A/N: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Here is the last one-shot for this holiday series, and it's romantic, funny, and a little smutty. ;)

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Olivia walked into her apartment, tired and cranky from a hellish day. She hung up her jacket, toed off her shoes, and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer when she slipped on something. She looked down and saw red rose petals all over her floor. "The fuck?" she asked herself. She unclipped her gun and held it in her hands, ready to aim, and followed the petals. They led to her bedroom and stopped at the foot of her bed. There were two whole roses, crossed over each other, in the middle of the bed. She reached for one when she heard his voice from behind her.

"Valentine's Day," he said. "Is really a remarkable day."

She smirked, sniffing the rose. She didn't turn around. "Why is that?"

"Because, it makes me angry, irrational, irritable, and stubborn at work, but the second you come home, it makes me mushy and gooey and romantic." He stepped closer to her and ran his hand down her arm.

"That's not Valentine's Day, that's just you," she quipped. She turned around and smiled at him. "What's with all the roses?"

He shrugged and smirked. "You don't like chocolate, there's only one piece of jewelry I could buy you that you'd actually wear, it's too late to take you to dinner, so roses and sex was the last romantic thing on the list of acceptable Valentine's gifts."

"Oh, roses and sex?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "I can't want to see what you do for my birthday."

He laughed and pulled her closer. "Close your eyes," he whispered to her.

"What?" she asked with a laugh.

"Close. Your. Eyes." he demanded, ripping the rose out of her hand.

She sighed and closed her eyes. She felt him slowly undressing her. He peeled off every item of clothing, gently and with a light touch. When she was completely naked, he prodded her into the bed and very gently pushed her down. "Keep them closed," he said when he saw her trying to open an eye. He ran his fingertips over every inch of her body, from her toes all the way up to her forehead, and trickled them back down, using a feather-light touch. She was moaning and writhing and begging, but he wasn't giving in.

"Oh, God," she cried, feeling his fingers barely pass over her slit.

He chuckled. "I haven't even touched you yet, baby, and you're dripping."

"That's what you do to me, El," she said, squeezing her eyes closed when his finger finally entered her. "Oh, God!"

She shot up in her bed and tried to control her breathing. "Shit," she muttered. It felt so real. The dreams were getting more and more intense and now they were making her cum in her sleep. "I can't do this anymore," she spat. She looked at the clock, which read three-fifty-two, and ran out of her bedroom, threw on her jacket and her shoes, grabbed her keys and stormed out of her apartment. There was someone she needed to see.

The knocking and door-bell-ringing woke him up and he padded down the stairs, groggy and pissed off. "Okay, damn it. Stop the...Liv?"

She pushed him aside and stepped in, not waiting for an invitation, and sat on his couch. She looked nervous and a bit sick.

"Liv, honey, what's wrong?" Elliot asked, walking over to her and sitting beside her. He grabbed her hand. She had a brief flash of his fingers thrusting inside of her and she pulled her hand away.

"You shouldn't touch me, El," she said. "Not until I tell you...something."

Elliot nodded. "Okay, Liv. You can tell me anything, you know that."

"Okay," Olivia laughed. "Anything? You ready for this? Every night for the past three months, since your divorce, since we've been spending every waking moment together, I've been having these amazingly realistic dreams. About you."

Elliot's eyes widened. "Wow, Liv, okay. And you're here because, what, I died in one of them? Liv, I'm fine, see? It's okay calm..."

"We have sex. Lots and lots of sex, El. You do things to me in my sleep that I didn't think it was possible to dream about," she said, looking right at him, interrupting him. "Some nights it's slow and romantic, others it's angry and violent, and tonight, you didn't even really touch me and I...can not believe I'm actually telling you."

Elliot had a smug smirk on his face, his eyes were wide and four shades darker than normal. "Liv, would you, uh, I mean are these dreams reflections of..."

"Oh, yeah," Olivia said with a brisk nod. "I'm in love with you. I have been for years. You said I could tell you anything. There ya go. There's anything."

"It's four in the morning, on Valentine's Day, and the woman of my dreams just barged into my house, told me she has vivid visions of fucking my brains out and then tells me she loves me," he paused, took a breath, and chuckled. "I am praying to God that I'm awake."

"Oh, you're awake. We both are." Olivia looked at the expression on his face and laughed. "Fuck you and your ego, Stabler. I couldn't sleep anymore! Every time I closed my eyes, I'd..."

He slanted his mouth over hers and pulled her to him. "I'm in love with you, Liv. I always have been," he said. He kissed her again. "And you have no idea what I do to you in my dreams."

Olivia's eyes widened. She looked at him, saw him smiling at her and the look in his eyes told her he was telling the truth. She smirked, leaning in for another kiss. "It's Valentine's Day, El."

"I know," he said against her lips.

Olivia pulled off her jacket and straddled Elliot on the couch. She raked her nails through his hair and down his back, deepening the kiss. She pulled away and whispered, "I wanna make your dreams come true tonight." She pulled his tee-shirt out of his pants and tugged it over his head. She moaned in appreciation as she ran her hands over his chest. "So much better in person," she mumbled.

Elliot chuckled as he latched his lips onto hers again. "If we do this, Liv, there's no going back. You'd be mine, you know that? We do this, we make this real, and you're stuck with me because I'm not letting you go."

