The Dictionary

Hermione and Draco had been together for nearly two years, and everyone agreed that they were very well matched. Their arguments were fierce, heated and passionate, and Draco had once noted that they were similar to foreplay.

One such argument occurred during a game of Scrabble, and Draco wasn't going to give this up, not a seven letter word, it would absolutely kill the game, he was certain that Hermione was mistaken. Acerose was not a word.

'You are being ridiculous!' Hermione vented. 'Why do you not believe me?'

'Because you can't accept being wrong!' Draco smirked.

Hermione decided to end the argument. 'Oh for Merlins Sake, Accio Dictionary.'

Draco reached out and caught it. However looking down, it wasn't quite what he had expected.

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Hermione froze, and began to explain. 'I've been meaning to tell you, actually….'


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