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All's Fair When Love Is War

Chapter Song: Liquid Confidence- You Me At Six


Hangovers are God's way of getting a good laugh out of you.

True fact.

You know how he gets those laughs? Through sunlight, that's how. I mean sure, it might do some good things like help plants photosynthesise so we can breathe and not die a painful death- blah, blah, blah- but even the thin slivers of light that were filtering through my eyelids were making my head throb. Seriously, sunlight and hangovers are a deadly combination that I'd give anything to avoid, but I suppose I should have thought about that last night. How much had I actually drank? I didn't remember, but my bubbling stomach and lack of said memory was telling me it was a hell of a lot.

Stupid fucking useless curtains, I growled inwardly. I wasn't usually one to swear much, but I was feeling more than a little fragile. I jammed my eyes tightly shut and swung my legs out lethargically from under the duvet. I found the floor after a few seconds of dangling my legs aimlessly above the ground and rolled on to my feet, holding the wall to support my still drunken body. Hesitantly, I opened my eyes a little, shielding them with my hand to spare me from the brunt of the sun blast I was bound to get and saw that, as I expected, I hadn't actually remembered to close the curtains before I fell in to bed earlier that morning.

'Of course.' I grumbled and yanked the fabric closed, glaring at the curtains as though they had personally offended me. I wanted nothing more than to fall straight back in to bed and sleep for the next ten years just to make sure that the next time I opened my eyes, I wouldn't feel like I'd been ran over by a truck. With a resigned and completely exhausted groan, I threw myself back down on to my mattress- immediately wishing I hadn't because the throbbing increased tenfold. I winced and stopped moving for about a minute before groping for the covers. Instead, I came in to contact with something completely solid.

What the hell?

I pulled my hand away quickly, like whatever was in my bed had given me a third degree burn. Very slowly, I turned over and peeked under my eyelashes at the offending object. There wasn't really much for me to see- only the smooth skin of someone's neck that was currently covered over by one of my pillows. I frowned to my self as I glared at the exposed skin. I wasn't sure why Isabelle had crashed in my bed last night but who else would it be? I sighed and propped my self up on to my elbow.

'Izzy,' I whispered hoarsely, shaking the lump of her body through the duvet. She didn't respond so I rolled my eyes. If I was going to be awake then so was she, damn it.

'Hey Izzy. Wake up.' I said a little louder, poking her side through the duvet. There was a groan from beneath the pillow and she tuned sleepily on to her side, facing away from me. As she did so, the pillow shifted from her face to the floor and-

Wait a second, I thought, that is definitely not Isabelle.

There was a boy.

In my bed.

There was a boy in my bed.

Alarm bells started peeling through my head- the imaginary racket making me wince again. I scrunched my eyes tightly together. What the hell was I doing with a boy in my bed? Or a better question might have actually been 'how the hell did I get a boy in my bed?' Once again I opened my eyes and peeked at my bed mate. The duvet had shifted from his torso to reveal a toned, tanned chest that screamed for me to touch it. My hand twitched at my side but I flinched away from the thought because, quite frankly, when you don't know a guys name that's kind of a creepy thing to do. I forced my greedy, sleep-deprived eyes to wander up to the guy's face.

From what I could see, he had one of those perfectly defined jaw lines that most males would kill for but the rest of his face was almost completely hidden by a disarray of blonde hair and his forearm. I couldn't help but notice that his slightly swollen lips pouted as he slept. I grinned beside my self, wondering if my own lips were just as puffy.

I stared at him for a couple of seconds longer before I caught my self and sat up in bed, completely forgetting about how exhausted I was supposed to be. I scratched my head thoughtfully, trying to remember what the hell had happened last night.

I remembered going to Pandemonium with my roommate and long time friend Isabelle and the rest of our friends so we could celebrate finishing college in one piece. Clubbing had never been my scene until I met Isabelle. In fact, most things hadn't been my scene until I met her. You could say I was a total hermit, if you were going to be mean about it.

Over the years at school and college with Isabelle, she'd transformed me in to something you could quite possibly describe as a 'confident twenty one year old who knows what she wants', but only on certain days of the week. Monday through Thursday I was still the same scrawny pushover I had been all through high school, but as soon as the weekend arrives, I'm in my element. True, my element has had me become quite well acquainted with my toilet bowl over the last few years- a lot of the time, alcohol doesn't agree with me- but I've had some great times regardless. I hoped for my sanity that last night was one of those great times.

