Chapter 1 here. Enjoy!

It was a beautiful spring day on Ant Island. All of the bugs woke up from hibernation and everyone is happy about it and the grasshoppers are waiting for summer to come so they could rub their legs together like what other grasshoppers do during the summer.

"Shelby I want to show you something." Hopper said to his mate as he lead her to his favorite spot when he was a kid.

"Okay." Shelby said as she followed Hopper.

Hopper and Shelby kept on walking till they reach Hopper's favorite spot.

"This is what my favorite spot looks like." Hopper said as he showed the beautiful landscape it was full of trees with blossoms,flowers were growing from the grass, there were lily pads on a small pond, and big rocks.

"This is amazing!" Shelby said smiling at the surrounding.

"I knew you'd like it." Hopper smiled.

"So how often do you come here?" Shelby asked as she and Hopper sat by the pond.

"Rarely." Hopper guessed.

The lily pads drifted lightly across the pond and the sun reflected off of Shelby's 's skin was more shiny in the sunlight than the moonlight.

Hopper put his arm around Shelby as they watched the tiny baby fishes swam with their suddenly felt sad as she sighed as a tear rolled down her cheek and wiped it away before her mate could see,but Hopper did see as he rubbed her back.

"What's wrong Shelby?" Hopper asked concern.

"Nothing." Shelby sighed.

"Come on, you can tell me anything," Hopper said, "We're mates now."

Shelby sighed, "Okay I'll tell you."

Hopper still felt concerned and he waited for Shelby to tell him what was wrong.

"I just miss my parents and my brother and sister." Shelby responded sadly.

"Oh, what happened to you and your siblings?" Hopper asked.

"Well like I said,we split up after our parents died," Shelby started, "and well I wish that me and my brother and sister didn't split up if it weren't for my brother,Carson arguing with me then my siblings and I would still be together."

"What did Carson do that made you mad?" Hopper questioned.

"Sometimes he calls me Strayby whenever we argue or if we're playing with each other." Shelby explained.

"Oh." Hopper said.

"And you see my sister, Ellen, she was just five years old when our parents died and she went a separate way too." Shelby said sadly.

"Do you and your sister fight?" Hopper said.

"I get along with my sister mostly." Shelby said.

"How old were you and Carson when your parents died?" Hopper said.

"I was eight years old and Carson was ten years old." Shelby answered.

Then the two of them got real quiet until Hopper said, "let's go back to Ant Island."

Then the two of them got up and flew back to Ant Island.

Flik and Atta were sitting together against the blade of grass with Dot separated and sitting against another blade of grass and were annoyed by Molt singing the song All star for the third time.

"Hey now, you're an all star get your game on go play," Molt sang, "hey now you're a rock star get the show on, get paid, and all that glitters is gold only shooting stars break the mold. . ."

"Molt can you stop singing that song it's getting stuck inside my head." Flik groaned as he rubbed his temples.

"I'm sorry but I just love that song." Molt said.

"Can't you sing another song that we haven't heard before?" Dot said.

"I guess." Molt shrugged as he finished the song:All star.

Hopper and Shelby appeared and walked up to Flik, Atta,Molt,and Dot.

"Finally you're here!" Flik said, "This is the third time that Molt has been singing All star."

"Molt sings that song over and over again to get on my nerves," Hopper said, "but I got used to it."

"But Molt won't sing another song." Atta said as she helplessly blocked her 'ears'.

Hopper and Shelby sat together against the blade of grass.

"It's a beautiful say out isn't it?" Shelby commented on the surroundings.

"Yeah it is." Hopper said.

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The possible actress that could play as Shelby: Renee' Zellwegger