-1Roxas Tsukino sighed deeply where he sat on his balcony that overlooked the great city of Tokyo. The blond boy was alone in his one-bedroom apartment, sitting on one of the lawn chairs on the balcony, a mug of iced coffee in his hands. The lights of the city were glowing brilliantly tonight, of neon colors that made Roxas sigh, sending a tingle all over his body in an environmental comfort.

The weekend had been nice, yes, but Roxas was ready to get back to work at his job, that funky and fabulous cafe right in the middle of the city. But it was times like this when Roxas wished he wasn't alone. His hands squeezed around his sky blue mug a moment in a mild frustration of wanting to have someone here with him. He imagined a tall and handsome someone step out from the inside of his apartment and walk towards him from behind.

Roxas closed his eyes and felt a hand slide over his shoulder. He knew that hand, but it really wasn't there. His blue eyes opened again and he turned to look over his shoulder, seeing a gorgeous, smiling Axel Haru lean down and steal his lips in a kiss. Roxas sighed at the image that entered his mind and wished he could kiss Axel back, but when Roxas had opened his eyes again, Axel wasn't there. Roxas pouted and sighed, "Damnit."

The next morning, Roxas headed straight for his job. He was never late, he was never in a hurry, and he was always Larxene Kamaya's favorite waiter. With his white, white apron secured tightly around his midsection, Roxas began his day of starting orders. Three strawberry milkshakes; a large cheeseburger with fries; five club sodas and a grilled cheese sandwich; two pancakes with extra whipped cream- all these orders were normal for Roxas. He made sure to fill them all out precisely before hanging up the orders to the cook.

Roxas halted his work a moment when he was fixing a soda to glance over at his co-worker, Axel Haru, ringing up someone's total. Roxas's big blue eyes were unblinking as he watched Axel's face, desperate to get the exact amount of change right as he pressed the buttons on the cash register deliberately slowly.

"Ehh, Roxas, watch what you're doing!" Came the voice of Larxene, strolling by with a stern look at Roxas. The blond jumped in surprise and looked back to his work, seeing that the soda had nearly spilled over the edge of the glass.

Yes, Roxas Tsukino had a secret little crush on his colleague, Axel Haru, a rather clumsy waiter but also a compassionate and kind friend. Roxas had known Axel for a little over two years and Roxas had found himself falling for the lanky redhead. The blond didn't care if Axel was a bit strange, or was uncoordinated, Roxas truly had feelings for Axel. The blond knew just about anything there was to know about that skinny redhead. Roxas knew that Axel's favorite movie genre was action, and his favorite color was, nuh-uh, not red, but black. Roxas also knew that Axel had a golden retriever named Roxanne - Roxas wasn't sure if this was a coincidence or not - and a pet goldfish named Roxie - another coincidence? - and that he played guitar. Roxas was sure that he knew more about Axel, but all that mattered was that he cared deeply for the redhead and wished they could be...something more.

Work hours were ending as Roxas mopped up the floor in the cafe, watching as the two other waiters that worked there left. Now the only waiters left were Roxas and Axel. Roxas glanced up when he saw Axel emerge from the bathroom, the blond dipping the mop back into the bucket of water as he watched Axel stroll behind the counter and clean something off.

"Wellll, I'll see you guys tomorrow!" Larxene called as she threw her purse over her shoulder and put on her summer hat. "Don't be late, AXEL."

Larxene gave a very hard look to the redhead behind the counter before she told Roxas to lock up the cafe and she left in a jiffy. Once Larxene was gone, Roxas giggled lightly, "I don't think you should be late tomorrow, Axel."

Axel chuckled breathily as he cleaned the milkshake machine, "Y-Yeah..."

Roxas smiled, a bright pink blush coming to his face as he continued to mop up the floors. It seemed to Roxas that Axel didn't have any interest in the blond at all, the way he would stammer and hardly ever talk to Roxas on his own. Roxas sighed glumly and blinked when he saw Axel was beginning to head out the door. Roxas glanced up and blushed darkly when he saw Axel was looking right at him. At the sudden eye contact, Axel gulped and blushed before he rushed out of the cafe.

Roxas didn't smile but shook his head. "God, I need some help. I'm not supposed to be the one to ask him out, he'll reject someone like me." Roxas gave a sad little whine, the pink on his cheeks refusing to fade away.

