Title: Just A Scratch
Rating: FRAO/NSFW (this chapter only, rest are FRT)
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto; Owen, Tosh, Gwen
Spoilers: DW S2 and TW S1&2 - nothing specific though
Warnings: Smut; Minor Angst

Summary: "Nope, the only damage I can see is his neck." Owen angled Ianto's head to one side to show Jack the mark on the younger man's skin. "See? Just a scratch."

Disclaimer: I don't own them, other people do... RTD and the Beeb.

**shuffles around excitedly** You would not believe how excited I am about this fic... I started writing it last weekend in a bit of a mad scramble typing fest. I had the mental haze I got for 'Masquerade' and this one feels just as special to me. I don't know why, but I just feel really, really good about this fic! It just felt right as I was typing it... okay, so now I sound crazy - I'll just let you guys read it and judge for yourselves!

I really, really hope you guys enjoy this =]



"Nope, the only damage I can see is his neck." Owen angled Ianto's head to one side to show Jack the mark on the younger man's skin. "See? Just a scratch."

Jack nodded, his fingers running across the back of one of Ianto's hands absently. He'd been reluctant to break physical contact with his lover since the attack in the cells – they'd simply been tucking up their latest inmate when he'd struck out and caught Ianto around the neck. A little more pressure from the sharpened nails and Ianto's jugular would've been torn wide open. Jack hadn't hesitated to shoot the alien dead – it had already killed five victims and he refused to add a sixth.

"Can you just sort it out please?" Ianto twitched his head free of Owen's grip and moved his hand a little, discreetly linking his fingers through Jack's. He just wanted to get out of the autopsy bay – the fluorescent strip lighting was starting to give him a headache – and make Jack stop envisioning his death. He wasn't dead yet and he sure as hell wouldn't let Jack forget that.

"Fine, fine…" Owen muttered, rolling his eyes as he rubbed some antiseptic gel across the scratch and let it dry as he dug out the can of Elastoplast spray. He turned round, checked Ianto's neck was dry and then sprayed a liberal layer of the waterproof film. It was more practical than a material plaster, but it would be just as protective. "Right, okay, that'll just wear away over time, so there's no issues with washing, etcetera."

"Good. Okay, I need coffee, you two both want one?" Ianto stood up, leaning into Jack surreptitiously and looking over at Owen. He tried to hide the wince as another flash of the bright lighting stabbed through his forehead. Ouch. Jack must've seen something, his hand squeezing a little on Ianto's as he crowded him ever so slightly as an act of protection. Ianto inhaled a lungful of Jack's scent, sending a warm comfort through him and easing the ache a little.

"Sure. We'll be up in a minute." Jack answered for them both and Ianto nodded, reluctantly extricating his fingers from Jack's and pulling away. He made his way up the stairs and through the Hub to the coffee machine. The lights were dimmer up here and the air just a little warmer. That, coupled with the smell of brewing coffee and the lingering warmth from Jack's touch, put a small, relaxed smile on his face.

It had been a tough day, but after finally managing to corner the alien, the feeling of a job well down was particularly strong – but then again, it always was when he'd had a brush with danger and escaped. Being relatively unscathed was just a lucky bonus. He shook the thoughts from his head and carried on making the drinks. He really just wanted them done and Owen's drunk and out of the way so he and Jack could head back to his flat. He knew that both of them would be needing some life-affirming activities before the day was out.

He gathered up the three mugs and headed over to the rec sofa, handing two of the drinks over before sitting down next to Jack. Owen swivelled slightly in his chair and blew on his coffee as Jack started to wind through the list of things that would need doing in the morning.

Ianto sat quietly, nodding and making a mental list of what Jack was saying so he could tell him again in the morning. He was vaguely aware of Jack's voice getting ever so slightly louder and the constant thudding of Owen's foot against the floor.

With a sigh, he rubbed his forehead with his free hand and continued to drink his coffee. He really just needed to go home and sleep. The dripping of the water down the tower was adding to the quiet cacophony playing in his head and he was finding it hard to shake it free, his headache building again. When Owen spoke to him, it was much louder than Ianto thought was really necessary.

"Right, I'm off. I've had enough weird shit for one day. See you both tomorrow." Owen shoved his mug back onto his desk and shrugged his jacket on. He glanced at Ianto briefly before sighing and walking passed them. "Jack, make sure Ianto gets some sleep – he looks knackered."

Jack glanced over at Ianto, who looked up at him with a wry smile, before laughing and nodding to Owen, shooing him off home. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ianto flinch and clutch his head as the siren went off.

"Ianto?" Jack shifted closer to him, resting a hand on the younger man's back and stroking slow circles. He spoke softly and Ianto raised his head with a sheepish smile. Jack pulled him close, cradling the younger man to him gently. "Do you want to just stay here tonight?"

Ianto nodded slightly, taking a deep breath and leaning heavily into his lover's arms. Jack brushed a kiss against his forehead and pulled him to his feet, guiding him through to his office and telling him to head downstairs. Ianto nodded and kisses him gently before Jack turned away to cleaned up the mugs and turning off the non-essential computers and electricity.

Within ten minutes, he was down in the bunker, stripping down to his t-shirt and boxers and sliding into bed behind Ianto. The younger man turned around and cuddled against him with a weary sigh and Jack wrapped his arms around him.

"Your heart's beating really loud…" Ianto murmured, his nose pressed to Jack's chest. His hands were running absently down Jack's sides, resting on his hips, his thumbs moving in slow circles across the smooth skin there. Jack could feel himself hardening at his lover's touch, it was automatic, but he knew Ianto needed rest more than either of them needed an orgasm. Simply sleeping in each other's arms would be enough for the moment.