I looked back to the boy with my eyebrows pulled together. Who are you? I thought desperately, but I came up short once again. It wasn't like me at all to bring random strangers back to my room. That wasn't how I worked, so this was indeed a rare moment in my life. Was it wrong that I felt weirdly proud of my self?


Definitely. I rolled my eyes.

I'd only had sex with one person before, and that was with my long time boyfriend Zach, and even then we'd waited a year. We'd met when I transferred from Idris High to St Xavier's High School, New York, in my junior year and had dated until just a few months ago when I caught him in bed with the girl he'd been 'tutoring'. If I was honest with myself, I knew it was happening but it didn't stop me from being completely destroyed. The idiot had had the indecency to turn up at my door with a bunch of flowers begging me to take him back. I threw the flowers at him and slammed the door in his face. Whoever said red heads have a fiery temper was speaking the truth, in my opinion.

I was pulled out of my memories when the boy groaned and turned over. His arm hit my stomach lightly and I stiffened. That tribal tattoo up the length of his forearm was far too familiar for comfort. I wriggled away from the arm and vacated the bed so I could pull on my bathrobe, feeling suddenly uncomfortable about only wearing a pair of frenchies and a guy's- the guy's- dress shirt. I eyed the boy dubiously as his hand shifted to his face so he could rub his eyes.

"Crap," He mumbled under his breath as he shifted himself to a sitting position, "Jack Daniel's is not my friend."

I froze, unable to speak or move. Very slowly, recognition dawned on me like I was seeing clearly for the first time that morning. I was suddenly sober.

"Oh my God…" I whispered. It couldn't be true. It couldn't be him in my bed. No matter how drunk I was, I would never allow him to come home with me. Hearing my voice, he turned his head slowly and my fears were confirmed. At the same time, our eyes widened and jaws dropped, but he was the first to regain some kind of sense.

"Fray?" he asked gruffly but the horror and plain shock in his voice was clear. I stiffened and narrowed my eyes, feeling the anger boiling my blood. It simmered unpleasantly just beneath my skin.

"You," I hissed in reply, my fists balling at my sides.

Jace Herondale might have looked like some kind of sun God on the outside, but inside he was black as night. He'd made my time in high school and college a living hell. I despised him with all my heart- but there he was. Naked in my bed. We both seemed to realise this in the same moment and he held up a hand, ready to stay my reaction.

He was too late. That moment was also, unfortunately, the precise moment I started screaming.

Twelve hours earlier…

"Voila!" Isabelle said with relish. She grabbed hold of my hips and spun me around to face the floor length mirror.

"What do you think?" she asked excitedly, bouncing on the balls of her feet with a grin on her face. I appraised my reflection with a smile. I looked undeniably good in my little black, skin tight lace dress and my black suede ankle boots. My hair was styled in loose waves down to the centre of my back and my makeup was dark and smoky, with bright crimson lips. I smiled at Isabelle's reflection in the mirror and she clapped her hands happily.

"I knew you'd love it! This is the perfect outfit for your first night of freedom."

I looked at her outfit. She was wearing a matching dress to mine, but the lace was white. Her hair was styled in a purposely messy up do and her makeup was more understated than usual, but her bright red six inch heels said she meant business. As always, she was an alabaster goddess.

"You look almost tame," I grinned. She laughed and grabbed her tube of mascara, leaning past me so she could apply another layer.

"That's the look I'm going for. Do you think it's too wallflower?"

I shook my head and moved out of her way to lean against the doorframe. She could never, ever be a wallflower, even if she tried her hardest. She just oozed confidence and sex appeal; so much so that it occasionally got her in to trouble. But I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of reminding her of this.

"Not at all." I said simply.

"Good. Okay, I'm done. Let's go be sociable!"

I grabbed hold of my clutch from the desk and followed her through our apartment. I heard the not so quiet drone of voices and music coming from the living room and grabbed hold of Isabelle's hand quickly.

"Who exactly did you invite?" I asked her quietly. She smiled and shrugged, giving away immediately that she was up to something.

"The usual people." she said dismissively and sauntered in to the living room. I frowned as I followed her. The usual people really only consisted of her brother Alec, his boyfriend Magnus and Simon but there was far too much noise coming from the room for it to only be them. I looked around as I entered and spotted all of the usual suspects, plus our friend Sebastian and two other girls. One was Maia who was perched on Simon's knee with a bottle of beer already in hand and the other was Aline. I frowned to my self at the sight of the latter; she was one of those people that are like a bad smell that never goes away.

