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Edwin informed WG about Brielle's condition, though advised her that she ought to wait at least a week, just to make sure the antidote ran its course. "The strangest thing is, though, is what else I discovered," the vampire was saying to WG later on that day.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Well, I took the liberty in analyzing the infant's DNA… and… you're not going to believe this… there was a trace of vampire in it as well."

WG's eyes widened. "You mean… the baby might be a vampire?"

Edwin shook his hand. "Oh, no. As I studied the DNA, I noticed there wasn't enough of the trait to have it be the species. No, it was only a slim amount… though, it only proves one thing."


Edwin couldn't restrain a smirk. "Apparently, Puggsy or Brielle's family carries a vampire trait in their family, perhaps every few years."

WG couldn't help but smirk as well. "Edwin, I do believe you may have inspired a sequel."

"Just don't say anything."

"Oh, trust me… I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise." With that and a wink, the authoress walked off.

Edwin nodded, then began walking the other way. What he forgot to mention was that he had also noticed another trait in the DNA…


WG was walking down the apartment hallway, thinking hard. Ed, Marcus and Marlow were locked up, but that other kretin was still on the loose- John, they figured out his name was. Then there was Snake, who had managed to make a quick getaway and was no doubt still thirsty for revenge against Puggsy. But what worried her most was the one thing the rest of them had let slip their minds…

The portal that had been opened, right after Tracker arrived. The co-authoress was responsible enough to make sure the portal closed, and WG and FF2 weren't as reckless to leave their own portal open… So who could have done it?

The answer hit her just then.


It hit her right in the gut, knocking her into the wall. She looked up, seeing a hooded figure… being able to catch a glimpse of their face before they turned out the lights. "What the…? How did YOU get here?" she gasped.

"I have my ways, just like how you did…" a harsh voice replied, then WG felt someone gripping her wrist. "And now, I believe it's time you come back… right after we get rid of that abomination in your stomach!"

WG tore out of their grip. "My baby is NOT an abomination!"

"It's not even your baby! Hell, it shouldn't even be in your stomach! You HAD to go and $$$$ up your life by carrying the spawn of a cartoon from that dumb show you watch-"

"How do you know all this?"

The voice turned more grave. "I've been watching you closely. I've seen where you've been going off each day, escaping reality to come to some fantasy world, and now…" the figure grabbed WG again, leading her toward a flight of stairs. "Now I'm going to fix the mistake you made!" With a mighty shove, WG was thrown down the steps.

No! Oh, God, please help! WG silently prayed as she fell, everything seeming to go by in slow motion. Don't let me lose this child… Brielle nearly lost it already! Please, send help! PLEASE!

Suddenly, she was no longer falling… but rather, being held. She slowly opened her eyes, seeing Silver holding her. The werewolf had been halfway up the stairs, just in time to catch her… and now, he was glowering at the figure who tossed her. "(grr) I'll handle this. You get the others," he said, then lunged at the figure.

WG didn't have to get the others. Half the gang was already there, hearing the struggle, and they all ran up the stairs, watching as Silver attacked the intruder, snarling and snapping. But the figure managed to get away, a portal opening before them. "This isn't over!" they shouted, then dived through, Silver only managing to tear their cloak before the portal closed.

"What happened? Who WAS that?" Kim asked.

"Obviously, my co-authors and I aren't the ONLY ones who know about the tooniverse." Tracker said, grimly. She then turned to WG. "Wherever Girl, were you able to get a good look at their face."

WG, pale-faced and trembling, managed to nod. "Good, then we can turn in a description in case they come back," Biff said. "Come on, WG."

But she didn't move, still in shock.

"WG? Are you alright?" Kasandra asked, kneeling down next to her. "What's wrong?"

WG opened her mouth to speak, but the words caught in her throat. Brielle sat down next to her. "What did they try to do, WG?" she asked.

The authoress choked out a sob. "They tried to force me to abort the baby," she said.

"WHAT?" the others shouted.

"T-They said… it was sickening that I was a surrogate mother for a cartoon's kid, and pushed me down the stairs."

"That does it." Puggsy said, looking madder than anyone thought possible. "That DOES it! I want all these psychos trackified down and SENT to death row! No one messes with MY kid and gets away with it!"

Silver then knelt beside WG, once the others cleared off. "Are you okay?" he whispered.

WG bit her bottom lip, her eyes filling with tears. "Wherever Girl, who WAS that?" Tracker asked.

WG let out a small sob. "Her name is Jennifer…" she said. "My sister…" She turned to Silver. "If you hadn't come along, she…" without warning, WG hugged him tight, burying her face into his shoulder. "I'm just glad you were here."

