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Original or Derivative: Derivative - Vampire Knight

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Prompt: Petals

"Spring comes Yukki", Kaname told his young sister "and so does Autumn and the leaves fall, to make way for Winter".

"And then comes Spring again and they cherry blossom flowers", he said gently interrupted only by the young girl who helpfully offered, pointing to a blooming cherry blossom in the distance "like the pretty pink tree over there".

Kaname nodded before speaking again "And then so soon the petals fall in a cascade to the floor".

"All things come to an end Yukki", he told the bewildered girl "but all things begin again, things end but they come back and then the cycle begins again".

The pair reached the Cross gate and Kaname kissed her forehead "So there's no need to say goodbye, because we will meet again", he whispered before handing his love and sister to the man who from this day would be known to her as her father.

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