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Sixth year at Hogwarts


With Voldemort on his back and some other things that always nearly killed him, Harry hadn't had many experiences when it came to – sex. So whom will he ask anything about it when he begins to get interested?


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"I really would appreciate it, if you two stopped gossiping over my sex life – and over me in general. But have us talking about you, Minerva. When exactly had you had any sexual relations last?"

The blush that spread over Minerva's face nearly made him chuckle lightly – nearly, while Albus got off the table quickly with a murmured "rather go now" and the deputy headmistress nodding with a murmured "you better do that" on her lips.

"You … you cannot be serious." The Potions Master said, his voice as incredulous as his eyes before he paled and then groaned in pure frustration. "Merlin!" He gasped in shock.

"Just shut up, Severus!" Minerva hissed through her teeth, hurrying off the table just as well and disappearing behind the same door as Albus had, leaving the Potions Master behind to reach out for his mug and smirking at his submissive over the edge of the mug when he took a sip of the bitter but hot coffee. Yes, the boy soon would know what exactly he was doing to him.

I just wanted to ask

Chapter twenty-one

Making it known

Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry, grasped his mug of coffee and got up, knowing that he had some planning to do as only a true Slytherin could, knowing that he only had a few moments for his planning, and then he left for the headmaster's office.

On his way out of the great hall and through the entrance hall of the castle, up the spiral staircase – after giving away the password of yet another silly sweet Albus so loved – he turned all the information he so far had gathered in his mind, not only about the brat that soon would be his husband, but over Minerva's reaction and the Dursleys' reactions as well, and about any laws about teacher/student relationships. To his knowledge it was allowed as long as it was an educational relationship, what Harry's and his was, and in such a relationship he – with the approval of the headmaster – was even allowed to teach his husband, as it added to his education.

Taking a deep breath he knocked onto the dark wooden door that led into the office when he had climbed all those stairs without even waiting until the gargoyle that guarded the headmaster's office had brought him up completely by itself. He simply wanted to get this over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

"Do come in if you must, Severus!" Came the old man's answer from inside the office, followed by a frustrated groan of the headmistress, and he nearly smirked. If Albus gave him any troubles over his announcement, then alone this frustrated groan was worth it.

"What can I do for you this morning, Severus?" Albus asked, looking at him worriedly and again he nearly smirked.

"Do calm down, Albus, will you?" He answered, lifting his eyebrow at the headmaster. "I have not visited you to ask you for your – sexual relations, as thrilling as this surely would be. I have a different reason."

"I never would have thought that, my dear boy." Albus quickly muttered before smiling at him. "Care for a sherbet lemon, my dear Severus?" Was then the first question that greeted the man upon fully arriving within the circular room and having closed the door – while one headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, was present at his office as well and he scowled at the headmaster.

"As shocking as your revelation has been just a moment ago, no thank you, Albus, I do not need a calming potion right now." He answered, taking a seat at the large table that stood in the middle of the room. "I however do suggest that you take one of your own infamous sweets."

"Why would you think that I lace my drops with a calming draught, my dear boy?" The old man asked, sounding incredulous and he sighed exasperated, shaking his head.

"Maybe because I do have a diploma stuck to the wall in my office that states that I am – a Potions Master?" He asked, lifting his eyebrow at the old man.

"Oh, just shut up, Albus and listen to Severus." Minerva said, blandly, and Severus' annoyance grew. "And you better take a sip of your best whiskey also."

"Severus?" Albus asked, looking over at him, worried. "Minerva?" Apparently the headmaster knew that if his – well, deputy, suggested something like that, then it must be serious.

"How very wise, Minerva." He scowled at the woman. "Going about the subject as subtle as you have done just now, only a true Slytherin would be as sly and as cunning as you have been just now."

"There is no need to becoming insulting, Severus." The woman huffed at him.

"Severus? What is wrong?" Albus asked, very worried now.

"Absolutely nothing, headmaster, considering that your deputy has just betrayed her own student, handed him over to one of the Death Eaters and therefore signed his death warrant without the slightest qualms." He calmly said, trying to save the situation while exaggerating before dropping the bomb. "I suggest you look for a new deputy and call over the aurors if you wish to keep your school protected."

