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I could feel Bella's mind reaching out towards me, I knew this was a conversation that we needed to have privately, but I also knew of it's urgency, therefore through the mind was the only way. We needed to strategize and figure out a plan and even make multiple back-up plans. It wasn't for us though. I knew that Bella and I would be fine; it was the rest of the population of Forks and part of the neighboring towns that we had to plan for.

I nodded minutely at Bella, silently telling her that from here on forth, our minds would not be closed to each other. A deadly calm swept over her features and I could tell she was immersing herself further into the impending interrogation; she had a small game plan set up in her mind. It was simple, but it would get the information that we needed in order to get to the vital stage of planning for the rest of Forks. – One, obtain information from Damien, Franco and Jeremiah. Two, let the Cullen's in on everything. Three, finish with Jasper. Four, strategize evacuation of Forks. - I smirked at the third thing on Bella's list. Apparently, I wasn't the only one mad about earlier.

With the plan in mind, I turned my attention to the quivering demon kneeing at my feet,

"What did Maria bargain?" I asked calmly only to be met by silence.

Now that just wouldn't do now would it?

The monster inside was roaring in rage and the only reason I kept him restrained was because there were innocent people with us and although I knew it wouldn't hurt them, I didn't know how much more their minds could take.

"He won't ask again." Bella said in a steely voice that the Cullen's were not yet used to; Esme and Carlisle flinched.

Drawing out the shield from my mind I infiltrated Damien's mind, pushing out, creating a void in which I could control his thoughts. Never have I used this power, it was unstable and, in all honesty, never needed.

Thoughts never exposed began to fill the void in which I had created, putting them at the forefront of his mind. I expanded the void when I felt Bella's shield tugging at my own. I felt her push her way inside, gathering the necessary information before I shut his mind. Images flooded my sight and I knew that what Bella and I were seeing was not our memories, but Damien's.

"Maria, are you sure?"

It was a whisper, but I knew I was reliving the day of the bargain. Suddenly, a face filtered through and hatred filled my core.

"Of course I am, you imbecile! Jasper has forgotten his place! He must be reminded who owned him at one point." Maria hissed.

"Forgive me, but that is not what I meant. I merely mean, do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

Damien's voice was timid and a dark smile appeared on my face, remembering his little 'accident' in the tree earlier.

"They will not deny me."

Maria's voice was full of assurance and bravado and I couldn't help but smirk. She may be a terrific territory fighter, but she was no gambler.

The memory shook then, which only meant that the arrival of God and Satan was upon them.

"You have summoned us, Maria." God said in a calm manner.

Maria bowed in an overly done gesture and I could have sworn that everyone present wanted to roll his or her eyes.

"Yes, dear Lord, I have, you as well Satan. You see I have a bit of a proposition to make. I wish to become a bearer of the two extremes. A Constantine if you will. I have been to hell and back. I have seen good so great that it's almost blinded me, and evil so unspeakable that it almost made my dead heart beat. I wish to be a median for that, but I need your help. I need more." Maria smiled.

"You expect us to believe you?" Satan smirked.

"No, but I expect you to give me your blessing." Maria smirked right back at him.

Her plan was well thought out, God and Satan were not allowed to stop anything that went on, on earth's surface, which is why Bella and I were created in the first place. They were merely destinations for ordinary people and villains when their time was done. When someone chose to change their path, God and Satan were powerless to requests such as Maria's. The only reason why no one had found out about before was because you had to be around a long time before you even noticed that such a proposition was possible. And Maria? She had generations on her side.

"You have us cornered, Girl. What is the meaning of this?" God demanded.

Maria laughed hysterically causing both the devil and god himself to cringe.

"All in good time, boys," Maria smiled devilishly, "All in good time."

Stupid fucking waste of space..


Those thoughts were not mine. I looked over at Bella only to see a sheepish grin on her face. Ahh.

I cast my attention back towards the three demons kneeling before us, Franco and Jeremiah had nothing else to offer and we needed no more, they were no longer of any use to us.

"You may want to leave." Bella said in a soothing tone towards the Cullen's, quite the contrast from the feral look she had in her eyes.

"No." Carlisle stated firmly, "We are in this together, and we will stay that way."

Oh naïve one.

"So be it." I stated.

With a slight nod towards Bella, our minds opened up to pain, torture and anguish. I soaked all of the energy in and cast is out with a cleansing force. Slowly, we all stood witness to the three demons dying from the inside out. It was inhumane and nauseating but they served as an example.

We would not stand for disobedience, we would fight and we would prevail.

In my peripheral, I saw Alice turn her head into Edward's chest, and Esme was no longer in the room.

"Insquequo nos opportunus iterum." I whispered to the withering corpses in from of me.

You need to recover. Now. Bella thought to me and I nodded. That amount of energy was draining to even the strongest.

With a flick of her wrist, Bella took charge, looking towards Emmett and Edward,

"Get rid of their corpses and then go find Esme." Both nodded and got to work right away.

"Carlisle," I whispered, "we have to talk."

Seemingly still in shock at what he just witnessed, Carlisle fell onto the couch he was standing near and nodded with his mouth agape, searching for words that would never surface. So much for the bravado he previously showed I thought to myself.

"You're confused." I stated.

Yeah, no shit Sherlock, Bella thought towards me and I growled softly back at her, playfully of course.

My sexy Sherlock, She corrected herself and I smirked.

"Yes." Carlisle said, interrupting our thoughts.

"Do not ponder what is unknown, Carlisle. What needs to be answered will eventually be answered," I stated.

"But why? Wha…What just happened?" Carlisle asked desperately.

"What needed to happen," Bella stated, coming to stand beside me, "When something or someone no longer has a purpose in life, that makes them dangerous. We cannot have that."

"Maria?" Carlisle asked.

"She has made a deal to be a bearer of good and evil." Bella responded, an edge to her voice.

"What does that mean?" Esme asked, coming back into the room from wherever she was before.

"It means she's a whole hell of a lot more dangerous now. With both God and Satan on her side, she'll be harder to find." I said.

Looks of worry were passed around the room.

"What do we do?" Esme asked, sitting next to Carlisle and grasping his hand tightly in both of hers.

"We wait." I said. "Maria is not one for patience, and even with the added powers, she is still not the brightest crayon in the pack."

Bella smirked at me, "Do not fret, we will find a way for all of us to come out of this unscathed."

The smirk dropped off of Bella's face and instead a significant look passed over her perfect features.

Move on to three…

It was my turn to smirk as I remembered what number three was on her list of things to do. She always was such a perfectionist when it came to getting things done in the order planned.