"Hi guys," I said with a big smile that was only slightly forced. It could have been worse- Isabelle could have invited him. Then I'd really have reason to complain. I received a scattered 'hey' back from everyone and went to sit beside Simon on the couch. They all looked happy enough, especially Alec who had a glitter covered, Technicolor Magnus draped around his shoulders. I nudged Simon in the rips and he grinned at me.

"You look great," he commented. I smiled and gave him a swift once over.

"You're not looking too bad yourself. I can't believe you're wearing a shirt. Who are you and what did you do with my best friend?" I teased. He shot me a look of mock hurt.

"Your words burn me, Clary. If I had my way, I wouldn't be wearing it but Maia made me."

"Good call. I was starting to think he'd never take off his Super Mario tee." I laughed.

Maia smiled wickedly and took a swig of her beer.

"A good bit of persuasion can work wonders," she said, grabbing hold of Simon's hand. From the other side of the room I heard someone spluttering.

Isabelle was sat beside Sebastian, shooting glares at the couple beside me. Her arm was linked with Sebastian's and he was saying something very quietly in her ear that didn't seem to be making her feel any better. I looked back to Simon but he was staring at his knees with a shameful look on his face. Maia seemed oblivious.

Izzy and Simon had been dating on and off since our second year at college and now that Simon was seeing Maia, Isabelle was determined to have him back- for good this time. I raised my eyebrows at her but she just shrugged and frowned again.

"I'm going to get a drink. Anyone else want one?" I announced as I stood up, motioning for Izzy to follow me in to the kitchen.

"Two beers please," Alec piped up with a smile. He'd been less than friendly to me when we'd first met, but now I was almost as close to him as I was to his sister. I grinned and looked to everyone else. Sebastian waved his beer bottle at me with an easy grin.

"Want anything?" I asked Simon. He shook his head 'no'.

"I'm not drinking tonight."

"Prude," I laughed and turned to Aline who ignored me. I rolled my eyes.

"You want a drink, Aline?" I asked. She looked over me slowly before nodding.

"Vodka, lemon and lime."

"Fine," I said and swept out of the room in to the kitchen, Isabelle hot on my heels. She closed the door behind herself and leaned against it.

"My genius plan doesn't seem so genius anymore." She huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.

"And what exactly was this plan?" I asked as I went to the fridge and yanked out four beers and the bottle vodka. I tossed one of the beers to Isabelle and moved to her side, twisting the cap on my own.

"Simon wasn't supposed to invite Maia," she said sullenly. I nodded knowingly and took a swig of my beer.

"He was supposed to finally admit he's in love with me and ask me out tonight instead of just tip toeing around me then getting with her like I don't even exist. Can't you talk to him? He's your best friend." She moaned before downing half of her bottle in one. I sighed and patted her shoulder.

"Weren't you seeing someone else too? Meliorn or some weird name like that?"

She made a 'pfft' noise and waved her hand dismissively.

"There's nothing in it. He was just something to stop me from obsessing over Simon. He was a bit weird, anyway; always wanted to try on my shoes…"

I bit my lip to stop from laughing and tried to shove away the images in my head.

"It's your fault," Isabelle continued, paying no attention to my struggle to stay cool, "This whole mess with Simon, I mean. I wish you hadn't introduced me to him properly. In high school he was just the dorky boy with broken glasses but now he's…"

"Now he's still a dork but with a better haircut and contacts?" I offered with a helpful smile. Isabelle laughed too and nodded slowly.

"I guess so."

"Who'd have thought the head cheerleader would fall in love with the band geek? It's like Finn and Rachel in Glee, but without the catchy songs and dance routines." I mused, earning my self a swat to the arm from Izzy.

"You get weirder everyday." She told me matter-of-factly before grabbing Alec and Magnus' beers and leaving the room. I laughed softly, took another swig of my beer and moved to the counter to make Aline's drink. The music from the living room poured through the now open door and I smiled. I danced my way around the kitchen trying to find an empty tumbler and the limes.

I felt someone watching me just as I dropped the slice of lime in to the glass. I didn't bother turning around to see who it was; there was only one person who could make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like that just by looking at me. My eyes narrowed infinitesimally.

"Jace." I said blandly, grabbing the bottles and putting them back in to the fridge.

"Hello, Fray. Don't you look ravishing?" He said with a hint of a sneer in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my bottle so I could take a gulp. I leaned against the counter and glared at him as the gulp somehow turned in to me downing the full bottle and slamming it down on the counter. Neither of us flinched at the noise. We didn't break eye contact for a long time.

