Hey, peoples and non-peoples! I come bearing a hysterical story. Please read on!

Summary: The Fangface Gang (plus OC) are in an argument in who's life sucks more… leaving it up to a couple authors to give them all a chance to live in one another's shoes! ...What they DIDN'T expect was a bit of danger thrown in.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fangface, just my OC… but it IS fun to mess with the characters! :D


Once upon a time, there was a world where cartoons lived, known as 'the tooniverse'. No one else believed that such a world existed, believing cartoons were just hand-drawn animated characters created for entertainment. Only a few people, mostly cartoonists, knew that cartoons were actually living, breathing beings, having only been hidden away in their own world, until the 'real' world was ready for the truth.

In the tooniverse, there was a district made up of different studios and neighboring apartments, where all the cartoons lived and worked.

…And, on some occasions, argued about their lives.

"...And you barely have a problem in the world!" came a voice from inside a building with the Ruby-Spears Co. logo on it. The voice belonged to a lanky teenager with curly brown hair, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and a red cap. His name was Sherman Fangsworth, but everyone just called him 'Fangs'.

"Barely have a problem? I've had a werewolf hunter after me, pal, that and I had to struggle with school, go through the death of my mom, have a son that I need to take care of-" Another boy argued. He had brown stuck-up hair, wore a black, orange-billed cap with an orange crescent moon on it, an orange shirt with a black jacket, and black jeans. His name was Kite, Fangs' adopted son, and an original-character for Kim.

Original-Characters (or OC as they were called) were characters that were created by certain fans of certain shows. No one had any idea how the OC ended up in in the tooniverse… though some said it had something to do with the internet. OC's were either paired with certain characters, villains for the characters to face, or offspring of some of the characters.

"Excuse me? I had to deal with BOTH my parents being killed by a werewolf hunter, while my brother had to run off to make sure the rest of my family wasn't slaughtered, lost my own son-" Hunter, a brown-furred she-wolf and OC for Fangface, began to argue. She and Fangface had a son, but he had been killed, which was when they had adopted Kite.

"You think that's bad? My ENTIRE family was murdered, all our possessions were sold to a museum, some maniac was stalking me, and now I have a husband WHO JUST SITS AROUND!" Brielle, an OC blonde-haired girl wearing a blue shirt, black short-sleeved jacket and jeans, snapped as she turned her direction to a short muscular boy with black hair, wearing a V-neck red shirt, brown pants, and a gray hat with a black strip around it. His name was Puggsy.

"Do NOT bring me into this!" Puggsy snapped at his OC. "...Besides, it's hard to sit around all day when a few certain WEREWOLVES are constantly chasifying you!"

"I don't constantly chase you! ...Unless you make me." Hunter scoffed.

Now, no one exactly knew how this argument got started… it just had something to do with a Nintendo Wii tournament. One person just started griping, then another started arguing, and pretty soon ALL the Fangface characters- OC and all- were getting into the discussion of who's life sucked more.

"Are you guys going to argue about this all day?" A girl with dark skin, wearing a purple sweater and burgundy skirt, demanded in a sigh. Her name was Kim.

"YES!" All the others snapped, startling her.

"You think you have problems? I'm the one who ends up in jail several times!" Vincent Fondane, an OC-antagonist for the gang, sneered. He was a man in his 40's with black hair, wearing a black fedora hat, black cape over a black outfit, and was never caught without his daggers, rifles, and crossbow. (he even kept a spare-dagger in his boot!)

…Yes, even the villains got into the argument. Since none of them had a show to do or a story to appear in (a/n: save this one…) none of them decided to attack the protagonists.


"Ah, you deserved it for trying to skin us alive!" BF snapped. His trademark name was originally "Baby Fangs"… but he had grown up since the last episode was on the air, and- due to a certain author having a wild imagination- now appeared to be 14. He looked just like Fangs, only his hair wasn't curly, and he wore a black T-shirt.

"The young lad has a point." Marlow, yet another OC-antagonist for the gang, said. He was older than Vincent, with gray hair… but they both seemed to have the same tastes in attire. "...Besides, at least you don't end up getting KILLED by your own SON!" As he said that last part, he glared at Kite.

"Ah, shut up! …You're not even my real dad, anyway." Kite sneered. He had believed Marlow was his biological father… until a trip to the Treasure Planet universe taught him otherwise.

"Which I would take as a good thing." Edwin said. He was a vampire with black hair, glasses, who wore all-black, looking roughly around the age of 20. With him was a girl with long brown hair, who also wore all-black- she was his adopted 12-year-old daughter, Alyx, and they were both OC.

