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"Damn it! This stack of books just never seems to end!"

"I'm sure if you were to go faster it might-"

"Shut up! I don't need your damn sarcastic comments right now!! What the hell am I doing here anyway?! I don't even like books!!"

Marth gave a sheepish smile as he looked over his shoulder at his acquaintance. "You didn't have to come, Samus. I'm sure the guys would have enjoyed your company at lunch."

Samus glared at Marth as she shelved a book. "And why would I want to do that? That prissy gal pal of yours would just pester me to no end…!"

Marth chuckled. "Of course she would." Samus glared at him harder.

Exactly one week had passed from when Samus joined Marth and his friends at their table. That day, Samus only paid attention to Marth. During the past week, everybody saw how Samus would only pay attention to Marth. Though Marth was fine with it, nobody else was. (Although Peach might have been.) It was especially the case when Link, Zelda, and Peach noticed that their time with the prince was dwindling, and rather quickly.

They only got to see him at lunch and, only every once and a while, in the hallways. Samus managed to occupy nearly his all of his free time, causing the three to only get to see him at lunch unless he had Student Council duties, which he had today. And, of course, Samus went with him out of the sheer fact for not wanting to be left with them.

Samus sighed as she slid another book into the shelf. "This whole Student Council thing sounds kind of stupid, Lowell. What's the point of having the 'most important' students do the teachers dirty work?"

Marth raised an eyebrow. "Surely you didn't expect it to be all fun and games?"

"You're in a sarcastic mood today."

Marth smirked and shelved another book. "We don't just do the activities the teachers don't feel like doing. The Student Council helps regulate and promote school and club activities…" He glanced back at Samus, "And we also help decide who can be permitted in Super Smash Bros. High."

Samus turned her body to look at Marth with her surprise evident. "Wow! Are you serious??"

Marth nodded as he looked away to shelf another book. "Of course, we don't do the actual deciding. All we do is get the papers about the potential students, read them over, and select those with the most potential. Principal Master Hand and Assistant Principal Crazy Hand are the ones who make the final calls and cuts."

Samus smirked. "Huh. I guess you guys do have importance."

Marth smirked as well. "Look who's being sarcastic now."

Samus's smirk grew as she shelved another book. The two continued to work in a comfortable silence, both lost in their own thoughts. But slowly, the comfort in the air began to tense. Marth frowned as the tension became strong enough for him to recognize. He looked behind him at Samus and felt his frown deepen as he watched Samus scowl darkly at the shelf. Suddenly, Samus gripped one of her books. With a grunt, she slammed the book in the shelf. Marth almost jumped from the loud noise it made.

Samus let out an exasperated sigh. "You know what?! Screw this! Nobody likes shelving books anyway! Especially when the stupid stack doesn't get any damn smaller!!" She then turned on her heel and sat at a table. She slammed her stack of books on the table and pouted after propping her head up on the table with her hand.

Marth smiled coyly. He raised an eyebrow, "Everything okay, Samus?"

Samus grunted in response. Marth sighed and shook his head then proceeded to shelve more books. It wasn't too long, though, before he was stopped.

"…Hey, Marth."

Marth glanced at Samus. "Yes?"

"……Just what the hell made you guys chose me? In normal schools, officials wouldn't even consider letting me in their school. I have no records, no birth certificate, nothing! Hell," she glared up at Marth and jabbed her thumb on her chest, "I've killed people!! I've killed so many important authority figures, common citizens, even innocent bystanders!!! I'm a damned bounty hunter!!! What could have went through your minds for you guys to chose me?!?!"

Marth stared at Samus. Her face perfectly described her anger and just as perfectly, her eyes displayed her troubled thoughts. Marth closed his eyes slowly and let his body lean on the bookshelf. He crossed his arms over his chest, holding the few books he had left to shelf in place. He carefully thought about his next words, knowing that one wrong word or phrase would probably cause Samus to turn her back on the school. Marth sighed before looking at Samus and giving her a gentle smile.

"Do you remember when we had out first conversation together? I told you, 'This high school isn't what you make it out to be.' Remember that?"

When Samus nodded, Marth continued. "What I said pertains to that. This school is full of people who have taken lives. This isn't an ordinary high school."

Samus's eyes widened. "Wh-what…?"