"Why are you here?" I asked him, finally breaking the silence. He grinned slowly- it probably would have been really sexy if I didn't find him so repulsive- and took a step away from the door so it could swing closed. He crossed to the fridge and pulled out two beers. He twisted the cap open on one as he placed the other beside me on the counter. It was a safe distance away so he wouldn't have to come close to me, as always. We'd been like this for as long as I could remember; always keeping at a safe distance from one another. Neither one of us knew what kind of things we'd do to each other if an argument started up and we were at close range. Death would be imminent, I was sure.

His, preferably.

"Isabelle and Alec invited me. I'd have thought that was obvious."

"Don't be an ass with me Jonathan. Not tonight."

Jace raised an eyebrow at me; he hated being called Jonathan.

"I wasn't aware I was being an ass, Fray. I was merely stating the reason for my presence here." He smiled, sickly sweet.

"You do realise you sound like a pretentious dick when you talk like that?" I asked in the most polite voice I could muster. The smile on his face widened, revealing his set of white teeth. They were almost perfect, save the small chip in one. I smiled inwardly, knowing that I was the one who gave it to him; that I was the one who ruined his stupidly perfect face.

That's what you get for messing with me, I thought, thinking back to the day in our senior year when I finally snapped at him and punched him in the face. He'd spread a vicious rumour about me and Simon that I didn't really care to think about.

"I didn't know you knew what pretentious meant. I'm impressed." He drawled. I grabbed my new beer and Aline's vodka and stalked towards the door.

"And I'm bored of talking to you. Later, Herondale." I called over my shoulder as I entered the living room, leaving Jace alone in the kitchen and smiling happily because I'd got the last word in for once. Usually Jace left me in a blubbering and confused mess; this was a milestone, I could tell. I handed Aline her drink and watched her sniff it like she was checking it for poison.

"Oh, get a grip. I haven't drugged you." I snapped before flopping between Sebastian and Izzy, shooting the latter a glare that could have withered flowers. She had the audacity to look innocent.

"What's got your panties in a twist?" she asked. I snorted and raised my eyebrows at her.

"That's the most stupid question you've asked all year." I growled. Sebastian laughed beside me and I shot him a glare. It only made him laugh harder and he tossed one arm around my shoulders, squeezing me lightly.

"Jace is here?" Alec asked, smiling briefly at the arrival of his best friend. Magnus snickered.

"Joy. My life is now complete; the golden pain in the ass has arrived." He said dryly. I smiled weakly at him and he gave me a playful wink.

"Damn right he has. I'm debating whether I should shoot him now or give him five minutes to prove he's not just going to contaminate my air all night." I grumbled.

"As if I'd get close enough to contaminate your air." The subject in question drawled from the doorway. He looked at me with that special mix of annoyance, impatience and dislike that he reserved especially for me. I felt flattered that he expended the energy for me.

Sarcasm, thy name is Clarissa Fray.

"I'm glad because I just ran out of disinfectant this morning and the drug stores will be closed now. It's best you keep a safe distance away. I don't want to change again. I like my outfit." I spat back. Jace sneered and took a long pull from his bottle as he planted himself beside Alec on the sofa.

"You're going out dressed like that? Man, I thought you would do a lot of things, but I didn't think you'd resort to prostitution. We all know tuition fees are pricey but there's this wonderful thing called a job, and if you work hard enough the nice people will pay you money without you taking your clothes off." He patronised. My eyes narrowed to slits and my hands shook in fists. Isabelle took hold of one of them and squeezed it as Sebastian tightened his grip on my shoulder.

"That's enough, Herondale."

Generally Sebastian and Jace were good friends- they'd played baseball together for the college team and had both studied History- but Sebastian would always be the first to arms if Jace took things too far.

And just then, he had.

"Defending her again Sebastian? I didn't think you were the type to pay for sex. She must be good."

"Jace," warned Isabelle, Alec and Simon at the same time. I glared at Aline as she edged closer to Jace, laughing softly and eyeing him with a predatory hunger in her eyes. He didn't even seem to notice. He was too busy sneering at me.

"You know something Herondale? You're the biggest ass I've ever met in my life and you deserve every bad thing that has ever happened to you. God help the girl who ends up with you. She'll have my sympathy." I said loudly, my voice trembling.

"So will the guy who ends up with you. I don't know how Zach did it for all those years."

