Welcome my friends to my new collection of Bones One shots, If Only You Knew. For my loyal readers thank you for sticking with me through the switch to a new collection, for the ones that are just picking this up Welcome! I always love fresh readers.

So this is a spoilery piece there's nothing super specific though unless you already know what I'm talking about here. It is set after the 100th episode just so you know the time line. Just so you know this took a wild turn when I was writing it but I really like it. Ok more at the end.

And as per usual I don't own Bones no matter how much I wish I did. If you can't follow it let me know but it should work.


You look around you and you realize he's everywhere. There on the bookshelf in your office is the picture of you and him with and the rest of the team at the Diner. You know there's another picture of the just the two of you at the gala on your fridge at home. You know that you have a spare tie for him in your office, just in case you need his for an experiment, or he spills something on it. You know that you have one of his shirts folded neatly in one of your drawers, not in case he needs it, but in case you do.

You spend most of your time with him whether it's during the week at work, even if you don't have a case he'll almost always swing by to pick up up for lunch or at least bring you something, and he does the same for dinner. You realize that he's even in your weekends, whether it's asking you to do something with him and Parker or to just come over and watch a movie with him.

He's literally everywhere you can't even escape him in your thoughts. Actions that you once made without a consideration to how they would affect anyone else, you know always consider him in the process. When deciding to go on a trip you always make sure that he'll be ok with it, had you known that his post-coma amnesia was going to linger longer that it should have you wouldn't have left then. Not that leaving ever really got him out of your thoughts because he plagued them ever waking minute you were there.

And ever since you sat on that couch in Sweets office and related the story of your first case together you realized that he never did leave you can't help but wonder how he's ended up everywhere. You believe that maybe you should make an effort to see what was out there besides the world inundated with him, to see if someone else could be everywhere in your life. There's a voice inside your head telling you that he can't be everywhere for you because you work together and so the logical rational conclusion is that if one person can be everywhere for you then so can someone else.

So know you sit at the dinner at your usual spot but you're not across from him and at first, it feels ok, like maybe, he's not the only one out there that can be everywhere. But as the man across the table continues to talk and continues to make an effort to make you laugh but you can't help but compare this man to the one that is everywhere and he really is everywhere because he's plaguing your thoughts right now. So you smile and carry on the conversation wondering how long it'll be until you can leave this man and find him, because he's everywhere for you and you don't think that you could handle life in any other way now, because you need him to be everywhere.

So when this coffee ends and you smile politely and tell this man that you had a good time, and he chuckles and tells you not to worry about it, this man tells you that he's lucky to have you everywhere and that you should go find him because you need him as much as he needs you.

So you watch this other man leave, wishing you'd completely understood what he'd meant before you go looking for the man who is everywhere to you. He's right were you expected him to be, seating on a bar stool at the Founding Fathers slowly nursing a beer looking morosely into the bottle as though his world is crashing down around his ears. You signal to the bartender that you'll have your usual glass of red before sliding onto the stool beside him, lightly brushing his arm with yours so he knows your there. He looks up at you with a small smile of relief on his face that your there and you smile at him realizing that you need his smile everywhere. You sit in silence for a few moments as you wait for you wine. After the bar tender set the glass down you take a small sip just to fortify yourself. "You're everywhere." He reaches over and covers your hand with his and you squeeze the fingers that have settled in your palm before he sighs and says, "Welcome to my world."

You drink your wine and he finishes his beer before you say anything any. Now you turn to him and his chocolate irises' meet yours as you tell him. "I want you to be everywhere." He doesn't question the statement; rather he just smiles for a moment as he accepts it.

You know you've made it so that she's everywhere. You insist that she eats and you drag her to do things with you. You've made her into part of Parker's life so that she has a bigger part of your life. In your office hidden behind the autographed Flyers photo and the grinning photo of Parker is one of the three of you and you can't help but wish that that's what every day looked like.

You like having her everywhere. You like that after spending the day with her, her scent clings to your clothes, that subtle hint of chocolate and brown sugar that you can't get enough of. You love that she always takes you and no one else to her events as an author or as an anthropologist. You love that you're the person that she calls when she has a question, needs to talk, or is just bored. You love that she's accepted that your everywhere and allows it to happen.

That was until the day the earth moved. You'd sat on Sweets couch and recounted that first time together and you can't process her reactions it's almost as if she'd never realized that you were there. So the next case you're ok but that brilliant brain of hers is processing something and you can't seem to figure it out so you let it go. That is until she tells you that she's going to have coffee with him, and you know that she's trying to see if you belong everywhere to her and so you decide to try the same thing. After all that would be the rational thing to do.

So when this woman asked you out you said yes, you own it to yourself to see if she really belongs everywhere or if you've fit her into that construct because it was easy to do. So you sit across from the other women and you laugh at her jokes and attempt to make her laugh with yours. But it's just not the same, you keep imposing her reactions on this woman and comparing her to this woman and well it's just not fair to this other women to have to compete with her when the other doesn't even have a chance.

So when you finish dinner you have every intention of breaking the truth to this women honestly but she doesn't even give you a chance to tell her, instead she looks you right in the eyes and tells you to go to her because no other woman is going to ever measure up, and they shouldn't have to. You smile and let this women go knowing that she's right, but at the same time you know that she's out with him and that there is no way she wants you to be everywhere like she's been for you.

So you watch that woman walk out your life and you walk to the Founding Fathers and order a beer and contemplate how you will ever be able to live if she decides that she doesn't want to be everywhere for you and doesn't want you everywhere. You can't process it, without her everywhere; well you're not sure that there is a point anymore.

So when her arm brushes against yours as she slides in the bar stool next to him you can't help but feel relief that she's everywhere again even if she hasn't really picked. You hold your breath as she takes a sip of her wine and then she speaks and as usually, her voice is the most beautiful thing in the world to him. "You're everywhere." She states in that scientific observation tone that you love about her.

You don't know what to say, you know that you can't rush her and she'll come to her conclusion at some point and she'll let you know. But you can't help yourself from reaching out and covering her hand with yours, curling your fingers into her palm. When her hand squeezes yours the constricting feeling that you've had since the earth moved, well it eased a little bit. "Welcome to my world."

So you sit with her, amazed at how complete the world feels when you can feel her everywhere, as you try and ignore the voice in your mind that keeps reminding you that she hasn't made a definitive announcement as to how she feels about you being everywhere, she's merely announced that she knows that you are. So when she smiles and looks at you with her icy gray-blue eyes relief course through you because when her eyes turn that color she's happy and knows you will be too.

"I want you to be everywhere." She states and you can't help but smile and take it in for just a moment before you move in and don't kiss her just yet because while you are more than happy to be everywhere for her you have to tell her something first. So you rest your forehead on hers and smile a little wider before you say just loud enough for only her to hear and no one else in the crowded room, "I don't know how not to be everywhere for you, because I need you to be everywhere for me."

Her smile grows wider as a tear escapes down her cheek glittering in the bars lighting. Your hand comes up to brush it away before she closes the distance between the two of you wrapping her hands around you and pulling herself close as she buries her head in the crook of your neck, at first you don't know to respond before that scent that's followed you everywhere for nearly seven years now pulls you into burying your head in her hair. When she finally pulls away she stops only briefly to whisper in your ear, "Not only are you everywhere but you are everything."

Your stunned for a moment before you register that she's pulling you out the door by the hand that she's laced her fingers with, and your helpless not to follow because while she's everywhere for you too, she will always be your everything.

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