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The noise could be heard blocks away and as they made it closer, Dean was really starting to regret letting Sam talk him out of investing in ear plugs. He knew he would definitely be leaving with a massive headache and this time it wouldn't be from too many beers.

He held the bulky package closer as they made their way up the porch and Sam eagerly rang the doorbell, though Dean doubted anyone inside could hear it. Surprisingly the door flew open in seconds, the noise becoming even louder, if possible.

"I'm so glad you're here!"

"Need some help, Dave?" Dean laughed at the older man as he happily pulled each of them into a strong hug. "Can't handle a bunch of little kids?"

"You have no idea."

The three of them laughed, pushing their way past Dave and into the crowded house. Dean and Sam put their presents onto the table and Dean felt rather proud that theirs were most definitely the largest, they even had princess wrapping paper. His brother had of course been the one to pick out the paper only because Dean refused to be seen buying princess paper.

They dodged their way through the children running around their legs and Dean tried to keep from checking out the mothers, though he wasn't doing a very good job. He saw the one standing against the wall, long dark hair with green eyes and two very large breasts but he kept on walking even when she smiled at him, which was definitely a seductive smile if ever he'd seen one.

"Dean," He took a deep breath nodded at his brother as he followed him out of the living room and into the kitchen. "Don't even think about."

"Shut up, Sammy."

Dave and Bobby were standing by the counter, both staring out the back window at the group of girls chasing each other around the swing set. Dean smiled when he caught a glimpse of the girls, their curly red hair even longer since the last time he saw them.

It hadn't been easy letting them go but Dean was happy that the small family was reunited; glad that Dave had beat the odds and made it back home. The girls had been thrilled to see their father but were just as reluctant to leave Bobby's as Dean and Sam were of letting them go.

The family stayed at Bobby's for a few days as Dave got back on his feet, recovering from his injuries and the trauma of the long month he had away from his girls. He told the other hunters how he had been thrown through a window and collided with the porch. The collision had only knocked him out for a few moments but when he came to, the house was engulfed in flames and the porch was beginning to warp so he rushed off into the fields as quickly as his body would allow him.

His face had been scared from the explosion, along with his neck and arms but besides that he was lucky to have made it out with a broken arm and a concussion. He told them how he had tried to search for them, tried to find his way back to the cars in hopes that they had made it out but he was unable to get very far as his injuries took a toll and he ended up on the ground.

Dean had felt rather guilty at the information, realizing if they had only stayed around longer he would have realized that it had been Dave found in the fields and not Williams. Of course none of them knew all the answers but they could assume that Williams hadn't listened and decided to continue his hunt for the demon. Seemed Williams had gone in at the wrong time and was taken out by the blast that they had assumed took Dave.

It didn't matter if Dean had wished for it when they first heard the news, he was still sorry that the other man had lost his life. Williams was a hunter and Dean could respect that, but if it had to be him or Dave, Dean was extremely thankful it hadn't been Dave who had been killed.

Since Dave hadn't had any ID on him and was unsure of their location, he had told the authorities he didn't remember or know anything about what happened. Authorities assumed he had amnesia from the hit to the head and had not questioned him any further. Dave snuck out a day later, once his injuries were taken care but he hadn't left the area.

If Dave wasn't standing with them, drinking beer and watching his girls enjoy their party, Dean would have killed him for the stupid decision to stick around Minnesota and finish a hunt only he knew wasn't finished. The ritual had been cut short due to the explosion and Dave had known the demon would have fled the host but had not been sent back to Hell.

He stuck around and continued to follow omens until the demon figured him out and paid him a visit in his motel room. Luckily that was part of Dave's stupid plan and the older man had trapped the demon, finally sending it back to hell where it belonged.

That's when Dave had finally showed at Bobby's, thanking them over and over for taking care of his daughters but not realizing just how much they had enjoyed it, Sam especially. Dean knew it had been extremely hard for his brother to turn over responsibility but he also knew his brother was pleased that the girls had their father back; knew the importance of family staying together.

