France put his hands together as he stood in front of his G.R.M.P group in the chorus room and smiled. "Alright, I think we should get started. Everyone is here today right?" he asked.

Japan pointed next to him to an empty with his thumb "Poland isn't here." He said.

France waved a hand "Oh well, he'll get over it. Anyone else? No? Ok!" he turned around on his heels and picked up a piece of chalk then began to write on the board behind him. "Now Switzerland has informed me that there's going to be a town meeting with all the important leaders meeting there… I say we go and-…" he started but heard the door to the chorus room open and he sighed. "Poland, if you're going to be late, you could at least call first." He said then turned around. His eyes widened.

At the door wasn't Poland. It was America and England, standing hand 'n' hand with each other. America was smiling and England looked very shy and embarrassed with his blushed.

America waved once "Howdy!" he said "Sorry we're late. It took a bit longer to convince England to come with me then I thought it would." He explained as he rubbed the back of his neck.

France stood there a moment and he dropped his chalk. Everyone else stared at them too. "Merde sainte..." France said quietly.

"Tch…" England started then glanced up at him "Don't get any ideas France. Just because I'm here, doesn't mean I like you."

America looked down at him "Of course you do! You're best friends after all, right?"

"Yes but now he's going to tease me about it."

France stood there a moment then pointed at them "You two are… together?" he asked. America nodded. France put his hands on his head "What the hell happened in-between now and a month ago!?" he shouted.

"I can't tell you that, it's a secret." America said with a wink.

England rolled his eyes "Just tell him… He's going to bother you and me until one of us tells."

"You sure?" America asked, looking down at him.


"Ok," America let go of the other's hand and walked over to France "You remember a week ago when England got hurt?" France nodded. "Well everything kinda happened there. Turns out, all the ingredients were there but it took England to turn on the oven to make the cake. Is this making sense at all?"

France shook his head, but Spain spoke up. "He means that the two of them both liked each other but England did something that told America that he liked him." He explained as he leaned back in the bleachers and crossed his arms.

America pointed at him as England walked next to him "Yeah!"

"Oh ok," France said with a nod "So what did England do?"

America smiled and looked at England. He grabbed his wrist and pulled him to him, making England's eyes widened. The taller one wrapped his arms around his neck from behind and rested his chin on his arms. "He just told me what was on his mind." He said then pecked the other on the cheek, making England blush.

England glared at him weakly "H-hey! Let go of me you big goofy!" he said as he tried to push the other away.

France watched them fuss then smiled. "I told you so, Arthur." He said as he put his hands on his hips.

England sighed "See? I told you he would say that if we came."

America chuckled some "But would you rather be in secret forever or tell your best friend that you had a boyfriend?"


France smiled "Ok love birds, go take a seat. The meeting has already started when you walked in." he said, pointing to the bleachers.

America saluted "Yes sir!" he then let go of the other and walked over to the bleachers. England followed with a sigh.

France watched them then picked up his chalk. "I should be a match maker!" he said "You two are the cutest thing!"

England glared at him "Oh shut up you twit!"

France laughed then turned back around. America smiled and took the other's hand in his, making him look up.

"I love you." He whispered to him as France began to talk again.

England stared at him then smiled back "I love you too."