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"Look, Danny, I told you...that's not the point, I...I know it's Valentine's Day, but I can't...we are working and...yes, I am with Elliot, he's my part...ya know what, don't bother!" Olivia yelled as she slammed down the phone. She ran her hands through her hair and heaved a frustrated sigh.

Elliot gave her a sympathetic smile from his desk, but inside he was relieved. He hated Danny. In fact, he hated any man who dated Olivia. "Sorry," he said softly.

"I'm not," Olivia said. "This was coming, El. He couldn't deal with my job," she paused and looked up at him. "Or my choice of best friend."

Elliot raised his eyebrow. "What the hell does that mean?"

"He didn't exactly believe we're working, here, El." She laughed. "Christ, is this what it was like with..." she stopped. She was going to say Kathy. She was going to bring up his ex-wife, his waste of fourteen years, and his weekend-only parental rights.

"Yeah," he sighed. "It was." He looked at her, smirked, and asked, "Every fucking night, but I stopped caring after a while. You'd pick me over some guy if you had to, right? I always chose you over Kathy."

Olivia smiled. "You know I would, El. I have been, haven't I?"

"Yeah, and don't think I'm not grateful." Elliot realized, for the first time since his divorce was finalized, that she was finally unattached and he was feeling very ballsy. "Liv, he was right about one thing, it is Valentine's Day. Neither one of us should be sitting here all...I'll be right back." He got out of his seat and bolted out the door.

"Elliot," she yelled after him. "We have work to do!" He was already gone. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed, irritated. "Son of a bitch."

Elliot returned, half an hour later, to a very annoyed Olivia. She was knee deep in files and playing connect the dots on the white-board and the map, trying to plot the locations of the rapes in their case. She looked at him as he walked in and huffed. "You have fun on your little Valentine's date, or wherever the fuck you went?"

Elliot smirked. "I didn't go on a date," he said, "Yet. I had to set something up. Danny call back?"

Olivia nodded. "He did, but I told him to fuck off. I realized he wasn't worth the aggravation, El. I need someone who gets me, who understands that the two things that mean the most to me are this job and..." she stopped, again. "Look," she said, pointing to the map and changing the subject, "All of the rapes stemmed from a central location, spiraling out from Bayside."

Elliot grinned. She was going to say that he was important to her. "Liv, take a break, huh? Come with me?" he asked, smiling at her.

Olivia looked at him and shut the file in her hand. "You just took a break, you ass!"

"No," he said. "I told you I spent the last half-hour doing something. Something very important. Just come with me." He held out his hand to her, his heart pounding in anticipation.

She raised her eyebrow, licked her lips and rolled her eyes. "Okay," she said. "I guess I could use a few minutes away from this shit." She took his hand and watched with a confused expression as he grabbed her jacket and pulled her out of the bullpen. He gripped her hand tighter, unable to truly believe he was really holding it, and led her to the roof. Her eyes widened when she saw what was waiting for her in the spot that, in the last four years, had become theirs.

A black blanket had been laid out, several candles had been set up along the perimeter, a bottle of wine was chilling in a bucket of ice and another warm-looking blanket was sitting there, waiting for someone to need it to keep them warm.

"El," she gasped. "What is all..."

He interrupted. "Liv, I have been waiting for you to realize that Danny doesn't get you, he doesn't understand you. No one does, Liv. No one except..."

"You," she said. Her voice sounded accusing but her smile and tear-filled eyes were betraying her emotions. She dropped his hand and took a step toward the corner of the roof. The corner where they came to fight, talk, cry, and get away from the world when they needed to do so. The corner where Elliot brought Olivia, a month ago, to tell her he and Kathy were divorcing, the place where it had been decided, three weeks ago, that until he found a place of his own he would stay with Olivia. "This is beautiful, El. Why did you do all of this?"

"You really wanna know? We've been on this case for thirty-four straight hours, and I haven't even thought about the fact that I'm missing my weekend with the kids. I haven't thought about it because you keep finding ways to keep my mind off of it. You brought me a Mr. Potato Head, Liv, and you keep making it dance and sing. You've been making goofy faces at me all weekend. The past three weeks have been painful for me, but you've made them so much easier and I know what it cost you. You lied to Danny, a lot, because you didn't want me to be alone. You kept telling him we were working late so he wouldn't come over and find me on your couch, with you next to me half the time, and the one time you tell him the truth he flips out on you. You don't know what that means to me. Liv, maybe we should just stop pretending that we're just friends. That we're just partners."

Olivia looked at Elliot, her heart in her throat, and she spoke, "Pretending?"

