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xXUchihaxHanaXx (me):

Hashirama, Izuna.


Madara, Tobirama, Hikaku.


Madara rolled his eyes, he could not get one second of sleep last night, so in all reality he just had literally stay in bed looking up at the ceiling. His mind cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, as he discarded the ones he didn't need to and then spent time on certain things that he needed to analyze. Surpassingly, even when the dawn came his thoughts were still preoccupied. He sighed lightly, just great.

Izuna rolled around his bed, still sleeping. He yelped and woke up when all that rolling and turning made him fall off the bed and onto the floor. "Ouch..."

Madara's ears perked up among hearing the small cry of "ouch" from the next room over. Apparently Izuna was up, he rolled his eyes. The two still needed to talk however he was quite hesitant about just what would come in the conversation. Madara looked down at his clothes for a second before recalling something, he cursed lightly. Fucking hell, he forgot he was wearing the Senju's clothes.

That was just another attack on his pride. Changing quickly into something more appropriate, something of his, he growled lightly. There were many lingering marks on his neck that he just had to cover up in a fashion just so they could not be seen. He cursed again; the Senju had done that on purpose.

The younger Uchiha sat up, rubbing his eyes and leaning against the bed. "At least it's already... morning." He yawned, shaking his head and standing. His eyes slowly got used to the light, and he was able to make his way to the living room.

Madara left his room, among tracing the other footsteps to the living room he decide to go there as well. "Good morning, Izuna." he greeted calmly, just exercising the point even more that he was not longer angry. Well at least not the younger Senju, the older Senju that was another story all together. One that Izuna's ears did not need to hear.

Izuna smiled, nodding. "Good morning, nii-sama!" He sat down on the couch, hugging a cushion.

"Yeah…" Madara started uncomfortably, thinking of just the right way to phrase it, he leaned against one of the walls in the living room. He continued "You shouldn't have had to hide your relationship with the you- I mean, Tobirama, from me. I'm sorry about not listening to you, even when you tried to tell me. I really am okay with you guys relationship, I just was angry, I shouldn't have been, though."

The younger nodded. "Well, I did try telling... I just took some time because..." He looked down, sighing. "I didn't know how you'd react to it, but now it's ok." He let another soft smile come to his face.

"That's good." Madara sighed, relief. Apparently things between the brothers would be stable, not in utter chaos liked he imagined. Madara blinked recalling something Izuna has said to him last night "Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?"

"Well, it was mostly about this... But did you get hurt yesterday? I mean, whenever you and Hashirama fight or just train, most times you come back hurt." He nuzzled his brother, smiling. "Are you ok?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine; there isn't any reason for you to be concerned." Madara stated, he did not believe that "hurt" was the proper term though. Now that he thought about he was still a bit sore, but his thoughts had carried away his pain.

Izuna nodded, closing his eyes. "That's good~"

Madara sighed again from relief, at least Izuna hadn't noticed anything. He actually expect his brother to notice the older Senju's strange behavior around him, but nothing, apparently Izuna did find that strange. For once in his life, Madara was actually thankful for the Senju Clan leader's personality. Without it there would have been more questions asked, but he still felt like Tobirama noticed.

Izuna and Madara were there in silence for some time, the younger thinking about all that had happened recently, and what could come to happen in the future. And about how he was still sleepy.

"We might as well eat something." Madara commented, not appreciating the lack of conversation and neither was he too pleased about the future. For now, he just wanted to push it to the back of his mind.

"O... okay..." The younger yawned again. He was still somewhat tired, he hadn't really slept the night when Madara was away. This one night's sleep seemed not to have repaired the lack of sleep on the previous night.

Madara noticed the yawn yet remained silent. He started to make an easy breakfast, one that would actually benefit his brother in the long run with energy rather than the sugar that would just make him crash soon thereafter.

While Madara made their breakfast, Izuna ended up falling asleep on the couch. Soon, he started moving around in his sleep and ended up on the carpet, still not awake.

Madara rolled his eyes, hadn't Izuna slept at all when he was gone or was he-He stopped his mind from even venturing anymore to that. That was something he did not want to think about; setting two plates down on the table, he wondered if he should just let Izuna sleep for a bit and then make him eat breakfast later? Considering he had just taken the effort to cook, he was going to force the food down the other's throat if he wouldn't wake up. Madara made his way over the sleeping Uchiha before without the intent to hurt, kicking Izuna softly.

Izuna yelped again, pouting. "Nyaaah... nii-sama, don't do that."

Madara shout him a dark glare before explaining "Eat the damn breakfast first and then you can't go back to sleep. Ten minutes without sleep will not kill you." Madara returned to the table, starting on his share of the food, still glaring at Izuna to get over here.

The younger managed to stand and go to the table, his now sleep-filled mind wanting to make his body go limp. He held himself from showing it, or else he'd end up falling asleep on his plate. Eating the food, he soon finished, and then did indeed fall asleep on the now empty plate.

Madara rolled his eyes, he had finished as well. At least Izuna had ate something, even if he just fell asleep on a plate, but still.

Once again, Izuna started to move and mutter some words as he slept. Of course, he'd need a bath later, for putting his face and hair on the plate and rolling it around on it, but his sleepy mind wasn't acknowledging that now.

Madara left the living room, and eventually his house. Enjoying the outside air and weather he had been deprived of thanks to someone. He could not stand being locked in rooms or kept away in stuffy houses all day, that just was not his style or something he bet he could never adhere to either.

The younger Uchiha continued sleeping, not waking up even when a familiar person approached the house. Hashirama carefully sneaked around, soon finding Madara outside. He wasn't letting Hikaku win easily.

Madara growled faintly. What in the hell? Why was he even here? He was not pleased with other's presence; not pleased at all.

Hashirama smiled softly. "Madara, we need to talk." He said, his voice just a bit more serious than he intended it to come out as.

Madara blinked slightly, hearing the tone beneath the normally calm voice, it actually sounded serious. He slanted his eyes slightly before, questioning "About what?"

"It's important, and a private matter."

"This had better be worth my time, I swear if you're wasting my time..." Madara trailed off, irked.

"Trust me, you'd want to know."

Madara sighed "What is this supposedly important matter that I want to know?"

Hashirama sighed as well. "Hikaku is planning to take you, and I... I'm sure he'd even hurt you, possibly a lot, to get that."

