"Fresh from Canada"
Episode One, Part 1
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Fresh TV, Inc. The 2010 Winter Olympic Games and all mentioned licensed characters, places, and other related material are the property of the International Olympic Committee. Oh, and this fanfic is not officially endorsed by either the IOC, Fresh TV, or anyone else involved with the Olympics.

Millennium Water
2010 Olympic and Paralympic Village Vancouver

Four black limousines pulled up to the entrance to what would be in just a matter of weeks the temporary home of nearly 3000 athletes and officials for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. 17 beautiful glass and stone buildings stood tall, most overlooking the waterfront. Construction on them had been completed months ago, and they had yet to be used.

Until now...

One at a time, the limousines came to a stop and the doors on the curbside were open. The very first person to step out of the first limo was Gwen, the runner-up on 'Total Drama Island.' She looked around at the beautiful surroundings and was flabbergasted by how great the scenery was. Especially compared to what she had seen on the two 'Total Drama' reality shows. Cody stepped out next, and had the same exact reaction.

"I can't believe this..." Gwen said aloud. "This can't be real."

"We've hit the big time, Gwen," Cody told her. "We're on a reality show that actually treats its participants right."

"You've got to come out here and see this!"

The rest of the occupants of the limo stepped out. Bridgette, Harold, and Heather were all stunned by the sight of the innovative Olympic Village.

"Finally!" Heather cried out. "Now THIS is what I call a reality show!"

"It's like we're going to be on 'The Real World,'" commented Harold, "only we're not all complete sex- and booze-starved nineteen- and twenty-year old strangers."

"I'd die before even auditioning for that train wreck. You don't even win any money for staying through the whole show!"

"What you don't win in monetary value, you gain in life experiences."

"Like you're one to talk!"

"Eeeeeee!" Bridgette squealed, running past the group and towards the nearest building. "It's exactly like the brochures said it would be! They really are environmentally-friendly!"

"Uh, Bridge... what are you talking about?" Gwen asked her friend.

"All the buildings meet at least LEED Gold Standards, rainwater is recycled and used for land irrigation, there's a habitat for fish and birds, and the roofs are green!"

"How is painting the roofs green healthy for the environment?"

"They're not painted green, Heather. They're made completely of plants!"

"Plants?" the other four asked simultaneously.

"Yeah! Plants can grow and live, and at the same time protect the people inside from the elements!"

"That's... just weird," commented Heather.

"I'm gonna LOVE living here the next two weeks!" Bridgette shouted.

Meanwhile, the second limo had been opened, and the sounds of more squealing entered the air. But not from just one person... but two.

"I can't believe it... we're here! In the Olympic Village!" the first girl, red-haired Emma, exclaimed.

"I hope we get to meet a hot snowboarder or two," the second girl, brown-haired Lo, wished aloud. "Like, I dunno... Michael Lambert?"

Emma then sighed, unaware that Johnny was getting out of the limo.

"I just wish Ty was here. I would've loved to go skiing with him."

Johnny shook his head and let out a sigh of his own. "Even when he's not here..." he muttered as he walked past the two girls, one of which he was in love with.

"Okay, where are the snow bunnies!" Reef yelled as he exited the limo. "The Reefster has arrived!"

Reef then was pushed out of the way as Fin stepped out.

"Unlike you, Reef," she said as she trotted past him, "some of us here to actually win the grand prize! Not to flirt!"

"You're just afraid that none of the guys here will give you the time of day!"

"Are not!" Fin shouted as she clubbed Reef with her left fist.

Fin and Reef then heard snickering behind them. The two turned around, to where the first two people had emerged from the third limo. It was Jonesy and Nikki.

"What's so funny?" Fin asked them.

"Nothing," answered Nikki, with as best of a straight face as she could muster. "It's just... it's just..."

"You two remind us of... well, us!"

"Kids these days... when will they ever learn?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Fin growled as the two walked off.

Fin followed them, attempting to get a clarification, as Reef picked himself up off the ground. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Jude stepped out of the limo and took in the sights.

"Whoa, dude!" Jude gasped. "This place is awesome!"

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all," admitted Wyatt. "This might actually be... fun!"

"Of course this is going to be fun!" Jen said aloud as she got out of the limo. "We're going to be staying in the ACTUAL Olympic Athletes' village! It's... it's like we're actually going to compete in the Olympic Games!"

"I never thought of it that way!" Jude admitted.