"Ha! Try dealing with a spoiled cousin... and his twin! Now I have TWO morons to deal with!" Count Basel, an original Fangface villain, scoffed.

"Well, dealing with you is no picnic either!" Rudolph, an additional Fangface character (and Puggsy's royal twin) sneered.

"What do you have to complain about?" Puggsy questioned his twin. "At least YOUR tormentor is in jail... all of mine are around 24-7! You kings always have it easy!"

"Oh, you think being royalty is easy, huh? Think again!" Sheeba, an Amazonian queen and additional Fangface character, retorted. She then turned angrily toward Rudolph. "And don't get me started on cousin problems, pal!"

"Oh, will you guys pipe down already? At least you don't have a kid to look after!" Kim snapped, holding her twelve-year-old son, William, close. He looked like a smaller version of Kite, but had Kim's violet-purple eyes.

"Hel-LO! Fangface and I have had kids before-" Hunter began.

"All the while having to watch BF, Fangpuss, and Kite when they were kids." Fangs added. "Not always easy having to take care of a couple kids who need protection from all the dangers we run in!

"Excuse me? Who's the one always begging for protection?" BF scoffed, remembering all the times his cousin had coward behind him while he was an infant.

The arguments between all the characters and the OC continued on like this. Just then Joe Ruby and Ken Spears walk in. "Alright, guys, that's enough!" Joe snapped, and turned to the characters that belonged to the show. "You guys will never get back on TV if you keep griping like this!"

Ken turned to all the OC. "And YOU guys need to go back to your creators and rest up for future fics." he added.

"BUT HE/SHE THINKS THAT HE/SHE HAS IT WORSE! -WHICH I DO- OH, SHUT UP!" All the characters shouted, pointing and glaring at each other.

Joe only groaned. "See? I told you they wouldn't listen." he said to his co-producer.

"Which is why we called a couple people who said they could help." Ken responded, which caught everyone's attention.

"Who did you call in?" Biff asked. He was a teenager with brown hair, wearing a gray, burgundy single-striped shirt and jeans, and was the leader of the Fangface gang.

Before the producers could reply, the doors open and two kids walk in. One is a girl who looked like Brielle, only wore all-black and a white cap with a marker-drawn cross on the front, and a boy who looks like Kite, but with a dark-green jacket (wore all-black too, as well). They are known on Fan-Fiction as Wherever Girl (WG) and Fangface the Second (FF2).

"Who are you guys?" Puggsy asked.

"They're your biggest fans-" Joe began, but was interrupted by a sudden squeal.

"OH MY GOSH, IT'S ACTUALLY THEM!" WG cried out, and ran over to tackle the Fangface gang, but was held back by the producers. …You can tell she's probably the biggest fan.

Brielle recognized her immediately. "Is that... my creator?" she gasped.

"And ours too?" Kite, William, Edwin, Alyx and Marlow all gasped, looking at FF2.

Hunter gulped. "Um... my creator didn't come too, did she?" she whispered to the producers, knowing that- when it came to fan-fic authors- they always had a way with messing with their characters.

Ken shook his head. "Nope. Tracker couldn't make it." he replied.

Joe then turned to the two authors. "Alright, you kids help these cartoons out." he said, then gave WG a hard glance. "But if I hear about any hyperactive fan-girl antics, you're outta here!"

WG scoffed, crossing her arms. "I'm not a fan-girl. I'm a girl-fan. There's a difference," she retorted, and the two producers left.

The authors turned to the characters, who eyed them suspiciously. "Alright, what do you guys plan to do?" Biff asked.

FF2 and WG grin mischievously. All the characters gulped. "Well, before we begin, we need to make a few 'adjustments'," FF2 said, holding up a wand, and zapped Fangs, Hunter, BF, and William, making them all fly back behind the couch.

"Ooh, ooh! What was THAT for?" Fangs demanded, pulling himself up.

"(grr) Yeah! What was that for?" Came another voice, and a werewolf with light-brown fur, with white around his muzzle, paws, feet, and tip of his tail, baring a single-fang and sporting a red baseball cap, popped up beside Fangs- his name was Fangface. With him were three other werewolves who looked just like him (only two had two fangs rather than one). They were the werewolf-halves of Fangs (Fangface), Kite (Kitefang- two fangs), BF (Fangpuss- single fang), and William (Kaiser- two fangs).

