I ran as fast as I could through the woods with Renesmee in my arms. I knew if I kept at this pace with everyone gone hunting and Jake still passed out completely, I would be able to make it wherever I wanted without any confrontation. I tried not to think of the terrible pain in my chest that ached for leaving my family behind so instead I focused on my sleeping daughter in my arms. Her little auburn curls flew in the wind as I ran with incredible speed. Her eyes were shut as she slept, but she was perfect in every way to me.

She was dreaming her shape filled dreams with little pictures of the family or the pack every once and a while. There were few memories my baby held in her dreams too…the memories that she had stung a little not only because I was running away from the family she dreamed of but because of how they all seemed to be so sweet and innocent towards my baby but towards me…it was a different story. My baby, my own baby! They wouldn't let me hold her or touch her for more than a second at the MOST! And then the imprinting! I couldn't take it!

I had control over myself and I knew I could take care of my own child, but with so many people hovering over me and the baby constantly, who could ever have the chance to bond or feel the love? So that's why I had to do it…I had to take my baby and leave this place and these people behind me. Forever….