actually planning on heading straight home and watch some TV shows and eat that leftover lemon pie his grandmother sent him when he suddenly remembered: That sex therapist!

"Oh, right!" Axel said quietly to himself as he came to a halt on the sidewalk.

Axel dug around through his pockets until he located that little note Riku gave him with the therapist's address on it. It was some place Axel hadn't really heard of before, but it was near a street he Idid/I recognize. His little walk there didn't take more than eleven minutes before he reached a long alleyway in the deep depths of the city.

The alleyway was dark and dimly lit by street lamps. Axel was pretty sure this was the place. The redhead's jade eyes glanced all around him and then he noticed a sign dangling up high on the wall that clearly read, Marluxia ~ Sex Therapist.

Yep, that was him alright. The sign was a faded pink and the letters written across were extremely fancy and there was a long rose laying right underneath the words. Axel stepped up towards the small door that was right underneath the sign and he wondered if he should knock or not. Axel decided he should just test the doorknob, which was unlocked and opened immediately.

Axel almost fell inside but quickly gained his composure back and closed the door. Axel's eyes widened and his cheeks reddened when a certain aroma filled his nostrils. It was the specific smell of sugar- a sweet, sweet wonderful smell that reminded Axel exactly of Roxas.

Axel's eyes gazed around the room as he continued to enjoy the lovely sweet smell that floated around the room. It was large and comfortable looking. Almost every corner of the room had a fancy and pretty plant in a nice pot in the room, along with hanging plants and plants on the walls. Man, this Marluxia guy must've really liked flowers. There was also a bar at the far end of the room with many different looking bottles were sitting in their specific places in the cupboard behind the bar.

"Hello?" came a distant voice.

"Um, hello?" Axel spoke, blinking out of his slight trance and looking around.

Axel hadn't noticed the hanging beaded curtain off to the side that led to another room, but the curtain waved a bit and a tall and slender figure emerged out from behind it. Axel immediately noticed the rosy pink hair he had, along with his navy blue eyes. He had a rather smug smile on his face and he was wearing a very fancy suit.

"Oh, welcome," he smiled, stepping over to Axel briskly. "Do you have an appointment, sir?"

"Uhh..." was Axel's response.

"I'll take that as a no, then," he smiled. "That's alright- you're obviously in need of some good therapy from Marluxia."

Axel blinked, "Oh, so you're Marluxia?"

"I sure am..." said Marluxia, turning and approaching the bar. The pink-haired therapist had produced a small glass and then pulled out one certain bottle from the cabinet behind him. Marluxia looked back up at Axel and smiled politely at him- it was a nice smile, but nothing as beautiful as Roxas's smile. "Please take a seat and I'll fix you a drink."

Axel did as he said and slowly sat down at the bar, looking just slightly on the nervous side. A drink would be rather nice right now, Axel thought to himself as he watched Marluxia prepare it. The bottle he had pulled out was a white bottle, and a thick and pink liquid poured out and over the ice cubes.

"So, what is your name?" Marluxia asked kindly.

"Oh, Axel..." the redhead replied, sitting up straight. "And, um, do you think you can help me out?"

Marluxia tittered. "Well, of course I can, darling." Marluxia gestured for Axel to take a sip of the thick drink. "That is what I'm here for, after all. What do you need help with?"

Axel stared at the drink with a suspicious gaze, fingers wrapping around the glass and he gave the glass and experimental swirling movement to see how the liquid inside would react. It was slow to react to say the least- it was thick like a milkshake and it just looked plain weird. But nevertheless, Axel placed the rim of the glass to his lips and took a teeny little sip.

Immediately Axel tasted strawberry and the redhead blinked and pulled it away, "What is this?"

"A special drink I prepared," Marluxia replied with a long grin. "I call it 'Sugar Passion'." Marluxia laughed behind a closed mouth before tossing some pink strands over his shoulder and folding his fingers together. "So, tell me what's on your mind?"

"Well..." began Axel. "There's this boy I'm...well...I guess you could say I'm really interested in. I've known him for about two years or so and he's…such a cutie..."

"Ohh?" Marluxia smiled. "What's his name then? Keep drinking, it's good..."