"This is like a dream come true, isn't it?" Wyatt asked Jen.

"Well, almost. If I was actually on the Canadian snowboarding team, then it would be! But this is a very, very close second."

As they followed everyone else towards the waterfront, Tyler was the first to step out of the fourth and final limo. Trent came out next, and he walked past Tyler and after the crowd. Tyler looked back to the limo and smiled as Lindsay emerged.

"Hello, Vancouver!" Lindsay shouted out loud. "Lindsay has arrived!"

A gust of wind then blew through, and Lindsay suddenly found herself wrapping her arms around her chest, shivering.

"Brrr... why is it so cold?"

"You know, I could help with that," Tyler slyly suggested.

Tyler took off his zippered jacket and draped it over Lindsay's shoulders and back.

"Wow... that's so nice of you! Thanks... um..."


Lindsay laughed. "Don't be silly! There's no way you're Tyler!"

Tyler smacked his forehead as Lindsay strutted past him.

"Why don't you believe me?" he yelled after her. "Do you think I'm some sort of nobody?"

"Out of the way, nobody!" Courtney exclaimed, pushing Tyler aside hard enough to knock him to the ground. "Some of us have better things to do then flirt! Like... winning!"

"That's my girl!" affirmed Duncan, the winner of 'Total Drama Action' and the last to step out into the village.

"Thanks, Duncan!"

Courtney smiled confidently, then trotted after Lindsay. Tyler got to his feet quick enough to notice Duncan shaking his head at Courtney behind her back.

"That woman's going to be the death of me," Duncan muttered, just loud enough for Tyler to overhear.

"At least SHE remembers your name!"

The twenty competitors made their way to the eastern end of a pedestrian bridge over Jervis Inlet, looking out to False Creek, where a black-and-spiky-haired Caucasian adult male was waiting for them. He was dressed in a halfway-zipped green windbreaker, over a white sweater with the red Canadian flag on it, and khaki pants.

Once the group was settled in front of him, the man, the show's host, introduced himself.

"Good morning, everyone! I hope you're all rested and ready to go, because from this moment on, the competition begins! There's plenty of great prizes on the line for all of you to win... but none gets bigger than the grand prize. $250,000, VIP tickets to any three Olympic finals of your choice, and the honor of being Fresh TV Incorporated's unofficial representative at the 2010 Winter Olympics, which are being held right here in Vancouver!

"My name is Allen Clark... and this is 'Fresh from Canada!'"

Twenty teens
Two weeks
One grand prize

For some, it's another chance at glory
For others, they're newbies on the reality scene

They lived through tons of total drama
They've experienced what it's like to be 6teen
They know how it feels to be stoked

But none of them has had the chance to be an Olympic athlete

Until now

Skiing, snowboarding, hockey, and yes, even curling
That's because they're all from Canada
They'll experience them all
While living like bonafide Olympic athletes
But they're not from all over the world...

They're just... FRESH FROM CANADA!
[presented in HD print where available]

"The twenty of you here, over the next two weeks, will be competing against each other to decide who will be the lucky one to win that massive grand prize package. Are you ready?"

Assorted cheers and hollers could be heard from the teenagers.

"Good, because we're not wasting any time! You guys are going right into the first challenge! Everyone, please follow me!"

Two minutes later, they were all standing in front of the Southeast False Creek Community Centre. To Allen's left was a chalkboard on wheels, covered with a bed sheet. That is, until Allen went to remove it, revealing a large poster of Canada taped over the actual board. On it, each of the country's ten provinces and three territories were clearly marked.

"As you all may or may not know, an important part of every Olympic Opening Ceremony is the Parade of Nations. Every nation that is participating gets to march around the stadium. They march in alphabetical order according to the host country's names for them in their native language. There are two exceptions to this rule: Greece, the original founding country of the Olympics, is always first, and the host country... which for the Games next month, will of course be Canada, is always last.

"And that brings us to Canada. O, Canada. Our native country is made up of ten provinces and three territories. Each province or territory has their own flag... such as this one."

Allen pulled out a miniature version of British Columbia's flag.

"This is the flag for British Columbia, which is the province that Vancouver is located in. Around this 11-acre village, at the entrances to most of the buildings, sit 13 different boxes. Each box contains a different provincial or territorial flag."

Allen pointed to a set of six-foot displays, each of which had thirteen holes to insert flags into. Twelve of them were in a circle, and the thirteenth was conveniently in the center.

