It is only when they drug him does oblivion claim him. Otherwise he almost never settles into oblivion. He feels hunger and thirst though those two are easy to fill, but they come back yet they are never constant. At least not constant in the way that the pain of not remembering what he forgets when he rouses from oblivion. It is like a nightmare upon rousing, he almost remembers each time, but each rouse only greets him with the familiarity of blank spots instead of remembrances that slip away from him while in whatever everyone else calls reality.

He didn't know what reality is nor did he care to know it any longer. He is perpetually aware of what it feels like though however he thinks of it, his words convey something different than his thoughts. His voice doesn't sound like it does it when he is in oblivion or at least something tells him this. There are many things about him that he can't latch onto something because the only certainty is that he is always Grundy. Whatever they put into the air always makes him drowsy except he is too driven to break out of his cell. He had broken out many times before though each time always saw him soon back inside.

His captors would usually be soldiers because few ever had the means to match him head to head. Those that did usually were enemies of those who sought him for his brute strength alone. They would pay for his time, usually with gold, they know his affinity for gold well, but he never understood entirely why he had such a liking to it, maybe because it is tangible unlike anything that comes from inside him. He could never be sure of anything save his uncertainty and the nameless compulsion to keep looking for that which he had yet to find, something more fulfilling than connoisseur's delight at the sight of gold. He never did anything for free because he is never free especially when enclosed by heavily reinforced walls.

The shackles were merely 'extra security' especially if the soldiers' gas fails to maintain his sluggish bearing. It is immense physical strength and near invulnerable skin that makes holding him harder though this would be a complaint only from his jailers more than anyone else. They treat him like this, but he doesn't get why at least not at first. It is by helping others who they go after that he earns their persistence in pursuing him whenever he escapes. At he took to breaking out very often, but each subsequent time, he loses interest simply because he does not wish to have soldiers coming after him. They always find him, but he never finds it, he doesn't know what it is except in oblivion, which they call sleep.

Sleep does nothing for him except to remind him of everything he keeps forgetting by the time he is awake. He is driven yet others usually attack him or want something from him. His thoughts are almost unreadable yet they do evoke questions that he diverts from asking himself because thinking hurts almost as much as 'sleeping'. He knows he is not sleeping because people are rushing about trying to figure out why he is 'awake' because their gas should be making him sleep. His body is more a prison than this specially designed cell that they made for him. At times his resilience is truly astounding to some, but not many, no, because for those many, it means a new weapon must be made to 'pacify' him.

Over time, the soldiers' weapons were overcoming his 'inhuman' physiology. He felt the effects more strongly than he used to, but none so far have ever been as painful as the alternating forgetting and remembering that always comes with 'awake' and 'sleep'. This pain is his only constant companion. He never felt particularly close to even those who paid him for his 'help'. The only thing he tires of is the cycle that ensues every time he breaks out, but as he know from each escape, something in him refuses to stay put, to accept confinement.

His heavy eyelids flicker open for somehow his body is fighting the gas as it had done before. It is a constant battle for the military's science division to refine the gas and the weapons to keep up with the inexplicable 'mutations' in Grundy's physiology, but everything about him defies science just the same. He has no readable vital signs, no brain activity, no heartbeat, no pulse, yet he breathes, talks, move, and eats like anyone else though it is a misconception to say this is human and this is everyone else.

People luxuriate in the idea that there's a 'normal' and there's an 'abnormal'. They need something to separate themselves from being like everyone else. The catch is everyone (else) is human in some way or another. Appearances are usually deceiving, but of course at first glance someone like Grundy would illicit many responses that are not very 'positive' ones at that.

"He's awake, sir!" informs Captain Blaine.

"I can see that Captain," retorts Major Taggart.

"I already told them to up the gas dosage," continues Blaine.

"It won't be enough, break out the new weapons, we have to subdue him," insists Taggart.

"I want full squad deployments, the new specs, now get going!" orders Blaine.

