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"I'm gonna be here for you, baby;
I'll be a man of my word . . .
You've been stretched to the limits, but it's alright now . . .
I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you,
And I'll win your trust making memories of us."

-Keith Urban, "Making Memories of Us"

Chapter 13: Making Memories

From his table, Prowl glanced around the rec room, smiling softly at the dancing mechs and the multicolored decorations. Although Optimus and he had opted for a private bonding, a prebonding party was still being thrown in their honor. Since Spike and Carly had helped Bumblebee and Jazz with the décor, various human touches like streamers, balloons, and banners embellished the room. However, the traditional colors of blue, white, and red — for longevity, joy, and luck, respectively — had been maintained. Prowl thought the effect was quite lovely, and he couldn't imagine a better celebration.

Optimus had gone to get them two mini-cubes of high-grade and now returned. With his battle mask retracted, he openly smiled at Prowl and handed him a cube. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked quietly, taking his seat.

Prowl nodded. "It's nice to see everyone so happy." And it's touching to see how happy they are for us, he mused to himself. Although Optimus and he had given the crew little notice of their intentions — once they decided they were ready, they were ready — everyone had thrown themselves into the preparations. "Still, Blaster has the music loud enough to cause an earthquake, and I would like some time alone soon." He underscored his meaning with a sly smile.

Optimus laughed and drank his small cube in a single swig. "By all means."

Determined to enjoy his high-grade, Prowl drank at a more leisurely pace, but as soon as he was done, they stood and slipped from the room. Only Jazz noticed their parting, and he gave them a little wave as they passed. His grin was proof enough that he knew where they were headed. Once they cleared the doorway, Optimus offered his arm to Prowl, and he took it with a smile. They strolled down the empty hallways, the party's music and laughter growing muffled as they went, and Prowl was pleased that he wasn't stressed about their upcoming physical intimacy. They had attacked Prowl's wounds together, discussing what made him uncomfortable and outlining boundaries. Prowl's prerequisite for interlinking was his need to feel Prime's love directly, spark-to-spark. Love had a way of destroying fear, and Optimus was more than happy to engulf Prowl in that love. As a result, Prowl felt sure he'd be fine. In fact, he could hardly wait to feel Prime's energy flowing inside of him once again.

At the thought, Prowl felt his frame heat up, and he dropped his head to hide the impish smile tugging at his lips.

Prime glanced at him and chuckled. "What is it, love? I see that little grin of yours."

"Oh, just thinking about the night ahead." Prowl turned his impish smile upon Optimus, whose intakes skipped noticeably.

"Is that so? Are you implying you want to extend the night as long as possible?" Prime lifted Prowl's hand to his lips, kissing his knuckles.

Prowl flicked his doorwings in a quick, playful snap. "Certainly."

Optimus' optics darkened to a rich cobalt. "I'm glad to hear that." He stopped by the doors of the quarters they would now share. "I wish to make love to you all night long."

Prowl shivered faintly at Prime's deepening voice and watched as he punched their access code into the lock.

Standing aside, Optimus bowed Prowl inside, and he glanced around as he entered. A double-sized berth had been moved into the quarters, necessitating the loss of one storage closet so they could have enough walking space. Prime's berth had already been oversized, after all. "Impressive," Prowl remarked. This was the first time he'd seen the room after the minor remodeling.

"Yes, Grapple did a fine job." Optimus stepped to his side and wrapped his arm around Prowl's shoulders.

Prowl turned in Prime's arms and rested his hands on his chest. "And now this is our home."

A smile bloomed across Prime's lips as he apparently caught Prowl's meaning. "Yes. Our home." He cupped Prowl's face, rubbing his thumb over his cheekseam gently before leaning down to kiss his lips.

Prowl pressed into those soft lips, their glossae meeting and caressing, and slipped one arm behind Prime's neck to pull him close. With Sentinel, Prowl had felt a dearth of passion, but with Optimus' love surrounding him, Prowl both wanted and needed his touch. He transferred his love and his readiness into the kiss, drawing a soft moan from Optimus.

Prime's hands stroked down his armor, one pressing against his canopy and the other fondling his right doorwing. Prowl groaned faintly, his body quickly heating, and he treasured the thought that they'd have a long, pleasurable night together.