"Take me?" Madara muttered, twitching a bit, not exactly sure if he was believing this or not. Although the seriousness that the Senju was expressing was making him consider its possibility. "Say, if this is true, would that be the reason for your unusual and unneeded possessiveness over me? And if this is true, then the fact you're warning me now, means something happened last night, didn't it?" Madara observed.

The Senju nodded. "First of all, I'm possessive because I obviously don't want to lose you... and Hikaku went there again last night, and he says he'll take you from me no matter what it takes, even if he has to force you and hurt you for that."

Madara rolled his eyes, oh really? "And I should trust your words, why, exactly?" Madara scoffed, it was demeaning and insulting as well that The Senju apparently didn't believe Madara was able of protecting himself from a threat, granted if it even was a threat to begin with.

"I just hope you consider them, Madara. I would hate to see you hurt."

"Sure, you would." Madara muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Like hell he would even believe the Senju, if a threat came he would take care of it by himself, he did not need the others' help.

Hashirama sighed, shaking his head. "He said he'll get you before tonight, so he should make his move soon. So... if you need anything, call for me." He pecked the Uchiha's lips, then left.

Madara rolled his eyes, smirking at the fleeting Senju. Was that so? Did the other actually believe he would ever call for his assistance for anything? However still he seemed serious, that was something that was bothered him.

The Senju, when far enough, stopped and rested under a tree. He knew Madara probably didn't take him completely seriously, but the Uchiha was smart enough to know that he should at least consider the words. At least, Hashirama hoped so.

Madara began to momentarily reflect on Hikaku's character, he was a skilled Uchiha, and had the trademark Uchiha personality. Nothing really stood out too much to him, yet Madara felt re-examining the time they two had been together in passing or talking about a strategy, or anything. Something may have been there, something to cause concern, but then again he could just be thinking too much.

Hikaku walked close to Madara, finally finding him. "Madara, I was looking for you!" He gave a very convincing innocent yet Uchiha-like, short lasting smile.

"You were? Is there something important that you need to discuss with me?" Madara asked, maintaining his usual abrasive attitude, he was not the person one bothered just to talked, one always had to have something important to even bother the Uchiha clan leader.

The other Uchiha smirked now, pulling his fingers back and making the strings he had so cautiously put close to Madara's wrists tighten, tying his hands together. Strong, yet thin string, one very useful item indeed.

Madara blinked at the sudden pressure at his wrists before growling darkly. Fucking hell, what was wrong with him today? How could he not had noticed that? Enough about that now. He didn't wanted to admit but Hashirama was actually right. "I would let me go before I kill you." Madara hissed, his anger rising yet the clarity of a clear mind he still had.

Hikaku got closer to Madara, chuckling. "I'm not letting the Senju have you, Madara..." He nibbled on Madara's earlobe, biting softly and sliding his hands under the other's shirt.

Oh dear hell, he did not know who to be more angry at the stupid, soon to be killed by his hands Senju leader for claiming him, as his own or act the bold, stupid Uchiha Hikaku that had the stupidity to try this with him. He picked to channel his anger to Hikaku. He cursed from the contact, what was with everyone wanting his body? Had everyone gone crazy? Was there something in the fucking air that explained this eccentric behavior? Madara struggled with the restraints, he could not perform any hand signs like this. This was fucking hell, he was convinced. "I'm so going to kill you." The Uchiha said murderously, his chakra beginning to flare up with his sweltering anger.

To stop Madara from actually killing him, Hikaku started grinding his waist forward, adding friction to Madara's clothed manhood.

Madara's eyes blinked from the sudden contact, he hissed loudly and angrily. This was not good, what choices did he currently have? He was the Uchiha clan leader, so to actually be allowed to kill another Uchiha required that there was proof of something that warranted death, if he didn't have that and he didn't then he could risk his position at their leader. He wouldn't risk that, but he didn't like this, either. Thoughts were forming into plans and strategies all of them in one way or another involving death, which he just could not do. He growled in frustration not wanting this to continue, but unwillingly to ask for the Senju who had actually offered his help if such a thing happened. Sometimes he hated how stubborn he was, now was one of those times.

The other Uchiha chuckled, ripping off Madara's shirt in a similar way to what Hashirama had done before, and then pinning him against a tree and staring. "Stupid Senju..." He growled, seeing the marks on Madara's neck and shoulders. Time to leave some of his own marks there, he concluded, moving to do so.

Still in the same place, Hashirama was thinking. Should he really have left Madara there alone (with just all the rest of the Uchiha clan), where Hikaku could get him? Sighing, he decided to go back to the Uchiha just for a little longer, at least to keep Hikaku away.

For a moment, he agreed with other invading Uchiha, he had hated the marks on his body thanks to Senju. He literally seethed anger when Hikaku decided to leave marks on his body as well, he growled in contempt. Still unwillingly to call the Senju for help despite the growingly invasive gestures.

Hikaku attacked Madara's neck as hungrily as he could, one of his hands slipping into Madara's pants and stroking him.

Hashirama got closer to where he had left Madara, and sensed something. Hell. Fucking. No. Speeding up, he hoped he'd get there before Hikaku could do too much damage to his uke.

Madara let out a sharp intake of breath from the other hand touching his member. Whether he wanted to or not, his body adored this kind of attention, however he would die before he showed any signs of actually enjoying it. He bit the inside of lip, willingly to bite it forever before he would ever moan for Hikaku. It could had been his imagination, in fact he was almost sure he imagined it. But he faintly felt the Senju's presence.

Biting at Madara's neck, the other Uchiha was already annoyed that he wouldn't moan. His hand squeezed the erection somewhat, knowing that had to get a reaction.

After some minutes, Hashirama arrived. He growled at the sight, not hesitating to attack Hikaku and take him off of Madara.

Unwillingly, and perhaps the most shameful thing he had ever done in his life was a released a small moan for Hikaku. Hatred for himself completely outranked hate for Hikaku. Seconds, minutes, or hours, passed, he didn't know he lost his connection with time. Seeing the other he didn't know what to feel more ashamed for being seen in such a compromised position, or anger for him actually coming to his rescue. He didn't voice any of his thoughts, just all together unwilling to speak right now.