"General Russell won't be happy about this, but hopefully we'll get Grundy down before he can…"

There are sounds of walls breaking, weapons getting torn apart, and then bodies flying as Grundy plows his way out of the detention block. Taggart races off to phone this in, but all he manages to get out is Grundy before Grundy himself is running towards him at breakneck speed. He and Grundy had something of a history because of Russell's daughter had seen how they kept Grundy in that cell. She couldn't fathom why such measures were 'necessary' to contain Grundy. She occasionally brought Grundy food, which she was only allowed to under armed supervision yet even in the presence of soldiers Grundy never did anything to her even if he was awake.

Taggart couldn't imagine what she saw in the zombie, maybe it was something none of them saw or maybe it was because 'women like her' shouldn't be let into places like this.

"Grundy remember you!" snarls Grundy.

"Great now… unhand me and go back to your cell!" demands Taggart.

"Grundy don't listen to you!" retorts Grundy.

"We'll recapture you, you know that don't you?" reminds Taggart.

"Soldiers don't listen to Grundy!" continues Grundy.

Grundy tosses Taggart aside and smashes through several more walls before finally clearing the prison.

The Army under the direction General Theodore 'Tomahawk' Russell gets on the move once receiving a call from Captain Blaine who had found the unconscious Major Taggart after the latter was thrown into a wall. Taggart would recover, but right now Russell has a single objective on his plate tonight. The recapture of Solomon Grundy, but he like Grundy would discover almost nothing ever goes according to plan.

He runs and fights them always because it is all he has ever done. They pursue and corner him because it is what they always do too.

He tires of this constant that they bring to him. Their weapons are changing with each encounter yet they don't kill him. No they will just take him back to the cell. He is then left with the others that they pursue too. It is difficult to be sure of anything especially what motivates him to break out of his cell. He doesn't like it there, nobody does, but he is never sure what he is breaking out for though he usually ends up falling in with those who offer him a cut of their heists. The ones that pay him, they assume that just because he likes gold that he will help them, which he typically does. Everyone assumes so much about him and nothing he has done compels them to leave him alone.

All these enemies what did he do to deserve this, he didn't know, he couldn't recall, they would attack soon, he is sure, they are predictable, maybe they'll talk, but he won't listen because they don't listen either. Words would get said, but none would hear them.

The soldiers fire at him. The rubble buries him. He can hear them above the rubble. They think him finished, they were wrong, they were always wrong, and he could never be right, not to them anyway.

"Leave Grundy alone!" snarls Grundy

He throws the jeep. They start firing at him with guns. He steps back reaching for more rubble and chucks several pieces in rapid succession. Each throw hits its target and still they fire. They don't stop until oblivion. He no longer wants oblivion, but he never gets what he wants.

There is a need in him, a craving. He knows not what it is for because he always forgets what he cannot remember because it is constantly forgotten.

Grundy picks up two tanks and smashes them together before they can shoot at him then tosses both in opposite directions before leaping again.

He keeps knocking tanks away from him. They hound him in numbers so there are usually more nearby and sure enough there are more closing in on him.

"Grundy told stupid soldiers to stay away, but soldiers still come."

He lifts a sizable chunk of pavement except the tanks fire on him. This time the shot hurts as he hears himself howling as if it hurt, but hurt is not the same as the constant pain inside, the pain of forgetting, the pain of not knowing. Grundy tries to hold it back, but a second tank joins the first so he tries to distance himself though his body won't respond, this weapon is paralyzing, maybe this time it would kill him, he wouldn't that, he would prefer it to going back to his cell. He already is a prisoner to a body that is its own kind of cell so why surround him with walls that he would seek to break just to escape the physical reminder of what his body already represents to him.

"He's finished. Get the cage!"

They would not end him. His suffering would continue as it always did. Back to where the walls are always closing in on him and where his only obsession is escaping them by breaking them. The firing stops. Their metal box, their dark cage hangs over him, but something else rises from the waters ahead of him. He had never seen anything like it or its rider. The soldiers attack them instead and the burning of his flesh halts. The weapons hurt more than before, but even those memories are unreliable.