"…When we choose those to be selected, we have to choose who looks to be the best of the best. Those who are the best in piloting, or those who are best in martial arts, and those who are the finest in wielding a sword are all selected to be considered part of this school. Often…to become one of the best, deaths of other people is inevitable." Marth's gentle smile grew.

"Because of what you do got you a spot in this school. Not the reasons behind your murders."

Samus stared at Marth as his words slowly registered. Her lips twitched upwards slightly as she lowered her head.

"…I don't think I like that." She chuckled lightly. "I mean seriously. They picked up a screwed up girl. A girl who's been screwed with since she was little." Samus shook her head as she put a palm to her forehead. "Really. She lost her parents to a Space Pirate attack when she was only three. She was taken in by the Chozo, infused with their DNA, and was trained to be a killer…"

She knew that the words flowing through her lips were her past, but she could care less. "She even blew up her own home planet after a while. She became stranded, alone, and broken… Soon, a man she thought to be her savior picked her up off the streets. He raised her and brought up a bounty hunter. She thought she was in love with him…but that man caused all the faults that she saw in herself. He was able to make all that hell she went through up until then seem like nothing, and made her live through hell with him."

Samus looked up at Marth. Marth felt himself gasp as their eyes met.

Samus's icy eyes pricked with tears as a bitter smirk found its way on her face. "Quite a girl, huh?"

Marth closed his eyes as his heart dropped. Samus definitely didn't look good in tears. Samus had always been so strong-willed. Seeing her like that… Marth just knew he didn't want Samus to look like that ever. 'Funny how I would have never thought of her this way up until a week ago,' Marth laughed inwardly.

Marth leaned his head on the bookshelf and gave Samus the warmest smile he could muster. "Quite a girl, indeed."

Samus's eyes widened. Marth closed his eyes in thought, yet never let his smile waver. "…You can't let your past get to you like that. Pain and hardships are supposed to help you grow as a person, not to tear you down. The more you wallow and pity on yourself, the more you'll succumb to your inner darkness." Marth looked down, a now bitter smile on his face. "And trust me; you do not want that to happen. Slowly, you become a twisted person. Your morals and values no longer apply to you… You wouldn't even recognize yourself anymore……" Marth trailed off and stared at Samus.

Samus broke her stare with Marth and looked down. She knew what he said was true. But that one question still plagued her mind…

Suddenly she felt a hand pat down on to her head. She flinched slightly from the touch. When the hand didn't remove itself, Samus hesitantly looked up straight into the eyes of Marth…and at his rather bored expression.

Marth leaned his body over, his face right in front of hers. Samus instinctively tried to move her head back but Marth's hand kept her head in place. Marth tilted his head and his bored look slightly intensified.

"I know what you were thinking. 'How does he know this stuff?' or 'how does he know that this does affect me?', right?"

Samus's eyes widened in surprise. That was exactly what her train of thought was! Before she could question Marth, she felt her head begin to bob side to side. Samus then let out a noise in protest, knowing Marth's hand was moving her head.

"How many times do I have to tell you before it goes through your head? We. Are. Alike."

Suddenly, Samus's head stopped moving. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate her way out of the slight dizzy spell she had. Before Samus could fully recover, she felt something hard lean onto her forehead. Her eyes opened and looked straight into Marth's eyes that seemed to be closer than usual…

'Ah… His forehead is on mine…' Samus thought slowly.

Marth's bored expression disappeared and was replaced with a warm smile. Samus felt her heart skip a beat. She squeezed her eyes shut for a second, getting rid of the feeling. She slowly opened her eyes, and as she did so, Marth spoke,

"I have already been through what you are going through currently. Of course I know that what I say directly affects you."

Marth stared at Samus for a little bit before leaning away from Samus. He straightened his poise and smiled down at her.

"So don't let yourself fall, okay?" His head tilted slightly, "I know it won't be so easy, but give it your all…" Marth lightly patted Samus's head, "And I can promise you I will be there for you every step of the way. Okay?"

Samus glanced down. Her fists clenched as she felt the slightest bit of heat rose to her cheeks and her heart pound frantically in her chest. She looked back up at Marth, a small smirk playing on her lips. Samus then gave Marth a grin that nearly split her face in two.


