England sighed as he put his elbow on his desk and put his chin in his hand. He glanced up to see one of his classmates walk up to him. The teen out his hands on the desk and smiled. "What do you want Francis?" he asked.

Francis pulled up a chair to the desk and sat in it backwards so that he put his elbows on the desk too. He pouted slightly "England, you're not supposed to call me by my real name! You have to call me 'France', remember? It's for Geography! You said you would help me get at least a B with this." He told him.

"Sorry, France…" England mumbled.

France smiled "There you go! It's not that hard to remember either. But that' not why I'm here!"

"Oh boy. Let me guess, more gossip form what you heard in your G.R.M.P…?"

"Yup! And I'm telling you England, you need to come to one of our meetings. It's not as strange as some people would tell you."

"I think I'll pass. I'm not gay so why would I want to go to a Gay Rights Moment Party?"

"Are you sure about that?" France asked with a smirk.

England glared at him slightly "Yes I'm sure. I think I would know if I was gay Francis."


"Sorry! France!"

France sighed then smiled again "Ok, here's the scoop. Turns out we're getting a new student from the United States." He told him.

"Oh? And why do I care about some transformer student from across the world?" England asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"Because I think he's the boy that's going to make you come out about being gay."

"I'm not gay!!" England shouted.

France's eyes widened and some of the kids in the classroom turned around and looked at them. England looked at them as he blushed and he put his head down "I'm not gay…!" he hissed again, only much quieter.

France chuckled "I know, I know. I've heard you tell me that millions of times but I'm promising you England, this guy is supposed to be super cute and really nice."

England rolled his eyes "Whatever… I've heard about the United States. They're just a bunch of fat and stupid people. They're probably the reason why we're going through global warming!"

France sighed "You care more about the planet then your own brother… I feel so hurt England." He put a hand on his chest "You hurt me right here. Right here in my soul. What is wrong with you?"

"Ok one, you're not my real brother, and two, stop acting like a drama queen. If the planet dies, then so does your G.R.M.P. Oh and get this," England leaned forward some towards the other, "there would be no more cute boys. Probably only the really ugly ones would survive."

France made a dramatic face and leaned back as he gasped. "That would mean that I would…!" he started.

England nodded as he smirked "That's right. You would either have to date a really ugly, smelly fat guy, or take care of your own pleasures by yourself."

France started to spazz as he put his hands on his head "Ew!! I couldn't imagine having a filthy person's hands all over me! That's just disgusting! Oh God! Now I'm getting mental images!! I hate you England!"

England started to laugh as the other put his hands on his head and shook it rapidly. He loved messing with France like this. His reactions were always the best thing to cheer him up in the morning.

"Alright class," the teacher said as she walked to her desk "let's get in our seats. Class is about to start."

France stood up and secretly flipped England the bird, making England laugh more.

"Let's get quiet now. I have a surprise for you all today. We have a new student with us all the way from the United States of America!" she said, putting her hands together. "Please help me welcome, Alfred Jones!"

England looked up as a tall blonde haired boy walked into the room and to the desk. He didn't look anything like what he thought an America would look like. He had the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen and was fairly tan. He had a cowlick where his hair parted and glasses on. Of course he wore a school uniform but when he smiled, England's face became a bit hotter than it was a couple minutes ago.

"Hi!" Alfred said "It's nice to meet you all!"

France smirked and glanced back at England. His smirk grew when he saw the very light blush on his cheeks. England saw him and quickly looked away and moved his hand to cover most of his cheeks and his lips.

"Alright, who would like to show Mr. Jones around?" the teacher asked, looking around at the teenagers in her room.

France quickly turned back around and raised his hand high "I would!" he said with a large and kind smile.

The teacher smiled at him "Alright Mr. Bonnefoy, I'll give you the duty of showing our new student around the school. Make sure to do a good job."

France nodded, putting his hand down "Oh don't worry Mrs. Creasy, my friends and I will make Alfred feel right at home, isn't that right, England?" he asked, turning around and smirking at the other.

England shot him a cold look, which made France laugh.

"Stupid Francis…" England thought "He did that on purpose just to get under my skin and get me to like him more. Not that I like him now or anything, because I don't. I'm not gay." He stopped packing his backpack "I'm not gay… right?" he then shook his head "Of course I'm not!"

"Hey England~!" France sang.

"Here comes hell…" England mumbled to himself then stood up and swung his backpack over his shoulder. He watched as France walked over to him with Alfred trailing behind him.

"You haven't really met Alfred yet~!" France smiled and turned to point at the blonde boy behind him.

Alfred stood with his hands in his pockets and smiled at England "It's nice to meet you, but tell me something, is your name really England?"

England shook his head "No, it's Arthur. I'm just helping Francis study some nations for his Geography class."

"It's France!!" France said sternly as he glared at the other.

England glared back "Sorry! France!!"

Alfred chuckled some "Sounds like fun!" he turned to France "Do you need help with any other nations? I got an A+ in my American History class."

France smiled at him "Oh that would be wonderful if you can! How about you be 'America' sense you lived there and know a lot about it? I was born and raised in France, so I'm France, and England was born and raised in England, so he's England! It all makes sense!"

America nodded "Ok, I'll be America for you."

"Yes!! This is so awesome!" France said as he jumped in joy.

England rolled his eyes and America looked at him then held out his hand. England looked at it confused then looked at America. "Here, let's make our meeting official. This is what we do in the United States whenever we meet someone new."

"Oh, ok. Yeah, my father did that when we were in England." England said with a slight smile and took the other's hand. His hand was soft, as though he was touching the skin of an angel, but the American had a good firm hand shake. England's cheeks changed in slight color and he was grateful that the other was smiling with his eyelashes in the shapes of hills so that he couldn't see

France smirked "Ooo this is going to be fun…" he though evilly.