The rider wrecks the tanks by mere strength alone. He also has only one hand for the other looks more like a weapon yet it deflects the weapons ammo. The soldiers still fire on him yet the rider turns his attention to Grundy.

"If you want to live, come with me," says the rider.

Grundy would follow the Fishman because it would mean escaping the soldiers, but the real escape has yet to come for him, the one that shatters his unending confusion about everything except for the pain within him. This is however only a glimmer of what he truly searches for, but he knows not what it is or where he will find it.

A portal opens ahead of them and soon they are no longer traveling by water. Grundy continues to follow the rider even through the portal. It is a strange place for Grundy had never such a place before, but he would grant the Fishman a favor for getting him away from the soldiers. The favor however would not be done for free, nothing is free nor is he, which is what he believes because men always trouble him.

"Where are we?"

Fishman says nothing. He talks almost not at all.

"You promised to give Grundy gold."

"And I will once you have done your part."

"If stupid Fishman tries to trick Grundy, Grundy will crush."

Not even clenching his fists unnerves Fishman.

"Charming. Your gold is inside."

Grundy hears a softer voice from behind them once they enter the next room.

"Welcome back, your Highness. I assume this is Solomon Grundy."

She like Fishman doesn't attack him. The confusion on his part is natural. The others who sought his service before usually didn't attack or trick him, but their enemies always got him sent back to the cell.

"My name is Inza."

"Do you have Grundy's gold?"

Fishman tips open the chest lid revealing the promised reward.

"Here brute. Everything I promised and more."

Grundy picks up a handful of it.

"Grundy likes gold!"

He didn't know why gold held such an appeal to him, but it is always the questions that brought on the head pains. Reward is tangible, everything else is not, which made him feel better for awhile until the reminders of the intangible come after him like the soldiers always do when he escapes the cell.

"Where is your husband?" asks the Fishman

"Preparing for the incantation," answers the Girl.

Grundy too enamored by the gold barely notices the conversation except it is likely about the favor Grundy will have to do for Fishman.

"I'll let him know you are here," continues the Girl.

She closes her eyes.

"Kent, your guests have arrived."

Fishman looks to Girl while almost ignoring Grundy next to him as Grundy is still paying more notice to the reward.

"He is on his way. Please make yourself comfortable."

Girl offers food. Fishman takes none. Grundy approaches yet hesitant to touch any of it. Girl tells him take all that he wants and so he downs the whole tray before him.

There is a spinning glow at the center of the room, which reconfigures into a portal in the shape of an ankh. Someone emerges, which causes Grundy to turn as he must now account for another person. He is suspicious of everyone, which is why he asks for reward to assure they don't trick him.

"I apologize for the delay."

"I have a kingdom to protect. Keep me waiting again at your peril."

Fishman doesn't like waiting. Neither does Grundy, Grundy starts to like Fishman. Magician approaches Grundy.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Grundy. I am Dr. Fate."

Grundy's mouth still full and Magician confuses him. He doesn't attack either.

"Girl gave Grundy the cookies."

Grundy points to Girl.

"I have done as you asked. Let's get on with it."

"Soon, but first I have to make sure he is truly what they say."

"Too much talking! Grundy bored!"

Grundy steps towards Magician with his fists clenched.

"What does stupid magician want Grundy to do for his gold?"

"I need to know your origins. How did you come to be as you are?"

"Grundy doesn't remember. Grundy's always been Grundy!"

This is true in the moment, it is always true when like this, but at other times, when there is nothing then he remembers only as he already knows to forget again.

"Doubtful. Perhaps a simple spell of revelation."

Magician's hands touch Grundy's skull.

