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Madara was not a rather expressive individual, letting emotions cloud his judgment or show his person was not some of a habit for the normally stoic Uchiha. However that had changed, with this morning horrid discovery. His eyes could not forget the image; even closing his eyelids brought no solace only the memory. He had found his precious little brother, his sweet, innocent little brother in the arms of another man. Now, it was not like Madara would have made such a scene about that, he was rather open to just about anything as long as it did not conflict on the battlefield or with one's clarity. But it was who the other man was that made it a frightful and angry discovery. One Senju Tobirama, the said man. The betrayal that came from knowing Izuna's choice, but much more the anger he felt could not nor would it tame by any other individual's rather than yelling and killing the younger brother of the Senju clan. Madara had decided to go to the source of his problems, the bane of his bloody existence, his rival, the Senju Leader known as Hashirama. Knowing damn well this just had to be somehow relate to the other. That peaceful and happy mask did not fool him, the other could be quite manipulative if he wanted to, and was equally cunning as him. It did not take long to find him; no, he made sure of that by the speed he used to find the other. Oh, how someone was going to die today, Madara just knew it. This time the Senju clan had gone too damn far, no one defiled his brother like and would be allowed to live another day. Growling the other name as if it was poison, or just pure filth, his disdain would be known.

Hashirama turned around, smiling slightly. "Hello, Madara... Something seems to be troubling you." He stated, walking closer to the Uchiha and examining him. "You seem to have been running a lot, is it an urgent matter?"

Madara twitched right then and there, that was becoming a habit around the Senju, and he could not help but feel even more enraged with the others' happy attitude and clearly coerced and fake sincerity. How dare he address him in such a way, like the way one would placate another or speak to a friend. He growled before barking loudly "You know damn well what happened, Senju! Don't try to act all innocent and shit! You are the reason, the reason why-" Madara was having a hard time coming to terms with actually speaking on this matter, even despite his anger. He did not wish to shame Izuna existence or speak ill of his brother. Quickly he resumed "Why my brother was in bed with yours!"

The Senju arched an eyebrow, and then grinned. "So they finally did it? That's so wonderful!" Then, he let out a soft chuckle. "But to your mistake there, Madara, I have nothing to do with that."

Madara felt as if he had just been punched in the face, what did the older man mean by that? By that they "finally did it", what did that mean? Oh no, did that mean there was a relationship going on behind his back between his little brother and the other Senju? He felt sick and disgusted, visibly paling a bit before remembering the situation. "Has nothing to do with you? This has your name written all over it! It's just a trap that Izuna fell for, a trap to try and humiliate and disgrace the Uchiha Clan by such a stunt. I'm not falling for it" He hissed back, violently.

Hashirama shook his head, stroking Madara's cheek. His hand was shoved away roughly, making him sigh. "Madara, you think too much. Let them do what they want, a young couple deserves their happiness." He said, still smiling. "If Izuna and Tobirama chose that relationship, I don't see why we should interfere. I assure you, this is no plan... I would never play that way, Madara, you should know."

How dare the brunette actually even suggest that there was a relationship between Izuna and Tobirama?! How dare he! Happiness? What happiness could two people of clashing clans ever hoped to have and to hold? It was not a relationship, simply a plow, simply a way to weaken the Uchiha Clan. Madara would not buy into the other words, like only fools did. And then the nerve of Hashirama actually saying he would never play the Uchiha like that. It was maddening, of course he would! This was not some simply family matter of two clans that didn't share good feelings or moments with one another! This was an all-out war between the two clans; why else would other countries upon hearing of hiring the Senju, the opposite hire the Uchiha? "I am not buying it." Madara stated again, reinforcing his beliefs and voicing him unto the other who was seemingly not hearing him.

The Senju shook his head, chuckling. "That stubbornness of yours..." He moved closer to Madara, knowing he'd probably get the Uchiha to give in soon... even if he was so stubborn. "It makes you cute."