After a not so long-lasting battle, the Senju won, and left Hikaku cursing and saying things about still having Madara to himself. Hashirama didn't pay attention to that part, turning back to Madara and, instead of untying him, picking him up.

Madara wanted to react to the other actually, once again picking him up rather than untying him but he didn't response which even surprised himself. He almost responded to even the simplest things that the Senju did to piss him off. His eyes looked down, feeling angry with himself, if he hated anyone right now, it was himself.

Carefully quiet, Hashirama got to Madara's bedroom, locking the door just in case and then untying Madara. He ran his hand over the Uchiha's neck, glaring at the new marks Hikaku had left there.

For perhaps maybe in his life, Madara prayed that Izuna was still sleeping, if his younger brother ever saw him like this he wasn't sure if he be able to live. His wrists had been untied something he was eternally grateful for, feeling the fingers of the Senju on his neck. He said nothing, what in the hell was he supposed to say? 'You were right', despite even his current condition, he would not say that, ever.

The Senju sighed, pulling Madara close and stroking his hair, leaving a soft kiss to his forehead. "Will you still kill me if I say I'm sorry?" He asked, softly.

"Yes." Madara replied, why in the earth did The Senju feel the incessantly need to apologize to him for everything?

Hashirama rested his head on Madara's shoulder, smiling. "I love you~"

"Stop saying that." Madara lightly hissed, annoyed that once again the Senju had said that.

The Senju kissed Madara softly, bringing him closer.

Madara averted his eyes, why was the Senju still be so damn affectionate? Hadn't he been angry before, in fact, he never recalled seeing him that anger and yet he so quickly changed back to his soft, kind demeanor just like that? How confusing.

Hashirama chuckled softly, stroking Madara's cheek. "I'm glad he didn't have time to finish what he started."

Madara rolled his eyes, this conversation what the hell was he supposed to say? However, Madara was glad too that the other Uchiha could not completely use him, that only brought back that moan. His eyes saddened slightly, how could he ever forget that? He knew that Hikaku would always use that against him to claim that he actually liked him, because he responded. That was not the truth, though.

The Senju gently nuzzled his uke, knowing more or less what he was thinking. "Madara, I'm going to kill him." He stated, his voice still gentle. It was truly weird to hear the gentle voice combined with the words. And Hashirama meant that he would actually end Hikaku's life.

Madara blinked, surprised he had heard that right. It wasn't that he didn't want to kill Hikaku, too, it would take much of his control to prevent himself from doing so in the neat future, too. But he realized his position, he could not exactly allow the Uchiha scum to be kill by the older male. "You can't kill him." Madara stated.

"Why not?" Hashirama blinked, tilting his head to the side. If he did it in battle, there was no risk at all... of anyone finding out that way.

"Think about, if he was willingly to try and take me despite knowing you would intervene. Don't you think that even if you did kill him, even in the mask of battle that he would have something planned in case that happened? Both you and I have a lot to lose if this gets you, sides I'm not willingly to take that chance, which means you can't kill him, understand?" Madara retorted, only half way through the sentence did he seemed to actually portray the seriousness in his voice. But he did mean it, Hikaku probably did have something planned if his death was granted, he was sure of it.

The Senju sighed, nodding. "But still..." He looked down. "If he actually does something serious to you, it's the last thing he'll ever do."

"It's so strange seeing you are the one adamant about killing someone." Madara chuckled lightly, it was so out of character, and yet he knew that Hashirama really would kill Hikaku if it happened again. That was actually a kind gesture in his mind, the Senju killing someone for him.

Hashirama smiled softly, sighing contently. While he held the Uchiha, he wasn't wanting to think of much else. Maybe even forget Hikaku for now.

Madara should have objected from the prolonged contact, he really could not be bothered to, at least not right now. Later he could kill the Senju for this, but not now. Then again he also doubted that he would even be allowed to leave from the contact, either.

The Senju closed his eyes, nuzzling Madara and kissing his cheek. At least for this moment he could have him like this, without so much struggle.

Madara blushed lightly from the contact, he didn't know why he blushed either. Contempt for the older male causing him the blush made him hiss in response to knock it off. He could only tolerate so much affection at once.

Hashirama chuckled softly, lying back down on the bed and stroking Madara's hair.

Madara sighed lightly, but nonetheless decided to lay back aside his own bed, despite there being a Senju in it. "You're going to have to leave when Izuna wakes up" He stated, he would rather kill himself before he let Izuna find Hashirama in their house, in his bed.

"I know, Madara..." The Senju smiled, snuggling close to the other. "But for now, let me be here with you..."

"Fine." Madara agreed softly, surprised at himself for not pushing the other away. He wondered why he didn't.

Hashirama closed his eyes once more, enjoying the contact with Madara.

Madara did not sigh or roll his eyes, he was actually allowing himself to relax around the Senju. He actually was very thankful that he had literally saved him, but he did not want to say that aloud not in a million years or even under hours of torture.

The Senju didn't want to break the peaceful silence now, so he took one of Madara's hands in his, holding and caressing it softly.

Madara's hand tensed up from the contact, his eyes averting away from the tanner individual. What now? What did the brunette want now?

Hashirama just chuckled softly, turning Madara's face gently towards his and kissing him. At that moment, the door opened.

Madara heard the door opened, and probably paled at that very instant. With all his strength mustering from an adrenaline rush due to shock he pushed the other away violently. "This is not what it looks like!" Madara commented panicked to his younger brother who was in the doorway. Kill him now, oh Kami kill him now!

The Senju pouted, wondering what would happen. "Not what it looks like." He repeated.

"Cute~!" Said Izuna, grinning. This was not what they thought his reaction would be, right? "I knew you two had a thing for each other!"

"What the hell, Izuna? This is not what it looks like at all! Not at all!" Madar yelled. He further proved his point by increasing his voice and the stress flowing freely through his voice. Fuck his composure, he did not care.

Hashirama rolled his eyes, chuckling.

"You two were kissing, nii-sama." The younger stated obviously. "And holding hands."

He growled in discontent, twitching his eyes in ever-growing stress, just sensing he was going to die from the shock. He was running out of viable excuses though, what could he say to change the others' mind? Nothing. It had been found out. Madara remained silent.

Izuna smiled. "But it's good that you two are together~ I think I'll leave you alone for now."

"Don't tell anyone, ok?" Asked Hashirama, knowing that was the least he could do to maintain Madara under control.