"Yes I see it now. Your name was Cyrus Gold…"

The memories from oblivion flash before Grundy. Only he is not Grundy. He is Cyrus Gold firing his weapon at others in uniforms. Others emerge from the bank behind him so to cover them he takes a hostage while they get into the vehicle next to him on the street. The police don't attack him while he holds the woman as a shield.

"An evil man who performed many evil deeds…"

He and the other robbers got away from the scene with little trouble and regroup at the docks. Their loot for the night is gold bricks. He always had a thing for gold, maybe it was narcissistic because of his name, maybe it was the way it glints in the light, or maybe it was because to be 'good' at something he did 'bad' things. It usually works in his favor as nobody could catch him and his capture reward kept going up.

"Until the day your evil aroused as great as your own."

His 'partners' all took aim at him. He never got to his gun. They riddled him with bullets. Cyrus Gold was dead before his body hit the floor. His killers wrap up his corpse and toss it in the trunk of the car. They leave for the woods far outside the city limits.

"They ended your life. Cursed you with a powerful grigri and dumped your remains in a swamp resonating with mystical properties of its own. These magics did not sit well together."

Cyrus Gold was dead. However everything else including his body remains intact. His hair and skin turns gray white. His physical form enlarges beyond recognition. His suit rips considerably, but attire would no longer be a concern. Almost none of Cyrus' preoccupations would linger in what is left of him. The transformation is slow, but the reanimation even slower. Fate's spell opens the floodgate of memories that have only come to him as broken bits and pieces over the years.

It is like oblivion yet without pain of remembering than forgetting as this time he must not forget.

"And so it was decades later that the swamp gave birth to a walking dead man, soulless and empty, always seeking and never knowing why."

"Grundy remembers."

He clutches his skull. The pain is back, but he must fight it for the memories, he doesn't want to forget it all again. Men would pay for what they took from Grundy.

"He meets our needs," assures the Magician.

"Then we should begin immediately," insists Fishman.

Fishman looks directly to the Magician.

"The future of Atlantis is my only concern."

He lets go of his head as the pain subsides for a time.

"No. Grundy wants something."

"We're already agreed. You help us, I give you the gold."

"Grundy not want gold!"

Grundy shoves the chest towards the wall. It shatters spilling the shimmering gold coins to the floor.

"Grundy want what men took from him," implores Grundy.

"Their curse removed your soul," reminds Fate.

"Grundy wants it back. Will Magician help?" asks Grundy

"I will do everything I can," promises Fate.

"If you help Grundy, Grundy will help you," vows Grundy.

It is difficult to tell if the Magician, if Dr. Fate, is anyway moved by the walking dead man's words, but when Fate looked into Grundy he felt what Grundy felt though even he had to wonder how does someone continue to go on with that in their mind. Fate realizes it is because Grundy can do little else except endure because something in him refuses to give up the search and now that he knows what he is seeking, he would do anything to get it. It almost felt wrong in a way to use Grundy, but Grundy is willing to risk all for a soul he lost decades ago.

"Bring the Trident. We still have preparations to complete," commands Fate.

It is similarly not easy to discern what Aquaman makes of Grundy's new reward demand. All he knows is that Grundy is willing to help for nothing more than the need to regain his soul. He had heard the tale of Cyrus Gold's downfall just as Grundy had, but he is not Cyrus Gold anymore, he is Solomon Grundy. As Solomon, he now only seeks a soul and Aquaman need only look to the broken chest to know that to Solomon, a promise is a promise, his word is his vow. He looks to the hook that took the place of his self-amputated hand and realizes that even he made a sacrifice for that which is precious to him.

"I will warn you both again – because once I begin the spell I cannot stop," reminds Fate.

"And the pain will be unbearable. You told us this before. Get on with it," quips Aquaman.

"Stupid magician. Grundy not care about pain. Grundy wants his reward," interjects Grundy.

"Very well."

Everyone is already in position so Fate begins the spell.