"You need to get some sleep." Jack pressed a kiss against Ianto's hair and felt him sigh sleepily in his arms again. His hand moved to wrap loosely around Jack's waist and his muscles slowly started to relax.

Jack just held him and watched him as he slipped into sleep, completely vulnerable in his arms. Jack loved it like that. In the middle of the night, it was so easy to think it was just the two of them. He would happily have spent the rest of his infinite existence with Ianto asleep and peaceful in his arms.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and let himself begin to drift a little.


Ianto could hear a loud, rhythmic thumping somewhere in the distance. It gradually came into focus, along with a slow, rushing sound, as his mind started to shake of the hold of his sleep. He wriggled as he felt something pressing into his side and finally he woke up, the final cobwebs of sleep tearing free of his mind.

He cracked his eyes open and hissed in pain as sudden, bright lights rushed into view. Carefully, he turned his attention back to the warmth around his waist and the discomfort beneath him. Another wriggle revealed that there was a particularly large fold in the material of his t-shirt, digging into the side of his chest.

Next he turned his attention to the sounds that had woken him. They sounded familiar, but they were amplified and much more detailed. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump, and the gentle, liquid whoosh that followed each thump like wind through trees. There was the slow rush of air, collecting, circling, expanding, until it reversed and started all over again.

It was so loud – like music through headphones that cancelled outside noise. He tried opening his eyes again, squinting through his lashes to lessen the discomfort at the bright lights. Jack was in front of him, arm around his waist and holding him gently. He was still asleep and the only thing Ianto could think was that the noises he was hearing were Jack's heartbeat and breathing – the same noises that had soothed him to sleep so many times.

With a groan of protest, he pulled himself free of Jack's arms and clambered over him and onto the floor… the floor that was especially hard and solid today. The concrete felt like it was suddenly ten times more substantial than before. It was like, until then, he'd been standing on marshmallow. The concrete was like sandpaper over a layer of something cold and more solid than rock.

Ianto shook away the odd sensation, determined to go find himself some pain killers. His headache must've just got to the point where his senses were in overdrive. Painkillers, sleep, Jack, sleep. That was all he planned to do for his immediate future.

He stumbled his way up the ladder into Jack's office and was struck by the mechanical noises that suddenly wriggled their way through his ears. There was the clinking and rattling from the early morning traffic rushing around on the surface, the dripping of water onto metal and the pulsing thrumming of the computer systems and Rift manipulator that were constantly working.

He heard a rustling above as well, but the sound felt like it had only come from metres away. Surely he hadn't been able to hear Myfanwy? He shaded his eyes as the lights continued to burn vibrant images into his eyes and stumbled his way, half blind, out of Jack's office.

He was about to head into the autopsy bay when the thumping and rushing sounds from the bunker – noises that he hadn't realised he was still listening to – changed ever so slightly. He instantly knew that Jack was awake it was only a matter of moments before he got up and--

Ianto didn't get to finish the thought as his nose filled with one of the most glorious scents he'd ever smelled. He couldn't even begin to describe it but he knew that he wanted nothing more than to wrap himself in it forever. It was only a faint aroma though it could easily have been a fluke, a scent from somewhere in the Hub caught up in the shift of air as he walked.

The thumping and the rushing got louder again, accompanied by soft, leathery noises as Jack approached him, his feet padding across the floor in what he must've thought was a sneaky manner.

-- and there it was again, that smell, making his mouth water and his cock harden. He closed his eyes and tried to breath deeply, but strong, warm arms wrapped around him – both soft and hard at the same time, leathery skin and rough fingers running across his forearms.

He spun round and kissed Jack hard, unable to stop himself. His pheromones were intoxicating – so much stronger than they'd ever been before – and he simply couldn't help it. He kissed him hungrily and Jack gripped him, chuckling with a sound like a rock slide as they devoured each other, hard and needy and completely without restraint.

Ianto ran his hands across Jack's chest, tugging him by the waistband of his boxers to the sofa and pushing him down. Jack raised an eyebrow as Ianto grinned at him, kissing him again as he pulled their underwear down just a little. Ianto lay flush against his lover, the warm, hard body beneath him reacting to his touch in a way that set his blood on fire.

He pulled himself free of his boxers and wrapped a hand around them both, gasping sharply at the shockwave that rocketed through him as Jack's cock rubbed against his own. He used the mix of their pre-come to lend a smoothness to the motions of his hand as he pumped and twisted his fist lazily. Jack was moaning into his mouth, gripping his hips hard. Each rasp of breath that Ianto heard was like a rush of wind past his ears, the constant thud of his heart ricocheting at almost three times the speed, the thumping pounding through his ears like a rock concert.

He was so close, each stroke infinitely more explosive than it had ever been before. It was almost painful. The thought struck him too late and less than a moment later, his orgasm was shrieking through him, setting his nerves on fire and making him come hard, breathing Jack's name. That was all his lover needed to joined him, his fingers digging in as he moaned Ianto's name loudly.

It was like a scream to Ianto. His whole body hurt, his skin on fire from the roughness of Jack's grip, the tightness around his arms like industrial vices. He was uncomfortable all over, noises suddenly bombarding his mind. He screwed his eyes closed even further, the light once again threatening to blind him. He could still taste the too strong, metallic bitterness of adrenaline and the vestiges of orgasm in his system made his already overly sensitised skin too much to bear.

The pain was nearly unbearable. He slumped to one side, clutching his hair tightly, eyes squeezed closed as he tried to force it all to stop… but it wouldn't - it was just getting worse. The pain set in, his heart racing as he wondered what the fuck was happening to him.

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