"We are so much more than that and you know it. I have spent the last four years denying it and the last month, finally free from Kathy, but watching you with Danny, thinking I was too late. The last three weeks, I've been praying that something would happen, that he would fuck up and you'd drop his ass so I could finally take this chance. Liv, we may only have tonight, because that fucker might realize what he's lost and come back on his hands and knees, begging for forgiveness, and when he does, I don't wanna watch you go back to him without at least knowing I tried." Elliot led Olivia to the blanket and pulled her down, gently. He poured her a glass of wine, handed it to her and wrapped the second blanket around them as he snuggled closer to her. "This is me, trying. Happy Valentine's Day, Liv. I wanted you to spend it with someone who..." he paused, took a deep breath, and looked deeply into her eyes. "Someone who really loves you."

Olivia widened her eyes and looked away, drinking her full glass of wine. She took a deep breath and waved the glass in front of Elliot, silently asking for more. "You...love..." she mumbled as Elliot poured, "I...yeah...El."

"You what, Liv?" he asked, wrapping his arm and the blanket around her tighter.

Olivia looked into his blue eyes and smiled. "I didn't think you...Danny wasn't anything..." she sighed and took a deep breath. "Gimme a minute to remember how to form complete sentences," she joked. "I started seeing Danny because I had finally given up hope, I finally gave up on...you." She searched his eyes and found the sparkle she'd hoped to see. "Yeah, El. You. Danny, he was nice, and he was charming, but he was boring, and he wasn't what I wanted, and..."

"What do you want?" Elliot asked, interrupting.

Olivia looked at him, then she looked around at her surroundings, at everything Elliot had done for her. It was three-thirty in the morning. He had to bang on many shop doors and flash his badge, probably threatening people with bodily harm, to get the wine and the candles and he did it all for her. She brought her hands to his cheeks and cupped his face, peering deeply into his eyes. She pulled his face toward hers, feeling her heart pounding against her chest, and the moment their lips touched she world went completely dark. There was only her, and him, and this rooftop, and nothing else mattered. She pulled away, slowly. "Does that answer your question?" she asked, her eyes still closed, as she licked her lips, tasting the wine and essence of Elliot.

"Open your eyes," Elliot whispered to her. When she did, he smiled at her, that classic, Stabler-grin that made her heart melt, and he held her face in his hands. "I love you, Liv."

Olivia smiled, brighter than he'd ever seen her smile before, and she brushed her lips lightly against his. "I love you, too."

Elliot chuckled. "You have no idea what it has been like for me for the last three weeks. I was lying out there on your couch, wanting so badly to climb into bed with you, wrap my arms around you, and make you mine."

Olivia laughed. "El, why do you think I kept leaving my door open? Part of me kept hoping you would do that." She lifted her wine glass and gestured for him to do the same. "This really is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. I never pegged you as a romantic, El." They clinked their glasses in a wordless toast.

"I never was, Liv." He sipped his wine and suddenly felt compelled to rub his nose against hers. He did, and she giggled. She actually giggled. He laughed and did it again, loving how happy he seemed to be making her. "You bring out the romantic in me, Liv." He tilted his head a bit and pressed his lips to hers, lightly, still tentative.

Olivia, running her hand down his arm, pulled away from him and her face grew serious. "El, I…I don't…"

"What?" he broke into her speech, "What is it?"

"Before, what you said…" she took a breath and set her glass down. He brushed her thumb over his lips and he kissed her finger. "El, I don't want us to just have tonight. I don't care if Danny comes back on his hands and knees with the Pope, God and Elvis telling me how great he is, it's not him I want. It never was. You don't have to worry about me taking him back," she promised. "I just…are you sure that you…"

"I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I knew before I signed the divorce papers, Liv. I knew before she even filed for divorce. I knew, long ago, that I love you." He cupped her face, again, and brought his lips to hers, with less hesitation and more insistence, finally deepening the kiss and gaining long-awaited access to her mouth, tongue and teeth. He ran his tongue around hers once, to make his intentions known, then skimmed her lips before going in for the kiss of a lifetime.

"What about work?" she asked, as he pulled away. Her heart raced and her breathing was ragged, but her brain worked just fine. "I'm not letting you go, El, and I can't ask you…"

"Later, Liv," he whispered. "We'll worry later, okay?" He smiled as he leaned forward, forcing her down on her back. He folded the blanket over them and kissed his way down her body, licking and caressing his way back up. "Happy Valentine's Day," he whispered to her, once he was face-to-face with her again.

Olivia smiled and leaned her head up slightly to kiss him. "You can say that again," she quipped. He brought his lips down on hers again, and they both knew that their special spot on the roof would now hold a new and permanent place in their hearts as yet another "first" for them took place in its breadth.

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