When it came time to say goodbye, Dean remembered Sam shuffling into the living room and sitting himself on the couch as the girls finished packing all their stuff. Dean had watched his brother stare off into space, the light he had seen the previous weeks had started to dim already.

The girls had stomped down the stairs with their stuff dragging behind them but stopped suddenly when they noticed Sam. Dean had backed away and given them room as they barreled onto the couch, knocking Sam back with the force of their small bodies.

"Why are you sad?" Meghan had reached up and touched Sam's cheek, her smile never falling as she stared into his eyes.

Dean remembered expecting his brother to try and hide his emotions; to cover them up with a quick lie as to not upset the girls but Sam had surprised him. Instead, Sam lowered his head and wrapped the girls into a tight hug, both of them easily relaxing against his chest.

When Dave had appeared beside Dean, he had been worried the moment would be broken up but the girls' father stayed silent, smiling as he watched the scene as well.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Sam had whispered and Dean knew his brother was keeping his voice low to try and keep it from breaking with emotion.

"But we're not going anywhere."

"You're going back home."

"But it's not far." Mackenzie smiled as she turned toward Dave and Dean who nodded in confirmation. "You can come and visit us all the time. You can take us to the park and maybe you can even come see our plays in school, we do a lot of them."

Dean had laughed when he turned toward Dave and saw the father roll his eyes at the mention of school plays. He remembered seeing Sam smile and loosen his grip on the girls as his brother lifted his head and kissed them each on the cheek.

"Will you come to our birthday party?" Meghan had sat down on Sam's lap and looked up with eyes that rivaled Sam's puppy dog look.

Sam had laughed and hugged them both close one last time, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Dean remembered seeing the grateful smile on Dave's face when the man finally took his eyes off the girls and turned toward Dean, hand extended. He took Dave's hand and shook it firmly before pulling the older man into a hug.

"I'm glad you made it out okay."

Dave pulled back with a wider smile and patted him on the shoulder, "Thanks for taking care of my girls. I owe you guys."

"No you don't, but don't think you're getting rid of us either."

"I didn't think so."

That had been the last time they'd seen the girls and Dave, though the girls called frequently to update Sam and Dean on silly things. The light in Sam's eyes had gotten brighter with each phone call and when the invitation arrived two months later, Dean knew there was no chance any of them were saying no.

He and Sam had returned to hunting a week after the girls left but they both knew that they would drop anything to see those girls. Neither of them was going to be settling down anytime soon to have a family of their own but those girls were the next best thing.

They made sure they finished their hunt on time and made it to Bobby's the day before. Then they were up early that morning to make the four hour drive to Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


Dean returned to the present as the high pitch squeals rang through the kitchen. The girls slid across the kitchen floor and happily wrapped themselves around Sam's legs before his brother laughed and knelt down to their level. He opened his arms wide and the girls threw themselves at him once again, their tiny arms tight around his chest.

"Happy birthday!"

They pulled back from Sam with a loud 'thank you' before the both grabbed one of his hands and tried to pull him with them. Sam laughed as he almost lost his balance but was thankfully able to stand up before the girls pulled him to the floor. Seconds later Mackenzie and Meghan dragged Sam out of the kitchen and into another room, the excited chatter slowly fading into the distance.

"They really missed you guys." Dave said with a smile.

"The feeling is definitely mutual."

The kitchen fell slightly after that and Dean watched Dave closely, noticing as the other man's smile faded into a concerned frown. He also noticed that Dave was staring at him and Dean felt himself growing concern.

"I need to talk to you about something, Dean."

He frowned as Dave motioned for him to take a seat at the table, Bobby sitting down beside him as the three fell into an awkward silence again. The anticipation was killing him but Dean was starting to think he didn't want to hear what Dave had to say, didn't want to ruin the happiness that had somehow become a part of the Winchesters' lives for once.

Dean watched Dave look around, making sure no one was too close before he sat down and spoke quietly.