"The elements are gathered in a place of power – A wizard of great knowledge… the Trident of Poseidon… "

Fate's magic channels through the Poseidon's Trident held firmly by Aquaman, which he tips towards the prone Grundy bound to the altar beneath his massive body. Grundy feels the magic in him, it is clear that he is pain, but all present know he'll endure it for his reward.

"And the forbearance of a dead man."

Fate's chanting begins with the linking of the three.

"The walls between the worlds have been torn asunder."

The chanting resumes with the next line spoken.

"I order them now sealed."

There is further chanting with the third line's utterance.

"Power of the Titans which resides within their Trident, by the power of Lords of Order which resides within everything, by the power of Fate which resides in the Helmet of Naboo… "

Grundy's body starts to resonate with the strengthening of the spell. He begins to glow as the magic builds towards the completion of the spell. Fate's chanting continues after this and his own speaking of the fourth line.

"Banish the Old Ones and seal the breach."

Fate chants even more.

"So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands!"

The place of power is filling with the magic spell. It would not be long until the spell has done its work. Grundy weathers it all for the soul that he searches for now. He believes his soul will make him whole and end his aimless wandering, he is a dead man of faith tonight.

"So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands! So Fate demands!"

The League trio had broken through the barrier by way of Hawkgirl's mace as Fate expected, but they would not interfere with this spell, they must not otherwise the Old Ones would come and then the end of the world as they all know it would soon follow the crossing.

"Stop!" shouts Wonder Woman.

Inza summons a barrier to enclose the Circle of Power. Neither Superman nor Wonder Woman would be able to breach it. Wonder Woman is instantly thrown backwards and then the magic from the barrier rapidly starts to wrap around her body. Hawkgirl shatters the barrier with her mace and the feedback knocks out Inza. Hawkgirl moves towards Fate and he tries to slow her down by using the Helmet's Eyes to stun her except she uses her mace once more. Fate realizes too late that Hawkgirl would ruin the spell and the feedback of his own magic thrown back at him knocks him to the ground.

"Do you realize what you have done? Leave here now!" snaps Aquaman.

"Not without Grundy and a good explanation," rebukes Superman.

"You've ruined everything! Aquaman stop them!" fumes Fate.

Fate walks towards Grundy who is distraught because he perhaps felt closer to his soul as his pain worsened through the channeling of the magic into him.

"I'll try to improvise something, but I must be allowed to concentrate!" continues Fate.

"Go away! Superman always takes everything from Grundy, but not this time! This time, Grundy crush!"

Grundy tackles Superman. Aquaman goes after Wonder Woman.

"I've got Aquaman. You take the Magician. Your mace seems to be giving him fits," says Wonder Woman.

"Just for the record, I didn't start this fight," remarks Hawkgirl.

"First time for everything," cracks Wonder Woman.

Hawkgirl flies after Fate, but he bolts upward to avoid her flying charge.

"Too much noise. Away!" shouts Fate.

Fate first opens a portal beneath Aquaman and Wonder Woman. They drop through it instantly. Next another portal swallows up Grundy and Superman. His attempt to summon a third to draw away Hawkgirl fails because of her mace. It is the metal's ability to disrupt magic that makes any attacks against her useless because as long as she has the mace no magic can do anything to her.

"Really not your day is it?" implies Hawkgirl.

He would have to rapidly improvise if he were to at least fend her off in his own home.

Fate's portal drops Grundy and Superman into the Egyptian Desert where they battle near one of the many structures built in the time of the Pharaohs.

"What were they trying to do to you?" asks Superman.

"Superman always attacks Grundy," remarks Grundy.

"I was trying to help you," retorts Superman.

"Help yourself!" shouts Grundy.

Grundy believes the only Magician truly wants to help him so long as Grundy helps the Magician. Superman is getting in the way of Grundy following his promise to the Magician and the Fishman.