Jazz kicked back in his chair, balancing it precariously on its back legs. All around him, mechs danced to Earth's newest hits, including Madonna, Janet Jackson, Peter Gabriel, and the Pet Shop Boys. If nothing else could be said for humans, they sure knew how to write good songs. However, for once Jazz's good mood had nothing to do with music and everything to do with Prowl having found happiness. Once upon a time, Jazz had hoped Prowl would fall in love with him, but Prowl had been too wounded to move forward yet. Now they were both bonded, each of them to someone he loved, and Jazz had a sense of rightness and peace.

"That's quite a smile," drawled a cultured voice at Jazz's side. Mirage slipped into the chair beside him and passed him a new cube of high grade. "Happy that our illustrious commanders have seen fit to seal their relationship?"

"Exceedingly." Jazz held up his cube, clinking it against Mirage's before they took a drink. "For awhile I was genuinely afraid that Prowl'd never heal. I feared he'd be stuck in his rage and fear forever. But ya know what? He pushed through nicely."

Mirage nodded. "And we get a wild party in celebration."

Jazz laughed, knowing how much Mirage had enjoyed clubbing with his high-priced friends before the Towers fell. "Good thing I'm already bonded to ya. The way ya dance everyone in the room scopes ya out."

A wicked grin tugged at Mirage's lips. "Just showing off my curves for you."


"You like it."

Thunking his chair's legs back to the floor, Jazz reached out and caressed Mirage's arm. "Careful, now. I'm feelin' a bit kinky tonight."

Mirage leaned forward, letting his lips brush Jazz's audio horn as he spoke. "Is that a promise?"

"Oh, I promise." The room suddenly felt a touch hotter, and Jazz stole a kiss before tipping back in his chair again. He affected a melodramatic sigh. "We better cap our activities at two rounds, though. Tomorrow's gonna be a long orn."

"What do you mean?" Mirage frowned. "Didn't Prime and Prowl move themselves to the night shift tomorrow?"

Jazz smirked. "Oh, sure. But it's a waste of effort. We'll end up pulling double shifts to cover them."

Mirage laughed.


In what was now their shared berth, Optimus gently laid Prowl on his back, mindful of his doorwings. They'd taken their time with each other, slowly moving from the sitting area to the berth, kissing and caressing, exploring and teasing. Prowl felt amazed at how relaxed he was despite his anticipation. After all, he'd certainly never attempted what he was now going to do with Optimus. However, with every stroke to Prime's armor or grille, Prowl telegraphed his love, and with every kiss to Prowl's lips or neck, Optimus showered him with love as well.

Settling over Prowl, Optimus slowly kissed down his body, giving a few licks and nips to his neck and bumper before continuing down his abdomen. "You're beautiful," he whispered, caressing his side with one hand. "Absolutely beautiful."

"So are you in that handsome, strong way of yours." Prowl smiled at him, stroking Prime's left finial with his fingers.

Optimus shivered. "I have a feeling that you can drive me wild." He smiled and pressed another kiss to Prowl's abdominal plating. "But tonight I want it to be all about you."

A thrill surged through Prowl's lines, a mix of passion and love. "I'm yours," he whispered. He trusted Prime. Clutching his soon-to-be mate to him, Prowl linked one leg over his, stroking Optimus' left finial once more. Optimus gasped but continued his path, kissing tenderly up Prowl's body again and tracing the rim of one headlight slowly with his glossa. Prowl arched into the touch, grasping at Optimus' shoulders, and moaned as he slipped his hand under his bumper, stroking the wires there. He could feel Prime's love in each and every touch.

"That's right," Optimus whispered, reaching out and slipping his hands over Prowl's doors and tracing the demarcation lines. "Let go for me."

"Optimus," Prowl moaned, wanting nothing more than to call his love's name as Optimus stroked the edges of his doorwings.

Obviously encouraged, Optimus leaned over and, using his glossa, followed the path his hand had taken. Prowl's doorwing trembled under the attention, the sensors burning with the pleasure, and he captured Prime's helm in his hands, running his fingers over both finials and whispering to his love. "Please don't stop."

At the request, Optimus moaned, and the vibration carried directly into Prowl's doorwing, making him gasp. He ran one hand up Prowl's body as he continued to lick, caressing his armor and stroking the other doorwing's bottom edge. Prowl's entire back arch from the berth, and he writhed in his effort not to overload instantly.