Once Roxas had finished his work, he turned off the lights in the cafe, locked the door and headed home. As Roxas drove in his small white convertible, he thought about Axel some more and why the redhead acted the way he did. Was Axel afraid of Roxas? No...that couldn't be it. Intimidated? Oh, hell no! Roxas huffed a great sigh and clenched the steering wheel tightly, mind racing. Why was it that his brain just couldn't operate in this sort of way? Roxas sighed a little angrily and came to a stop light, resting his cheek on his knuckles as he watched the other cars pass through the intersection.

Roxas stared absently out the side window, looking around at the billboards until he noticed something that caught his eye. It was a small sign on the billboard. It read in big fancy letters, Having relationship problems? Call a therapist, they're sure to help out!

Well, Roxas wasn't exactly in a relationship, but maybe one could help out anyways? Roxas gasped when he heard a car behind him honk his horn and he continued driving with a little scared whimper.

Once Roxas reached his apartment, he hurried up to his room and searched through his desk for a phone book. The blond grunted when he tried to lift the gargantuan phone book out of it's drawer and then flopped it onto his bed, the mattress bouncing slightly when the blond dropped the book onto it. Roxas flipped the thin pages quickly until he located the yellow pages. He searched under every article about sex therapists. There weren't that many, but Roxas caught an article that hooked his attention. It was the largest article on the page - in fact, it took up nearly half the right page.

Marluxia Hasegawa - A Sex Therapist. Are you lacking something in a relationship? Having any sort of problem at all? Can't seem to pleasure one another in sex, or just can't get your love to even speak to you? Are you worried that maybe he or she doesn't even notice you? Come down to my bar and I'll serve you a drink and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the advice I give you. It's your choice, darling: do something about it.

Roxas noticed the side picture that went along with the words. It had a huge flower, in full bloom, with a couple perched on the petals kissing. Roxas ignored the fact that it was a man and a woman, but the blond went with his gut instinct and decided this guy was right one. Roxas quickly grabbed his cellphone and dialed the number.

It rang and rang until finally someone answered. Roxas smiled to himself and nodded, "Yes, I'd like to make an appointment. Mmhmm, my name is Roxas Tsukino."

Tuesday morning came and Roxas headed down to work as usual. His appointment for Marluxia, the sex therapist, was tonight at ten 'o clock sharp. Roxas had the location set in his mind and he was positive that this man would help him out wonderfully with his constant thinking of Axel and if the redhead even liked him or not.

The cafe was very busy today for some reason, lots of people of different ages were piled in the booths and the little tables, and not only that, but one of their waiters had called in sick with a cold, so Roxas was working double shift today with the help of Axel and the other waiter.

"Y-Yes sir you wanted pickles with that. Oh, yes, right away miss, I'll get your orange juice! Ah! Sorry! I thought you said cherries, not strawberries! I'm sorry, I'll get it changed right away-- h-hey, don't throw french fries at me, mister!"

Axel Haru stood nearby, taking an order as he watched Roxas try desperately to take orders and fix everything. Axel bit his lip and leaned back towards the other waiter that he worked with, a boy named Demyx Ueno, and whispered, "You think he'll be okay?"

"Pfft, Axel, he's Roxas! Larxene wouldn't make him employee of the month every month if he couldn't handle fifty orders at once!" Demyx laughed as he prepared a milkshake.

Axel sighed and pushed a hand through his hair as he watched Roxas almost trip for the sixth time while trying to hold his patience with a little girl who just wouldn't stop throwing french fries at the back of his head. Axel blinked when he realized he was supposed to be taking an order, gasping and apologizing to the older man sitting at the little table, "S-Sorry, sir, what would you like?"

"I'd just like an ice cold beer, please," he responded.

Axel paused, staring blankly at the man that looked like should be sitting in a sports bar instead of a cafe. "W-We don't serve alcohol here, sir."

"...Oh. A diet cola then, please."

Finally, the day ended. For once, Roxas was happy to be threw with work. He had never been so out of breath in his entire life as he sat in one of the booths, sipping a pink lemonade and sighing deeply after taking a big gulp.

"Hey, Roxas," came the voice of Axel, stepping over and giving Roxas a slight jump in surprise.

"Hey, Axel," Roxas smiled widely. "Sit down, okay?"

"Uh, o-okay..." Axel stuttered, taking a seat on the opposite side of the booth. "How're you today, Rox?"

"I'm okay...really tired, if you catch my drift," Roxas giggled, spinning the ice cubes in his glass around with the straw. Axel chuckled and nodded.

