Born, unasked in circumstance

Pomp and wealth abound,

money, lavish life in chance

Too late for fate unwound

Rufus Shinra thrown into a fire

and trapped by the family name

had no choice but to become a liar

and drown in the company's shame.

Once was a prosperous family

that helped light up the world

was now a power hungry tree

whose roots sucked blood as it swirled

Underground, the mako rich roots

was what the Leader was after,

To create his bloodthirsty recruits

Stronger, smarter, and faster.

Alas, by fate's unforgiving grace

the President was run through

by the sword of one green eyed face

who'd been created as nature's taboo.

Now left with all the sins to shoulder

one man stands at the helm

the son won't let the fire smolder

and attempts to right the realm.