Madara's eyes both widened, even if the other was hidden amongst his hair. Did he really hear that right? His name and the word "cute" were being used in the same sentence. Oh, that was an insult, alright. Madara did not appreciate his masculinity being questioned or taunted at. He growled back, definitely and with eyes ripe with rage "I am not cute."

Hashirama rolled his eyes playfully, grinning and knocking Madara to the ground, looking down at him from the few inches that now separated their faces. "You are adorable, and the way you act just proves it~" He said, before claiming the Uchiha's lips with his own.

Madara could not respond for a moment, all reality had fallen away from him, within the last few seconds too much had happened; too much that he could not process it all. What this really happening? Or had this all been a nightmare brought on the dark depths of his subconscious? Many times had already tried to wake himself, to find himself awake in his room without the memory of this occurring. But nothing was happening, the environment was not changing, the sensations not faded, his awareness kicked back in fully. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, much like in times of battle, but this was a different type of battle altogether. One Madara was not acquainted with or even prepared for. His instincts came back trying to force the weight, of what he know was sure, heavier man off of him and regain supremacy. He did not want to be topped, so to speak. He was dominant, damn it! And no Senju would ever take that away from him! Over his dead body!

The Senju pulled his head back, but still held Madara pinned under him. He smiled again, seeing the blush on the Uchiha's cheeks. "You continue being cute... or perhaps, are even cuter now." He said, moving Madara's hair away from his face and kissing him again, softly.

Madara was not even aware he had been blushing, in fact, he was not even aware that he could be made to blush. His pride felt shattered from the recent events, if anyone ever heard of this he would surely die from the embarrassment or the shame of it all. He could not escape that had been made clear with his still captivity, however, why were this actions being performed and why was his body reacting to them? His body had betrayed his mind, but that was not even his worse problem right now. How could he stop this? How could he get the other male off of him? Madara did not like having control taken from him, especially from a Senju. His efforts to struggle even if in vain, still made him feel better by trying. He was an Uchiha, after all and Uchihas never quit.

Hashirama chuckled softly, wooden handcuffs keeping Madara down just in case. "Stop struggling, Madara... I'm not going to eat you..." He smirked. "Well, not entirely..."

Madara blinked, not in confusion, for he understood actually what those words meant, it was more of shock. That this was actually happening to him. He had never once imagined that such a thing could happen to him. He had thought himself so strong and so fierce no enemy could ever hope to defeat him. It was only misfortune that the two were so evenly matched, Madara still growled angrily. He would not get taken advantage of that easily.

The Senju, seeing as Madara was wearing only a long sleeved black shirt as a top, was thinking if he should be kind and find a way to remove the shirt, or if he should rip it off and later on give Madara a new one. While thinking, he leaned down, sucking and nipping softly on the other's neck.

Madara was caught off guard by the sudden attention to his neck; he would not admit that it actually felt nice; he would never get the Senju leader the pleasure of knowing that. Madara tried his best to ignore the contact, it was like the pain from a stab wound or a broken bone, and this was the type of pain that was mixed with pleasure intimately. He shut one of his eyes as he absent-mindedly bit down on his lower lip.

Hashirama finally decided that ripping was the best option, any other being troublesome in a situation such as this. He took out a kunai, tearing the shirt off of Madara's body. Slowly, releasing the other's neck, he admired the strong chest and stomach before running his fingers down slowly over the exposed skin.

Madara released a light sigh of relief, even when the situation once again turning, at least the Senju was not at his neck anymore. Formulating a plan through this treatment was getting more and more difficult by the second, his thoughts were growing clouded and distorted much like that of a drunk's. The ghosting fingers of the other male were enticing, yet he let his anger still be shown by a faint growl.

"Relax, Madara-chan." The Senju smirked softly, licking down the other's chest. "If you don't relax, it can hurt a bit more..."

"Don't call me that" Madara demanded, however in his position, he doubted his request would be fulfilled. He was silently hoping that no one would come across the scene.

Hashirama sucked softly on one of the nipples, wondering just how long it would take before he had Madara moaning beneath him. Just the mental images send shivers down his spine.

