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Bella POV

Alice and I were on our way to Voltera to save the man who left me so many months ago. I have so much going on in my mind right now and I can't help but wonder if we're going to have enough time to save him. I love Edward even though he doesn't love me back; I can't help but to risk my life for his. I was also thinking about Jake, I felt bad for leaving him but I couldn't just stay and let the love of my life die because of my stupidity. If I wouldn't have jumped off that cliff, I wouldn't be in this situation right now. Edward wouldn't be trying to get himself killed and Jake wouldn't think I hated him.

"Bella are you alright, your heart is going crazy right now." Alice whispered looking at me. I couldn't find it in myself to look at her. I was scared of what she would see on my face. I didn't want her to know that I would do anything it takes to save both of them, even if it meant dying or worse.

"Yes Alice I'm fine, just a little scared. What if we run out of time and it's too late." I asked still looking straight forward.

"Bella look at me, you can't keep anything from me and you know it. I already know that you're planning on doing whatever it takes, and I'm not going to hold that against you or try to stop you." I could since the anger in her tone, and realized it would only escalate from here if I didn't comply. I slowly turned to face her and could see the pain on my face reflect onto hers. I didn't want her to have to deal with my pain and worry.

"Sorry Alice, I just wish this plane would hurry up and land. Haven't we been descending for ten minutes?" I said bitterly. I had no patients right now, we should have swam or something.

"Calm down Bella we will land in two minutes, but then I am going to need to find a car. Do you have anything against grand theft auto today?" Alice said this so sweetly and I immediately felt bad for my behavior.

"No Alice whatever it takes to get there on time." The pilot's voice came on right then announcing it was a bright and sunny day in Voltera and to enjoy our stay. Well isn't that perfect, bright and sunny. I thought to myself. Once we finally made it off the plane Alice found a shiny yellow Porsche and we sped off towards the city. Anxiety took over my once calm feelings as we approached the mob of red. Alice had told me I had to run towards the clock tower and that's where I would find Edward. I was hoping she would be able to get me closer but there were people everywhere. I got out of the car and started running all I could hear was the ticking of the huge clock telling me I was almost too late. I had exactly one minute and I was still so far. I could see him now; his shirt unbuttoned all the way showing off his perfectly constructed chest. I was finally a foot away from him when the clock started to announce that it was exactly noon. I ran into him forgetting that he was made of stone; it felt like running into a brick wall at top speed. He caught me and smiled murmuring something about how Carlisle was right.

"No Edward it's me, really me. I am alive and so are you now please get back into the alley!" I screamed at him and he complied only to be restrained by a large vampire. I looked to my left and saw Alice walking towards us from the dark.

"Edward it is so nice to see you again, Aro would like to see you now." An angelic voice said from somewhere I couldn't see. "Felix let him go, now if you three would please follow me." She said gesturing for us to follow her. Edward grabbed my hand and we followed the dark cloaked angle into the alley and down a man whole in the center of the cobble stone.

"It's okay Bella I won't let you fall." I heard Alice say from bellow ground. I closed my eyes to jump containing my scream and ended up landing in the arms of my should be sister. Edward followed me and then Felix jumped down, Edward once again grabbed my hand. I was confused as to why he would want to comfort me; he doesn't even love me anymore.

"Speed up human, Aro doesn't like to wait." Felix said from behind me. I started to jog trying to move faster so he wouldn't get angry with me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to die anymore. I would if I had to but not for something as stupid as speed. We finally made it to a set of dark wooden doors, the angle voiced vampire opened the doors and walked through, we followed and Felix shut them behind us with a loud bang. I jumped but continued to walk; we came to another set of doors, and walked through. We stopped a few feet away from three ancient looking vampires sitting on brilliant thrones.

"Jane your back, with three instead of one how delightful!" The obvious leader exclaimed with false excitement in his voice.

"Yes master." Jane said before backing up to the wall.

"Edward, Alice it's so good to see you again. And this must be the Isabella you wanted to die for earlier. My name is Aro; it is a pleasure to meet you!" Aro said with his eyes on me. I just smiled at him and continued to stare at his frail skin.

