March 10th – Happy Birthday, Remus Lupin!

Today, Remus Lupin turns fifty years old. This story is in honor of him. I shall be doing this for all of the Harry Potter Characters from now. So check out my new story, 'Happy Birthday!'

Remus beamed at his wife. She had just given birth to their oldest child.

"You're amazing, dear." Remus told her as he bent down, and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you." Tonks smiled at him. "Where is he?"

"Your mum took him." St. Mungo's wasn't safe anymore, so Tonks had given birth at her old childhood home, with Andromeda as the midwife. "She went to clean him, and such." He explained.

"Alright." Tonks scooted over on the bed, and motioned for Remus to sit next to her. Remus gladly sat down on the bed with her.

"I think I'm going to take a nap." Tonks told him, as she rested her head on his shoulder, and promptly fell to sleep.

After a little while, Andromeda came back into the room. Remus gently eased Tonks' head off of his shoulder, and stood up to take the infant into his arms.

"Did you and Dora have a name picked out yet?" Andromeda asked Remus kindly.

"Ted Remus Lupin." Remus told Andromeda. Her eyes glossed over.

"What a wonderful name, dear." Andromeda told him kindly, as she gave the child over to his father.

"Thank you."

"I'll just leave you now." Andromeda smiled encouragingly as she walked out of the room.

Remus watched Andromeda leave, before he turned to the baby in his arms. He had a heart-shaped face, and a little tuft of brown hair. His eyes were closed, but Remus knew all newborns had a grayish-blue eye color, Lily had told him this when Harry was born.

Remus just stared at the little baby in wonder, as the infants eyes slowly opened.

"Hello." Remus cooed softly to his baby. "I'm your daddy." He gently kissed the baby's forehead, and rubbed his hair off of his forehead.

"Your mummy and I love you so very much."

"Remus…" He heard Tonks mutter his name, and he went over to the bed, and sat down.

"Ted Remus Lupin." Remus whispered into Tonks' ear.

"Oh…" Tonks crooned to her baby. "He's so precious."

"He is." Remus handed the baby to Tonks. "He has your face shape."

"He has your hair." Tonks pointed out. "And blue eyes."

"All newborns have blue eyes. Lily told me when Harry was born that after a few weeks, their eyes go to the color they will be."

"Oh." The couple stared at their beautiful baby for what seemed like forever, when Andromeda popped in.

"You two, I'm working on the birth certificate, and I was just wondering… have you chosen someone to be the godparent?" Remus and Tonks had suggested people, but still hadn't come to a conclusion. Remus had someone in mind, but Tonks didn't know if he would be up for the challenge.

"Tonks?" Remus looked into her eyes, willing her to understand why it had to be the one he had chosen.

"Remus, if you are absolutely sure, then I trust you. He is a very good young man, I love Harry, and you know that. But, I am just worried about the age thing. But, if you think it's alright, then I 100% agree with you." Remus smiled at his wife.

"I knew you'd understand." Remus then turned to Andromeda. "Harry Potter." Remus said simply.

"Alright." Andromeda jotted that down, and left the room. As she left, the little baby in their arms started to whimper, and they both looked down at him.

"Hello, Teddy." Tonks cooed. "What's the matter?"

"I think he wants to eat." Remus told her.

"I think so too. I was reading a book on nursing, and it said that the mother will be able to tell when her baby needs to be feed." Tonks told her husband.

"So you're going to go through with the nursing?"

"Of course I am. It is the best way for a baby to become healthy and strong. I would never deprive my baby of that, no matter what a pain it may be for me." Tonks handed Teddy to Remus as she got herself ready for her first try at nursing.

"Well, we'll have to see how this turns out." Remus smiled at her encouragingly as he spoke.

"Yes, we will."


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