"I'm sure," Axel responded. "Sheesh, you did have a lot of people calling on you today. Me and Demyx didn't seem to get as many orders as you did."

Roxas laughed, a rather exasperated laugh at that, and said, "I guess because it's just I'm a good waiter." Roxas winked at Axel and giggled before taking another chug of his pink lemonade. Roxas wasn't aware of Axel blushing darkly when he was winked at.

"I'm off to the music club," came Demyx as he tore off his apron and reached for his jacket. "They're in need of a guitarist today and I was only so kind to lend a hand! See you guys later!"

"Bye, Demyx!" Axel and Roxas said simultaneously.

"A music club?" Roxas said with a great big smile as he looked back at Axel. "We should go there sometime together!"

"T-Together?" Axel stammered, the color in Axel's face draining away.

"Yeah!" Roxas smiled brightly. "You play guitar, you could totally play there one night!"

"O-Oh, yeah, sure," Axel swallowed thickly with a smile. "That does sound like fun."

"Let's go and do that soon; it would be awesome to see you play guitar on stage," Roxas giggled.

"A-As just a normal trip, you mean?" Axel asked with a slightly nervous but also suspicious gaze.

Roxas paused a moment, eyes unblinking and staring at Axel. The way Axel said that made Roxas feel like Axel wouldn't want it to be a date. Roxas quickly gained his composure back and nodded his head with a smile, "Sure."

"G-G-Good..." Axel stammered, scratching the back of his neck with a lop-sided smile that Roxas wasn't too sure was happy or not. "Well, I better go. Got some errands to run."

"Oh?" Roxas asked, watching Axel's every movement as he stood up and began towards the door. "Where to?"

"The pet store," Axel chuckled, sounding very amused by this. "Roxanne just can't stop eating. And I was thinking on buying a toy for her too."

"Awww!" Roxas squealed with a pink blush. "That's so sweet of you, Axel!"

Axel stared at Roxas for a long moment, his cheeks reddened slightly. He nodded his head with a smile, "Y-Yeah...she's a good dog. Okay, see you tomorrow, Roxas."

"Bye, Axel," Roxas smiled, waving to the redhead until the male was out the door.

Roxas fell back against the pink cushioned seat, sighing as he slid down far enough to where he was almost under the table. Roxas's eyes fluttered closed as he remembered just that short little time he spent with Axel just then. Even if it was just a little casual talk about going to a music club and buying a toy for Axel's dog, it was still a nice little conversation. Roxas sighed a little happily when he actually could still smell that glorious scent that smelled just like Axel. It reminded Roxas of a freshly made waffle breakfast, with lots and lots of cinnamon. Roxas smiled widely and savored the moment until he heard Larxene sit down in the seat in front of him. Roxas instantly sat up straight and focused all his attention on her.

"Well, today was certainly a busy day," Larxene chuckled. "Good job, today, Roxas." She smiled at the blond and then proceeded to grab Roxas's glass of pink lemonade and gulp the rest down. "I'll see you tomorrow then." But right as Larxene stood up she then dropped two twenty-dollar bills on the table in front of him.

"L-Larxene?" Roxas blinked as he stared down at the money. "What's this for?"

"Just a little extra," Larxene smirked as she pulled a strap of her purse over her shoulder. "For doin' such a good job today." Larxene grinned widely and then stepped out of the cafe before Roxas could say anything else.

Roxas glanced back down at the money on the table but then smiled very widely, grabbing the forty dollars and shoving it in his pocket. Roxas finished up the cafe by setting all the chairs back on the tables and turned off the lights.

Right as Roxas set foot on the pavement outside, his mind instantly shot back to his appointment with that therapist that night. Roxas hadn't forgotten, he just shoved it to the back of his mind to think about later. But now he remembered it and Roxas quickly checked his wristwatch for the time. It was twenty 'til ten, and Roxas had just enough time to get there.

Roxas climbed into his car and drove off, heading downtown and following the address to the precise location of Marluxia's bar. Roxas arrived right to his destination, seeing that it led into a dimly lit little alley. Roxas parked his car by the sidewalk, careful that it wouldn't block traffic, before he hurried quickly down the alleyway.

Roxas looked all around the buildings around him, glancing at the signs that were hanging up high. They were all bars and strip clubs, Roxas noticed, and finally he saw Marluxia's bar, a slightly faded pink sign with the words Marluxia ~ Sex Therapist. The letters were elaborate and there was a rose lying underneath the words. Roxas nodded his head and turned to the door that was right underneath it.