Apparently sensing the problem, Optimus pulled away, giving Prowl a moment to bring his systems back under his control. "I would very much like to overload you with just my touch later tonight," Optimus said, lovingly pressing a kiss to Prowl's cheek, "but right now my spark is aching to be united with yours."

Prowl nodded. He knew how much Optimus wanted him to feel his love again, very directly feel it, and he also needed to feel that love again, be encompassed in its certainty and absoluteness. "Mine, too."

Optimus held out his hands, and Prowl grasped them, letting him pull him to a sitting position. Then Prime shifted, sitting cross-legged on the berth and hoisting Prowl into his lap. "I want to hold you close for this," he murmured, wrapping an arm around Prowl's waist.

Wrapping his arms tightly around Optimus, Prowl leaned against his chest. Heat rolled off Prime's armor in waves and his engine revved, revealing just how much pleasuring Prowl had turned him on. With an air of desperation, Optimus triggered open the small access panel on his forearm and grasped Prowl's free hand, lacing their fingers together. Realizing that his lover wanted to link their systems, Prowl retracted the panel on his forearm as well, letting Optimus plug them into each other. An alert popped up on Prowl's internal display, and he took down his firewalls. Prime's energy and emotions rushed into him. They both moaned together as their love was unleashed between them, racing through their lines along with the flow of data and heat. For a moment, Prowl couldn't move from the sheer volume of Prime's adoration, which crested inside him like a living entity, rubbing and caressing itself against his circuits.

"Prowl . . . love . . ." Optimus whispered, embracing him tightly.

Prowl smiled and leaned in, kissing his way up Prime's neck. Optimus tilted back his helm, exposing his neck, and moaned as Prowl nipped at one cable. In response, Optimus caressed the length of one of Prowl's doorwings, setting off the sensors there once again. The ecstasy was nearly overwhelming, and through their uplink, he could feel Prime's pleasure as well. Their gasps filled the room as they arched into each other, rubbing their bumpers together as they teased one another. Their lips met in a brief but passionate kiss, and Prowl realized he wasn't going to last very long.

"Need you," he managed to pant, parting his chest armor and baring his spark.

"Prowl . . ." Optimus opened his spark chamber as well, and a blue glow lit the room. Prowl grew still momentarily as their sparks began reacting, reaching out tendrils that caressed each other and shooting cascades of tingling energy through them. Optimus started to press forward, but Prowl held him back with a teasing smile, letting more wisps stretch between them. Each new strand lapped at the other's spark, releasing waves of heat and ecstasy.

"Primus!" Optimus gasped.

Prowl drew back, trying hard to calm his systems. "Later tonight," he whispered, shooting Prime a sultry smile to tell him that Prowl was going to tease his spark relentlessly.

With a soft moan, Prime nodded. "I'm all yours." Then Optimus pulled him flush to his chest, and they both pressed into each other, merging their sparks together. A wave of heat seemed to crash through Prowl's frame, and they clutched each other desperately, yelling each other's names. The universe seemed to rush away from them, individual thoughts, feelings, and memories racing past their consciousnesses like streaking stars. Prowl could feel Optimus' love pouring into him once again, shattering the remnants of his pain, fear, and loneliness and remaking his world with assurance and love. He grabbed onto that adoration, cherishing it and meeting it with his own. The boundaries in his mind and soul that made him 'Prowl' slipped away, merging with the essence of Optimus. They seared their love into each other as though they could burn it into their very sparks. Pulses of passion and energy thrummed in and between them, and they crested into overload together, crying out each other's names.

A breem later, Prowl became slowly aware that he was now lying down, his spark chamber closed. His head was resting on Prime's chest, and Optimus was stroking his back gently. "I guess I offlined," he murmured, running his hand over Prime's grille.

"We both did." Optimus gave him a wry smile. "But I don't keep myself as under-energized as you do. Never fear, though. We can refuel as much as necessary to drive each other wild all night."

Prowl chuckled, and he felt a stir of warmth and amusement in his spark. Prime's joy and love swelled inside him, caressing his very essence. For a moment, he thought tears of coolant would spring to his optics. "Thank you," he whispered roughly. "Thank you for loving me and not giving up on me."

"I believed from the very beginning that you were worth it." Optimus pressed a kiss to his helm. "You have been critically unloved, but I'm going to override every one of those negative memories with new ones. We can create a whole new universe between us."

A smile returned to Prowl's lips, and he reached over their bond to envelop Prime's spark with his utter adoration. "Hopeless romantic."