Story Title: Midsummer Night's Requiem

Chapter: [Prologue]

Rating: M (lemons)

Other Stuff: OOC. AU. I only take characters that you have a clear image of in your mind and then... I manipulate them. Much like a toddler plays with play-dough.

Mutts have their way of imprinting. Vampires have a similar way, called mating... only the bond between vampires is much more potent and volatile than werewolves'. It's both a curse and a blessing... depending on the two that the moon chooses to pair. For Edward and I... well, we don't exactly... get along.

Author's Note(s)

[1.] My mind works in bits and pieces *munches on wasabi peas*. That's why I have many unfinished projects rather than a few finished pieces. I am aware of stories I have not updated, do not remind me. Nothing is on haitus... my four-year-old computer now makes the sound of an eighty-year-old chain smoker, which resulted in me purchasing a new laptop. It's coming 2/2, so hold tight, guys. Please enjoy this drabble in the mean time... you guys know I come back with random stuff when I emerge from writer's block. Thank you for all your support.

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[3.] Read 1984 by George Orwell. Damn good book.

[4.] Listen to "Ezio's Family" ... it's from AC2's soundtrack. YouTube it; it's a mixture of instrumentals... very beautiful.

[5.] This was inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare and a little bit of Elemental by TallulahBelle. I'm clearing the air now before someone complains... because I've had to deal with that shit before. No, I did not copy her story... but I adapted a certain element of hers into my own- the whole issue of "imprinting"/"mating". For the love of god, do not claim plagiarisms, you hypocrites out there. There are about a thousand stories on FanFiction that have to do with Edward being a player, a sexy dom [my favorite] etc., and I'm sure you've caught that. There is virtually nothing that someone can write that has not been written about before... and new ideas are few and far between especially when you are involved in a community that is dedicated to one book... and I took a concept, not a plot, because I admire it and appreciate it's awesomeness and wish to incorporate it into my own prose. C H I L L. This is for fun, not for money. Many props to TallulahBelle for creating a wonderful story.

You can flame; I have extinguishers at the ready.

[Prologue Beginning]
[TIME SKIP - - -]
[11:25 P.M. // Wednesday // Mid-Summer]

... I shouldn't have been watching him. Hunting was always a very private ritual for vampires. It's common to go with your coven if you belong to one, but unless you are mated with a certain vampire, it was unconventional and considered an invasion of privacy to watch another vampire feed. I felt ashamed of myself, and I couldn't even remember a reason that had driven me to the conclusion to follow him out into the forest thirty-five minutes before midnight. I managed to tear my eyes away from him, knowing that I will regret this if he finds me. I silently thank the stars for my vampiric gift of invisibility as my teeth gnaw on my bottom lip and keep my presence unknown to him. My gift allows me to disappear from sight and senses, but I can still be heard if I don't watch my step. Hidden behind some underbrush and trees, I mask my scent from him with the forest at my disposal.

I hear a low snarl erupt within his masculine throat, and my eyes deceive me as I look back at him. His hair is a bronze mess from running through the brush; he's angry— that much can be easily observed from his stance. I know that he's still angry with me and how I blew up at him today at school. You see... we don't exactly... get along. And that's putting it mildly.

He stalks the mountain lion; crouching before the pounce. And as I much as I hate him with all of being, I admit that at this moment, in the hunt, he is glorious. Absofuckinglutely glorious. My mind was running away with me, and I was beginning to imagine what his torso muscles looked like as they ripped and stretched underneath his shirt. He growled as he leaped for the cat, and it growled viciously back at him. The dance of death began.

He was playing with his cat; that much was apparent, as it would have been dead already if he wasn't. The mountain lion attacked first, clawing at him, and the sound of tearing fabric ripped through the air. I closed my eyes tightly, a strong feeling bubbling up and telling me that I had invaded a private, intimate moment of his. Keeping my eyes closed lasted about as long as the last time I attempted to look away; my eyes were fixated on him before I even thought twice about it. His torso was revealed to me, and I drank in his appearance. I took a short gasp of air and I let out a shaky moan as my cold skin began to feel extremely warm. I saw his ear twitch in the slightest movement; if I had not been a vampire I wouldn't have caught it.