Seeing Izuna smile and now leave did very little for temper that he felt was just about to burst. Oh, he really wanted to kill Hashirama now. His murderous intent was rising, he just felt it rising. He growled darkly, glaring at the other. Izuna wouldn't tell anyone, but Izuna knew that was one person too much. This was all the damn Senju's fault.

The Senju sighed, snuggling into Madara's pillow. "Relax."

"Relax? How in the hell am I supposed to relax? This is all your damn fault!" Madara seethed literally, anger being pronounced through each syllable he spoke. He was not in the mood to be played with right now or just "relax". He was pissed.

"Izuna is your brother, he had the right to know, just like you had the right to know about him and Tobi."

Madara rolled his eyes, before scoffing "I suppose the next thing you're going tell me is that Tobirama knows."

"..." Hashirama was silent for that question.

Madara twitched his eyes, his body starting to shake with enormous amounts of anger. His fists clenched tightly that his nails dug into his own skin, letting blood rolled off his hands to the dark floor below. "Oh, I'm so going to kill you now." Madara replied deathly, before grabbing a spare kunai and charging at the older male.

The Senju used advantage of the wooden floor, making a tree wrap around Madara and hold him in place. "Calm down, Mada..."

"Calm down? How in the hell am I suppose to calm down? Not only does my younger brother know of our relationship but yours, too. I fucking hate your guts!" Madara yelled loudly, not even caring if Izuna could hear them anymore or not. He did not care, he was too mad to care about anything.

Hashirama shook his head, smiling softly. "Madara, if you yell, then the whole world will know."

Madara paled instantly, shutting up. He did not think about that, he lowered his eyes slowly before muttering "I still hate you."

The Senju pecked Madara's cheek, shaking his head. "I love you, too."

Madara growled loudly, "Stop saying that."

"I already told you I won't." Hashirama sighed, leaning against the tree he had formed and waiting for the Uchiha to calm down.

Madara hissed again but nonetheless slowly let his anger fade, still wanting to murder viciously the Senju, though. Although that was a normal thing for him.

When the Senju felt it was safe enough, he let Madara free, but was sure to make the kunai the other had been holding disappear with the tree.

"I am seriously going to kill you one of these days, Senju." Madara muttered softly, cursing that the floor was made of wood almost always giving the Senju the advantage. He did notice the lack of his kunai which only made him rolled his eyes, damn Senju.

Hashirama nodded, smiling. "If you say so..."

"What do you mean by that? I really will." Madara continued, annoyed by those words. Did the older man take him serious, at all?

The Senju chuckled, kissing the other's cheek. "Dying would only free me from any pain that can be inflicted on my body."

"I hate you." Madara stated again, growing increasingly annoyed once again by the other's presence. He was right, if he killed the Senju then he could not affiliate any pain on him, however he was curious. "I say I hate you and yet you responded like it means nothing at all. Does it truly not concern when I say such things?" Madara smirked.

Hashirama looked down, then smiled. "You don't hate me completely, so I don't mind~"

"How are you really so sure? You can't be one hundred percent sure that I don't hate you with every fiber of my being? You only hope that I actually harbor some feelings for you, so you don't feel like you are using me. Then aren't you worried too that I bring out the absolute worse in you?" Madara chuckled darkly, that should put a dampen in the Senju's smile.

The Senju sighed softly, closing his eyes and turning away.

Madara snickered lightly in success, he could use his words but like the other could but with a much more negative and psychological effect. Madara smirked, a small wave of victory was over him. He would make sure of it that the stupid love confession game would be ended soon.

Hashirama stared at the wall, thinking. Stupid thoughts, things he didn't want to bring out, because they hurt. Why couldn't he just block that dark side away, no matter how much he tried, anyway?

Madara smirk widen, knowing his words had actually hurt the older man was a thrill. "Isn't then so stupid to want to be around me if you'll only grow darker? Your peaceful side will cease to exist the longer you spent around me." Madara replied, choosing his words carefully. He knew just how much peace meant to the other man and just how much he could hurt him exploiting that weakness.

"Don't make me choose between 'stop breathing' and 'commit suicide'. It's... not like I have a choice." The Senju whispered, almost whimpered back.

Madara somewhat was beginning to feel bad continuing, he had heard the pain in the others' voice and yet he choose to ignore it. "Oh, please. Your dream of peace can never be accomplished around me, I love war, and I live for the next battle. That is my reason for living, yours is the very opposite of that. Isn't it just juvenile to pursue both?" Madara pushed, if anything this would make the other clan leader stop wanting him and stop showing affection and using words with hidden meaning. Madara chuckled, if the Senju honestly hope to have even a shred of sanity left, he would leave Madara just like he knew he would.

Hashirama bit his lip, sighing again. He couldn't leave Madara, but... he couldn't abandon his dream, either. Both were at the same level to him, or perhaps one was higher... he had yet to find which was that.

Madara heard the sigh, and conclude that the other was probably weighting which one was most important to him. He chuckled again, peace would win, he knew it would. Hashirama's heart just couldn't bear a world without peace, he never could and never would be able to, either. Madara began speaking again, faintly hearing a small voice inside of him telling him not to. He ignored that voice known as his conscious, he had long ago stopped listening to that voice. There was no reason to now, he had to make his point. "So go ahead and choose what you want most. You know as well as I that you simply cannot have them before without the other one failing"

"... What's the point of it, Madara? Of living to battle?" Hashirama asked softly, trying to push the pain away.

"The point? There is no greater feeling alive that one has in battle. Killing another, showing your supremacy, it is well worth any injuries ever severed." Madara gladly stated, knowing this was just a diversion from his previous statements that were taking effect.

"..." The Senju sighed again, shaking his head. "Madara, don't do this." He whispered back at the Uchiha, not wanting to choose what had to be chosen if he continued this.

He smirked, the other was at his breaking point. A few more words were all the he needed to permanently end all chances of a relationship co-existing in such a manner to ever exist again. He wasn't feel happy or content as he should about doing this, either. He ignored those feelings and all thoughts attached to them. Madara smirked once again, before starting again "Why shouldn't I? Wouldn't you just have to choose eventually anyways? I'm only speeding up the inevitable! You will have to choose. What's more important to you? The peace united everyone throughout the lands or is it me that you so desperately acclaimed to love?" Madara waited, he wanted to hear this answer with every fiber of his being. He still could not shake that ever loud voice in his head that was shouting at him to stop, he had never had this problem with his conscious before. So why was it bothering him so much now?