He coughed nervously before he turned the doorknob and stepped inside. Roxas's mouth watered near instantly when he smelled something delicious. Freshly baked waffles with lots and lots of cinnamon! Roxas's eyes fluttered closed, his nose wiggling just barely as he continued to sniff the delectable smell that smelled just exactly like Axel. The thought that this guy actually cooking waffles entered Roxas's mind, but he doubted it.

"Good evening," sang a gentle voice.

Roxas opened his eyes and looked directly at the person who spoke to him, a tall and slender built male with rosy pink hair and a very proud face. Roxas offered a timid little smile, nose still tingling with that wonderful smell that floated through the room.

"Are you Roxas Tsukino?" asked the pink-haired male.

"Yes," Roxas replied. "Are you Marluxia?"

"Indeed, I am," Marluxia smiled as he strode into the room.

Roxas realized he must have come from that back room that was covered by a beaded curtain. Roxas tilted his head in wonder as of what could've been back there. His curiosity got the better of him and he spoke aloud, "What's in that room in there?"

"Oh, that room is for patients with extremely bad sexual or relationship problems," Marluxia replied as he stepped behind the small counter-bar in the back of the main room. "That room requires both individuals in the relationship to be back there- along with me, of course."

"Ah, okay," Roxas said, sounding satisfied. He took the impression to sit down at the bar, which he did, easily perking up on the pink stool and looking up at Marluxia who was scanning the bottles behind him. All were different shapes and sizes and Roxas wondered what each and every one tasted like.

"Aha, here we are," Marluxia chuckled as he removed a red wine bottle and he placed it on the countertop. Next, he pulled out a small glass with ice cubes in it. "This is a mixture I made myself. It's a little spicy, but I can tell from your situation that it's just right for you."

"O-Okay," Roxas muttered as he watched Marluxia prepare the drink.

It reminded Roxas of champagne, the way it was extremely carbonated and there was mostly bubbles. Except it was a golden brown color. Marluxia gently passed the glass to Roxas and the blond stared down at it with big eyes.

"It won't bite," Marluxia chortled.

Roxas picked up the glass and placed the rim to his lips, taking a sip. Roxas immediately coughed and set the drink back down on the surface of the countertop. It sizzled in his mouth, bubbled and popped crazily, and it ran down his throat so fast which was what made him cough. "Wha-what is it?"

"It's called Fire Cinnamon," Marluxia replied. "It's good, isn't it?"

Roxas licked his lips a moment and studied the after taste. Roxas blushed and giggled, "I-It is, actually..."

"You just gotta get past the bubbles and pop," Marluxia grinned slyly. "The taste is exquisite though." Marluxia hummed happily a moment as Roxas went to go and take another drink. It was easier this time, and he smiled widely as he received that lovely after taste.

"So, honey-bunch, tell me what's on your mind," Marluxia asked, resting his elbows on the counter.

"W-Well..." Roxas stuttered.

"Don't be shy," Marluxia smiled. "Patient doctor confidentiality, remember that! You can tell me anything, Roxas."

Roxas glanced up into Marluxia's dark, navy blue eyes and nodded his head, "Okay... There's this guy I really like...his name is Axel Haru. He's so wonderful...so nice and compassionate. I love him to death... Me and him work together at this cafe, and I've known him for two years or so...and...I just adore him, but...it seems like to me that he really doesn't like me the same way I like him."

"Oh, well, you could just be judging him wrongly," Marluxia spoke with a shrug. "You can never know what's going on inside someone's heart. He really could adore you as much as you adore him."

Roxas looked up at Marluxia, thumbs rubbing the side of the bumpy texture of his glass and he spoke innocently, "Really...?"

"Sure," Marluxia smiled widely. "Drink some more, okay?"

Roxas blinked and nodded, taking a larger gulp this time and sighing pleasantly at the after taste. "But he's also really, really handsome. People wonder why I'm attracted to someone as skinny as Axel." Roxas blushed and giggled slightly to himself. "All my friends say I should like strong and muscular guys, but...I just like guys like Axel, and that's it."

Marluxia smiled widely and giggled silently, "That's adorable, sweetie. Just a little more..."

Roxas took the hint and drained the last little remainders of his drink and then set the glass on the table, looking back up at Marluxia expectantly, "Well? What can I do?"