Beside Hunter stood a girl with long brown hair, wearing a green T-shirt, jeans, and a cross-necklace. Her name was Kasandra- Hunter's human-half. "What the…?" The she-wolf and girl both gasped.

"AUGH!" The other werewolves and humans cried out, jumping back.

"What did you do?" Brielle asked FF2.

"It's called the 'defusion' spell." WG explained. "It allows any human to temporarily split from their werewolf counterparts."

Puggsy shook his head. Ah, great, now there's TWICE as many idiots in the room! he thought. "What, dare I ask, kind of plan do you have that includes splittifying the werewolves from their human-halves?" he asked.

"Oh, you'll see…" FF2 said with a smirk then zapped Kite and Fangs once more.

"AUGH!" Kite and Fangs both yelped, then fell onto the ground.

"Hey! What'd you do?" Biff demanded.

Fangs sat up… only now he had one black-pupil eye and one hazel-colored eye. "Hey, what's going on? ...And why do I feel taller?" he asked… only it was Kite's voice!

Kite sat up next, his eyes looking different as well. "Ooh, ooh, what happened? I blacked out…" Fangs' voice came out.

'Kite' and 'Fangs' both froze, and slowly turned toward each other… "WAUGH!" They both yelped, jumping a mile.

"Oh, please tell me I'm looking in a mirror!" Kite's body cried.

Fangs' body turned angrily toward FF2. "WHAT'D YOU DO?" he demanded.

FF2 shrugged. "Easy. I switched your bodies." He said, simply.

WG held up her wand next, smiling devilishly. "Who's next?" she asked, her tone full of mischief.

Everyone looked at them in horror, and they all got the same idea: "RUN!" they all screamed, running off in different directions.

But the authors were quicker, zapping one character after the other, making someone switch places with someone else.

"Ha ha! This is fun!" WG exclaimed, zapping Biff and Hal (another additional Fangface character).

FF2 rubbed his chin, developing a plan. "Yeah, what say we switch bodies with one of them, just for the heck of it?" he suggested.

WG's eyes widened in excitement. "Become one of our OCs or favorite show characters? Sounds great! ...I got dibs on Fangface!" she then began running in the direction of the famed werewolf.

FF2 yanked her back. "OH, NO YOU DON'T! I CALL FANGFACE!" He then began running, but WG tripped him.

"I called him first!"

"It was my idea in the first place!"

"I'll fight you for him!"

"You're on!"

With that, the two authors got into a brawl over the matter.


Meanwhile, Puggsy and Rudolph hid in the studio's restroom to avoid getting zapped, and they both looked into a mirror. "Whew! They didn't get me!" Puggsy said, sighing with relief.

"They didn't get me either." Rudolph added, then studied his reflection closer. "Although, they DID change my outfit…"

Puggsy noticed as well. "Mine... Too…" his eyes widened, and the two doubles gasped.

Puggsy and Rudolph looked at each other, then realized... they're in each other's clothes... in other words, IN EACH OTHER'S BODIES.

"AUGH!" The two doubles screamed.


Somewhere else in the building...

"Ack! I'm in my accomplice's body! This is TOO awkward!" Vincent cried… only he was in Brielle's body.

Vincent's body glared at 'her' body. "I'm not your accomplice, and I never was!" she snapped. "...Oh, the irony of this is just sickening!" A smirk then appeared on their face. "...Hey, wait, this means I can get my revenge!

Brielle's body scoffed. "Yeah? How?"

"Easy- Suicide!" With that, Vincent's body hit 'himself' with a brick.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be, eh? Well TWO can play at THAT game!" Brielle's body smashed 'her' face with a brick.

Vincent's body then began running toward an open window. "See ya!"


Brielle's body tackled Vincent's body and they both fell out the window… both of them landing in a dumpster.

"Truce?" Vincent's body asked in a grunt.

"Until we get switched back... Truce." Brielle's body agreed.


A/N: And the hilarity begins!

Also, so none of you will get too confused, here's some name-mooshes for the swapped:

Pugsdolf- Puggsy in Rudolph's body.

Ruggsy- Rudolph in Puggsy's body.

Kangs- Kite in Fangs' body.

Fite- Fangs in Kite's body.

Briecent- Brielle in Vincent's body.

Vincelle- Vincent in Brielle's body.

Wherever-Face: Wherever Girl and Fangface

…and that's only the half of it! ;D

FF2: HOLD IT! How come YOU made a name-moosh? You and Fangface haven't even switched!

WG: Oh, but we WILL! …Eep! (gets tackled by FF2, and they continue to brawl)