The entire world had been replaced with red. My unfocused eyes burned with angry tears as blood dripped down my lips, fingers , legs, and really anywhere the rocks, tree branches and other varies sharp objects had grabbed at me while I ran, covering the forest floor in pain and grief. The scent of flowers, trees, air had been replaced with iron and salt; it burned my nose as I gasped for air. I knew I was going to die, I had known for almost a month now. Even with all the much more important things the thought of Edward became an unavoidable nuisance in my mind, it attached itself to every thought like a parasite. I need to keep breathing, where's Edward? I have to stop screaming, does he know I'm gone? I need to eat, why can't I find him? I pushed them away; I had to hold on to the only important thoughts. Who will take care of him when I'm gone? Will anyone find him? Will he even know I existed? The child in my stomach twitched his body as if response. The scream shot from my lips before I could command it other wise. My child, our child, was going to be born in the woods, be born alone unknown by the world, his father and anyone who would care.