Axel cocked an eyebrow but continued to sip the pink drink every now and then- not like it didn't taste bad. "His name is Roxas. He's my co-worker. But yeah, he's so cute and sweet and just the perfect boy for me. But not only is he just sweet and cute he's incredibly innocent, like a freakin' little kid and he's seventeen. I guess I'm afraid of scaring Roxas away, but I want him SO much! I just don't wanna destroy that cute innocence he has... Is that so wrong?"

Marluxia shook his head, a smile still fixed on his lips, "No. It's not wrong at all. In fact, it's quite thoughtful- it means you care dearly for him. One more swallow..."

Axel sighed and chugged down the last little bit of the drink Marluxia gave him and he sighed deeply after he had finally consumed all of the thick, strawberry-flavored liquid. "There, I drank it all. Was it supposed to relax me or something?"

"Hmm, well, something like that..." Marluxia purred.

"So...are you gonna give me some advice of what I'm supposed to do?" Axel asked, not liking the fact that Marluxia was actually leaning closer towards him.

"My advice will be just what you're looking for..." Marluxia replied. And quite suddenly, Marluxia had wrapped a hand around Axel's neck and kissed the redhead firmly on the lips. Axel broke away at the sudden contact, eyes wide and disgusted.

"What the hell?!" Axel breathed. "What're you doing? You're not supposed to have sex with me because you're a sex therapist!"

"I never said that I was going to have sex with you, Axel..." Marluxia said with a smile.

"I think I'll try somebody else," Axel said with a snooty smile.

Marluxia smirked to himself as Axel immediately stood to his feet and began marching straight towards the door, quite angered now that Marluxia had just kissed him. Axel grabbed the doorknob when he suddenly heard a voice...


Axel halted and his eyes widened. The redhead turned around and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw no other than Roxas standing in the same exact place that Marluxia was just standing- he was even wearing the same clothes, except now they looked waayyy better on Roxas.

"Roxas...?" Axel spoke quietly.

"D-Don't leave, okay...?" Roxas whimpered, moving out from behind the counter and stepping slowly towards Axel.

"H-How'd you get here?" Axel asked. "And where'd Marluxia go?"

"Don't worry about him, okay?" Roxas smiled sweetly as he finally reached Axel. "I just...I just wanna be with you..."

Axel's eyes widened all the more and he backed up so much his head bumped into the wall behind him. "Roxas, what're you talking about?"

"It's okay..." Roxas whispered, reaching out to take Axel's hand. "Just stay here with me, okay? I wanna be with you, Axel...just you and only you..."

Axel couldn't help but to hold Roxas's hand back and follow Roxas out into the middle of the room again and closer back towards the bar. What on earth was going on here? Was this really Roxas? Or was this just a boy who looked exactly like Roxas? And where did Marluxia even go? It was like he had just vanished. Or was he just hiding behind the bar? Or was this just a complete setup and this was all Riku's doing and thought it'd be funny to actually have Roxas do this to Axel and freak the redhead completely out.

Finally, they reached the bar and Axel was almost standing on his tip-toes to see if maybe Marluxia was hiding underneath the bar. But his eyes focused back on Roxas as he noticed the blond was sitting up onto the counter, and he was moving rather slowly and seductively. Axel swallowed thickly and watched the blond with nervous eyes.


"Axel, I want your hands on me..." Roxas said, looking up at Axel with those beautiful blue eyes of his. His cheeks were stained a sweet little pink that tugged at Axel's heart-strings, and not to mention the words that just came out of Roxas's mouth, Axel's jaw fell open widely instantly.

"You...you want me to...what?"

Roxas tilted his head to the side, his golden spikes bouncing a bit, bright blue eyes sparkling a certain type of lusty sparkle, "I want you to touch me, Axel...please? I wanna be with you..."

Everso slowly, Roxas reached out towards Axel's hand and wrapped his slim fingers around the redhead's almost shaking hand. The blond brought Axel's hand up to his dark lips and he began to kiss the tips of Axel's slender fingers. The redhead's eyes widened a bit when Roxas did this, his throat tightening and going dry as a desert when Roxas actually began to suckle on his fingers now. The feeling of Axel's fingers inside of Roxas's warm, wet mouth sent chills down and throughout Axel's whole body and caused a delicious warmth to gather between his legs.

