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The Unexpected

Chapter 1

Dropping her bag, she ran. She tried to keep the breathing steady as she ran so as not to tire out quickly.

'Baka! Baka! Baka!' She screamed in her mind. 'I'm such and idiot!'

She crashed through the bushes and into Kaede's village. She skidded to a stop outside of Kaede's house. Quickly she entered the house and closed the door behind her. She leaned against it breathing heavily.

Sitting in the house was Sango, Miroku, and a sleeping Shippo. Kaede was out of the village helping a neighboring midwife to give birth a difficult child.

"Kagome!" Sango cried out when Kagome crashed into the room. "What's wrong?"

"We have to go, now!" Kagome peeked outside. "He's looking for me."

"Who is, Lady Kagome, Naraku?" Miroku asked and everyone stood up, on alert.

"No, I wish, Inuyasha is."

"Kagome, why would Inuyasha be after you?" Sango asked.

Kagome walked over to where Shippo lay sleeping and gathered him into her arms. She held him as tears slipped down her face.

"He made a pact with Kikyo to kill me and get the rest of her soul back." She laid Shippo back down onto his bed. "I was such a fool to think that he had given up on her."

"Lady Kagome, you must leave immediately." Miroku said placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Flee to your time and seal the well. Don't worry about us now. We can take care of ourselves. We will flee to Sango's village and hide there Shippo will be safe with us."

"I can't just leave you all here. Inuyasha will kill you when he can't find me. I won't have you die for me. I love you all so much, you're my family."

Shippo chose that moment to wake up. "Kagome" He cried leaping into her arms. "You're home!"

Kagome looked at Sango and Miroku and felt a tear fall down her face. "Yes I am home." She smiled softly. "But I have to go away again, we all do. You need to go with Sango."

Sango stepped forward and carefully lifted Shippo from Kagome's arms. "Go." She said softly. "We will be fine, we can take care of ourselves now."

"What's going on?" Shippo asked as he watched the tears slip down Kagome's face. "Where's Kagome going?"

"Inuyasha is trying to hurt Lady Kagome." Miroku explained. "She is going to go back to her time so that she will be safe. Sango and I will take care of you; you'll be safe with us."

Shippo felt tears trickle down his face as he looked at Kagome. "Okay." He whispered.

Sango hugged the brave little fox to her chest.

"Go Kagome, we'll be fine." Sango said tearfully.

Kagome pulled one of two identical plain silver chains from around her neck. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the necklace in her hands until it shone briefly. When the light died away she laid it around Sango's neck.

"If you need me just grab the chain and think of me. I've embedded it with some of my power so that only you three can call me and Inuyasha can't touch it." Tears slipped down her face as she turned and opened the door.

"Good luck Lady Kagome, my Nee-chan." Miroku whispered as she stepped out of the house and into the dark night.

"Good bye Haha-ue." Shippo whispered tearfully.

"I hope to see you again Nee-chan." Sango whispered as Kagome into the forest, leaving her family behind.

When Kagome was out of sight a sound was heard from the other end of the village, in the opposite direction that Kagome ran. Quickly the little group grabbed their weapons and ran out into the middle of the village.

Together they stood as Inuyasha ran out of the forest. When he saw them standing there ready to fight he slowed to a stop.

"Stand aside." He said darkly as he drew Tetssaiga.

"You will not harm Lady Kagome." Miroku said as he grabbed hold of the beads around the wind tunnel in his hand. "Even if it means using the wind tunnel on you. You will not harm her!"

Sango looked to Miroku then to Shippo and drew her Herricoss. They knew that they would stand against Inuyasha even if it meant their deaths just to give Kagome a chance to get away.

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