"The demon told me some things before the explosion and I learned more once I trapped it." Dave folded his hands atop the table and kept his head bowed. "I knew some stuff before which is why the demon targeted my family. It said I was getting too close."

"Too close to what?"

"Finding out why demons want my daughters."

"What?" Dean slid his chair back and stood up, pacing around the table nervously and trying to keep his voice low. "Why would demons want your girls? Is it the same demon that wants Sam?"

"You knew?" Dave looked up at him in shock and Dean stopped pacing, nodding his head slowly as he sat back down.

"We figured some stuff out right before my Dad…" He shrugged his shoulders and raised a hand to his mouth, biting at the tips of his fingers. "But that demon killed our Mom. My dad had been hunting it for years."

"Before we got married, my wife told me about a deal she had made."

"With a demon?"

"Yes, Dean. She was worried I wouldn't believe her, I wasn't a hunter back then, and at first I didn't but then I let her explain. That's how I got into hunting; I tried to hunt the thing down before the deal came due."

"But you never found it?"

"Oh I found it," Dave lowered his head again. "I found it but had nothing to kill it with. Didn't matter anyway since the damn thing didn't hold the contract, it was just the deal maker. Apparently it was working for a higher demon, helping him with his dirty work."

"Yellow eyes had partners?" Dean turned to Bobby but the older man shrugged.

"Yellow eyes? The demon had yellow eyes?" When Dean nodded Dave continued. "It had to be a pretty powerful demon then. Its plans… do you know its plans for Sam?"

"No," He moved to the edge of his chair, his hands fisted on top of the table. "Did the demon tell you?"

Dave shook his head, "All I know is he's a big player. They need him for something huge."

"Well they can't have him."

"They won't get him, Dean." Bobby placed a calming hand on Dean's shoulder but was focused on Dave. "What did this have to do with the girls?"

"There are children like them, all of them, Sam and the girls."

"We've met some of them but they were all Sam's age."

"Different generations," Dave stood up this time, running a hand through his short hair. "My wife made a deal to save her best friend. The friend died in a car accident because she had been driving drunk and my wife blamed herself for it, said she let her friend leave the bar. Anyways, my wife made a deal at the hospital and the demon gave her ten years. We got married 4 years after that and had the girls a few months later. Last year the deal came due and the demon took my wife, I couldn't stop it."

"So the demon who made the deal was working for Yellow Eyes which meant the deal was worth more than your wife thought."

"The demon told my wife that her children would thank her for the deal, but my wife hadn't thought anything of it, neither did I until I caught the demon at the farm." Dave sat back down with a tired sigh. "It told me my girls were going to be a big help to hell someday. Then it told me the big shot demon had many children like the girls and Sam, soldiers on earth that would rise to the cause when the time came. I won't let my girls be a part of that. We have to stop it."

"We will, Dave." Dean wasn't sure if they could but he knew Bobby, Dave and himself, as well as Sam, would die trying. "I won't let them have Sam, or the girls, but it's not going to be easy."

"I didn't think it would," Dave gave a sad, tired smile. "But I'm glad to have you two fighting with me. I couldn't do it by myself."

They fell silent for a few moments, Dean's thoughts running wildly as he soaked in all the information Dave had given him. Most of it he already knew but it worried him that Yellow Eyes had such interest in Sam, it made it difficult to forget what his father had told him. Dean wouldn't let it get that far though because he was going to save Sam no matter what and he knew his brother would feel the same when it came to the girls.

"Should we tell, Sam?"

"No," Dean shook his head and held up his hand at Bobby's protest. "I want to tell him myself but it can wait till after today. Let him enjoy his time with the girls."

"He's good with them."

"He loves them," Dean smiled. "And I know he'll protect them no matter what it takes, just as I would for him. This demon doesn't stand a chance."

"Thank you."

Dean nodded to Dave and then turned to Bobby with a smile, "What's family for?"