"In this challenge, your job is to run all over the village and collect all 13 flags. Once you do, race back here to your display, and place the flags into the provided pegs, in alphabetical order starting from the top and going clockwise. The exception, of course, is host province British Columbia, which must go in the center peg."

"So it's a Parade of Provinces?" Courtney attempted to confirm.

"Exactly. But you're probably wondering... why would we want to complete such a challenge? Well, let me tell you! We're going to split you guys and gals into heats by gender. The male and female who complete the challenge the fastest will win a prize package of official 2010 Winter Olympic merchandise!

"The package includes a 2010 Winter Olympic souvenir program book, a copy of 'With Glowing Hearts' - which is the official commemorative book of the Vancouver Games, an Olympic Games hat, 9.5" plush dolls of Miga, Mukmuk, and Sumi - the games' three mascots, and a Vancouver Stanley Hockey Jersey. Because there's nothing quite like remembering the Olympics by purchasing a whole bunch of memorabilia from it!

"In addition, the person with the fastest overall time will get to take control of the competition... because that person will be responsible for picking all of the teams."

"All of them?" Heather asked.

"All of them. You'll be split up into male-female pairs for the competition. Safe to say, the only way to guarantee you get paired up with the person of your choice... is to finish this challenge as fast as possible!"

====== [Confessional Booth] ======

"This is great!" Johnny exclaimed. "If I can just win this challenge, then I can choose Emma as my partner! It's perfect!"

"Any girl I want?" Jonesy shouted. "So many choices... I don't know where to start!"

"There's only one person I'd pick as my partner," Courtney stated emphatically, "and I'd better be the only choice on his list, too!"

"I just hope whomever ends up as my partner is nice and sweet, and will help get us through the competition," Emma stated.

======= [End Confessionals] ======

"Oh, one more thing!" Allen said to the competitors. "Even if you don't finish first in your heat, you're still want to finish as fast as possible. That's because only the first eight guys and first eight gals to finish will stay in the competition. The other four... we're sending you home."

A collective gasp could be heard from the group.

"That's right! You'd better get your running shoes on... because now the game's really on!"

Ten minutes later, the girls were set and, if necessary, had changed into the proper attire, and were ready to go at the starting line. The guys looked on from some nearby benches.

"One last thing before you girls take off," Allen told them. "Inside four of the 13 boxes that hold the flags is a map. Each of the maps indicate the location of all 13 boxes in the Olympic Village. You don't necessarily need the map to find all the flags, but it will definitely help if you're aiming to finish the fastest."

====== [Confessional Booth] ======

"I'm going to find that map, and then I'm going to win this easily!" Heather said to the camera. "After all, if you're not playing to win, then why are you even here?"

======= [End Confessionals] ======

"Okay, ladies! Ready? Aaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd... GO!"

The ten girls took off in search of the flags. Courtney, Gwen, Emma, and Nikki took off to the west; Heather, Lo, and Jen went southwest; Bridgette, Fin, and Lindsay headed due southeast.

The southeastern bound crew hit pay dirt first, with Fin leading the way. She found the first box and reached in to pull out the flag for British Columbia... and a map as well.

"Sweet! I knew this was the right move to make!"

Fin took a few steps away from the box and unrolled the map, just as Bridgette got to the box and to obtain her B.C. flag. After looking over the map for a few seconds, Fin rolled it back up and headed due east. Bridgette watched Fin take off, then decided to go due south. As they both left the box behind, Lindsay arrived.

"Hey, Bridgette, wait up!" Lindsay called out, but she didn't hear her.

Lindsay quickly got to the box, pulled out the flag, and took off in Bridgette's direction.

Meanwhile, Courtney, Gwen, Nikki, and Emma could be seen running across the bridge over Jervis Inlet in the background, as Jen and Heather bolted for the nearest building looking at that bridge. Lo had originally planned to follow them, but had changed her mind and turned back towards the bridge to chase down Courtney's group.

Jen stopped in front of the building and started searching for one of the flag boxes, while Heather ran right past and continued southward, towards a lone building that stood alone in-between the village's central and eastern complexes.

Ignoring Heather, Jen caught sight of the box. She quickly claimed the flag for Manitoba and then moved towards the next building westward. As she did, she saw ahead that Gwen had diverted due south from the end of the bridge and it looked like she was heading for the exact same place. Closer to the bridge, Courtney walked up to the only building in the village that did not run either north-south or east-west. She discovered the box right at the entrance, and pulled out the flag for Quebec... as well as the second map.