He had heard me, and he was now acknowledging my presence. My invisibility was useless now as I felt myself slip from the hold I had on it. My mind raced with all the reactions he could have at seeing me here, invading his privacy. All the reactions were not... positive. Edward was silent as a cool breeze blew my hair to cover one of my eyes. I didn't move; gauging his reaction before making a move. I felt ashamed of myself.

He lifted himself from the mountain lion, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand to remove excess blood, and then his eyes met mine. And suddenly, in that moment, something between us changed. It was as if the brick wall we had built up to ignore each other had been shattered by a wrecking ball. It was as if the rain clouds that had been shrouding us had cleared and the sun was shining through. As if all my hatred for him melted away in this one, single moment. The spot where my heart was located began to throb and yearn as if it was beating again. I watched his throat muscles contract and then expand as if he was having a difficult time fighting for air he didn't need. My vision zoned in on his neck and venom pooled in my mouth. And in that single, fleeting moment, I realized what this humming electric between us was telling me.


The moon had chosen us to pair; and I was now mated with the biggest asshole that has ever roamed the plane. I was shocked when I realized that I wanted my teeth in his neck— I wanted to suck his venom and have it mingle with my own. And as my venom and his danced together through my veins, my venom would leave a mark on his skin... warning other females that he had a mate. That I was his mate; that I would kill for him. I would kill Tanya and Jessica and Lauren and whoever else who tried to steal him away from me.

... and that fact terrified me. I took a step back, pressing an outstretched hand over my heart.

"Isabella—," his voice was rough, as if he was struggling. He took a step towards me warily, arm reached out and eyes smoldering. His voice was like a warm, velvety chocolate coating.

The bond between us... it told me what I had to do with him. I could see the mating bond, as right now it was a almost transparent silvery-white. It wrapped him and and it caressed me. It swirled in a figure eight shape between us, with each of us in a loophole. It was trying to push us towards each other, and I was having a hard time controlling urges I had never felt before. Primal urges.

I frantically looked back at him. This could not be happening— there was just no way! He hated me... and I hated him... and this was all some cruel joke. The silvery glittering bond tugged harder. Edward looked glorious, absolutely glorious. My tongue ran over my front teeth... a nervous habit of mine. In one fluid movement, he reached to me and took my hand in his. Warmth flooded my cold body, and every cell inside me felt alive and wonderful. All my inhibitions disappeared as a shocking sensation swept through my veins and went straight for my stomach. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a desperate, gnawing need to be filled. My eyes never left Edward's, and I watched them transition from golden to pitch black. My mind was racing, and desire flooded my system. His nostrils flared and he took a deep breath— he could smell my desire. It was time to mate. Right now.

He moved my hand that he was holding up to his chest, placing it over his heart. He followed by placing his hand over my heart. He was silently asking me the same question I was pondering about him: Can you feel this too?

Our bond tugged at me to make love to him— that was the seal to our pairing. Our acceptance. My mind was at war with my heart. Our connection, a barely visible passionate red color, seared at my skin.

"... I want you to make love to you, my Isabella."

Just a few hours ago, he had called me every curse word ever created. Just a few hours ago, I was a dirty whore that was all talk and no action.

His face leaned down, his lips eager to press into mine... the electricity humming between us in approval... And then I did something very stupid.

I ran.

The electricity between us cackled and burned at me viciously; angry that I was putting distance between my mate and myself. With each frantic step I took, the yearning in my body increased tenfold. My body was protesting my every move, every step and every breath that I didn't share with next to him. I tried focusing on the air whipping at my face and the ground beneath my feet as I ran; I wondered if he could feel the same fire rip between us. I heard it cackle in my ears, and it was chasing my footsteps... very close behind and very hot.