It was Marth's turn to feel heat rise to his cheeks. He removed his hand from Samus's head and tried to cover his furious blush. Samus stared at him, her grin fading into a curious smile. Despite his attempt, Marth's blush was quite noticeable. Samus rose from her chair and removed Marth's hand from his face, taking in the blush. She scowled as she placed a hand on Marth's head, not even noticing the way his blush intensified.

"Are you alright, Lowell? You're kinda red in the face."

Marth gave a dull glare and a small pout. "How terribly cliché of you to say that…"


Marth shook his head and backed away from Samus. He gave a small smile, "Nothing. I'm fine, Samus."

Samus's frown deepened but she shrugged. "Whatever you sa-"


Samus looked up at the ceiling with a scowl. "Great. Lunch is over." The sound of an object meeting wood caused her to look down again. She watched as Marth slid in his final book before turning and meeting her gaze. A small smirk formed on his lips as he swept his hands across each other, ridding the dust from them.

"Well, that's it for my stack of books. I'll be taking my leave now, unless," Marth paused as he slid his backpack on, "you want me to stay and help you finish up." It was more of a question than a statement.

Samus smirked as she put a hand on her stack of books. "Nah. I've got this down. I'll try to stop complaining about my work and get it done." She nodded at him, her smirk growing.

Marth smiled and returned her nod. "Alright then. I'll see you later, Samus."

Samus watched as Marth walked past her in a beeline towards the library doors. Once he made it to the doors, Samus looked down at her stack of books. With an inaudible sigh, she lifted her books into her arms.


Samus turned to the voice and found herself looking at Marth. She raised an eyebrow as she realized he was still here.


Though his back was turned to her, she could still tell that his head was lowered as he tried to piece together what he wanted to say. He sighed and lifted his head, a sign of resolve.

"You know… I wish I could see your smile more often. You have a beautiful smile, Samus."

Samus stopped breathing. Her lips parted as her jaw dropped slightly. Though she watched Marth nod and disappear through the doors in a hurry, her shock prevented her from processing his actions.

Her shock caused her to drop her books, scattering them on the floor and out of order.

------Omake: A little while later…------

As lunch ended, the time to get to class proceeded like any other day.

Link, Peach, and Zelda walked to their next class while finishing up their previous conversation from lunch.

As their conversation led to something rather funny and caused them to laugh out loud, Peach glanced out from the corner of her eye and spotted a certain prince walking down the hall in a surprisingly fast pace. Regardless, Peach raised a hand and waved at him.


Link and Zelda turned toward Marth as he looked up and spotted them. It was then they noticed Marth's hand obscured their view of all of his face, simply because his hand was pressed on his face.

As Marth quickened his pace to meet up with them and dropped his hand from his face, it was easy to figure out why.

Link raised an eyebrow as Marth greeted them. Slowly, Link shifted his weight to one side and placed a hand on his hip. With his eyebrow still raised, he spoke,

"Marth? Why are you blushing so hard?"

Indeed, there was a mad blush spread across his ivory-skinned face.

Marth's blush intensified (if possible) as he glared down at Link. He used his arm to try and cover his blush.

"Who said I was blushing??!!" Marth shouted in protest. Link opened his mouth to respond.

Marth wasn't done. "I'm not blushing!!!!"

"Even if I was blushing, I wouldn't say why!!!!"

"It's most certainly not because of Samus!!!!"

"NO, I was NOT with Samus!!! This has nothing to do with her!!!!"

"Why don't you guys just shut the hell up and get to class!!! Worry about your own damn problems!!!"

"I am not blushing!!!!!!!"

And with that, Marth dashed down the hall, leaving a very startled Link, Zelda, and Peach.

Link's shoulders sagged as he let his body droop forward.

"…He does know that he led a one-sided argument by himself right…?"

Zelda glanced at Link. "I don't think so. He was too embarrassed to care or notice."

Peach let a small smile grace her round features. "Well, how sweet is that!! I think Peach saw something she liked!"

Link and Zelda looked at her. "What?"

Peach swayed her hips as she continued down the hall. "Nothing! La lala lala la~"

Link and Zelda's eyes narrowed and their jaws fell slightly as they watched the now whimsical Peach sing and dance down the hallway.

Zelda smiled at Link sheepishly. "I would say that both Peach and Marth are acting kind of off, but something like that is oddly normal for Peach."

Link gave a half-hearted smirk. "Damn straight."

The two Hylians exchanged looks and smiles before continuing down the hallway in their comfortable silence.

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