Grundy knocks Superman to a nearby roof then jumps up to continue except Superman knocks him across the air over the pool and into the palm trees, which break under Grundy's weight. Grundy is quickly gets back on his feet and uses a monolith like a bat on the incoming Superman. The result again sends Superman flying higher. Superman smashes into a pyramid soon after. Superman recovers that races through the air faster than before and breaks through an enormous boulder Grundy throws at him before punching Grundy hard enough to send the dead man on his own flight into the air.

"I'm not here to hurt you Grundy. Give up," insists Superman.

"No. Grundy can't give up. Magician promised to help Grundy."

Grundy delivers an uppercut to Superman a split second later, which hurdles Superman up and away again though he recovers faster then hits Grundy back harder.

"Don't make me do this!" demands Superman.

Grundy torn between acts and words. He cannot resolve to do anything except fight or wreck all that stands between him and his reward. He simply knows no other way to do as he promises to the Magician. Superman doesn't listen just like the soldiers.

Grundy body slams Superman twice.

"Grundy will help Magician, and then Magician will help Grundy."

Superman then takes both of them airborne.

"Last chance, let me go," implores Superman.

"Grundy won't quit," vows Grundy.

Superman still won't listen, not just the words, but the feelings in those words. Grundy only fights Superman because Superman is in his way, not because he wants to fight him. Superman assumes Grundy's intentions by way of Grundy fighting him, but he fails to grasp why Grundy is fighting as he pays more mind to Grundy fighting. Grundy is a destroyer to Superman, but Grundy wants to be more now except nobody save the Magician cares about this change in the dead man because Magician had shown Grundy what men took from him long ago.

Superman then at breakneck speed slams himself and Grundy into the ground. Grundy is knocked out by the sudden stop when hitting the ground.

The other portal drops Aquaman and Wonder Woman onto an island in daytime.

"I'll try to make this as quick and as painless as possible," offers Aquaman.

Wonder Woman easily avoids Aquaman's strike and throws him over her shoulder in the process.

"Don't overestimate your abilities. My people are warriors, no less than yours," says Wonder Woman.

"As you wish, no quarter given," concludes Aquaman.

He uses his right hand and his body weight to flip himself back up then kick Wonder Woman in the upper body region, which throws her across the grass. He next strikes her with his harpoon hand, the weapon that replaces his self-amputated left hand, she bears it well, but he takes an enormous statue to bury her next only he could not foresee that her body is tougher than it looks at first glance. She pushes it off and back then charges at him. He is quick to block her strikes before returning his own. They continue this 'dance' with every move of melee combat and then she knocks him into another of the island's enormous statues. He drops down to one knee, he would not allow a woman to best him, it is just isn't done not with his family and Atlantis at stake.

They resume then she knocks him towards the water. A battle ending mistake on her part as he vaults up to her then grabs her tightly before rebounding off the statue behind her so together plummet into the water. The advantage here is his for he can breathe underwater, she cannot for long, and he pushes her downward with his harpoon hand at her neck. She would asphyxiate before long, he knows this, and then this fight would be over. He smiles at his quick thinking from her last mistake.

"Where are my friends?" demands Hawkgirl.

Fate's only 'answer' is to continue holding her off in the hopes that Grundy and Aquaman would return with the unconscious Superman and Wonder Woman. Her mace will deflect any magical attack and Fate's finesse as a fighter stems directly from magic. It might have been ill-advised to rely so much on magic at a time like this. Magic might have helped to reinforce the barriers, but magic seems unlikely to help him against Hawkgirl of Thanagar. Her weapon reveals her origins to him.

"Bring them back or I am going to find out what the bell on your head sounds like!" snaps Hawkgirl.

Her insults did not phase Fate, but he does think she has a dark sense of humor. She is far from home, she had to rely mostly on herself to survive here even as a member of the Justice League, she is still an outsider on Earth.

"You shouldn't make threats when you are so clearly outnumbered," counters Fate.

She fends off his magical doppelgangers with ease though his inventiveness might surprise her just a little unless her cries were not what he thought they were in the moment. She flies straight towards him as he hovers within a magic shield at the center of the Circle.