Tracker could only blink. During their entire time here, WG and FF2/Silver had argued with, teased, and joked around with each other, most of the time bickering about who was the bigger fan. She knew them before their journey began, and she never thought she'd see the day that one of them would ever show affection toward the other. Her surprise increased when Silver wrapped his arms around WG, holding her close.

"We won't let her near you again," Silver said, promisingly. "(grr) If she tries anything, I'll mangle her so bad, the forensic experts won't be able to tell who or what she was!" from Tracker's view, his eyes were red with fury.

Wow, I've seen FF2 mad before… Tracker thought. But now, he really looks pissed!

WG sighed, pulling away. "Thanks," was all she said, then began walking down the hall, back to her room.

Tracker turned to Silver. "What was that all about?" she asked. "I've never seen you so… close to WG before!"

Silver shrugged. "FF2 likes WG in one way… I happen to like her in another." he replied, then walked off, leaving Tracker lost in her surprise.


One week later, Brielle and WG fused together again. They waited ten minutes until they were sure the baby was back in its birth-mother's stomach, then defused. Checking everything on the ultrasound, everyone was happy to see that the baby was back in Brielle's tummy. She was so over-come with emotion that she burst into tears… then wanted a muffin… right after she had a bit of morning-sickness.

"And now that everything's back in order, we can wait 9 months for the beautiful moment to happen." Kasandra said, smiling… ignoring Brielle's hurls from the bathroom down the hall.

"When will the babies be born?" William asked.

"In nine months, mine will be due a week after Brielle's." Another hurl from the hallway. "...Anyone else have a craving for sushi?"

9 Months Later…

Life loved to mess with people, especially cartoons, for on the day of the baby's delivery, a harsh thunderstorm broke out, flooding the streets. The weather was so bad, no one could leave the apartment-complex to even cross over to the studio's hospital-wing… so the delivery had to take place-

"In the kitchen! Hurry!" Kim called to the others.

Brielle's water had broke when she got up to get a midnight snack. One scream for Puggsy later, and the whole gang were rushing out of their rooms. "Did someone call a doctor?" Biff gasped.

"I tried, but the storm knocked out the phone lines!" Martin said.

"Oh… just… GREAT!" Brielle said between gasps. "My baby is about to be born, and it's about to happen in the KITCHEN!"

WG looked around. "Not exactly the niftiest room, but it'll have to-OW!" she cried when WG gripped her hand, along with Puggsy's.

"B-Brielle, take it easy. Just. Breathe!" Puggsy stammered, though the death-glare from his wife told him that it would be a good idea to keep his mouth shut.

"GAH! This- is not- a beautiful- MOMENT!" Brielle yelled.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" WG responded, her hand in pain.

BF had volunteered to videotape the moment. "...By the way, how are they going to get the baby out?" he asked. Kasandra whispered something into his ear, and his eyes widened. "...Will, can you take the camera?"

Will did so. "Sure, why?" he asked.

BF instantly fainted.

"Sheesh, Kassy! What did you tell him?" Kasandra then whispered something into his ear next, and his eyes widened. "Here, take the camera." And then he fainted next.

"We need a doctor!" Tracker shouted.

"My Aunt Sarah is a doctor. Her room is on the second-" Fangs began.

"GO GET HER!" The others shouted, and Fangs sprinted out of the room.

"Darn it, Puggsy! *gasp pant* After our baby is born, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS! *pant pant*" Brielle bellowed.

"Funny, I said the same thing 9 months ago." WG said.

"Alright, I'm sorry. C'mon, push!" Puggsy retorted.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'VE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST TWENTY MINUTES?" Brielle screamed, grabbing him by the shirt-collar.

Sarah Fangsworth, followed by Fangs, then came running in. "Alright, everyone clear out of the room!" she shouted. "WG, you get me some hot water! Kim, go get me a towel! Tracker, Kassy, bring Brielle a pillow to support her back- and Brielle, PLEASE stop trying to strangle your husband!"

Everyone did as they were ordered. WG, Puggsy, and Kasandra were the only ones who were allowed to stay in the kitchen with Brielle. "It hurts…" Brielle groaned. "I don't think I'll be able to…"

"C'mon, Brie, you can do it!" Puggsy said to her, holding her hand.

"I managed to make it, Brielle, and you can too," Kasandra coaxed her. "We're right here, and we'll make sure you get through this!"

"Yeah, if you can handle being married to THIS yut, you can handle anything! Give me one more push!" WG said (earning a glare from Puggsy).