Hashirama shook his head once more, trying to hide the tear that rolled down his cheek. Why couldn't the two clans have peace? Why couldn't things be so much easier? He knew that not all the Uchiha were bloodthirsty as Madara, this was just... He couldn't choose yet. If this continued any longer, he'd end up crying in front of Madara, something he didn't want to do.

Madara didn't know why but he started was starting to be filled with that little demon called guilt. Shit. What the hell was wrong with him? Why wasn't he able to continue on with his words with so many others feelings like guilt, remorse and other things bubbling up? Why were his thoughts growing with actual concern for another being? Seriously, what the hell was wrong with him? He couldn't find his voice to continue, momentarily he reminded quiet. Actually considering stop there and then, he was trying to hurt the Senju emotionally by his own vicious words and yet he kept feeling the desire that wasn't what he truly wanted. What did he really want? He rolled his eyes, confused before trying to bring himself to speak again. He could not.

The Senju was confused now, not only about all the thoughts racing in his head, but as to why Madara had stopped. He didn't question it, but he wanted to know. Was he right, at least to some extent? Maybe Madara did feel something more, even if it wasn't half as strong as what Hashirama felt, even if it was just a tip of humanity, the Uchiha felt something.

Speak! Damn it, speak! Madara kept telling his mouth to obey, yet it seemingly began refusing all commands and wishes from the Uchiha. He was getting frustrated at himself, when he had stop speaking it gave the illusion that he cared, when he really did not! He needed to speak, and continue emotionally harassing the older man. He had to continue speaking, he just had to. Or his message would be distorted into something he did not want. Finally gaining control of his voice again, he spoke "Our clans will never have the peace you so desire, isn't one of your duties as the Senju clan leader to do what was best for your clan? Isn't this relationship just against that?" Madara realized just how unthreatening that came out, if anything it sounded like he was forcing himself to say these words. It didn't really sound like he meant what he was saying, even he doubted the integrity of his own words. Fuck. Madara inwardly cursed, what was wrong with him? Someone tell him what was wrong with him? Why was this bothering him so much? Why? Why? Why? Madara was growing increasingly stressed, perhaps even panicking a bit. He did his best to look calm, and uncaring, though he was not sure if that came out well either.

Hashirama wiped his face, turning around and hugging Madara softly. "Why can't both clans have peace? Just because our powers match in battle and the countries will use us against one another?"

Madara growled at the sudden contact before contesting "Don't touch me!" He pushed the other away. Hell, he knew even for sure that his emotionlessly mask was slipping he felt it doing so. Emotions were actually ruling the great Uchiha Madara's action. "There can never be any peace between our two clans." He stated loudly, not even believing that to sound anything remotely like a threat. Why couldn't he remain calm and emotionless around the damn Senju? Why in the hell couldn't he? He was growing increasingly alarmed by each passing second. There was no point in trying to save his composure now, he had long lost it.

"Why not?" The Senju insisted.

Madara rolled his eyes, trying to come off as threatening as he could. "Because your clan and mine are just too damn different to co-exist with one another." Hell, even he didn't believe that, that sound just like an excuse or an effort to not speak what he really wanted to speak.

Hashirama shook his head. "That's not true, Madara. Not entirely, we do have many differences between the clans, but not as many as you want to think."

Hell. He really needed to other stop speaking, he was not sure just how much longer he could continue this conversation without leaking out something stupid or questionable. He had never been so dishelmed before, his logic he used to defend his actions and himself was growing thin, if not breaking. His voice was getting harder to mask his emotions, a task he usually had no problem with. Then his thoughts were betraying the words that came out of his mind, too. He wasn't saying wanted he wanted to say he was deliberately try to speak in tongues, hoping that actually the other would decipher the message in front him. He was going to go insane if he continue like he just knew he would. He had to response, he had to think of something to respond to the previous statement. Something. Anything.

Yet once again, he was having trouble forcing himself to speak. He normally had no problem forcing his beliefs or thoughts out on others, but this was just growing too much for him bear. He felt himself starting to adapt a nervous and meek persona, such things didn't happen to the Uchiha. Or weren't supposed to happen to him. He wasn't supposed to feel things like emotions.

Emotions only got in the way of a clear mind, something that all ninjas needed. However, emotions were swirling up in him, too many at one time. Madara wasn't even aware that he had this many feelings or how suffocating they could on his throat. He was still silent, too many seconds had past for it just to be a lapse explained by thinking.

Only a gateway to be momentarily conclusive to his feelings. He was nervous, and unable to speak right.

The Senju started humming softly, a song he thought did fit at this moment. He didn't voice the words yet, just kept humming the tune while reaching out to stroke Madara's hair. Surprisingly enough, even before, that action seemed to calm the Uchiha at times. Maybe it would work again.

Madara should said something, he should've cursed at the Senju for touching him or come out with some harsh reply for the action. Yet he couldn't even speak, the action was actually bringing some sort of a relief or calmness to his wrecked mind and composure.

Smiling softly, Hashirama let himself relax, too. He continued the tune, before voicing some of the words to the song. "Because nothin' lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change..." He sang slowly, kissing the Uchiha's forehead.

"Shut up." Madara voiced softly, surprised the Senju could actually sing nice.

"But lovers always come, and lovers always go... and no one's really sure who's letting go today, walking away..." The Senju insisted, well aware that he was jumping parts of the lyrics. Well, who cares? He just felt the need to sing that.

Madara was confused, why in the hell was the other even singing away? Wasn't he just in mental anguish a few minutes ago? Madara growled lightly, discontent with himself, he hadn't even managed to hurt the Senju that much, did he now? He rolled his eyes, before averted them. Still not wanting to speak really much of anything.

"If we could take the time to lay it on the line, I could rest my head just knowing that you were mine... all mine..." Hashirama himself had no idea exactly why he was singing this, but he wanted to, maybe because this song seemed to calm his inner battle.

Madara looked down, doubting that he could further engage himself with another battle of words with the Senju and actually win. He cursed lightly, at least some clarity was returning to his mind, however with that he began to realize just how pathetic his actions had been. Damn it, he was supposed to the Uchiha clan leader and yet he was this pathetic? The feelings of hating himself returned.

