Penname: Demented Bunny

Original or Derivative: Derivative - Vampire Knight

Rating/warning(s)/note(s):M - For my own enjoyment.

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Prompt: Lackadaisical

Yukki snored lightly, distracting the night class as they took their notes, they suspected it to be embarrassing for Kaname, for his queen to expose herself so publicly.

It wasn't.

Kaname pinched her leg lightly under the desk, grinning when she woke with a start, exclaiming loudly. Her cheeks flooded with heat and she hissed lowly at her lover.

He smiled devilishly and placed his hand on her bare knee, beneath the hem of her skirt. Her eyes narrowed at him, curious and them widened when his hands slid further up her thigh.

"Shhh…", he whispered into her ear, his fingers playing with the hem of her panties, pink lace he knew, he'd asked her to wear them, she was only realising now why.

He rubbed his fingers against the damp fabric in circular motions, Kaien heard, Yukki's harsh breaths and fabric rustling, but turning and calling them out on their actions would be disrespectful to the Kuran family.

"Kaname", she whispered, her hips shifting towards him, urging him on. "My lackadaisical little Yukki", his brow shifting into mock disapproval "sleeping in class", he clicked his tongue softly, his rubs growing rougher.

"Ah", she moaned, the classes heads whipping around to stare at a dishevelled Yukki and Kaname calmly taking notes.

The class eyed the pair warily before turning back around and attempting to pay attention to anything but the royals in the back of the class.

"Kaname", she hissed as he dragged his fingers from her thigh to his mouth, sucking greedily.

"That'll teach you", he muttered, pulling his fingers from his mouth with a resounding 'plop' "to pay attention in class".