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(One year later/ Edward and Jane's wedding)

Isabella POV

I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself in the bright red maid of honor dress. Today was Jane's wedding and I couldn't be happier for her or Edward. The wedding started in fifteen minutes; I knew that Heidi and Chelsea would be running through my door any minute. I sat down on the couch Alec and I had bought last week to wait for them to burst in.

"Isabella are you ready" Heidi screamed before she made it in the room.

"Of course, we better go take our places" I answered and walked out into hallway before they could break anything I liked. We walked out into the courtyard where the wedding would take place and waited for the groomsmen to accompany us. Alec, Jasper and Emmett all walked up and took their places by the girl they were supposed to walk with. Jasper was Edward's best man and I was Jane's maid of honor so we were supposed to walk down together, Heidi and Alec were next and then Chelsea and Emmett. Jasper bowed and held his arm out like a true southern gentleman; I laughed and took it just in time for the music to start. We began walking down the aisle and took our places and waited for Jane to follow. The piano began and Jane appeared in a brilliant white gown. It was antique looking with soft lace around the bodice. It flowed down her body elegantly and then ended in a long train. Edward's face lit up when he saw her; he smiled that crooked smile that once made my heart stop beating. The wedding didn't last very long and soon we were on our way to the reception.

"May I have this dance Princess" Alec asked me in a very formal tone.

"Of course kind sir" I laughed and took his hand. We danced for three songs and then walked over to one of the stone benches.

"You look amazing in that dress" He joked.

"Oh I bet I do" I laughed. Jane thought it would be funny to make us wear ugly dresses. The dress was red and puffed out on the bottom into a cupcake looking thing. I tried to persuade her to buy the other less obnoxious red dress but she just shook her head and smiled.

"I was just trying to compliment my wife" Alec pouted.

"Maybe you should compliment me when I actually look nice" I growled playfully. He just shook his head and laughed. We sat on the bench with each other for the remainder of the reception. Eventually it was time for the happy couple to leave for their honeymoon. It was a surprise for Jane but Edward had told Alec and me that he was taking her to Isle Esme. I laughed when he explained that Carlisle bought the island for Esme a while back. They got into a sleek black car and drove away, I waved until they were out of site and the wedding party retired into the castle. Alec and I soon followed and ended up in our room, we spent the night in each other's arms. I couldn't believe it had only been a year since our wedding, everything seemed so surreal.

"Did you enjoy the wedding angel" Alec asked once the sun peeked through our window.

"I am so happy for them, they are perfect for each other" I whispered. They are the perfect example of opposites attracting.

"Yes they are, let's get up" Alec laughed before pulling me off the bed. We landed on the floor with me on top of him laughing. We hadn't realized Felix was in the room until he cleared his throat.

"Am I interrupting something" He laughed. We both look up at him and rolled our eyes.

"We were just getting up, and then Alec here decided it would be funny to pull me off the bed" I growled and rolled off of my charming husband.

"Well don't let me ruin your precious moment" Felix said still laughing. Apparently he wasn't going to let this go.

"Don't you have something else to do" Alec asked.

"Oh yeah, I was supposed to come and get you two love birds. Heidi is bringing in our food" Felix said as he turned and walked swiftly out of the room. I groaned and stood up, Alec did the same and we followed Felix into the feeding room. Our meal went fast and I left to shower and get ready for the day, Alec said he needed to talk to Aro about something. I got dressed in a gold knee length dress and went to find Heidi and Chelsea we were supposed to go shopping today.

"Isabella are you ready yet" Heidi whined as I walked into her room.

"Why do you think I'm here?" I laughed. We all got into a plain red car, very inconspicuous. We headed to the first dress store; we needed to look amazing for the ball Aro was throwing tomorrow. He said he wanted to show everyone the changes I had made to the castle and the Volturi. It was very short notice and we didn't have much time to find the perfect dress. Aro had told me I needed to look even better than last time and I wasn't sure how to do that. We shopped for hours, Heidi and Chelsea had both found there dresses within the first three stores; I was the only one who was still looking. Chelsea's dress was black and crisscrossed her back; it was floor length and hugged her figure fabulously. Heidi had found a soft pink knee length dress, it was knee length and off the shoulder.

"Come on Isabella there had to have been one you liked." Chelsea groaned.

