By Ian Nathaniel Cohen


I'm a huge fan of The Green Hornet in all of his incarnations: the radio show, the comics, the serials, and of course, the Van Williams/Bruce Lee TV series, each episode of which I've seen several times, and I'm thrilled that now has a Green Hornet section so I can make my own contribution to this character.

This is going to be the first of a series of fanfics based on the TV show. Since no origin episode was ever made – only hints that Britt Reid's father was framed for something and was now dead – this story is basically the "unfilmed origin episode." However, I combined it with the idea from the radio show, that disgust over the increase in racketeering created The Green Hornet. The Hornet never seemed like a figure of vengeance, so I didn't have his father's framing become a direct cause for The Hornet's mission. And even though The Lone Ranger was never mentioned in the TV series, he is tied to The Green Hornet's legacy, so I kept it in there.

Also, no home town for The Hornet was implied either, but the radio show is rumored to have taken place in Detroit, so I've left him there.

As for giving Kato the name "Kato Jun Fan," the Kato character of the TV series was apparently Chinese (even though the radio character was originally Japanese and then Filipino, and Kato is a Japanese name), so I gave him the Chinese name of Jun Fan, since he needed more than just the name "Kato." I chose this name for him because Bruce Lee's real name was Lee Jun Fan, (last names always come before the last in Chinese), so it's a bit of a tribute to Bruce Lee. I also kept the radio origin of Kato, because no other origin was ever provided at all on the TV series or even hinted at.

The Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger were created by George W. Trendle. I do not own these characters, nor do I make any money from this. This is meant solely for entertainment.

Special thanks to K'Arthur for proofreading and editing.

All right, enough of my yapping. On with the show!