Courtney quickly ran off to go look at the map elsewhere, as Nikki was heading in her direction. Further back, Emma had stopped at the end of the bridge to allow Lo to catch up.

"Emma, you wanna team up?" Lo asked.

"Sure! Two pairs of eyes are better than one!" Emma replied.

The two surfer girls quickly spotted the back of Nikki's head and headed in that direction to claim their first flag...

Back with Heather, who was all by herself as she approached West 1st Avenue. Going to the side of the building that faced the street, she located the flag box. Inside, she claimed the Saskatchewan flag, but no map. Heather then made her way along the street to the west.

The challenge continued as the female competitors ran all across the village. Courtney jumped out to an early lead, finding the flags to the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia fairly easily. In the process, she had lost sight of everyone else.

But Courtney wasn't the only one using her athletic ability to her advantage, as Jen had claimed the Newfound and Labrador and Prince Edward Island flags before backtracking towards the waterfront to get the Quebec one.

Heather and Gwen crossed paths in the southern part of the village, each in possession of two flags, but they continued on without each other - Heather continuing west, Gwen turning east.

On the other side of the village, Fin had added the Alberta and Yukon flags and found Bridgette a minute later, who was the first to claim the flag of Ontario.

"Is there a flag over there?" Bridgette asked Fin, in the direction from where she had just come from.

"There? Oh, yeah, sure," Fin answered without looking directly into Bridgette's eyes.

Fin took an Ontario flag, then continued west. Bridgette didn't completely believe the answer she got, but she headed that way anyway.

With the challenge reaching the 15-minute mark, the girls continued their scrambling. Emma and Lo had, since we last saw them, had gotten their hands on a map. Working together, they each took a side of the alley to look for flags. Lo found the box with the Newfound and Labrador flag, and picked out two for her and Emma.

Over on the eastern side of the village, Courtney was seen running by a building with two fistfuls of flags in hand.

"One more, just one more!" she cried out, as she spotted another box in the distance.

South of her, a block away, Jen found the flag for the territory of Yukon. She quickly counted up her flags and noted she had 12 as well.

"What's left, what's left?" Jen thought aloud as she tried to figure out which flag she was missing.

But well to the west, a third female was claiming her 12th flag. It was the flag of the Northwest Territories. She started heading east, moving in such a rush that she didn't notice that one of the flags had fallen out of her grasp and to the ground!

Back near the center of the village, Nikki and Lindsay had ran into each other... literally. The collision sent all their collective flags to the ground.

"Hey, watch where you're going, blondie!" Nikki scolded before quickly turning her attention to the ground and picking up flags.

Lindsay was still stunned by the run-in that before she had even realized what was going on, Nikki had picked up seven flags and bolted.

"What was up with that? Cheese Louise!"

Lindsay gathered the remaining flags and came to a startling realization... she now had eight! Two more than she thought she had!

"Wow, what a lucky break! I didn't even need to find a box!"

Loving her good fortune, Lindsay ran off with two new flags in tow.

Back at the starting line, Allen and the boys watched and waited for the girls to return. Finally, Reef looked to the east and saw a familiar face heading their way.

"It's Fin!" he exclaimed. "Alright, Fin! That-a-girl!"

"She's not the only one," Cody pointed out, as he directed their attention straight ahead.

"Oh, crap..." Duncan groaned. "It's 'Princess' Courtney."

Approaching from the east, Fin started her run across the bridge. At that moment, she spotted Courtney and gasped, believing she was going to get beat to the finish line. With that, Fin mustered what little energy she had left and tried to speed up.

It wasn't enough... Courtney reached the finish line first, by about seven seconds. She immediately ran to the set of displays and went to work. As Fin reached the finish line, she heard cheers from the boys as another competitor was coming in. Courtney spotted the third arrivee as she placed the Alberta flag at the top of her display.

It was Jen, and she was sprinting in fairly fast.

"C'mon, Jen!" Jonesy yelled out. "You can beat these girls!"

In seconds, Jen got to the finish and started to put her display together. But as she did, everyone heard a scream of anguish coming from Fin.

"Noooo! I'm missing one! But how..."

Fin hastily pulled out her map and tried to figure out how she missed one. While she did that, Courtney started calling out to Allen.