"Running out of tricks?" jests Hawkgirl.

"Not entirely," replies Fate.

He literally summons a Stone Guardian, which is better at holding her than the others yet even that she destroys with such ferocity that the weapon that is her greatest defense is also the source of all that makes her able to defeat his magic. Next he directs the stone griffins to breathe fire upon her. All the same, she quickly obliterates them as well before racing towards him yet she recognizes the runes in the circle within the circle for it is written in the language of her people.

"Those runes… they're Thanagarian," shouts Hawkgirl.

She flaps her wings faster and longer as she accelerates towards Fate. He directs all his attention and energy towards the shield around him.

"What do you know about Thanagar? Talk!" yells Hawkgirl.

Oblivion took Grundy again, which happened when Superman knocked him out. It is not over, it is never over, still someone in his way, but he would not give up, he could not, he had given his word and still needs his soul, he does not wish to remain like this anymore. Superman crosses back over with the unconscious Grundy to find Aquaman had bested Wonder Woman. Aquaman leaps towards Superman's position.

"Give him to me Superman," requests Aquaman.

"Let's slow this down. It's way past time you explained what's going on here," declares Superman.

"I'll explain it to your grieving friends," answers Aquaman.

The King of Atlantis moves to strike the Man of Steel, but Superman merely slams his fist into Aquaman knocking him out.

Fate continues to stream magic towards Hawkgirl and she keeps advancing as her mace dispels it all. He stops fighting her once seeing that both Aquaman and Grundy are down while Wonder Woman and Superman appear the victors in single combat against the two. Hawkgirl is about hit Fate's helmet except Wonder Woman grabs her wrist.

Hawkgirl look ready to injure him yet Wonder Woman's intervention saved his life. He did however grasp Hawkgirl's anger towards him especially in regards to the runes in the Circle of Power.

"You've run out of choices. Tell us what you are doing now!" commands Superman.

Suddenly there is a rip in the fabric of the space that surrounds the Circle. It glows brightly in the dark yet within it is a greater darkness that eclipses the light. It is the face of the Icthultu.

"We were trying to prevent that," says Fate.

Fate expects Hawkgirl would undoubtedly recognize the entity that made the tear. She would also realize the nature of the spell that Fate was attempting to cast when by way of her mace she broke the chain of the spell that was meant to prevent this crossing. She likely feel guilty for having done so because she well knows what they did to her people long ago and would do the same if not worse to Earth if they were able to fully crossover to this dimension. She would resolve to atone for her mistake in the only way she knows how, which is to fight, not all that different from Grundy in a way and she like Grundy is more than she appears to be.

A/N 1: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein substantially influenced my interpretation of Grundy during The Terror Beyond (Part I). The remembering-forgetting element is something I think I came up with unless somebody in the comics already dealt with that I don't know. The creature in Frankenstein speaks of the pain he feels whenever he tries to remember the past and as such Grundy suffers a similar 'affliction'.

A/N 2: He remembers clearly in what passes as sleep for him. It is only when he is 'awake' that he forgets, which is like what happens to people who can't recall their dreams upon waking. Also I came up with my explanation for why he 'likes' gold, which I think fits my characterization of him.

A/N 3: Other perspectives besides Grundy's snuck into this chapter as I was writing. So there's Fate, Aquaman, and his already intended story opposite... Hawkgirl... Shayera Hol. I wanted to have others' reactions to Grundy's behavior besides Superman's which I actually find to be presumptuous.

A/N 4: I know they were all fighting each other, but like Hawkgirl said she didn't start the fight and does screw up Fate's plan though the alternative leads to a much more emotionally charged follow up in The Terror Beyond (Part II).

A/N 5: The dialogue save for what Grundy says in the prison exchanges are lifted from The Terror Beyond (Part I). The way Grundy speaks at times remind me of Hulk. It was revealed that this team-up mirrors the Marvel Comics team The Defenders. Some counterparts between the two teams are more obvious than others.