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The Unexpected; Chapter 3

Kagome pulled herself out of the well and stretched as she settled her bag on her shoulders once more. She looked towards Kaede's village and sighed as she realized that she couldn't go visit Kaede for fear of Inuyasha finding her before she had chance to find her sister. She rolled her neck to get it to pop and turned towards the east. With long strides she began to run toward the Eastern Lands. Making sure to pace herself so that she wouldn't tire too quickly she let her mind wander to muse over the problem she had been having recently.

Since she had been coming here she had begun to realize more and more that she didn't belong in the world that she had grown up in; she belonged here. She belonged in this world where people understood her and she could make a difference. She stopped and leaned against a tree as she let the tears that had she had been holding back fall swiftly. When she felt that she had let the tears fall long enough she quickly wiped them away and walked over to the nearby stream to splash water over her face to wash away the residue. She sat back on her heels and dried her face with a scrap of cloth from her bag. She looked up at the sky and realized that she had been running for almost the rest of the afternoon; it was almost dark out and she needed to find shelter for the night. She strode into the darker part of the forest and conjured up some of her miko powers to light the way into a cave. Once she was sure that the cave had no unexpected surprises she set her bag down and built up a fire to warm herself by while she fished out her small pot to warm some soup by.

Once the soup was warmed she leaned her back against a nearby boulder and slowly sipped the soup while she stared out of the cave at the stars. These were the stars that she loved to look at. These were the stars that she wanted to watch over her while she slept. These stars were the guiding light in a never ending dark world. These stars would lead her home every night.

Kagome set her empty cup down and curled up around the fire in her sleeping bag. She sat up for one moment when she realized that the cave would be unprotected during the night and anyone would be able to attack her while she slept. She gathered her powers and spread them in a shield over the entrance of the cave easily. She smiled and lay back down to fall into an easy sleep.

In the Eastern Lands

Misaka scaled the wall outside of her bedroom easily and pulled Micah up after her. Mintor tossed the bags up and Misaka caught them before she lowered Micah down the other side of the wall. Once Micah was down Misaka began to pass her the bags gently. She gestured for Mintor to follow her and leapt off of the wall to land next to Micah in an easy crouch.

Mintor scaled the wall and crouched on the top of it before jumping off and landing next to Micah.

"We are going to head towards the west." Misaka told them softly as she picked up her bag and helped Micah to put hers on. "If we are to find my sister before my birthday then we must make haste."

"We can acquire horses in the village milady." Mintor bowed slightly.

Misaka bit her lip as she concentrated on altering her figure. Her snow white hair darkened so that it was a shade of pale blonde and the blue marks on her cheeks faded away to nothing. She sighed and turned to Micah and Mintor.

"From now on you two call me Misaka, not milady." She smiled at them. "My father will have everyone searching for me once he realizes that I am gone."

"Are you sure that this is what you wish to do Misaka." Micah asked haltingly, not used to speaking to her lady so informally.

"This is the only way that I can get the answers that I need before my marriage to Lord Sesshoumaru." Misaka grabbed Micah by the hand reassuringly. "We will be okay, I swear to you."

"If I may Misaka," Mintor called softly. "Why did you wish for us to accompany you?"

Misaka gestured for them to begin walking as she gathered her thoughts.

"I asked for you two to accompany me because I need companions for this journey." She said finally. "Mintor you are an excellent warrior, hunter, and guide. Micah you have so much untapped potential, both in miko powers and in healing. I recognized the potential in both of you immediately."

"Thank you Misaka." Micah hugged Misaka happily. "Thank you for taking us on this journey with you."

"Well we have a long way to go and such a short time to do it in so we must press on." She smiled brightly at them in the moonlight.

In the Western Castle

Lord Sesshoumaru stood up and watched the moon for several long moments before turning to glance back at the letters on his desk. One was from the Lord Hadrian to remind him of the upcoming marriage to his daughter, Lady Misaka. The other was a letter that for any other person would have changed their lives; for him it was just another day, just another piece of paper to bother him.

He strode back over to his desk and sat down to reread the letter.

Lord Sesshoumaru,

There are a great many things that you need to know before your upcoming marriage to Lady Misaka of the Eastern Lands. The first being that you have a twin brother that will be arriving in a few days. You know full well about the treaty that was put into place before you were born, the treaty that stopped full out war from exploding between the Western Lands and the Eastern Lands. Well if the Eastern Land had found out that you had a twin then the war that we were trying to prevent would have happened anyway.

There are a great many more things that I wish I could tell you but there is no time, just know that everything that we did we did to protect you and your brother and the Land.

With all love,

Your Mother…

Sesshoumaru sat back in his chair and tossed the letter back onto the desk as he mused over it once more.

'So not only is Mother alive but I have a brother as well.' He smiled coldly. 'Well this is turning out to be an interesting day.'

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