"Just tech."

No, it was more then that, it was a person. But he was sad, broken.

"Why would the Little Man send us here on his last wishes?"

They'd found a wave from wash on the hard drive. River had found it-labeled Omega. It had been there for a long time. Another wave had been with it-Alpha-but it was encrypted. They'd followed his directions to Earth that Was.

"What I wanna know is how he knew the way to Earth That Was."

"Its a hard drive, not just tech. I mean Tech can refer to the Ship's innards. This is an antique."

She held the piece of hardware quietly as she placed a hand on the ice.
"Like a fairy tale. He's sleeping."

"Captain, I think there's a body in there!
"A cryogenic tube. It's been here...maybe as long as the drive."

It made sense. The body in the tube was empty-just parts, no soul, no mind. The drive had both of those and no parts.

"I thought cryogenic meant...well a tube. This is more like a chair...why is this room frosted over?"
"Why is it six hundred feet underground?"

"Just ice."

The angel just needed to finish his halo. She held the last fragment. She slid it in. The halo lit up.

"What in the gorram hell did Little Crazy do?"

"It's not beeping-that's good, right?"
"Just in case, River, come back here."
"Zoe will you get her?"
"My man sent us here."

His wing lit up and she saw it was made of glass. She slid her hand across and mandarin symbols appeared. Then her picture appeared. But...it wasn't her. Could it be? She placed her finger on it. The angel spoke.
"Was I sleeping?"

He was one now. River ran a hand down his cheek.
"Good Morning."