"Oh, Mister Host? I think I've done it!"

Allen went over to check Courtney's board... and after looking it over, pulled a stopwatch out of his left pants pocket and pressed the stop button on it.

"We have a winner! Courtney!"

"Yes! I won, I won!"

A few audible moans could be heard from the guys, especially the 'Total Drama' castmates.

"I'm done too!" Jen shouted.

Allen went over to Jen's board... and gave her a sign of approval as well. He then made his way over to Fin, who was still trying to figure out which flag was missing.

"I must have dropped one... but which one?"

"If you don't have all 13 flags, you have to run back out and find it," Allen told her. "You can't start on the board until you have them all."

"Darn it!" Fin nearly cursed as she gathered her flags and ran back towards the bridge.

But Fin wasn't the only having bad luck, as Bridgette was getting confused as she backtracked throughout the village. Reaching a flag box, she looked inside to find the Prince Edward Island one... which she already had!

"Oh, come on! I've already been here!"

Bridgette looked a bit panicked, as she glanced at the surrounding buildings and tried to recall where she had been already.

"If I don't figure this out soon, I'm gonna get sent home!"

On the way to retracing her steps, Fin had figured out that it was the Nunavat flag that she had dropped, and that it was when she was getting the flag for the Northwest Territories. But when she reached that building, her missing flag was nowhere to be found.

"Rats! I knew it was here! Now what?"

Fin took out her map again and tried to remember where she got the Nunavat flag from. Meanwhile, just one block to her south, Bridgette was still trying to get her bearings.

"Let's see... this is the west end. And to my right would be the waterfront. I think I've been down there, though."

Bridgette then made a left turn, heading south... away from one of the few flags she actually still didn't have.

Back at the finish line, two girls had arrived since Fin's departure. Allen was already in the process of checking Heather's board as Gwen was still putting hers in place.

"Alright-y... Heather makes three in. And as for Gwen..."

Heather smirked smugly as she observed Gwen putting into the place the British Columbia flag in the center to finish. After a few seconds, Allen also gave the goth girl a thumbs-up of approval.

"That's four!"

"Wait a minute... I'm back already?"

Everyone turned around to see Lindsay there, a little perplexed. The buxom blonde quickly counted her flags...

"Nine, ten, eleven, twelve... only twelve?"

Lindsay looked all about, trying to figure out where she hadn't been. Finally gazing southward, she saw a building all by itself that seemed unfamiliar to her.

"Could it be?"

Lindsay ran off in that direction, oblivious to another round of cheers that filled the air, as Fin reached the bridge for the second time, ready to cross it and reach the finish line again.

A block to the east and heading south, Emma and Lo were coming upon West 1st Avenue, and they were still trying to find their 13th and final flag.

"I can't believe this!" Emma exclaimed. "I'm from Alberta! How come we can't find MY flag?"

"It's gotta be around here somewhere!" Lo reassured her.

As Lo tried to keep Emma calm, neither of them realized that they not only had walked right by the building that had the Alberta box, but that it was in plain sight.

At the finish...

"Okay, you're good."

"Finally!" Fin gasped as she lied down on the ground, completely exhausted.

"Great going there, fumble fingers!" Reef snickered. "Losing a flag, really?"

"Um..." Johnny cut in, "have you seen Emma?"

Too out of breath to respond with words, Fin just shook her head.

Back to the west, Nikki picked up the flag for Quebec... again.

====== [Confessional Booth] ======

"I can't believe I lost two of my flags to that blonde bimbo! Man, no one back at home's gonna forget this if she makes it out of this challenge and I don't!"

======= [End Confessionals] ======

Now with 11 flags in hand, Nikki headed east across the bridge. Once completely across, she was able to see how many girls had already finished. Noting five, she ran past the gallery, kicking it into high gear towards the eastern portions of the village.

"Was that Nikki?" Jonesy asked.

Jen nodded. "She'd better hurry!"

Nikki knew she was in trouble, too... especially when she ran past Lo and Emma, both with arms full of flags.

"We'd better still be in this, or I swear..."

"Don't worry about it, Lo! We're getting through this!"

Their fears were relieved rather quickly, when they saw Fin urging them to hurry up and get to her.

Twenty seconds later, both girls collapsed at the finish line.

"It's not over yet!" Fin told them as she tried to pick up Emma, then Lo off of the ground.