Madara eyes went wide for a second, before shutting. 'Block it out, block it all out.' He kept muttering mentally to himself. He could not allow himself to actual show pleasure underneath Hashirama, like the other man wanted. He would not give in; he couldn't make him give in. He wouldn't allow himself to give in, but despite how often he told himself that, slowly he felt his will bending to the other's whims.

The Senju sucked harder, one of his hands going to the other nipple and playing around with it, pinching and rubbing.

Madara's back unwillingly arched with pleasure, a small, but audible moan escape his mouth. He felt as if he was out of his body, his mind calling and yelling commands that his body just seemed to ignore them, reluctantly casting them off as ill-advised decisions and choices.

"Will you give in, Madara-chan?" Hashirama whispered slowly, sending cold air onto the now wet nipple of his uke. Then, he licked lower, nipping at the Uchiha's stomach muscles lightly, and licking close to the hem of his pants. Time to remove yet another annoying piece of clothing.

"Never." He spat as darkly as he could muster, which probably was not as menacing or threatening as he hoped for, but he could not hope for much more.

The Senju chuckled again, smiling up at Madara. He let his hands come to the other's pants, slowly lowering them along with his underwear. "Let's see if that'll last, then~" Finally discarding the remaining clothing from his uke's body, Hashirama leaned down once more, licking over Madara's thighs and up to the base of the other's erection, that was now half-hard. Which meant his plan was working.

Madara flinched from the drastic change of temperature, just slightly. The Senju thought he could win now, did he? The routine confidence and arrogant that were all too trademarked of Madara, he wondered himself if he could last but he would let his uncertain show.

The Senju saw that, and then closed his eyes. He licked up and down, and then finally took the tip of Madara's member into his mouth, sucking at it.

Madara's body was growing hotter with pleasure, this type and this level of pleasure. He had never known it had even existence or that someone else could grant it, even if that person was a Senju. He bit down on his lip again, and shut his eyes even tighter. He did not want to moan, he did not want to moan. He did not want to be force to beg from more of this sweet suicide pleasure. He did not want to. But control had long left his hands; he had fallen victim and somewhat submissive to the older man. From the back instead of man of his throat yet another moan escape, regretting it immediately as he bit down forcibly on his lip. Finally drawn blood from his own actions to distract the rest of his body from the pleasure below.

Hashirama took more into his mouth, sucking harder and hollowing his cheeks, bobbing his head up and down.

He could not ignore it anymore, despite the warnings flashing inside of his mind. It no longer matter, he could not win. He just could not, he did have the experience or wisdom in this field that appear the Senju had been blessed with. His back arched, he guess it was his body attempt to bring himself closer to the source of pleasure, he moaned rather loudly and in a voice he did not know he had. Damn the Senju. Damn him to hell.

Hashirama continued, one of his hands caressing Madara's thigh as he did that. He smirked inwardly, that moan having sent some shivers down his spine. But he couldn't get too impatient, for two reasons. He wanted to hear Madara ask of him, probably not really beg, as long as he admitted he wanted it... and he didn't want to hurt the Uchiha by going too fast.

His mind was going insane, finally submitting to the same thoughts that his body had been having since the very start of this torture. He didn't hate this, hell he wanted it. He wanted it badly, if anyone was going to abuse his body like this it might as be the Senju, and not someone else. Mentally he cursed at himself, did he want this treatment to continue or did he want Hashirama to continue it?

But that damn skilled tongue of the brunette, he really could bring himself to say no. Regardless of his nature, to be the dominant and controlling one, he could not deny that somewhere in his mind he wanted to submit to the tan male. Another wave of pleasure hit him, as he responded loudly. His body had made the choice for him apparently. "Take me, Hashirama."

The Senju was surprised, and he closed his eyes. Giving more sucks to the cock, he finally let go and went up again, claiming Madara's lips while his hand took the Uchiha's member, stroking it just so Madara wouldn't change his decision.