"So if you want to love me, then darling don't refrain..." The Senju hugged Madara again, not tight, just a gentle hug as he sang.

Madara blinked, upon hearing those words, his thoughts returned to becoming clouded and dishelmed. Hell, this was torture, too many racing thoughts of unneeded burdens and ideas. Fucking hell, he did think to much, didn't he? The hug, he didn't pull away from but he didn't necessary adhere to it, either. Just was thoughts were running throughout the others mind?

"I know it's hard to keep an open heart, when even friends seem out to harm you..."

Madara avoid blinking, and just lowered his eyes, he really didn't want to bother with this anymore. Yet he didn't want to flee or escape for some odd reason that he could identify right now. Perhaps he actually liked this? He pushed that though to the back of his mind, feeling his head with mindless dribble just so he wouldn't think about it.

"And when your fears subside, and shadows still remain..." Hashirama nuzzled Madara softly, kissing his cheek. "I know that you can love me, when there's no one left to blame."

Madara blushed from the prolonged and new contact. He did not love the other male, he would literally take his own life before he even thought about that much less ever show anything that even looked like he didn't hate the Senju with every fiber of his being. Because he did, or at least he thought he did. He once again suppressed those thoughts replacing them with random, incoherent ones.

The Senju smiled. "So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way, because nothin' lasts forever, even cold November rain..."

Madara was growing not more annoyed, not even angry, but just more vulnerable which each passing second and he did not like it at all. Ignore it, ignore it all, he kept repeating to himself softly inside his own mind. Ignore it he needed to ignore it because he most certainly couldn't face his own feelings.

"Don't you think that you need somebody, don't you think that you need someone? Everybody needs somebody..." Hashirama ended the song, closing his eyes. "I love you."

"Don't say that" Madara hissed, regaining some of his previously lost anger. "Just stop saying that" he continued before returning to his silence, afraid of the next thing that would come out of his mouth, if he didn't control his emotions.

The Senju pecked Madara's lips, smiling. "I can't, Madara."

"Why? Why can't you just stop saying? It just-" Madara bit down on his own tongue, slight blood now flooding in his mouth. He wouldn't speak anymore, he couldn't speak anymore.

Hashirama caressed Madara's face, gently running his hand over the other's cheek. "Because I love you, and I want you to know that... and I need to say it."

"You don't mean it! It's all just a lie! I wouldn't be tricked" Madara growled back, feeling more and more like a child for his immature actions and thoughts. Shit, this just couldn't continue, it just couldn't. For the sake of his sanity, this just could not continue.

The Senju looked into Madara's eyes, as dangerous as that could be. "I mean it, Madara. I love you."

Madara was taken aback by that gesture, he could remember anyone ever looking into his eyes, despite what damages he could cause to them with the Sharingan. However, the Senju did not even seemed phased by the danger. He averted his eyes, for like that twentieth time that day, he was sure. Saying something, anything while looking into another eyes make it quite hard to write it off as lie.

"And even if I'm not completely sure of what damage can come to me through this, I can trust you. At least with some things."

"You shouldn't trust me at all" Madara replied, wasn't the other even afraid of the Sharingan eyes like so much often were and then considering how experienced he was with his eyes, hell the Senju had to be that stupid.

"But I do." He smiled, kissing the Uchiha's forehead again.

"You're so stupid" Madara commented, or more like scoffed at the other still actually claiming he could trust the Uchiha, somewhat. "What reason have I ever gave you that you think you're able to trust me?" he asked, to his acknowledge he hadn't given away.

"You didn't kill me when I gave you the chance, and all the times that I looked into your eyes in the passed days, you didn't use Sharingan on me."

"You've forgotten all the times I've tried to kill you, haven't you? I tried earlier today, remember? Those other times, when I kill you I want to fight you seriously, I would not use such a tactic on you, Senju" Madara announced, making sure he pronounced the other man last name, knowing that would probably bother him.

"But you managed to get me emotionally weak, and at the moment when I wouldn't even be able to resist your attacks, you didn't try. You've only tried when I actually have the chance to block you."

Madara's eyes widen, the Senju did noticed that. What was he supposed to do now? "Because I want to fight you when you're at your best, with everything you've got, not like that" Madara stated, trying to come of as proud, even if it was a halfway lie.

"But when it comes to me, you'd usually do anything to beat me." Hashirama smiled, nuzzling Madara.

Madara blinked his eyes, again. Shit, his lie had been countered, what could he say now? "Well, that-" Madara trailed off, unable to think of just how to respond to that statement that would prove the Senju wrong.

"Just relax, Madara. How many times will I still have to ask you to do that?"

"How in the hell am I suppose to relax?" Madara muttered truthfully, how could he ever even hope to relax again? He only grew tenser around the Senju most of the time, this was one of those time.

The Senju started rubbing gentle circles over Madara's back, going up to his shoulder. He had learnt something about relaxation massage. "Just close your eyes and kick your worries away."

"I think I rather kick you, out of a window or something like that" Madara stated darkly, before growling slightly annoyed by the other attempt to relax him which was only making him grow even more tense.

"Well, then..." Hashirama started kissing over Madara's shoulder, seeing as the Uchiha's shirt had been ripped off by that insolent useless brat... well, let's not get into that now. He kissed over the Uchiha's shoulder and neck, arms wrapping around him and holding him close.

"Don't touch me" Madara hissed "I already got enough marks on me, I don't need anymore" He already going to have to cover up his neck for a few days while the stupid things healed, he did not anything prolonging that torture.

"I won't mark more." Said the Senju, actually leaving just kisses and licks that left Madara's skin just as it was. He went down, taking one of the Uchiha's nipples between his lips and rolling his tongue over it.

"You just cannot stand anyone else but you touching me, can you?" Madara chuckled lightly, even through the others tongue on his nipple, he was gradually being able to resist his desire to moan, at least somewhat or at least, for now.

"Not... at all." Hashirama muttered between licks and soft sucks to the nipple. One of his hands slowly ran down Madara's abdomen, feeling his body.

Madara shuddered softly from the contact. "We're not doing this, not here" Madara stated, he be damned if he let Izuna caught them again in any compromising positions. Despite even if the younger Uchiha brother was okay with it, he was not so free about showing off a relationship.