"You know I am under a lot of pressure from father, he said I had to look better than last time. Not to mention it has to be ball gown styled." I sighed. We walked into the last store and luckily for me it specialized in ball gowns. We all split up and picked two dresses. I had to find a dress here, we were out of options and I didn't want to leave Volterra to find a dress. I found a beautiful off the shoulder silver ball gown and a red one that was strapless. I went to meet Heidi and Chelsea by the dressing rooms and they both held dresses. I tried on the ones I had found first, neither of them we're better than the gold one I wore last time. Heidi handed me her choices, a midnight blue strapless and a teal spaghetti strapped gown. I tried them both on and thought they were beautiful, I couldn't make a decision without trying on the other two that Chelsea had picked out for me. She held up a black and white ball gown with thick straps and a deep green backless gown. I tried them both on and ruled out the black and white one, which left the midnight blue gown, the teal gown and the deep green gown. I put all three back on and turned in the mirror trying to decide which one looked better.

"Which one looked best" I asked after putting my regular dress back on.

"I like the green one" Heidi voted.

"I thought the teal one looked best" Chelsea decided.

"Hmm well I thought the blue one looked best. Maybe we should get another opinion." I asked, there were a few people shopping so Heidi went to ask them if they would help. Once everyone was there I tried all three dresses on once more. Two of the six liked the green one and three of them liked the blue, the last person was undecided.

"So the blue on it is" Chelsea said.

"I guess so" I agreed. We thanked the people and paid for my dress. For the first time in my vampire life I felt tired. It wasn't like a sleepy tired just mentally drained in a way. We got back in the car and drove to the castle dresses in tow.

"How was shopping" Alec asked once we were settled and laying in our room.

"Long" I sighed. He nodded and relaxed onto the pillow. We stayed there all night not talking just laying together. It seemed like we were doing that more and more these days, just enjoying each other's presence. The sun came up too soon for my liking, I knew today was going to be hectic. The ball was tonight and my guess is that Heidi, Chelsea and I would spend the majority of the day getting ready.

"I have to go and help set up for the ball love, will you be alright without me" Alec asked.

"Of course go do what you need, I have to shower and spend the day getting ready anyway. I love you Alec" I whispered the last part and stood up.

"I love you too angel." He replied and then left the room. I walked into the bathroom and started a bath; I wanted to relax before my sisters took over. I sat in the hot water for about an hour and then got out and started an actual shower; I wanted to wash my hair.

"Isabella come on its time to get ready we only have four hours!" Heidi yelled from outside the bathroom door. I turned the water off and dried my body before putting on my robe. I walked out and saw that they had two huge bags full of makeup and hair accessories. I internally groaned as they sat me down in a chair and began working on my hair. It took an hour for them to put half of it up and leave the rest down. They made my curly hair even curlier and then started on my makeup, it only took a half an hour for them to declare me perfect. I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was immaculate and my makeup gave me a mysterious look. I smiled at myself before turning and realizing that they were both almost done with themselves. It made me wonder what had taken them so long with me.

"Let's get dressed; the ball starts in a half an hour." Heidi exclaimed. We all walked into my closet a grabbed our dresses, they helped me into mine and then got dressed themselves. I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I said a little confused. The only one who should be coming is Alec and he doesn't need to knock at our door. To my surprise it was Felix coming to get Chelsea, following him was Demitri for Heidi. I laughed and went to get the girls out of my closet.

"Your dates are here ladies" I whispered. They both turned and looked at me with huge smiled on their faces. The both ran out of the closet and into the awaiting arms of the guards. I smiled and walked out only to be grabbed around the waist by my husband.

"I didn't see you there" I smiled.

"That was the plan" He answered. He took my hand and led me to the ball room. Unlike the last ball I was supposed to sit on my throne, instead of being introduced.

"Hello daughter, you look lovely" Father whispered as our guests were filling in.

"Thank you" I answered and smiled at him. After about ten minutes everyone was in attendance.

"I would like to thank you all for coming tonight, it means so much to all of us. We are proud to say that the princess has changed this place for the better in the short time she has been with us. For those of you that did not attend the wedding of Isabella and Alec I would hope you congratulate them tonight. Please enjoy the ball and don't hesitate to ask questions about the changes here, anyone of us or the guard will be able to answer them." Aro said and then the ball began. I looked at all the vampires and smiled; I ruled over them and made a difference. Alec walked up to where I was sitting and held out his hand.

"Would you like to dance" He asked with a huge grin on his face.

"I would love to"

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