Axel found his face heating up and he pulled his hand away from Roxas, stammering horribly, "R-Roxas...wh-why-- wha--?"

Roxas smiled widely, giving Axel that same irrisistable perky little look of his that made Axel somewhat more relaxed- Roxas would do something like that.

"I just want you to be with me, Axel," Roxas said seriously but with a sweet smile. "Is that so wrong? I just...want you to be with me..." Roxas's voice had gone from that seriously sweet tone of voice then to a heated, lusty and breathy voice that made Roxas look like an animal in heat.

Axel felt the corner of his mouth twitch up in a slight happy, but also extremely confused, smile as he watched Roxas begin to pull off his tie and unbutton his black suit. Axel didn't know what was going on here, but he couldn't really back out now, could he? When he had a delectable Roxas begging for Axel to do whatever he wanted to him. Axel's tongue flicked out over his lips and he nodded his head, slowly moving up onto the countertop and over Roxas where he then began to remove Roxas's clothes himself.

"My hands are shaking..." Axel swallowed as he began to pull down Roxas's black trousers.

"It's okay..." Roxas whispered gently, reaching out to stroke Axel's cheek. "Everything will be alright..."

Roxas's voice was soothing to Axel and he found himself eventually relaxing from Roxas's words and the tone of his voice. The redhead couldn't actually believe what was going on- he was actually going to be with Roxas. He had wanted this for so long it seemed like a dream. But Axel even if it was a dream, Axel felt the best he ever had in his entire life.

Axel had successfully gotten all of Roxas's clothes off the blond's body and were discarded somewhere behind them, and to Axel's surprise, the blond was fully erect. Just seeing that perky little cafe waiter underneath him, blushing darkly and already glistening somewhat with a fully erect arousal just turned Axel on completely as well- it was the most gorgeous and hot sight Axel had ever seen.

"T-Touch..." Roxas whispered with hazy eyes. "A-Axel...now..."

Axel nodded his head and with still shaky hands he began to touch Roxas's body like how the blond wanted. From Roxas's shoulders, down his collar bone, and over his chest were he fondled with the boy's perky nipples for a moment before his hands continued their journey down his stomach, over his smooth thighs and around to his rear end where Axel gave an experimental squeeze. Roxas gave a sharp little squeak that made Axel want to just squeal because of how cute it sounded.

"M-More..." Roxas whimpered, eyes shut but body arched slightly.

Axel obliged, now dragging one finger down the front of Roxas's chest and all the way down to Roxas's member, his index finger poking the head gently. Roxas let out a very soft cry that sent shivers all over Axel's body. Holy GOD, he sounds so hot!

Axel added another finger and began to stroke Roxas's practically quivering length, either finger on each side of Roxas's arousal, moving slowly but firmly up and down his erection. Roxas moaned gently, eyes cracking open just the slightest where his hazy and shining eyes met with Axel's jade orbs, which were also hazy.

"More, Axel...give me more..." Roxas spoke, his voice so sweet like honey.

Axel did as Roxas said and then wrapped his whole hand around Roxas's member, slowly moving his hand up and down, seeing some of the milky essence leaking out from the head of Roxas's shaft. Axel swallowed thickly and he let out a silent gasp when he felt his own length throb underneath his pants, aching painfully for attention it's self.

"Axel, so good..." Roxas muttered, writhing a bit as he emitted another moan.

"Roxas, you're so beautiful..." Axel whispered, unable to keep it inside anymore.

Roxas's eyes opened fully when Axel said that and he smiled, now sitting up a bit more and wrapping his slim arms around Axel's neck and bringing him down to kiss him passionately on the lips. Axel blinked in surprise for a few seconds but quickly returned the kiss with just as much passion as Roxas could give, wrapping his own strong and slender arms around Roxas's naked waist. Roxas pulled away after a few moments and smiled up at Axel. The redhead stared back into Roxas's eyes, the jade orbs shining with something there, something that made Roxas tilt his head to the side curiously.

"I love you..." Axel murmured, tightening his hold on Roxas's gently.