Marluxia drummed the tips of his fingers together as he inspected Roxas, "My advice, hum hum...would be to not worry about it. He likes you! I can already tell. I dunno why, he seems like the loser type to me, but with someone as drop dead gorgeous as you, darling...well, he's head-over-heels for you."

Roxas's eyes widened and his cheeks turned positively crimson.

Marluxia smiled and leaned in a bit closer to Roxas, "Worrying about it won't really change anything. It's not your place to ask him out- it's his, and he will, I promise you, in due time, he will be yours." Roxas was staring down at his shoes, too embarrassed yet flattered and feeling butterflies all over to look back up.

"Don't you agree...Roxas...?"

Roxas blinked when he heard a different tone of a voice, and it was clearly not Marluxia's flamboyant voice. Roxas felt his heart pound as he lifted his head back up and stared right into the eyes of Axel, smirking widely at him with narrowed, but also gentle, jade eyes.

"A-Axel!?" Roxas exclaimed, losing balance on his stool and proceeding to fall off. Roxas grunted painfully when his back end collided with the hard floor.

"You okay, Roxas?" came Axel, hurrying next to the blond and proceeding to actually scoop the blond into his arms in a second.

"A-Axel, what's going on?" Roxas stammered, cheeks flushed a vibrant red. "Where did Marluxia go? Why are you here?"

Axel was wearing the exact same clothes as Marluxia - that sharp black suit that fit the redhead's slim body perfectly. Roxas thought it looked much better on Axel, because he just couldn't stop blushing.

"Oh, just forget about 'im, Rox," Axel spoke, pressing his forehead to Roxas's. "I'm just here for you...and only you."

Roxas's eyes were huge, shining like little crystals and he felt his body tingle all the way from his toes to the very tips of his golden hairs on his head as he stared into those amazing green eyes. "F-For me...?"

"Yes," Axel smiled nicely. "I want you, Roxas, now...and right now..."

"W-Wait, right now? Really?" Roxas gasped in surprise. "All of a sudden? I-It's a little..."

"All of a sudden?" Axel questioned. "Roxas, I've been holding in my inner thoughts about you...let's be together...okay?"

Roxas paused for a long moment. He was still confused by what was happening here. This red-haired male looked exactly like Axel, sounded exactly like Axel, even smelled just like him. But what was going on? Why was he suddenly here and acting this way? This wasn't right... But even though it was very peculiar, Roxas couldn't help but to agree with Axel's words, nodding his head and whispering 'okay' while he relaxed in Axel's arms.

The next thing Roxas knew was that he was being laid down on the countertop. Roxas rubbed his upper arm nervously as Axel moved up on the counter himself. Roxas swallowed thickly and thought to himself, Why on the counter? Is that all right...?

Axel slowly ran a hand up Roxas's side as to relax him. Roxas was tense and scared, he didn't know what was going to happen, but he wanted it also, terribly. It was finally happening, Roxas's dreams were finally coming true. Him and Axel were about to become one.

"I need you to relax, Roxas..." Axel breathed heavily, pressing Roxas gently down against the surface. "Everything is okay...just relax..."

"I will..." Roxas muttered back, trying to do as Axel said and relaxing his body.

Axel smiled and leaned over the trembling blond, and Roxas arched and whimpered when Axel pressed his lips to Roxas's cheek. Axel's lips were smooth and warm, and they brushed delicately along Roxas's cheek and jaw until he reached Roxas's mouth, kissing the blond there firmly but lovingly.

Roxas practically melted - or at least he felt like he was gonna. Roxas sighed when Axel kissed him, his hand reaching up to sink into the redhead's fiery red hair, his fingertips massaging his scalp gently as he brought him closer. Roxas kissed back the best he could, heart fluttering like crazy as he finally experienced the wonderful sensation of kissing Axel.

Roxas was too distracted with kissing Axel to realize that the redhead was pushing up the blond's shirt, exposing the boy's flat belly and chest. When Axel pulled away, Roxas blushed darkly when the redhead tugged the blue tee-shirt up and over Roxas's head, revealing the blond's naked torso completely. Roxas squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment and actually went to cover himself, but Axel reached out to gently take Roxas's arms and hold them back.

"You're beautiful, Roxas, you don't need to hide it from me..." Axel breathed as he dotted the blond's collar bone with kisses.