Those lips on his own, and the distraction on his member, was far too much. He hated this and yet he loved every single second of it.

Hashirama smirked inwardly, knowing he had gotten just what he wanted. Madara was all his, at least for now... And he wouldn't waste a second of it. Breaking the kiss, he touched three fingers to the Uchiha's lips.

Madara knew what the older male was going to do, even if he found it a rather demeaning task he would do it anyways. Taking the three fingers into his mouth licking them and coating him to the best of his ability, he had never used his tongue so much before and it was nowhere near as skilled as that of the Senju. That didn't seemed matter right now, nothing really did. It was so strange, since his mind had been that clear.

Hashirama licked his lips at the sight, letting out a small moan and staring. Madara did have a talented tongue, even if he seemed inexpedient. Hesitantly, he removed his fingers from the Uchiha's mouth and slid them down, one of them touching the Uchiha's entrance and slowly pushing in. At the same time, he kissed Madara deeply.

The pain was the first thing he felt, it was not something rather pleasant. He would not lie, it fucking hurt, but he had been distracted by the kiss the other male was giving him; slowly, for the first time participating in the action. It only seemed right.

The Senju let his tongue entwine with Madara's, distracting him while that one finger moved in and out. Before adding the other two, he needed Madara to adjust to this... or it would be just pain, in the end.

His eyes twitched with the pain of the ever-growing presence within him, dear hell, how did people engage in sex so often it if was like this? He was making a sincere effort to adjust himself to the pain, and trying to distract himself. It was not working that well as he let out a hitched breath. Kissing for prolonged amounts of time literally did take one's breath away.

Hashirama pulled away from the kiss, pecking Madara's cheek and he slowly moved the fingers. He stretched the other carefully and used the fingers to explore inside, searching for the Uchiha's prostate.

Had he heard it somewhere, he didn't remember when, that it always hurt first and then the pleasure came next or something among the lines of that? He could swear that was what he heard, and if that did not happen so he was going to the bastard whoever told him that. The movement was in search of something he noticed, he breathing pattern still remained erratic probably from the said activity he was doing. However, something suddenly changed so quickly yet so drastically. Something made him arch his back in pleasure and another one of those pesky little moans was released from Madara. What the hell was that?

The Senju smiled softly, thrusting his fingers in and out and aiming for that same spot over and over. "Hmm... already feeling better, Madara~chan?"

"Shut up." He managed to breathe out somehow, throughout the coursing vials of pleasure running throughout his system. He was annoyed by the honorific but really his will to speak anymore could not be more prolonged than necessary.

Hashirama licked Madara's lips, before attacking his neck again while stretching and pleasuring him. He kissed, licked and nipped down to the Uchiha's shoulder, his fingers slowing down inside the other.

Not the neck, he wanted to curse at the older man, now realizing just how overly sensitive that piece of flesh of his was, and then not to mention how would he explain those bites? His thoughts soon vanished with another, even stronger course of pleasure running through him. How could such a thing even happen? He thought the last time was the high, how much more pleasure was he going to receive? Once again, he moaned, it was not like he could help it, it was like the Senju just knew where to attack, even if this was the first time.

The Senju smirked, licking over the Uchiha's neck again. "Wondering how I know where to pleasure you~?" He asked, thrusting his fingers hard, straight to Madara's prostate.

Madara eyes widen, how on earth did he even know that? He could not even voice his question before he moaned again, damn the Senju. Damn the Senju fingers, damn his lips, damn his everything. This treatment had to end soon, didn't it, he was not aware of just how much longer this would be just between the two of them especially considering his loud voice.

Hashirama sucked softly over the Uchiha's pulse on his neck, and then licked again. "You're always so tense... your shoulders, neck and lower back get affected by that... So when I touch them this way, they're very sensitive." He chuckled; pulling is fingers out from Madara, then slowly undressing, almost teasingly.