Brielle took a deep breathe, giving one last push… then heard a sound she thought would never come.

A baby's cry.

Her baby's cry.

"Congratulations! It's a boy!" Sarah exclaimed, wrapping the baby in a blanket, handing Brielle her child.

Everyone came into the room to get a look at the newborn. He had Brielle's blonde hair and blue eyes, and was incredibly tiny, weighing possibly no more than 4 pounds, and was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Everyone awed at how adorable he was, several hearts flying above their heads.

"Uh... what did I miss?" William asked as he and BF finally regained consciousness.

"Brielle had her baby! It's a boy!" Kite told them.

"Alright!" BF exclaimed, and he and William hi-fived each other.

"Okay, everyone clear out," Sarah said, ushering everyone out. "Let the couple have some time with their baby. You'll have plenty of time to see him later."

"Aw, Mom! Can't we stay a little longer!"

"Now, Sherman Junior!"

FF2 snorted. "Junior…" he snickered, earning a glare from BF.

Kasandra was the last to leave. "So… what are you going to call him?" she asked.

Brielle looked at her baby. "I told myself that, if I ever had children, I'd name them after my parents," she said. "I'd like to give him my father's name… Kiff."

Puggsy nodded. "Kiff... I like it. Our little baby boy." he said, rubbing his son's head. "Kiff 'Wherever' Murphey."

"Wherever?" Kasandra repeated.

Puggsy shrugged. "Well, you have to admit, if WG hadn't been his temporary surrogatized mother… he probably wouldn't be here, now. It seems fair enough to give him part of her name."

"I agree." Brielle said, smiling.

WG sniffled, watching from the doorway. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry!" she whispered, blowing her nose on a tissue as she walked back toward the others.

"What is it?" Tracker asked, seeing WG's expression. "Emotional when it comes to the miracle of life?"

WG looked back at the kitchen, watching as Puggsy walked out, carrying Kiff, up to his room, while Sarah was helping Brielle to her feet. "Lets just say… Puggsy's not really as big of a pain in the neck as people thought."

Tracker nodded. "I bet you noticed that first-hand. …That's how you developed a crush on him, wasn't it?"

WG, for the first time, didn't snap, but only shrugged. "Pretty much." with that, she walked off.

FF2, having secretly been eavesdropping, had to grin. I KNEW it! he thought in triumph.


The next day, the three authors stood in the lobby, where a portal to the real world was open. "Are you sure you guys want to leave so soon?" Kim asked.

"We have to, Kim." Tracker said. "If the same person who opened the portal is still in our realm…" She didn't want to bring up that the intruder had been WG's sister. It wasn't her business, but her co-authoress'… and having an evil sister was quite personal, she found out, after seeing how shaken up WG had been that night.

And she was hardly ever shaken up.

"Are you sure there isn't anything we could say that could get you to stay?" Biff asked, a smirk appearing on his lips.

Before the three writers could question Biff's suspicious grin, Joe and Ken arrived. "Oh, good, you're still here!" Joe said. "We'd like to talk to you."

"About what?" FF2 asked.

"Well, we've decided... we want you guys to work with us at the studio, be our co-executives." Ken said. "You both are well-dedicated fans, you have quite the imaginations, and you've shown nothing but loyalty to our characters."

"You… really want us to help you run the show?" Tracker asked, stunned.

"Run it… maybe help us come up with new episodes, try to get the show back on air on Cartoon Network…" Joe added.

"New... episodes…?" WG wheezed, her pupils widening as a smile spread across her face, and she fell back fainting.

"Huh, brother. Will she EVER stop fainting?" Fangpuss scoffed, taking out bucket of water and dousing WG.

"Whoa! I'm up! I'm up!"

"So, what do you guys, say-" Joe began.

"WE'LL DO IT!" Tracker, WG, and FF2 all exclaimed before the producer could finish.

"(grr) Wow! Isn't this great guys? Now we'll get to hang out with our fans forever!" Fangface exclaimed.

"Oh... Great." Puggsy said, faking a grin, then slapped his forehead.

WG closed the portal, and they all walked back into the studios… unbeknownst being watched by two mysterious figures. "So, this is where they're hiding," said the first figure. "Seems like they've improved quite a bit since we last saw them, eh NG?"

"It appears so, DA…" The second figure said, smirking. "Shall we contact the master?"

"We shall."

Then the two figures disappeared, giving off the hint that our heroes' adventure had only just begun…


FF2: So, is it...?

Tracker: I guess so.

WG: Yep. It's...

The End!

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