The rest that followed was much like a fairytale, though its once upon a time was much before.

No longer a true Kabra by law, Ian set off to find a job after he graduated from college. He managed, without surprise, to become the co-CEO of a big law-firm. He later admitted that he used his powers as an advantage, though he followed that with, "If you've got it, use it." Amy couldn't argue with that.

Though Natalie was not disowned like her brother, she secretly stayed in touch with him. She used his law-firm often too when she grew up and took over their parents' art dealing. The two did not see each other for months after the incident, however. They finally were reunited at a meeting where the two had to discuss the lawyers.

As expected, Amy agreed to be with Ian. Though her instincts told her to stay away, she felt as if the time spent together at his estate made their bond too strong to have been broken so easily. After the two of them graduated, they moved in together to a condo. While Ian protested to such a small home, Amy found it cozy. The two attended college at separate schools, though stayed close the rest of the time.

Dan lived with them until he grew up, and once he turned eighteen, he moved out and started attending college immediately. He was "sick of all the lovey-dovey stuff there". He, of course, kept in touch with his sister, who became a part-time writer and a historian at a very famous museum.

After months together, Ian and Amy still went strong. Over a year passed when Ian finally popped the big question, which led to Amy hyperventilating and hitting him with her slipper as she ran away. The first proposal she had rejected, which saddened Ian, though she promised him it wasn't her final word.

It's now been two years, and while they are not yet married, they're close enough to their happily ever after.

And if the two were ever to get separated, though the chance is slim, they still have their angel to watch over them in the form of a white and black bird...

A/N: It wasn't supposed to be this short [it was supposed to be WAY longer], but I could not make it work the way I wanted [sob]. Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading :) Finally, I present you with the finished "The White & Black Bird".

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