"Bastard." he hissed, damn it, he felt his rage rising again and then the absolute nerve of the Senju leader to tease him. Did he want to die? For sure, Madara was going to have some sort of vengeance, he did know what yet, but he would get his revenge, eventually.

The Senju chuckled again, finally throwing his clothes over with Madara's own. He climbed over the Uchiha, kissing him again. "You're such an angry person... I can't take you properly while dressed."

He rolled his eyes; that was a rather stupid observation. Of course he was angry person taken all the actions that happened in this one sole day, he could be set for live just with that alone. Still, the tan male did have a point.

Hashirama chuckled, nuzzling Madara and positioning his member at the Uchiha's entrance. "This is going to hurt more..." He whispered, and then slowly entered.

That was an understatement, a really bloody understatement. At least Hashirama's voice seemed sincere and cautious enough to warn him of the pain but still, if he was going to be experiencing pain such as this then he would be as sure as hell to return the favor. Madara's nails may have been short but that didn't mean they could dig into the flesh of the Senju and draw blood.

The Senju closed his eyes, letting out a soft moan but not moving, waiting for Madara to adjust. "It gets better, Madara..." He managed to lean down and peck the Uchiha's lips softly, stroking his hair with one of his hands. He flinched softly at the nails digging into his back, but didn't show any other sign of pain.

Adjusting himself as he deemed appropriate further digging his nails into the back of the Senju; if he had to endure this, he would make sure the Senju back would be covered by scars of his nails. The supposedly comforting gesture did little for him, it still hurt like a motherfucking bitch, yet like he said, he could slowly yet surely feel it becoming more bearable with the pain fading and the pleasure rising.

Hashirama started slowly moving in and out, angling his thrusts to hit Madara's prostate. That would make the pain fade much faster for his uke, but Hashirama himself was trying not to thrust fast into the Uchiha. He was so tight, he had no idea just how tight it would be, and it felt so good... but he wanted Madara to feel as much pleasure as he did.

Madara let out repeated moans with well aimed thrusts; even if it hurt it was well worth it. This was something truly amazing; that two bodies even of the same gender could please themselves to such an extent.

The Senju closed his eyes, leaning down to rest his head on Madara's shoulder for a moment, before speeding his thrusts slightly and kissing Madara. "I love you~"

Madara's eyes blinked with confusion what? Loved him? He didn't understand, at all. How could an enemy clan leader of all people actually love him, it didn't make sense, and it seemed like he had been proven wrong; what if this was a trap? Those thoughts could not linger anymore, as his back arched and pleasure washed over him again, resulting in yet another moan. Why did the other have to screw with his mind like this?

Hashirama smiled, moaning softly and leading one of his hands to touch Madara's nipples while he continued thrusting.

Madara moaned loudly, how on earth was he supposed to think about anything at all with this going on? His mind was silenced again by the over wanting needs of his body, which seemed ready to exploded from the pleasure.

The Senju, once again as if guessing the Uchiha's thoughts, let out a soft chuckle. "Just don't think, feel." He whispered, sucking under Madara's jaw line.

Madara shifted slightly, exposing his neck even more so the Senju could further attack it. It was so hard to distance himself from his thoughts and just feel, that was similar asking the Uchiha to stop breathing yet as if by casted under by some spell, his thoughts lay wasted, as he only felt, not thought.

Hashirama moved his mouth down, sucking over Madara's neck and nipping at it, his thrusts speeding even more as he was now almost slamming into the Uchiha, but still having control enough not to hurt the other. He knew this could be extremely pleasurable for the uke, and he'd surely try pleasuring Madara as much as he could now.

He really did not want to beg, it was against his nature all together to ever beg for anything but Madara could not deny that was always wanted he wanted to do right now, released from his logic and reason, that was exactly what he did. "More." He choked out in a raspy voice, his throat getting sore from all the sound he had been producing lately.

The Senju continued the attack to his uke's neck, one of his hands moving to Madara's erection and stroking it in time with his fast, hard thrusts.

Madara moaned again, despite his tiring voice, if he wasn't mistaken something was coming out of him it seemed. It could have been blood but for some reason he doubted that.