In the distance, I heard tearing, pain-filled growl that echoed and shook the trees. It was Edward. My Edward— and he sounded like he was in terrible pain. My feet stopped beneath me and I fell to my knees. The distance was too much. I couldn't breathe, and I didn't even need air to live. My throat kept choking me as if I swallowed ash. My pain exploded from my heart and shot through my veins. I screwed my eyes shut as I clutched at my stomach and leaned over. The shocking sensation only grew worse when I cried out with my own pleas. I wanted the pain to go away.

A sob broke through my chest as I struggled to exist. I looked up at the moonlight that was shining through the tree tops in the slightest of slivers. It looked so beautiful that I wanted to cry. It may have been because of the pain but... I was going hysterical. I tried standing up with shaky legs, feeling completely vulnerable and sickeningly human again; as if I needed a reminder of that. I felt my chest begin to throb and my throat constrict as I tried with so much effort to raise myself up. I just didn't have enough strength.

I had imprinted on... mated with... whatever you wish to address it as, and it goes as without saying, that he is now my other half. It is an irreversible concept, but did it have to be with the one vampire who hates me for existing? He won't even tell me why he harbors so much hatred for me; in fact, he hasn't given me a reason that explains his hatred for me except for the fact that I apparently repulse him.

I want to make love to you, my Isabella.

Was that instinct; those words of affection and desperate longing? The way he had looked at me moments ago made me feel beautiful. I haven't felt beautiful in such a long time.

The leaves rustled with his arrival as he stared down at me, breathing heavily through his nostrils. He could smell me; he could smell how ready I was. In his exhale he let out a shaky moan and his fingers reached for his pants. With a single, fluid movement, he tugged his belt off and threw it onto the ground beside him. Moonlight shone on his skin, making him look more handsome than he already was. My fingers itched with the desire to touch him as the bond between us was subtly visible again. This time it wasn't the beautiful white color— it was tinged with swirls of red. Our bond was incredibly hard to see; you really had to focus to view it, and right now it demanded a little too much effort.

My eyes traveled back to him and just in time to see him tear away his pants as if they were offending him. Venom was pooling in my mouth and I couldn't stop it. He hadn't said a word to me yet, and with the electricity that was surely lighting up the both of us, there was no need for words at the moment. I felt myself bite my lower lip as I could now see his very large and waiting erection through his boxers. He smirked crookedly, oozing sexual desire, as he ripped off his boxers in the same manner as he did his pants. My jaw dropped but I very quickly re-hinged it. I swallowed back the ashy feeling in my throat but it kept coming back; the pain in my lower stomach was stronger now, making me throb and moan.

Edward took another deep breath— filling his body with the scent of his mate's arousal— and then he fell to his knees before me, not caring that he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. I closed my eyes and leaned forward as a fresh wave of pain rushed through my body. I felt his fingertips trace along my downcast face as he attempted to get my eyes to open. Everywhere he touched erased the pain that existed, and my head lifted up to his level, but my arms were still wrapped around my stomach. He was caressing my face with such love and need that my eyes opened and fixed on his own.

"There you are, beautiful," he said softly and in an uneven breath. He reverently tucked a strand of hair that was in my face to behind my ear.

My own hand reached up and touched his face, tracing his prominent jaw and straight nose. He never removed his eyes from my own, but for a moment, his eyes closed and a gentle growl rumbled from deep within his chest. My mouth tugged up in a small smile, and he opened his eyes again. The intensity reflected my own need. I gasped as my hand dropped from his face and held my stomach. The empty feeling was back.

Edward's brow creased as he pulled my hands from grasping my stomach. He held both of my hands as I felt his body shake gently with a fit of his own pain that he was experiencing. All because we had denied our bond. Well... I had. The moon was angry with us for not accepting fate. My train of thought derailed when Edward pushed me against the forest floor. Hovering on top of me, his hand went to my skirt where he reached under and then upwards and caressed the wetness that was pooling in my panties.

"I'm going to make the pain go away, sweetheart..." He told me, his voice smooth and urgent and desperate. "I'm going to make it all go away, I promise."




"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is wing'd Cupid painted blind."

[To be continued . . .]