The Senju bit down, not hard. "Madara, he won't walk in here..." A big branch sealed the door and another closed the window, so no one could see. Then, the walls were made soundproof and Hashirama went back to the Uchiha, nibbling and licking a path down to his pants.

"I didn't even provoke you this time" Madara murmured softly, he twitched softly from the soft bite and the licks growing closer to his member.

Hashirama smiled, lowering the other's pants slowly and licking lower. "Hmm... but it's hard to resist, provoked or not." He took Madara's cock into his mouth, sucking.

Madara rolled his eyes before trying to repress a moan, yet he failed miserably. He hated moaning, he really honestly hated it with a fiery passion.

The Senju continued sucking, his tongue helping by swirling around the member, teasing the tip.

Madara moaned softly, he growled at the teasing gesture. If this was going to happen, he didn't want to be teased.

Hashirama licked up and down, pulling his head back for a moment, lowering to lick the base and balls.

Madara arched his back from the contact, releasing a small pant in return. Fucking hell, how could their be such a different between two people engaging in near similar actions? How did even Hashirama know how to do all of this, anyways or was he just simply gifted?

The Senju chuckled softly, what probably send some vibrations up Madara's member, and went back to licking and sucking. "I read a lot, Madara."

"Of course you do" Madara said, as clearly as he could managed which was quite a difficult task with all the attention he was getting. He didn't notice whether to appreciate the other seniority or just hate it for him being such a show off, at times, really.

Hashirama pulled back for a moment, undressing himself. "Reading can teach a lot..." He climbed over the Uchiha again, claiming his lips with his own.

Madara wanted hissed to hiss "Shut up", unpleased with the seemingly taunting comment, but his lips were currently taken so that wasn't even worth the effort.

The Senju deepened the kiss, being cautious of the other's teeth, and letting one hand touch Madara's ass cheeks, caressing them.

Madara rolled his eyes, damn he wasn't able to bite Senju, like he wanted to. Hashirama wasn't the only sadist here. Madara wanted to at least be able to harm the other physically, at least just once. He would wait for an opening.

Hashirama pulled his tongue back, nibbling on the Uchiha's lower lip.

Madara gotten irked by the Senju biting him and not the other way around. Oh, like the Senju was the only one who liked to bite....

The Senju chuckled, gently licking over Madara's lips. "You want to bite, Madara~?"

"I get tired of the one constantly being bitten." Madara stated annoyed and letting that being portrayed throughout his voice. Of course, he wanted to bite, however, if the other allowed him to bite would there be any penalties in return. He shuddered slightly in remembrance of the last time he bite the Senju.

Hashirama stroked Madara's member, his mouth coming close to the Uchiha's ear. "As long as you don't bite to tear..." He repeated the way he had already bitten Madara, gently and playfully, nibbling on his earlobe. "I'll have no problem with it."

There was a slight evil glint in Madara's eyes, he smirked lightly. Even if he wanted to bite to tear some of the others' flesh off, he would resist that temptation. Well, at least for now, or until a situation came when he could actually get away doing it. Madara bite down, softly, in a slight teasing gesture, that the older man liked to perform on him to the Senju's shoulder.

The Senju chuckled, letting out a soft moan and moving his hips against Madara's, creating a friction for both their members. "You know that if you bite to tear..." He smirked. "I'll punish you. And this time I won't hesitate like last time." Leaning down, he licked over Madara's neck once more.

Madara moaned in response to the friction. "Maybe I want to be punished." Madara suggested lightly, biting down on the taller shoulder again.

Hashirama brought his hands forward, smirking. "Well, I'll see to that... after these are coated enough." He placed three fingers on Madara's lips.

Madara arched his eyebrows slightly before taking the others finger into his mouth. Coating them evenly with his tongue.

The Senju pulled his fingers away when they were done, and instead of starting with one, thrust two at once into the Uchiha's entrance. He smirked, kissing his uke's shoulder softly.

Madara hissed from the sudden invasion, he did ask for it. Sometimes he wondered why he did that. Perhaps he was somewhat of a masochist, too?

Hashirama licked softly over the Uchiha's neck, moving his fingers slowly. "If only I had my toys here..."

Madara arched his back and moaned slightly from the contact. "You are really a pervert, Se-I mean Hashirama"

"I just can't resist your incredibly hot body... and your wonderfully and crazily attractive personality... as crazy as that may sound." The Senju stretched Madara carefully, adding a third finger.

Madara let out a sharp hiss of air, before adjusting to the third finger. "Most people would find my personality horrid" That was an understatement. Most people found Madara abrasive, rude, arrogance nature off-putting, well that was moments before their deaths...but that is another story.

Hashirama chuckled. "But you always act so strong and proud... and evil. I want to know everything you hide, no one can look so strong without hiding things underneath the mask they made." He thrust his fingers into the other repeatedly, angling them differently until he found what he searched for.

Madara would have contested that and disagreed to that had it not been for his prostate that had just been hit. He moaned loudly, extremely grateful for the soundproof walls and yet worried that the Senju actually wondered about his weaknesses, he did not share those with anyone, not even Izuna.

The Senju repeated his action, nibbling on Madara's earlobe. "It's not healthy to keep it all locked up." He whispered, smiling. "And your moans..." He thrust his fingers there yet again. "Are wonderful~"

"Shut up" He hissed, loudly. Like hell he would revealed his weakness to the Senju he would rather die than to admit to them all. Madara moaned again, he hated the fact Hashirama enjoyed his moans too much, it just annoyed him.

Hashirama removed his fingers, kissing Madara and positioning his member at the Uchiha's entrance, but staying still.

"You might as well not make me wait" Madara breathed softly. Biting once again on the others' shoulder, nearly drawing blood but he restrained himself from doing so.

The Senju moaned softly at the bite, thrusting in roughly and in one movement. "You... asked for it." He said, knowing that must have hurt quite a lot.

Madara flinched from the sudden contact, fucking hell did it hurt. He bit down on his lip managing to make a small indentation with his teeth, as blood rolled down off his chin. After the initial pain, it got better just barely, like it always seemingly did.

Hashirama leaned down, licking off the blood from Madara's chin and lips. "I love you." He whispered, then started moving, starting with a considerably slow and gentle pace.

