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"AAAAUGH!!! Shut UP!!!"


Samus slowly sat up in her bed. She stared out into thin air before she began to grumble to her self.

"Geez, my alarm clock was louder than normal… What time is it again?"

She snatched her cell phone off her charger and peered at the time with her sleepy blue eyes. Any trace sleepiness vanished as her eyes widened.

"8:40????!!!!!!! Holy shit, I'm late for school!!!!!"

Samus hopped out of her bed and hurriedly grabbed a brush to brush her disheveled hair. After tripping on several jeans and t-shirts, she found her school uniform. She quickly slipped into the sailor style uniform shirt with a red collar and tie and the school's symbol embedded on the collar. Samus hopped over to her bathroom sink while pulling up her long, pleated, red school skirt. She brushed her teeth as fast as she could and gave herself one last look before grabbing her red hair tie and rushing to the front door. She started pulling her long blond hair in a high ponytail and grabbed her bookcase her teeth as she continued out the front door. With her ponytail in place, she ran out the door and made her way to school.


As Samus neared the school campus, she checked her phone again for the fifth time since she left.

"8:55…! Ooooooohh… I'm so screwed this time…!"

She rushed inside the school building and fell to her knees, panting. Once she caught her breath (it was quite fast too) she stood again and walked quickly to her class.

But today wasn't starting out too smoothly for her.

Samus got herself lost.

"How the hell did I manage to get myself lost when I have been attending this damned school for more than a year now???!!!!"

Samus passed a room that was unfamiliar yet very familiar at the same time. Her right eye twitched.

"I passed this room before…!"

She stood before the room and growled at the door darkly. She began to raise her suitcase, her last nerve snapping. She moved her arm backwards, building up momentum. She swore silently at the door and flung her arm forward.


Samus froze.

"Please. Lower your bag before you hurt someone."

She slowly lowered her arm. That voice is awfully familiar…

Samus suddenly felt strong arms wrap around her waist. She jumped slightly at the sudden contact. She tried to wiggle out of the stranger's grasp but he held her tighter. She felt a sudden weight on her shoulder and glanced at the man from the corner of her eye. At the sight of familiar blue hair, she relaxed.

"My God you scared me. You sounded just like one of the teachers with all that authority. You know that's not a very nice way to treat me in the morning…"

She turned around in his arms, causing the male to lift his head off of her shoulder. She smiled as she laid eyes on his familiar ivory skinned face.


The blue haired prince smiled upon hearing his name. He lowered his head at met his forehead with hers. Samus wrapped her arms around Marth's neck and the two simply stood there enjoying each other's embrace.

"We missed you this morning," Marth suddenly spoke.

Samus chuckled sheepishly. "I…had a rough time getting out of bed this morning. I actually woke up at 8:40."

Marth pulled his head back. "Seriously?"

She nodded. "I made it here at 8:55 about. And I got lost…somehow. You don't know how glad I am to see you…" She trailed off. Samus blinked and looked back up at Marth.

"Speaking of which, why are you here? You do have class this period so what are you doing in the halls?"

Marth shrugged. "Believe it or not, I missed a day of hall duty so now I have to make it up. It was scheduled for today."

Samus's mouth opened in mock surprise. "You, Marth Lowell, Prince of Altea, missed a day of hall duty? Now I'm certain that the Apocalypse is coming!" She laughed.

Marth pouted. "Shut it, Samus. I have other responsibilities as Student Council President you know."

Samus held back the rest of her laughter. "Right, right. You have a biiiiiiiiiiiig role here in Smash Bros. High School." Samus let go of Marth's neck to emphasize how "big" his role was. She started chuckling.

Marth let go of Samus's waist and folded his arm across his chest. "Fine then." He raised his head in an "authoritative" way. "For mocking the Student Council President and current hall monitor, I believe I am going to have to give you a citation."

Samus's laughter stopped abruptly. "Wh-what?"

Marth smirked. "You. Citation."

Samus scowled. "You've got to be kidding me."

Marth took out his note pad. "'Fraid not, Samus."

Samus pouted as Marth scribbled on his notepad. When he finished, he tore it out with his smirk still on his face and handed it to her. Samus snatched it from his hand and stuffed it in her bag. Samus glared at him.

"If I get in trouble from this thing I swear I'm coming after you."

"And I shall be waiting, Sam."

Samus turned away and started to go to the office to turn in the citation and get a pass to class until she felt her arm being held back. She turned to see Marth standing there with a firm grasp on her arm. Samus raised an eyebrow.

"What now?"

Marth smiled. "I think it's best you to class now. The teacher will let you in the class if they see that slip and you can turn it in during the passing time before second period."

Samus blinked and frowned in thought. "Shouldn't I just turn it in now? I know where the office is from here an-"


Samus looked up at Marth and suddenly could feel his soft lips on hers. Her eyes widened at the sudden kiss but soon melted into it. Nonetheless, the kiss ended much too soon.

Marth broke the kiss and rested his forehead on hers. He smiled at her. "Instead of questioning it why don't you just do it?" he whispered. He kissed her forehead and took a step back. "Okay?"

Samus nodded numbly. She turned around and walked away from Marth. Somehow, her directional sense and her year and a half of attending the school returned and she wound up in front of her classroom. She slid the door open and walked into the room to the teacher, ignoring all of her classmates questioning stares.

"You're unfashionably late, Miss Aran."

Samus winced. Her first teacher of the day, Ms. Harrington, was never a fun teacher.

"Yeah I know. But I have my 'pass'…"

Samus fiddled in her bag and found the bright yellow piece of paper. She looked at the paper briefly and looked back at the teacher.

"Here's my-"

Her eyes widened. She looked back down at the small sheet of paper and read the contents.

Dear Miss Harrington,

Please excuse Samus Aran for her tardiness. She was with me helping the Student Council.


Marth Lowell

Student Council President

Samus reread the paper over and over, a light blush colored her cheeks as she reread it. Ms. Harrington cleared her throat, startling Samus out of her reverie.

"Your pass please, Miss Aran."

"Uh, right… the pass…" Samus fumbled with the yellow sheet before handing to her.

M. Harrington surveyed the paper. She rolled her eyes when she finished it.

"I swear that horrible Student Council has gotten so much worse… How dare he take some of my student from my class to do his dirty work…!"

Ms. Harrington walked to her computer muttering incoherent words leaving Samus to her thoughts. Samus smiled lightly and walked to her desk.

'Marth is one hell of a boyfriend…'

Maybe today hadn't started of so bad after all.

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