"I-I am...?" Roxas spoke, voice shaking.

"The most beautiful creature on this planet," Axel smiled widely back, stroking the blond's cheek softly. Roxas blushed again, that pretty pink, and couldn't help but smile.

"I...l-love you, Axel..." Roxas whispered.

Axel caught it, though, looking up at Roxas with 'surprised' green eyes. The redhead chuckled and gave a little peck to Roxas's lips, "Me too, angel. More than anyone..."

Roxas's eyes widened and he looked straight into Axel's eyes, "Really, Axel? Really?"

Axel laughed gently, "Yeah... I do!" Axel seemed particularly amused by this and ruffled the blond's golden head, which made Roxas giggle slightly. That reminded Roxas of Axel, definitely.

Things began to get heated again when Axel's lips traveled down the front of Roxas's torso, tongue sliding out over the boy's milky skin, the redhead's slick tongue brushing over one of Roxas's nipples. Roxas whimpered loudly and arched his spine, feeling interesting sensations run through him; sensations he never experienced before. Roxas panted heavily when Axel began suckling on the blond's pert nipple, and Roxas moaned prettily when he felt his member underneath his jeans harden suddenly.

Axel pulled away and licked at his lips, "You gettin' hot, Roxas?"

Before Roxas could answer, Axel began fondling Roxas's arousal in his pants. Roxas let out a desperate little moan, body writhing in pleasure as Axel's apparently skilled hand worked Roxas's now fully hard erection which pressed up against the fabric of his pants. Axel chuckled and Roxas gulped when he saw the redhead's tongue dart out over his bottom lip.

Axel went for the button and zipper on Roxas's very tight pants, pulling them down quickly but gracefully, and then the boy's underwear and Roxas shuddered when he felt himself be freed of the confining clothes. Roxas blushed darkly as he felt eyes upon him, legs shifting around slightly and even his inner thighs rubbed up against his length to ease some pressure off.

Roxas looked up at Axel right as the redhead began to touch the blond's erection, fingers deftly working at the boy's shaft, thumb rubbing at the base and also squeezing slightly. Roxas gasped out, moaning timidly and writhing at Axel's hand.

"What's it like?" spoke Axel calmly.

Roxas didn't respond instantly. He couldn't form any words. The pleasure was so amazing that Roxas couldn't even form one word, just emitting little pleasurable noises. Finally, Roxas managed to say, "I-It's...g-good..."

Axel smirked proudly and added some more pressure to the boy's length, now stroking it with his entire hand. Roxas gasped out desperately, eyes tightly shut as he writhed and moaned. "It's so much! Axel...I...I don't-- mnnahhh!"

Axel had suddenly begun sucking at Roxas's length, moving quickly but smoothly up and down, and Roxas's moans bumped up to wailing cries as his fingers sank into Axel's fiery red hair. Roxas could barely contain himself, he felt like he was just going to overflow. Pleasure rushed through his body like a bubbling stream, and he was sure he was going to come soon.

"Axel! Please...I'm gonna come!"

Axel pulled away right as Roxas said that, licking at his lips a little hungrily once he did. Roxas breathed deeply, his chest heaving up and down. Those feelings were beyond sensational, and Roxas felt the need to release become even more desperate.

"Axel, I--"

Axel placed two fingers at Roxas's lips and leaned down close to the blond, whispering with a small smirk, "I want you to come while I'm inside of you."

Roxas's entire face turned that sugary pink and he stared up at Axel with very wide blue eyes, "R-Really, Axel?"

"Yeah," Axel replied, red strands falling in front of his eyes a bit. "Why wouldn't I? I want us to come together, Roxas."

"Y-Yeah, but..." Roxas said. "But...I've never been with anyone before..."

It seemed as if this really concerned Axel for some reason. Roxas simply stared at the redhead, watching Axel's face contemplate this responsibly. Roxas tilted his head to the side in wonder, "Axel?"

Axel looked back at Roxas and smiled, "Sorry, Roxas. I just...thinking. Do you...want me to take you?"

Roxas's eyes glimmered a moment and he smiled, "Y-Yes, I do."

"Okay, then," Axel breathed, leaning down to kiss Roxas's mouth again. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle..."

"I-It's so...mnn...deep, Axel..."

"I know... Relax, it'll feel good. You're pulling me in, Roxas...you must want me."