"Aro is there a reason we were brought here? I haven't broken any laws today." Edward said in a voice I had never heard him use before.

"Oh my child but you have, this human you stand by knows entirely too much about us." He replied disgust coloring his tone. "May I see her mind?" he asked. I was shocked, why would he ask such a thing? Aro held his hand out to me and I looked to Edward for help he just nodded and I placed my hand into his cool one.

"Well isn't this interesting I can't hear anything. Jane?" he said looking at the angle voiced girl.

"No!" Edward shouted and maneuvered himself in front of me. Before I could react to what was happening Edward was on the floor writhing in pain. I calmly stepped in front of him so that Jane would be forced to hurt me instead. Edward stood up and Jane looked like she was concentrating but on me this time. Aro saw my puzzled expression and looked at me with disbelief.

"Jane dear stop apparently our powers are useless on her. See Bella, Jane here has the gift to mentally make you feel pain, did you feel anything?" He asked overly curious.

"No I didn't feel anything, can we go now?" I asked but it came out as a whisper.

"I'm afraid not dearest Bella, I must kill you all." At first I thought he was kidding because of how calm his voice sounded.

"Well If that's the case may I talk to you alone for a moment Aro?" I asked my voice surprisingly steady. He looked at me as if I had done something incredible but eventually nodded.

"Bella no, you are not going anywhere with him." Edward shouted, but I ignored him and continued to follow Aro out the doors and into a secluded court yard.

"What is it you need to speak to me about Bella dear?" he asked giving me his full attention.

"Well I was hoping maybe there was something you wanted that could spare their lives."

"You are a brave one Bella, and there is only one thing I can think of that I would want." He said as calm as ever. I could tell he had something great on his mind and it terrified me. I immediately second guessed what I was doing but pushed the doubt to the back of my mind.

"And that would be? I will do anything you ask of me." I stated surprised at how brave I was being.

"Well then you shall join us, that is the only offer I can make. I will set your friends free if only you shall stay and become one of the Volturi." He was obviously sure of himself but I wasn't sure if I trusted him.

"I will become one of you, but you have to allow me to accompany them with Felix to the airport. That is when I will tell them of my decision to become one of the Volturi and return here." I said firmly hoping he would agree with my last request as a human.

"That can be arranged; will you walk through those doors and get Felix for me? I don't want Edward to know our plans, Felix is good at blocking his thoughts that is one of his gifts." He said and pointed to the door. I walked slowly towards the doors and opened them. I walked inside and looked over at my old family and then at my new. Edward looked scared and confused, Alice looked frustrated and I could tell she couldn't see the future. I walked towards Felix and told him Aro would like to speak to him and the once again walked into the court yard. Aro quickly explained our plans to Felix and then they both looked at me with huge grins upon their faces.

"Sister." Was all Felix said before walking back towards the castle. I followed him in and walked over to Edward.

"Aro has decided to let you free, as long as you allow me to drive you to the airport and make sure you are on the plane." Felix said in a husky voice. Edward and Alice nodded before following Felix out of the room. I knew that Edward wouldn't have allowed me to stay if we had told him of my plans while still inside the castle. We arrived at the airport and walked inside Edward still holding my hand, I allowed this only because I knew it would be the last time we would see each other for a long time, possibly forever. We walked up to the terminal and Felix explained something to the attendant at the desk and then walked all three of us on the plane. Edward and Alice took their seats with relief all over their faces. It hurt knowing I would soon destroy their calm feelings.

"Bella sit down were safe now." Edward said looking at the empty seat and then back at me.

"We will be taking off in exactly one minute." The captain said over the intercom.

"I am truly sorry Edward I love you always remember that. And Alice you were the best friend I could have asked for I did this for you." Was all I said before following Felix off the plane.

"Bella what are you doing? I just got you back, sit down right now!" I looked back at Edward and saw that he and Alice both were dry sobbing. The doors closed and I was alone, about to face my new life as part of the Volturi.

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