That was it.




"Dick? That's it? I've come across decomposed bodies that are more insulting than you."

"That's funny, because I've seen decomposed bodies that are more attractive than-"

"Oh for Christ's sake, will you two just shut up?" Magnus half yelled. He untangled himself from Alec in that weird, long limbed graceful way he had that reminded me of a spider and stood with his hands on his hips. He looked between Jace and me- we were now standing as if we were doing the whole 'guns at dawn' thing- his bright eyes burning with annoyance. I let out a breath I hadn't realise I'd been holding and folded my arms across my chest.

"Why can't you be near each other just once without committing a capital offence? The sexual tension between the pair of you is so not funny anymore."

"What?" Jace and I hissed at the same time. Both of us looked like someone was waving a particularly rotten tuna fish under our noses. Magnus grimaced.

"I guess I'm the only one man enough to talk about the absolutely huge elephant that plods in to the room whenever you two are together." He sighed, shaking his head so a wave of glitter fell to the floor. Jace raised an eyebrow, silently asking Magnus to enlighten us.

"Isn't it obvious? You two have it bad for each other – have done for years. I suggest you screw each other and get it out of the way, or pretend the other doesn't exist." He said sternly. I made a gagging noise and pulled a face.

"First, I don't like Jace in any way, shape or form. Second, I'd rather pass a kidney stone than sleep with him." I griped.

"Me and Fray? You've got to be kidding me. I know I'm stunning and all, and she'd be lucky to get near a bed with me, but I'm only human." Jace said, looking absolutely appalled.

"Oh, c'mon. Any similarities between you and the human race are purely coincidental." I shot back. He went to say something else but Magnus smacked him upside the head. Jace rounded on him, fists clenched, but Alec cleared his throat loudly and Jace grimaced, looking apologetic.

"They might not have the balls to tell you," Magnus tossed his head in the general direction of our friends, "but I'm sick of it now. You two are making everyone feel uncomfortable. Play nice, just for one night. Today is a special occasion after all. We finished higher education! You should be drunk by now, not having hissy fits and verbal jousting competitions." Magnus finished, before sitting back down beside Alec and resuming his conversation.

I took Magnus' advice and went to the kitchen to get more beer.

Heavy trance music pounded around me as I span and swayed as though I was in a dream; I could feel the tremor of the bass pass through the floor and up my legs making it feel like my whole body was vibrating. My chin was tilted to the sky, a drunken smile creeping on to my lips as I ran my fingers idly through my long hair and let the alcoholic haze completely take over me. Hundreds of people were dancing around me, all in that weird, dream like manner. Everyone one of us looked distorted because of the bright white strobe lights shattering through the club, making our movements jump and flicker like we were nothing but white noise. I laughed at the thought, earning my self a huge grin from Izzy.

She was dancing with some random guy, her hips twirling and swirling suggestively and he looked like he'd just hit the jackpot. Even though I was stupidly drunk, I had the sense to follow her hand and see that her little finger was linked loosely with Simon's, who was dancing behind her with Maia. I shook my head and continued dancing, unable to care. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aline and Jace tangled together in a less than modest embrace, and suddenly the ability to care came crashing back to me- hitting me with the force of a tonne of bricks in the process. I actually stumbled back a step as I watched them making out. Jace seemed to feel me watching him and he grinned wolfishly, looking me hard in the eyes before bringing his lips to Aline's neck. Blinding fury shot through me unexpectedly, and suddenly I wasn't drunk enough any more. I found my self turning and pushing my way through the crowd on the dance floor towards the bar.

"What can I get you?" the bartender asked as I pretty much fell against the bar. He was cute, with a dimpled smile and messy brown hair. I smiled and hopped my self on to a bar stool as gracefully as a girl can when she's drunk and wearing a stupidly short dress, then took out a ten dollar bill.

"How many vodka shots can I get with this?" I drawled, waving the note in front of his face. He laughed and took the bill from me.

"Three and a buck change. That okay for you?"

"Perfect," I nodded. He poured the shots, lined them up on the bar then looked at me expectantly.

"So, are they all for you?" he shouted over the music. I grinned and nodded as I tossed the first back. The spirit burned my throat, but it wasn't in an 'oh my God I want to be sick' kind of way. It felt weirdly good. I reached for the second shot and positioned it at my mouth.

"Sure this is a good idea?" Mr Cute Bartender asked.

