Title: Fallen Star
Pairings: none
Rating: T/PG-13 for violence and death.
Spoilers: All new series Doctor Who through the Waters of Mars, Logopolis, and the 1996 TV Movie.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its original characters and trademarks belong to the BBC. 'The Show' is copyright Hawk Nelson. I am making no profits from this work. Any similarities to The End of Time are entirely coincidental. Any original characters were created solely by me, and resemblance to fictional or real people is entirely coincidental.

Oh, what to say in an author's note. I'm tempted to ramble on, but I'll try to keep it short. I started this fanfiction in October of 2007. I was in 8th grade, and it was just a small concept. I eventually abandoned it. In about December of 2008, I took the idea, poked it, and made a plotline on a giant piece of paper. After writing in random spurts, I eventually finished the fanfiction on December 22nd of 2009. This story was written before the End of Time and was not influenced by it. It could even be viewed as an AU fic. I know that there are some errors in the story. If you see any, feel free to point them out and I will correct them. I'm sorry for any Americanisms! I've tried my best to make everything correct.

I hope you enjoy it! Any constructive reviews would be much appreciated.

Chapter 1 – The Beginning from the End

I slammed my Algebra 2 book shut. It was an unusually cold August day, rainy and wet even though it should have been summer. I closed my eyes, rubbed my forehead, and tried to get rid of my headache. Sounds of my brother playing video games on the Wii came into my room. I tried to will the sounds away. It didn't work.


The next second, Justin flew into the room. (Justin Justice? Come on, who in their right mind names their kid that? Okay, I've heard worse names.)

"MU-UUUM! Seren's procrestinating again!" he screamed down the hall.

"It's procrastinating, you dork. And Mum's not home, she went grocery shopping. And I'm not procrastinating, I'm thinking!"

"You can think?"

I threw a book at his head.

"Go get me an aspirin. My head hurts."

"Mum said we can't touch the medicine when she's not home." he said, as if mum was secretly listening.

"You'll need more than medicine if you don't shut up," I threatened.

He ran out of the room, probably to go play his stupid video games. I followed him out of my room and went into the kitchen with a sigh. I took some medicine for my headache.

In a daze of boredom, I checked the calendar. August 20th, 2012. Boring. I flipped ahead a few months, to Christmas, and the planned 2 weeks to be spent in Cardiff. 'With family', it read. Who has family in Cardiff? It would be boring anyways. I wondered if Clara could come with us...

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," I said, even though I knew no one would hear me.

I walked to the front door and took a look out of the window. A tall man stood on the doorstep, looking like some sort of loon. He wore a suit and a long trench coat, and was soaked from the rain. He even wore trainers, with a suit! At the moment, he was fixing his hair in the reflection of the tinted glass of our door. I caught my own reflection. I looked like an average almost-17-year old, dark brown hair, blue eyes, maybe a bit underweight and stressed.

In contrast, I looked through the glass to the man. He had a mess of brown hair and an impatient expression. He seemed harmless, like he was a friend of my dad's come to visit. I raised an eyebrow and, despite my better judgment, opened the door. The man didn't look dangerous, just a bit...eccentric. You can be eccentric and not dangerous, right?

"Hello!" Trainer-Man said with this brilliant smile the moment I opened the door. "You busy?"

"Um -" I said, speechless.

"You must be Seren! Don't worry, I know your mother. Well," he tilted his head sideways, "-sort of. But that's not important. What is, apparently, is this letter." He whipped an envelope out of his pocket and held it between his thumb and finger.

I held out my hand for the letter, but he snatched it away and flapped it about as he spoke.

"I have been told, with very specific instructions, to tell you that 'this letter is not to be opened until it is opened.' How does that sound?"

"This letter is not to be opened until it is opened?"

"Yes, so it would appear."

"So how am I supposed to know when it is opened?"

Trainer-Man smiled mysteriously.

"Oh, trust me, you'll know. Speaking of which, I should be going," he glanced around as he spoke, "your mother should be coming back any minute."

I stopped in mid-thought. "I thought you were a friend of my mother's?" I asked.

The man smiled and winked.

"Oh...I lied." He handed me the letter impatiently. "But take this, don't worry - it's only paper. Just remember: 'This letter is not to be opened until it is opened.' If you open it before then, the entire universe will implode. Or something like that." Trainer-Man stepped off the porch in one long, Converse-clad stride.

"Wait!" I said urgently, and stepped over the threshold. "What does any of this letter stuff have to do with me?"

He considered for a moment, looking at the sky. I followed his gaze, up into the dark sky. It was barely visible because of the city lights.

"Oh, Seren Justice. Everything."

He turned again and made his smiling way across the London street, splashing through puddles.

"Who are you?" I called after him.

He never answered. But I still didn't read the letter.