Clary could hardly think. Her hands froze on the page. She felt like she might throw up. She forced her numb hands to turn the pages. She commanded her unseeing eyes to read the words on the pages. Simon was right it didn't seem to be real. More like a fictional book that any teenage could pick up and read. An author could not write a more epic tale. Even so, Clary's mind only caught bits and pieces of the story. She did notice that it was extremely accurate. The terms, 'Angel Boy', 'Angel Girl', and 'Daylighter' were frequent. Part of the prophecy had already come true, Clary realized suddenly:

"A Rune of Alliance shall come forth, and with it shall come a new era for the Nephilim. An era of power, a golden era."

"The Angel Girl shall command Raziel. His power will channel through her to the frozen Angel Boy." Clary supposed 'frozen' was euphemism for 'dead'.

As she flipped, Clary shook her head. How could any of this come true? Some of it sent a chill down her spine, while others seemed eerily possible. Most statements were a combination of both.

"Darkness shall arise, in the form of a human."

"The Angel's children," Clary and Jace? "Shall banish the Darkness."

"One of the Chosen will die,"

Clary's blood ran cold at that. She shook her head in denial. A simple question was one thing, but a prediction about the death of one of her friends was another. Who would it be? Her, Simon, Alec, Isabelle. Or…she forced herself to think the last name…Jace? Clary choked back a sob. A reassuraning hand rubbed her back and pulled her tight. Clary turned her head to his shoulder and a few tears leaked onto Simon's shirt.

"Did you read this?" Her voice was muffled by his shoulder. His other hand patted her hair.

"Yes," he whispered. "I promise I won't die on you Clary. I won't leave you."

Clary nodded and she sniffled. "Why? Why does this have to happen? Why me? I'm not even trained! I'm a liability to the Clave. Nothing more. My inability will get Jace hurt, trying to protect me. Or you. Please don't die for me Simon. I love you. I know that it's not the way you would've wanted, but you're my only family, Simon. I cant lose you." Clary voice was high-pitched in panic and desperation.

Simon sighed quietly. "I know Clary. I know." Simon held Clary until her tears slowed and her breathing followed suit. Then he gently picked her up. Using his new vampire strength he held her carefully in one arm while he pulled back the covers of her bed with the other. Then he tenderly laid her down and covered her up. He gazed at her now peaceful face, then he softly kissed her forehead. He brushed aside a strand of her red-gold hair. She doesn't know she's beautiful, Simon thought. Finally Simon silently exited the room.

From the ground, a boy stood unseen in the darkness. He watched the events unfold in Clary's bedroom. Yes, Simon. Cover my sister up for bed. You've always loved her, but she chose Jace. That's your biggest weakness and through it I can use you to destroy the Angel Children. They will pay for what they have done. Then I will have control of the Clave as my father meant for it to happen. The Darkness will reign supreme. All according to prophecy of course.