"I have images I want to burn from my brain. This is a good way of forgetting since I decided that actually setting my self alight wouldn't be all that fun." I explained matter-of-factly in my drunken slur. He smiled again.

"Boyfriend giving you trouble?"

I shook my head 'no' and tossed back the second shot. This time I grimaced but I could feel the drunken rush taking over me again. It made me feel warm to my core, and I didn't seem to care about how annoying Jace was anymore- not that I cared in the first place. All I wanted to do now was join the crowd again and dance until I thought I was the only person left in the world.

"No boyfriend."

"Oh, right." he paused and raked his hand nervously through his hair. I bit my lip a little, wishing I could do the same…

"So do you think I could get your number? I finish my shift in a half hour, maybe we could meet up… dance a little?"

I opened my mouth to reply but I was cut off almost instantly.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," a smooth voice said from behind me. A pair of strong hands grasped at my waist and I felt a tingle shoot up my spine. For a second I leaned back in to the person's warm body, revelling in the scent of sunshine mixed with whisky, before I realised who it was.

"What are you doing Herondale?" I scowled and knocked back my last shot, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. I grimaced apologetically at the cute bartender but he shrugged before moving on to help someone else. With a huff, I turned- well, stumbled- to face Jace and placed my hands on my hips.

"Look what you did! He was totally asking for my number and you ruined it! You ruin everything!" I half shouted. Jace tossed back some dark brown liquid in a tumbler and arched an eyebrow.

"You don't know that guy. He might want to hurt you." he glared back, crossing his own arms over his chest after he slammed the glass on to the bar. I snorted- one of my more attractive traits, I think- and jabbed my finger at his chest.

"He wasn't going to hurt me you asshat- we were just going to dance."

Jace smiled slowly and took a step towards me. I knew he was up to something, but I couldn't seem to move. I swayed on the spot, mesmerised by that incredibly sexy smile of his.

The things I could do to that boy, I thought, before I realised who I was actually fantasizing about and almost gagged.

"If you want to dance, why don't you dance with me?" he asked me, his voice low in my ear. I shuddered again and took a shaky step away from him.

"I'd rather share a bed with an incredib… a really pissed off alligator…" I whispered. Jace laughed and took another step closer. I tried to shuffle backwards again but I hit the bar and he blocked me in with his arms.

"You'd probably stand less chance of getting hurt with the alligator." He said. His face was dangerously close to mine now. This was new territory. He was so close, closer than he's ever been to me before- and I was drunk enough to be okay with that. A nervous giggle escaped my lips so I pursed them shut tightly.

"You going to hurt me, Jace?" I asked him- no, I flirted in a low voice, looking up at him with daring eyes. I was flirting with Jace Herondale, and I wasn't gagging. For a moment, I was sure the apocalypse had come at last but when he leaned his head in so his lips were right beside my ear I forgot all about how much I loathed him, and concentrated solely on the smell of sunshine coming from his skin and the soft caress of his breath on my neck.

"Only if you want to be hurt, Clarissa." He whispered and I swear to God I almost whimpered in ecstasy. I felt his mouth curl up in to a smirk against my neck and his lips gently swept over the skin just below my ear.

"What about Aline?" I said heavily, struggling to keep my hands to my self as his mouth explored my neck.

"What about her?" Jace mumbled. I bit down hard on my lip to stop from making any inappropriate noises as he moved his mouth to my collar bone.

"I still hate you," I said. He nodded against my flesh and looked up at me with those tawny eyes without his lips leaving my flesh.

"And I still hate you too," he promised. His mouth inched up my neck again and when he reached my chin, he pulled his lips away and rested his forehead against mine.

"But that doesn't stop you from being the hottest girl I've ever seen," he said quietly. I looked in to his eyes and was glad that his hands were holding me up because I swayed slightly, feeling light-headed from the shots- or was it his kisses? Jace smirked and moved his mouth far too slowly towards mine. I waited in anticipation; my chin tilted slightly upwards and my eyes heavy, lidded with lust. He pressed his lips cautiously against mine for a second and then pulled me closer to him, effectively deepening the kiss. My hands snaked around his neck and fists curled in his hair of their own accords as my entire body seemed to buzz with excitement. I had no control over what I was doing with the boy I so openly despised but that didn't even matter. I was full to the brim with liquid confidence and it felt good.

Far too good.

Finally, we pulled away from one another, panting like crazy but both smirking a little bit. Jace looked me over with smouldering eyes before he grabbed hold of my hand tightly and pulled me towards the crowd of dancing people without another word.

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