Hashirama kissed Madara again, closing his eyes and giving another hard thrust.

It was as if something inside him burst, the pleasure at an unreachable and unattainable peak, hell, that was probably the best thing in his life that he had ever experienced. No, he was sure, it was. His body was tired and covered in sweat, who knew what else, but still he didn't complain.

The Senju moaned softly, soon reaching the same point and releasing inside Madara, letting out a louder moan when doing so and then leaning against the Uchiha to catch his breath. After a short moment, he carefully pulled out and picked up Madara, who was still handcuffed. Somehow, he managed to take the Uchiha up to his room without anyone seeing them.

Madara twitched at the gesture of actually being carried by another man, he didn't voice any complains simply because he was too damn sore to move. Luckily all else had been absent by some fucking miracle, or something Madara swore. Then actually being inside the Senju's room, that was not a place he had even seen before much less been in his current state.

Hashirama set Madara down on the bed, closing the door and going to the bed along with the Uchiha, pulling him close and using the sheets to cover them. "Do you still think this is just a plan?" He asked, holding Madara in his arms and slowly, carefully undoing the handcuffs. He put the uke's arms in a more comfortable position before handcuffing him again.

"Are you reading my mind or something?" Madara asked, sincerely confused, he had guessed literally all his thoughts today, and to be honest it was a bit unnerving. He didn't like anyone knowing as much as the Senju leader supposedly knew about himself.

"I just know you well, Mada~" Hashirama smiled, kissing the Uchiha's cheek softly.

"What, you didn't have anything better to do than be fixated on me?" Madara mocked, growing annoyed. It sure as hell still reeked of a plan, all of it reeked of a plan. Especially those three words that the other man had told him. If only his wrists were not handcuffed...

The Senju sighed, closing his eyes. "I love you, and I'm not letting you go so early... because I don't want to keep fighting again, and I know you're just thinking this is all a plan. It isn't." He stroked Madara's hair softly.

Madara scoffed, edging himself away from the Senju as much as he could. Such a lie, they would always been fighting. To think anything otherwise would just be a dream of a fool. "And why should I even believe you?" Madara asked, wanting to hear the respond to that.

Hashirama traced his fingers slowly over the marks on Madara's neck. "Because I wouldn't play this way, and you know it." He pulled the Uchiha close again, not letting go. "You're just denying it to yourself..." He kissed Madara's forehead.

It was true that Hashirama did not like to fight dirty or manipulate others, he just was not that type of person. He growled lightly, from the entrapment from the older male before actually considering his words for a second. Was he actually in denial? He didn't know, Madara had never been too fond of love and enough never even worried himself over it at all. But what others explanations were there? If the Senju wanted to kill him, it would have already been done, if he truly wanted to harm him then the other wouldn't taken such precautions to make it easier and less painful for Madara. But really, had that been the reason? Was that reason behind all of it? Even the supposed long term relationship with Izuna and Tobirama? Madara's head was beginning to hurt from this all. He did not understand even if that had been the situation, it didn't explain the why behind it all. If the Senju really loved him, then why was this first type he had heard about or had been ignoring signs or something? "Then if you do, why? Aren't you aware that this will simply not work? Look at my position and look at yours, you can't tell me you expect this to work."

The Senju sighed softly, nuzzling Madara. "It can work, trust me. Izuna and Tobi are going fine for over two months already, why wouldn't we be fine, too?" He kissed the Uchiha's cheek. "It doesn't need to be held public, the others don't need to know."

Madara blushed slightly at the affection, taken aback by the words mostly. Turning his head away, thinking of the possibility of the relationship. He wasn't sure what his feelings were about the Senju, and now he was even more confused. He wasn't quite sure if he could actually handle the emotional aspects of a relationship, physical was easily, emotionally, he had never really had any prolonged relationships because of his abrasive behavior. He was not a very pleasant person to be around, only occasional he could by that was really only with Izuna. What exactly had brought on this attraction, anyways? "When did these feelings or yours start? And how can you be sure it's what you call love?" Madara questioned, rather muttered softly.

