AN: I'm really nostalgic about dates and anniversaries and things, and I wanted to post something for the one year anniversary of the day I finished this fic. (It took me awhile to edit it and finally publish it.) I originally had ideas for two more sequels to this fanfiction, and even wrote out plotlines, but they didn't fit the original spirit of this story and I decided to leave well enough alone. I hope you enjoy reading it, it's purposely vague and everything (including character relationships) is up for interpretation.

References the Sarah Jane Adventures and Scream of the Shalka, no spoilers.


"Seren?" I looked up from my book. Jenny was standing, nearly bouncing, at my bedroom door, her blonde ponytail jumping from side to side.

"Yeah?" I bookmarked my place and sat up on my bed.

"Can we visit Dad?" she asked. I sighed.

"We just did."

"That was nearly a month ago," she countered. "What if something is wrong?" she continued, what if..." she babbled on and on, listing different tragic fates that the Doctor could have suffered in the 3 weeks of relative time since we'd last ran into him. I grabbed the blonde Time Lady's wrist and dragged her to the console room as she explained multiple tragic fates.

The room wasn't very large, but it it had a high ceiling, and was decorated in a blue theme. The console was made of a dark blue glass-like material, the buttons and levers of my TARDIS set into the wavy glass, among bubbles and wires. A blackish metal held the pieces together and seemed to seamlessly flow into the black metal grate that worked as a floor. The Time Rotor was the same blueish glass of the console, but unconnected to the ceiling. In the center of it, the piece of orange TARDIS coral from which I had grown him was rising in sync with the other pipes of the Time Rotor. We were floating gently through the Time Vortex.

Luke was sitting in what I fondly called my captain's chair, talking to someone on the screen.

"Luke, I'm sorry, Jenny wants to visit the Doctor," I said, looking over his shoulder to see who he was talking to.

"Oh, tell him I said hello!" Sarah Jane Smith's voice crackled through the speakers. I was surprised to see Maria Jackson, Luke's old friend, on the screen as well. She piped in, "Yeah, visit soon, Luke!"

"And be careful," Sarah Jane added, "I love you."

"Bye, mum, Maria," he said quickly, "Love you too!" I punched a button on the TARDIS that cut of the connection to Mr. Smith.

"What's Maria doing back?" I asked, a little coldly.

"She's been out of college a few years, a job working with Torchwood," Luke said quickly, "she stopped in to see mum." Jenny looked from me to Luke, tapping her foot impatiently. She nearly dived at the console, and set to work attempting to find the Doctor's TARDIS. Her worries wasn't completely unfounded.

"Look, Jenny," I said softly, "the Doctor is fine. He's got the Master to handle, he probably has his hands full enough with that." Jenny still wasn't satisfied.

"He's clever, you of all people should know that. I should know." She glared at me, and I sighed, thinking of how the Master had treated us both.

"But he helped to bring you back," Luke argued. "He can't be completely evil." I glared at him for encouraging her.

"That was only because it helped to bring him back," she pouted. "At least let me call him," she added, pulling out the puppy dog eyes that had to be genetic.

"Jenny, I've called him before, and haven't gotten an answer," I said. I had meant to be reassuring, but it came out wrong. She haphazardly began to set the controls search for the Doctor's TARDIS in the vortex. "What I mean is, I keep getting the answering machine. I don't think they've checked it or changed the message in the past 200 years..." I caught Luke laughing out of the corner of my eye.


"The Doctor has been meddling with worse things for nearly a thousand years. He's fine." Luke snorted at me, and Jenny stepped back from the console uneasily.

"Well, if you're su-AH!" She screamed as she was flung to the floor.

My TARDIS jolted back suddenly, then threw us forward, ripping through the time vortex. Luke, Jenny, and I were tossed about, each of us attempting to reach the console or railings to hold on.

"Woohoo!" Luke yelled with joy. I grabbed a hold of the console, quickly checking the readings before attempting to stabilize us.

"Jenny, what did you do?" I yelled over the roar of the engines, slamming down the lever that controlled the brakes, which only made the ruckus louder.

"Nothing! I just set him to find and track the other TARDIS' time signature!" I groaned and pressed a few buttons, but they only seemed to make us fly faster. Jenny still didn't know how to fly the TARDIS, even though I'd tried to teach both her and Luke. My companions looked to me questioningly.

"Where are you we going, Seren?" Luke called.

"I don't know!"

I caught his eye and his grin as we spun around, sparks flying everywhere as our TARDIS was pulled towards the vortex like a magnet. With a sudden halt, we stopped. I stood up shakily, looking from the screen to Luke and Jenny, making sure everything was alright.

"What was that?" Jenny grinned.

"It was like we were being pulled through the vortex..." Luke trailed off, typing several commands into the TARDIS before I had a chance.

"I think..." I took a deep breath, afraid to answer their questioning eyes. The screen lit up with symbols and messages, and I gasped. Jenny read them at a slower pace, then looked to me.

"How can they-?"

"I don't-"

"What are you two talking about?" Luke interrupted us, staring at the Gallifreyan symbols with a confused look on his face. I rushed to the doors, Luke and Jenny following me, and threw them open to reveal the interior of the TARDIS we had landed in. Nervously, I peered outside. My jaw dropped and evolved into a giant grin.

"President Romana!"

The End