"We're doing this. I'm already yours," she said, nibbling on his lower lip and tugging on his boxers. "You're mine."

Elliot pushed her top up over her head and gasped. She wasn't wearing a bra. He grinned like a fox and took a nipple into his mouth, causing her to moan and throw her head back. He was sucking on her nipple when a thought occurred to him. "Not here, baby. Not on the couch."

"But, I..." he cut her off with another kiss, pushing them both to their feet.

Elliot threw the cushions off of the couch and slid the coffee table out of the way. One handed, he yanked the pull-out bed into place. He took advantage of Olivia's standing position and peeled down her pants. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Olivia smirked. "Thanks, El," she said, pushing him down onto the mattress. She grabbed his boxers. "Oh, my God," she gasped as she slid them down.

He kicked them off and raised an eyebrow. "What?" he asked.

"My dreams didn't do you justice," she said with a chuckle. She bent down and took his length in her hand, stroking him. She shot him an evil glare and smirked, before she took him into her mouth.

He gasped, "Jesus, Liv. Baby, oh God!"

Olivia chuckled, sucking harder on him, and he growled. She let him go with a pop, and crawled over his body, stopping when she met his face. "We're really doing this," she said, looking down into his eyes and smiling.

"Yeah, baby. We are." He brushed her hair back and pulled her down for another deep kiss. "I love you, Liv. So much," he told her. "Look at me, baby. Never take your eyes off of mine. I want to watch you." He grabbed her hips and held her still as he pushed up into her, slowly.

Her eyes widened and filled with tears; Elliot stopped. "God, I'm sorry, I'm hurting you," he whispered in a panic.

"No," Olivia said, "It's just...stretching. It's okay. God, it's you and it's real, El. Please, keep going."

Elliot kissed her again and pushed up further, moaning into her mouth at the feeling of finally being inside of her. Once he was sheathed, completely, buried to the hilt, he flipped them over. "Shit, Liv, you feel so incredible."

"Oh, God, El. Move," Olivia cried. "I need you to move."

He moved, slowly and deeply. He wouldn't stop kissing her and his hands held hers. Their moans filled the room, their cries echoed off of the walls. They were both in a state of pure bliss.

"So much better than any damn dreams," Olivia murmured.

"Oh, God, baby, I know," Elliot agreed, thrusting deeper and faster.

Olivia wrapped one arm around his neck, keeping the other hand firmly clasping to his. "I love you," she whimpered, feeling herself begin to tighten and burn.

"I love you, baby," Elliot returned. He kissed her, intensely, and sped up again. He felt her clamping around him and he moved harder. "Oh, shit, Liv. Baby, God."

Olivia threw her head back and growled. "Holy shit, El. God, yes, baby!"

Her orgasm, watching her cum, threw Elliot over the edge and with three more thrusts he was gone. "Oh, baby, fuck, Liv," he grunted as he came.

They held each other, kissing languidly, for a few minutes before a gross realization hit Elliot, like a frying pan over the head. "Fuck! Liv, we didn't use..."

"I know," she said. "I trust you. I'm on the pill, El." She ran her hands up his bare back and smirked. "I've never let anyone do that before. I wanted you to. I wanted to feel everything, El.

"God, Liv," he said, kissing her collar bone and the top of her breasts. "That's so amazing to hear."

Olivia chuckled. "You're so fucking Catholic anyway, if anything happens, we'll deal with it."

"We'll do more than deal with it, Liv. I told you this was a permanent change," he said, kissing her. "You and me, Liv. This is it."

"Really?" Casey asked, twirling the umbrella in her drink.

Olivia nodded. "I can't believe I never told you that!"

Casey shook her head and sipped her cocktail. "You didn't. I walked into the squadroom on Valentine's Day last year and you just hit me with 'I'm getting married'. You waited until I stopped yelling at you for hurting Elliot to tell me it was Elliot that you were marrying, and then we went right into planning. You never told me how you two finally realized...it was the same day?"

Olivia laughed, and clapped. "Yeah, Casey. But, we'd been in love with each other for years. We didn't want to wait."

"Yeah, you didn't want to wait for kids either, apparently." Casey ran a hand over Olivia's baby-bump and smirked.

"Once we got married, there was no reason for birth control. He's very Catholic, so it was practically forbidden. This one's a honeymoon baby," Olivia said.

Elliot walked over and wrapped his arms around her, dropping sweet kisses to her neck and shoulders. "Hey, baby."

"Hey," Olivia said. "Can you believe we've only been together a year and we're married with a baby on the way?"

"No," Elliot said. "But, technically, we've been together for six years. We've just been having sex for a year. A lot of it," he said with a wagging brow.

Casey and Olivia laughed and, as Fin ran over, Casey held up her glass.

Fin kissed Casey on the cheek and smiled. "What are we toastin' to?"

"Happy Valentine's Day, guys," Casey said, clinking her glasses with everyone else's. She turned and kissed Fin and winked at Olivia. "May all your dreams come true. Again."

"You told her?" Elliot said, accusingly, to Olivia. "I thought you weren't going to because she'd think we were crazy."

Olivia laughed and nodded. "I told her. We are crazy, El. Happy Valentine's Day, baby."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Liv," Elliot responded, with a kiss. And it was. It truly was.