Hashirama smiled. "Since a long time ago... just some time after we met, or maybe even when we met. And I've tried forgetting this, it won't go away, I tried a lot of things to get you out of my head, I can't. And... I love you~ and I just can't explain~"

"Yeah? Then why today? Why did you make your move?" Madara announced, slightly annoyed. It had been that long and today was the first time anything had been done about it? What had pushed Hashirama over the edge? He was not sure if he believed the others' confession, but he was not ready to dismiss it as nothing, there were a lot of emotions, he was sure of that much. Love, he did not know.

"You found out about Izuna and Tobi... and you looked so cute while blushing in anger, I couldn't resist it." The Senju chuckled softly.

"For the last time, I am not cute." Madara hissed, annoyed that the word had once again been used in reference to him.

Hashirama kissed his uke's lips, smiling. "You are, and now let's not argue about that."

He rolled his eyes, he was just supposed to let it go? Well, it really wasn't that big of a deal, however it still irked him. "I don't know how I feel about you" he commented truthfully, he did not know how to discern his feelings like this.

The Senju nodded, stroking his hair gently. "Give it time, you'll know soon."

"Sure." He remarked, a tad sarcastically. Leaning slightly into the body of the Senju just slightly.

Hashirama smiled softly, shaking his head. "You should relax sometimes, you know... you're always so tense..."

"I don't see how you're not tense all the time, we are both leaders of our clans" Madara murmured, his voice not wanting to go any higher without risking some more soreness to it.

"But we're also people, being tense all the time won't help at all." The Senju let one of his hands rest on Madara's shoulder for a moment. "I'm glad you're not so tense now... I wouldn't call it relaxed, but you're not as tense as usual."

"I don't think I'll ever be totally relaxed around you, you might jump me again." Madara smirked, a bit jokingly. He was less tensed than normally, probably thanks to Hashirama.

Hashirama chuckled softly, pecking the Uchiha's lips. "You didn't resist that much, Madara..." He smirked back, nuzzling the other.

"Shut up." Madara was getting annoyed from all the kisses and the hugging, too much affection was suffocating. But perhaps he could tolerate it just a bit more, he didn't entirely hate it.

The Senju smiled. "Get some sleep, when you wake up we can eat something."

"Hm, you know I loved to sleep, except I've got these damn handcuffs on that are splintering my fucking wrists, but you would know anything about that, huh?" Madara sarcastically spoke, really getting a kick out of it. He had a flare for sarcasm after all and he really wanted the cuffs off.

"Sorry, Mada, but as I said I won't let you go so soon, but..." Hashirama loosened the handcuffs, then covered them in some fluffy pillow-filling-like stuffing, and made non-harming handcuffs for Madara. "There." He put them back on the Uchiha.

Madara rolled his eyes, the gesture doing more to annoyed him than to relief him of some pain. "What, are you afraid of someone snatching me up or something?" He muttered more to himself than to the other male in the room. Honestly, Hashirama was a bit possessive...

"I just don't want you to run away..." The Senju sighed softly. Then, he had an idea. Creating a barrier around the room, he finally released Madara's handcuffs.

Madara rubbed at his wrists, he was right they were a bit bloodied however he was at least freed of those horrid handcuffs. "Trapped but free?" the Uchiha observed quietly.

Hashirama took out some medicine, applying a bit on Madara's wrists. "Sorry."

"It's nothing, really" Madara explained, it was not the pain that bothered him, it was the handcuffs. The very act of being captured or unable to move terrified him a bit, he did not like to be caged.

The Senju nodded softly, closing his eyes and lying back down. "Try sleeping a bit..." He whispered.

"Yeah, alright" Madara laid back as well, his body literally thanking him for doing so. Apparently he was much more tired than he realized, falling asleep rather quickly despite his location.

Hashirama snuggled close to his uke, falling asleep not long after.