The older men laughed, though Dean didn't miss the happiness and gratitude that both tried to cover. They were hunters and their experiences may have worn them down, changed them, but also brought them closer, connected them. Dean didn't trust many people, nor did he like other hunters, but Dave and Bobby were different. They were his family now and Dean was okay with that, especially since his family now included two amazing twin girls with smiles that light up any room, much like his little brother.

The sound of pounding feet brought them out of their own thoughts as the girls ran back into the kitchen, followed by Sam and a bunch of other little girls. They tugged at Dave's hand with their pleading eyes and pulled him out of his chair and over to the fridge.

Dave laughed and tickled them both before telling them to go sit at the table while he got their cakes ready. Mackenzie ran over to Dean and climbed into his lap as Meghan and Sam sat down in Dave's seat. The girls bounced excitedly as their father and Bobby, put the candles on the cake, lit them and then carried them over to the table.

Dean assumed there were two cakes because the girls couldn't agree but when he saw the superman figure on the cake in front of him, his heart swelled. He pulled Mackenzie closer to him and kissed her cheek as everyone sang a very off tune 'Happy Birthday' to the girls before they blew out the candles.

"They picked the cakes out themselves, said they were special." Dave smiled as he bent over and kissed Mackenzie on the forehead and then moved over to do the same to Meghan.

Mackenzie turned herself around and got onto her knees so that she was face to face with Dean, "They are special, just like you and Sam. We know you don't really like princesses either."

Dean glared at Sam when his brother burst out in laughter but Dean couldn't help but smile himself as he hugged Mackenzie close once again. He watched Sam do the same with Meghan, enjoying the fact that both Sam and Meghan looked extremely happy as the two cut away at piece of the Sleeping Beauty cake.

"Oh!" Suddenly it hit Dean and he laughed out loud at the startled glances everyone in the room gave him. "Prince Philip is from Sleeping Beauty? So Aurora is the princess? She's Sleeping Beauty?"

Everyone was staring at him and he sunk back in his chair, cheeks red with embarrassment. Finally the silence broke and everyone started laughing, even if most didn't understand what was going on.

"Duh, Dean." Mackenzie and Meghan shook their heads as they laughed.

Sam smirked at him when the laughter died down and the two of them finished cutting the cake, handing them to Dave who distributed them around to the guests. The girls sat with them as they dug into the cake, which will forever be Dean's favorite part of birthdays, and chatted happily about all the presents they were hoping to get.

Dean looked up at Sam, both trying to hide their smiles when the girls told them just how much they really wanted a big doll house for their Barbies. It hadn't been hard to figure out considering how much they'd mentioned it when they had called to talk to him and Sam. The girls didn't have to know they bought them using fake credit cards because all that mattered was that Mackenzie was getting a purple doll house and Meghan a pink one.

"Dean," He looked up at his brother who was pointing at his own chin. "You have a little icing on your face."

Dean rubbed at his chin but realized, just as the girls and Sam started laughing again, that he hadn't had icing on his face until he touched his icing covered hand to his face. Apparently he hadn't paid much attention to how close his hand got to the cake, but his brother sure had.

He glared at Sam but once again couldn't deny the fact that he enjoyed the sound of his brother's laughter, especially when it was accompanied with the girls' giggles. Instead he picked up his fork, getting just a bit of icing and cake on it before he flicked it toward his brother, making it into Sam's hair with perfect aim.

The girls squealed with laughter and soon Bobby and Dave were joining them as Sam annoyingly tried to get the icing out, only managing to spread it in more. Eventually Sam gave up and glared at Dean before the smile once again returned to his face.

Dean could forget about demons and special children because when he looked at his brother, sitting at the table with Meghan and Mackenzie, he knew he was going to make sure nothing ever ruined what they had. He and Sam always had a family and they would never stop loving their father and mother but now that it was just the two of them, Dean was content to allow others into their circle. He hadn't thought it back then, but the demon that took the girls and hurt Sam, had done them all a favor and brought them close together.

Happiness finally found its way into their lives in the shape of two small girls with curly red hair, bright hazel eyes and cute little freckles around their noses. There's no way Dean or Sam were letting them go.

The End

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