Roxas hesitated a moment, blinking his big blue eyes a moment before a wide and adorable smile spread on his lips, a pink shade on his cheeks and nose, "Axel, you're so cute... I love you, too."

Axel felt his heart flutter in his chest and he quickly and fiercely kissed Roxas's lips and gently laid the boy back down on the countertop, hands running up and down the boy's sides. Axel didn't care about anything anymore- this was Roxas and he had heard what Roxas thought about him as well, and he was going to make the blond feel as good as possible...

Sharp but gentle pants were the only noise through the room, the glass behind the bar thick with condensation, and two bodies still on the surface of the countertop of the bar, wet and rocking together as their soft and throaty moans echoed in the room.

Roxas gasped and gripped the edge of the countertop as he rolled his hips up against Axel's thrusts. The redhead held up Roxas's thighs so he could thrust himself deeper into the desperate blond beneath him. Roxas was writhing in nothing but ecstasy, unable to keep still but to thrust his own hips up against Axel's powerful but slow thrusts, eyes shut and entire body aching with pleasure.

Axel couldn't take his eyes off Roxas's face and just how beautiful he looked. He looked exactly like how he imagined he would look in Axel's dreams, and there was nothing on this earth that was more gorgeous than the blond beneath him. The way he would open his mouth and moan deeply before saying Axel's name; the way his cheeks were flushed a delicious pink that reminded Axel of sugar; the way his milky, creamy flesh glistened with perspiration...it was the most amazing sight Axel ever saw. Not to mention the pleasure he was feeling as well. Their foreplay had lasted for what felt like eons as either young men pleasured one another with touching and whispering loving yet lustful words in their ears, and Roxas had given Axel the most amazing blowjob he had ever had, but the blond was mischievous and pulled away far too soon and insisted that the only time he wanted release from Axel was when he was inside of him...and that soon led to their now passionate love-making.

Nearly everytime Axel would thrust down between Roxas's legs, the blond's inner walls would gently clamp down around Axel's throbbing erection, the velvety feeling embracing around Axel made the redhead want to just die it felt so good. Why he wanted to die he didn't know, but the feeling was so amazing he felt like he was just going to explode and go to heaven.

Roxas was begging again, asking for Axel to go faster and that he wanted more. Axel did as he was told, moving his hips faster against Roxas while leaning down over the boy to kiss his lips hungrily, Roxas whimpering pleasurably against Axel's mouth and wrapping his arms around the redhead's torso as his body rocked back and forth with Axel's quick movements.

"Faster..." Roxas said, briefly pulling away from Axel's mouth to say that. Axel grunted some unidentifiable words against Roxas's mouth - which were probably positive words towards what Roxas said - and moved his pelvic thrusts even swifter, a quick pace that caused a smacking sound against the backs of Roxas's thighs.

Roxas's moans and cries were louder now, and he couldn't kiss Axel any longer as he pulled away and moaned desperately out every moment, and Axel knew he had found that weak point inside of the boy's body. Roxas couldn't stop crying out in nothing but a deep ecstasy and it was causing Axel to want to have his release very, very soon. So Axel decided to double in the pleasure for Roxas and, while now only holding up one of Roxas's thighs, wrapped a hand around Roxas's member and began to stroke him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh god! It feels so good, Axel!" Roxas wailed, tears of pleasure in the corners of his eyes. "G-Go faster! Please, I'm gonna come!"

Axel's eyes were wide, staring only at Roxas's face as he thrusted his hips up against Roxas as hard as he could - which was pretty hard because he heard a sharp scream leave Roxas when he thrusted himself in and out of Roxas with all his strength. Roxas seemed to like the extra tiny bit of pain that was added into his constant pleasure, the feeling amazing.

"Ah! Ahh! Axel! Please...! Ohh, Axel! C-Coming! I'm coming!" Roxas cried out loudly.

A few moments after Roxas said that, the most beautiful sounding moan left Roxas's lips and echoed around like a noise that needed to be heard as his seed spurted out of the end of Roxas's arousal, the white liquid running down Axel's hand and over their chests.

