E/O Challenge: Twist (100 words exactly)

Some hurt Dean for Supernoodle's Birthday – hope you like it


Dirty Jobs

The Wendigo's scream echoed through the forest moments before it exploded in a ball of flame.

Dean, exhausted, dropped the flare gun and collapsed to his knees, his face bloodied and bruised, his left arm oddly twisted - a sure sign it was broken.

Breathing heavily he looked up as Sam crashed through the dense undergrowth screaming his name.

"M'okay," Dean murmured, as his brother rushed to his side and wrapped an arm around his trembling shoulders.

"Damit Dean," he panted. "Why d'ya have to be the hero all the time?"

"It's a living," Dean grinned, as darkness claimed him.


Okay so what can I say – Onyx Moonbeam's photograph inspired me