Madara ignored the words again, instead of choosing to react violently to them, which he knew would prove no avail. Thankful that the other had slowed down, he was sure of now, he was definitely a masochist always asking for painful things even given the chance not to endure them, he always choose to. He wondered why, it was getting better, the pain becoming to fade once again.

The Senju smirked softly, stopping for a moment and flipping them around so Madara was on top. He put his hands on the Uchiha's waist, looking at him. "Ride."

Madara chuckled at the switch of positions, that was actually a nice gesture given the Uchiha's normal dominant nature. He smirked before doing as he was instructed to, "riding" the older man.

Hashirama kept some control by keeping his hands at the Uchiha's waist, so if he wanted he could change the pace or position again.

He faintly acknowledged that the other could still change the position, apparently he would have to be "good". He rolled his eyes but continued at an pace, that was pleasurable for both.

The Senju moaned softly, closing his eyes. He had a very well planned idea if Madara tried being bad and playing games. It would be fun one way or the other.

Madara was tempted, he really was tempted to do something that warranted punishment but really he wanted to be able to walk without a limp. Madara rode the Senju at a slightly faster pace, only slightly to ensure the other one would not see it as a threat. Madara moaned, too, pleased from the contact.

Hashirama licked his lips, staring as Madara went up and down. If only the Uchiha were facing the other way and- no, no more images for now. He could see as his dick showed and disappeared under Madara, and moaned again.

Madara moaned again, thankful that he hadn't given off any vibes that could be taken as "bad". He didn't like being good, but hell, sometimes he was smart enough to shut his mouth and he was also aware of just how easily provoked the Senju was, perhaps he could use that in the future for some evil plotting. He tried his best to keep the evil tint out of his eyes but knew it was probably noticeable. Madara continued to ride at an slightly increasing pace.

The Senju smirked, one hand coming from Madara's waist to his member and stroking. "You're plotting something evil, are you?" He chuckled.

Madara moaned softly before responding "Me? Planning something evil? I would never" Madara stated as innocently as he could before snickering lightly. Fucking ,stupid, observant Senju he cursed inwardly.

Hashirama squeezed the other's member slightly. "Don't lie~ or I'll punish you."

Madara hissed, glaring somewhat darkly to the other. "So what if I was? I can't deny my nature. At least I didn't act on my temptation." he commented, rolling his eyes slightly. Beginning to think that the other like punishing him, only him, a bit too much.

The Senju changes their positions, once again on top of Madara. He nibbled on the Uchiha's earlobe. "Just don't lie." He chuckled. "I won't punish you for thinking."

Madara growled from once again being topped by the tan male. "Why is it so important that I speak the truth rather than lies?" Madara asked, he couldn't really be bothered to tell anyone to full truth everyday of the week. He preferred lying because then with his lies could he more easily mess with other people minds'.

Hashirama licked down Madara's neck, thrusting hard into his prostate. "Because I love you."

Madara moaned loudly, caught off guard by the thrust. Annoyed by the statement being spoken again, yet he just once again ignored it.

The Senju smirked, repeating the hard thrust and bringing one of his hands to caress Madara's thighs.

Madara moaned loudly, feeling himself about to reach his climax as he leaned into the Senju, wishing for the other to thrust into him again.

Hashirama led his hand back up to stroke Madara's length, giving another hard thrust into his prostate, and another following it.

Madara moaned even louder than last, he had burst. He panted, trying to regain somewhat of a regular breathing pattern before realizing something. This was the third time that they had done, damn it.

The Senju thrust into Madara some more times, before climaxing and releasing inside him.

Madara averted his eyes, he hadn't protest or restrained that much to it...Sure, it felt good and all but was that the only reason he had let it happen? He rolled his eyes, getting a bit confused.

The Senju smiled, not yet pulling out. He kissed the Uchiha's forehead, hugging him close.

Madara growled, what now? "Let go" he muttered soft but darkly. They had already had sex what was the point for any more affection or contact?

Hashirama felt himself hardening again, and chuckled. "Second round." His hand stroked Madara's member as he slowly moved in and out, finally hard again.

Madara blinked, before twitching his eyes. So much stamina, he didn't expect that. Moaning softly again, fucking hell he wanted to kill the Senju again.

The Senju sped up his pace, kissing his uke's neck and sucking softly, probably not hard enough to leave a mark.

Madara grew annoyed at his treatment at his neck, however being pleasured once again by the other, he let out a small series of moans. Which no doubt pleased the Senju.

Hashirama chuckled, continuing what he had started before and giving hard thrusts straight to Madara's prostate.

Madara moaned loudly at the well placed strikes to his prostate, he hated how the Senju could pleasure him like this absolutely hated it, yet that didn't mean he didn't like it. Hell, none of Madara's thoughts were making sense, why should he surprised he could almost never think clearly around the other.

The Senju continued thrusting that way for a long time, sometimes adding some affection to Madara's neck and shoulders, or teasing his nipples.

Madara had came again, his breathing still shallow. He just was wondering if the Senju was going to ask for a third round.

Hashirama moaned his uke's name, releasing into him for the second time that day. Panting softly, he pulled out and lay beside Madara. "Third round?" He asked, joking.

He chuckled, pulling the Uchiha close and nuzzling him. "I love you~ 3"

"Stop touching me" Madara stated, seriously growing impatient with all the others actions. Had his hands not been on his skin for long enough? He rolled his eyes, pushing the other away to the best of his ability, which probably wasn't that much he was quite exhausted.

Hashirama smiled, kissing Madara's cheek. "You're so adorable when you struggle~"

"You know you see that as a compliment, I on the other hand see it as insult, so therefore shut the hell up, you're giving me a headache." Madara replied, truth be told he had been having lingering headaches recently, even before all this was happening too. That was bothering without knowing the reason why.

"I still think it's adorable, so shut up and let me hold you~"

"Oi!" Madara protested, however just finding it more and more unless by the second, he was only wasting his energy, after all.

"I love you." Hashirama held the other close, smiling.

Madara just ignored those words, he could not progress them without only burdening himself with thoughts that he did not need.

Happy that Madara let him hold him, Hashirama didn't take down what was closing the window and door yet, because obviously the Uchiha wouldn't want someone to walk in while they were naked and hugging on the bed that was filled with cum.