Axel groaned loudly himself, releasing Roxas's length after the boy had come and moved his hips so quick in and out of Roxas, thrusting into that tight heat that doubled in the tightness when Roxas came. A pleasure overflowed Axel like nothing he had ever experienced before, and his own white seed released out of him and deep inside of Roxas, the thick release dribbling out somewhat out of Roxas once the redhead had finished.

Axel refused to collapse, holding himself up above Roxas, his arms trembling, red hair sticking to his cheeks and lying on his shoulders as he panted hard and stared at Roxas through half-lidded eyes. The blond was panting as well, his chest heaving up and down, eyes closed, and a beautifully peaceful look on his face.

Roxas slowly opened his blue eyes and looked up at Axel, wrapping his arms around Axel and bringing him down to let Axel gently rest on top of the blond, Axel resting his head against Roxas's collar bone and now closing his own eyes.

"You were so amazing..." Roxas whispered, gently kissing Axel's forehead.

Axel's heart fluttered again and he smiled slightly, wrapping his own arms around Roxas's waist and nuzzling into him a bit, taking in his scent deeply and blushing slightly when he smelled that sugar that Roxas would always smell like and it made him sigh.

"I love you...my Axel..."

"Shit! Shit! SHIT! I'm gonna be late AGAIN!" Axel screamed as he sped like a bullet through the streets and to his job. "Why in the HELL did I sleep so late last night?! Ohhh, DAMNIT, Larxene is gonna kill me!"

With a skidding stop, Axel arrived at the doors to the cafe, fixing his hair lazily as he pushed open the door and paused in shocked surprise when he saw that nobody was there. The inside of the cafe was completely empty, there was no one there at the tables, no one behind the counters, nor any waiters, and especially no Roxas.

Then why was the door unlocked? Axel was confused as he stood there and scratched his head and cocked his mouth to side. Then he heard a noise come from the back of the cafe in the kitchen, and his heart jumped up in his throat when he saw Roxas emerge from the kitchen, wearing normal everyday clothes and holding a bag at his side. He blinked when he saw Axel but then smiled very widely.

"Oh, hey, Axel," Roxas smiled. "What're you doing here?"

Of course Axel instantly remembered the night before he had spent with Roxas, who he eventually came to realize was...not Roxas. But he had promised himself that the next time he saw him he would be extremely kind, slow, and thorough towards him, and if it was going to be the last thing he did he was going to ask Roxas out.

"I th-thought we worked today..." Axel said.

"It's Sunday..." Roxas laughed. "The cafe isn't open on Sundays, don't you remember? Axel, you stupid!" Roxas giggled gently and Axel found his cheeks reddening again.

"So why were you here, Roxas?" Axel asked curiously.

"Larxene called me and asked if I could wash the dishes because the dishwasher is broken here," Roxas explained. "She let me borrow the key and I came to come get them." Roxas lifted up the large bag he was holding, giving it a very gentle shake and Axel heard the clanging of dishes inside.

Roxas went to go and step around Axel and take his leave but Axel needed to do something and fast before Roxas could leave!

"Ah, Roxas!" Axel called out nervously.

Roxas stopped and turned around, giving Axel a curious look, "Yes?"

Axel bit his lip and wondered if this was a good idea or not. He then growled to himself and nodded, marching straight over to the blond and giving him a serious look.

"Roxas...I was wondering if you...maybe wanted to go out sometime together? You know...as a date?" Axel asked, his heart pounding.

Instantly when hearing this, that same, adorable pink blush appeared over Roxas's cheeks, his big blue eyes wide and surprised to hear Axel say this. But then Roxas smiled widely and giggled softly, nodding his head, "I was wondering when you were gonna ask!" Roxas gave a short little chuckle and Axel found his lungs had stopped producing air, and his heart stopped for the briefest of seconds, but inside he was screaming for joy.

Did that mean that Roxas actually wanted Axel just as much as Axel wanted Roxas this whole time?

Roxas looked back at Axel with a smile, "C'mon, Axel! We can go out and see a movie when I'm done with the dishes."

Axel felt like his feet were glued to the ground but he nodded his head and smiled widely, hurrying to the passengers seat of Roxas's car, resisting the absolute urge to just tackle Roxas and huggle him like crazy.

He would leave that for another time...