Roxas gasped sharply as he felt Axel pull his length partially out of Roxas's body before thrusting back into him. Roxas clenched desperately at Axel's red hair, tears in his eyes from being stretched, and his body was shaking.

"Don't close your legs," Axel breathed into Roxas's ear.

Roxas was still just blushing from the position they were in. Roxas wasn't facing Axel, but he was on the redhead's lap, while Axel held him carefully up. When Axel mentioned for Roxas not to close his legs, the redhead immediately went to go and spread Roxas's legs open, giving an easier access to pleasuring Roxas more as the redhead's hand left Roxas's leg to fondle gently with the boy's arousal.

"It's so...m-much, Axel..." Roxas hiccupped. "I feel like...I'm going to explode..."

Axel kissed the blond's cheek delicately, trying to distract him as he began thrusting up into Roxas with gentleness. "Love you...don't forget it. If it hurts too much I'll stop."

"N-No, don't stop..." Roxas begged quietly, moaning softly as Axel began stroking him again. "It feels good now!"

"Haha...great..." Axel laughed huskily into Roxas's ear. "Just you wait, it'll get even better."

Roxas's hand continued to clench into Axel's hair, and it seemed as if the redhead didn't mind, while Roxas's other hand grabbed at Axel's upper clothing - he didn't remove all of his clothes, just his pants enough to free his own erection.

Axel began to thrust into Roxas, a slow, rhythmatic speed that wasn't too slow nor too fast- it was smooth and good, Roxas was liking it more and more. Just the thought of Axel taking Roxas was making Roxas feel good, not to mention Axel was stroking him again which added in the extreme amount of pleasure.

It seemed to go on for what felt like days to Roxas as he found himself being lifted while he was thrust into, Roxas's moans turning into desperate cries, his desperate cries soon turning into ecstasy-filled screams. Roxas felt like his body was going to shatter, his spine arched far, body glistening with perspiration, and release coming nearer and nearer.

"Please, Axel! I'm gonna come soon! I-I'm scared!" Roxas shrieked, hands clenching in Axel's hair and clothes.

"It's okay," Axel panted, eyes once shut until they opened to look at Roxas's face. "I want you to."

Roxas's cries came out frantic and border lining panicky, but suddenly it happened, and Roxas let out a deep, guttural cry as his seed shot out from the end of his length. The long strand of white ended finally as Roxas finished, and then his body fell completely limp. Axel held him carefully, his own hips thrusting hard up against Roxas, into those clenched muscles until he came himself. Axel's arms wrapped tightly around Roxas's body when he released, filling the blond completely.

Roxas panted, his eyes closed as he felt his body held gently in his arms once Axel had finished. "I-I'm sorry...I didn't know if you'd want me to...come in you or not..."

"I-It's...okay..." Roxas breathed heavily, chest heaving. "It's okay that I know it's you...Axel..."

"You were amazing, though..." Axel said with a smile, turning Roxas's face to look at him. "The most amazing golden-haired waiter ever."

Roxas stared up into Axel's hazy green eyes and he leaned up to press his lips to Axel's, kissing him kind of lazily but still lovingly, "I won't forget this, Axel..."

Axel chuckled, pressing his lips to Roxas's temple.

"I love you, my Roxas..."

The following day had to have been the best day of Roxas's life. He had never felt more happier before. His work went swell, and all his friends were at the cafe that day. Life was great, wasn't it? Even if Axel had made so many messes that day in working, Roxas still thought he was the cutest thing in the world. Roxas soon realized that when he woke up that morning that that handsome red-haired man had to have been a dream or something, even if Roxas felt sore that next morning - the dream was SO real!

But it didn't matter, because Roxas was going to not worry about it any longer. He knew Axel liked him, he just knew! And Roxas felt free of worrying about it.

And that following day, the second grandest thing happened...

"Ah, Roxas!" Axel called out nervously.

Roxas stopped and turned around, giving Axel a curious look, "Yes?"

Axel growled to himself and nodded, marching straight over to the blond and giving him a serious look.

"Roxas...I was wondering if you...maybe wanted to go out sometime together? You know...as a date?" Axel asked.

That bright pink blush covered Roxas's cheeks, his big blue eyes wide and surprised. But then Roxas smiled widely and giggled, nodding his head, "I was wondering when you were gonna ask!"

Roxas figured that, if it's right time and the right person, love will find away.

"We should go to that music club! I wanna hear you play your guitar, Axel!"

"Haha! For you, Roxas! Only for you!"

~The End...