The girls gathered their flags and made their way over to two of the still-empty boards. Fin started directing them on what to do, which immediately got Heather's attention...

"Okay, Alberta's first..." Fin told them.

"Wait, why does Emma get to go first?" Lo asked. "Are you trying to get me eliminated?"

"No, that's not what I..."

"Hey!" Heather exclaimed. "Helping them out is against the rules!"

"There was never any rule against that!"

"Allen, or whatever your name is," Heather cried, appealing to the host. "They can't do that!"

"Technically, I never said there was a rule against teamwork, so..."

"Great!" Fin exclaimed, getting back to work, "And Lo, I meant Alberta goes at the top..."

"Whatever..." Heather said, giving up on the subject.

Suddenly, a lot of cheers could be heard from the guys. Heather looked to the south and saw Lindsay coming towards them.

"And speaking of people who don't deserve to be here..."

As Lindsay approached the finish, Emma and Lo officially completed the challenge, coming in sixth and seventh.

"We did it!" Emma shouted.

"Woo... hoo..." Lo cheered half-heartedly.

Lindsay arrived at the finish and promptly dropped her flags there.

"I'm still in, right? I'm not too late?"

"Right now, you're in eighth place," Allen told her. "But you still have to put all the flags on your board in the right places before you are locked in."

"Oh, right."

"Hey, there's Nikki!" Jonesy shouted, seeing his girlfriend appear from around a corner a few buildings down.

"Come on, Nikki! You've got to go, now!" Jen shouted.

Lindsay got her wits about her, picked up all her flags, and went to work. As she tried to solve the 'puzzle,' she could hear the screams from Jonesy and Jen to Nikki getting louder.

====== [Confessional Booth] ======

"The only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to prove that what happened on 'Total Drama Action' wasn't a fluke!" Lindsay said to the camera. "But then I thought... was the red one for Manitoba, Ontario, or THE Ohio State University? Buckeyes are Canadian, right?"

======= [End Confessionals] ======

"I'm done!" Lindsay shouted out, waving her arms about to get Allen's attention.

Allen trotted over to check Lindsay's board. After a few seconds, he gave her his verdict.

"Not right. Try again."

"What? No way!"

Lindsay looked at the board again, trying to figure out what was wrong. As she did, she was oblivious to the fact Gwen's completed board was to the right of hers... and it showed that the Newfound and Labrador and New Brunswick flags were switched. As were the Manitoba and Ontario ones.

Suddenly, the light bulb switched on in her head, and she made a move. Just in time, too, as Nikki crossed the finish line. Jen ran over as Nikki bent over, gasping for air.

"Nikki, you've got to beat that other girl over there!"

Jen pointed to Lindsay, who was jumping up and down in anticipation.

"Ooh, ooh, I've got it this time!"

As Allen went to check on Lindsay, Nikki managed to gather herself enough to get some composure and head over to her board.

"Nope, still not right!"

"Hear that?" Jen told Nikki. "You're still in this!"

Nikki knelt down in front of her board and dropped all of her flags to the ground. She started to trying to remember which flag belonged to which province, but Jen cut in, taking a knee beside her.

"Look, that one's Alberta, put it at the top. Manitoba's next... that one..."

"I got this, Jen!"

"Just trust me!"

Heather looked as if she was about to butt in for the second time, but Courtney beat her to the punch.

"Hey!" Courtney yelled, pointing at Jen as she walked towards her. "I'm watching you!"

"Excuse me?" Jen shot back, getting to her feet.

"Helping your friend there is one thing, but you can't physically put those flags in place for her!"

As Courtney and Jen were having a 'discussion,' Allen had just given Lindsay a thumbs-down for the second time. A look at her board showed she still had the Manitoba and Ontario flags placed incorrectly. As for Nikki, she was starting to put the first few flags in place.

"What could I be missing?" Lindsay wondered out loud.

"Which one was this again?" Nikki asked herself as she held up the Yukon flag.

"I did no such thing!" Jen said defiantly.

"Maybe so... but I'm keeping an eye on you!" threatened Courtney.

Courtney turned around and walked back to the others, while Jen drew her attention back to helping Nikki. Seeing which flag was in her hand...


Nikki sighed. "I knew that."

As Nikki made her way around the board with Jen's assistance, a few boards away, Lindsay had finally figured out her other mistake. The two girls worked feverishly to beat the other.

And then...

"I'm done! Allen, Allen, Allen!"

To be continued...