"Severus?" The headmaster asked a third time, not understanding and looking dumb for all his life.

"I beg your pardon, Severus?" Minerva at the same time asked, gasping for breath and it nearly was a comical sighed.

"Minerva?" Albus asked and for a moment Severus wondered if somehow the headmaster had lost his ability for coherent speech – or thoughts.

"Maybe you better do as Severus suggested and call over the aurors." Minerva snapped impatiently and he knew that he had her in on his plan. "Because I fear that you will have to arrest Severus for not only kidnapping a student, but for using an unforgivable on him as well. Take that, Severus!"


"Care to inform me of what particular unforgivable you accuse me of having used, Minerva?" He asked, lifting his eyebrow.

"But yes!" The woman smirked at him. "It's been the imperious curse of course!"

"Severus? Please!"

"Ah, well." He said, shaking his head and taking a deep breath, as if in defeat. "In this case … I give the shoe over to the Dursleys and accuse them of child neglect, child abuse and attempted murder!"

"You what?" The headmaster now asked and it was clear that he understood even less than a moment ago.

"I accuse the Dursleys of child neglect, child abuse and attempted murder." Severus calmly answered, his eyebrow lifted at the headmaster.

"Oh, Merlin!" The old man said. "But Harry is alive! He's here at Hogwarts after all and …"

"The question will be of how long he will stay alive there." Minerva growled darkly and the Potions Master frowned at the woman. She hadn't even seen anything from the boy!

"I always have suspected that Harry's life at the Dursleys' house has never been as idyllic as I had hoped it would be when I left the infant on their doorsteps only hours after the murder of his parents, but I didn't know for sure because Harry stubbornly refused to tell anyone exactly what went on behind the closed doors of number four Privet Drive, and until I had something concrete to take to wizarding child service, I can't do anything to place Harry somewhere else."

"I fear there won't be need for you to place him with the Dursleys ever again." Severus calmly said. "Seeing that Minerva has already handed him over to a Death Eater and therefore …"

"Severus!" The booming voice of one Albus Dumbledore stopped him mid-sentence and he smirked at the shocked and angry face of the headmaster.

"Oh, alright, Albus!" Minerva called out, wringing her hands and he lifted his eyebrow at the blasted Gryffindor woman. "You are of course right! But well, I fear that Severus is correct in one thing after all, there won't be need for you to place him with the Dursleys ever again, seeing that Severus has already kidnapped and imperioused him …"

"Enough!" Albus cried desperately. "What have I done to having deserved two teachers as … as … like you two!"

"Do calm down, Albus." Severus said, shaking his head again, but this time in clear annoyance about the stupidity the old man just displayed. "I only came here this morning to announce – that I have a relationship with Potter."

"Yes, that is very well, my dear Severus, but what is this annoying quarreling of yours about?" The headmaster asked and he lifted his eyebrow at the old man.

"Well, I had to make sure that you took the news without getting a heart attack, Albus, after Minerva has just dropped the bomb that I had any news that would require you drinking a tumbler of your best whiskey."

"Why would I get a heart attack, my dear Severus?" Albus answered. "I somehow fear that I do not really understand …"

"Did you even notice what Severus just said, Albus?" Minerva asked, frowning at her … well, employer.

"Of course I noticed, Minerva!" Albus gazed at Minerva intently. "And as curious and happy about that as I am, that is not what we need to address. Young love is not the problem here. The problem is where to place Mr. Potter."

"That's not a question, Albus!" Minerva growled. "We apparently can't send him back to that … place … blood wards or not. He'd probably die there just as quickly as if we sent him to You-Know-Who with a ribbon around his neck and a nice little card."

He snorted at Minerva's words, his coal black eyes glaring at the older wizard who was suddenly twinkling again and he immediately became serious again - that was never a good sign, Albus' eyes twinkling, because it always meant that he was plotting something – and mostly it was something unpleasant for him, Severus.

"Very well, my dear boy, seeing that you already have overtaken guardianship over Harry and seeing that the boy is already living in your quarters – I am sure that you do know, only a permanent bond would be as safe for Harry as are the blood wards." Albus said and he growled.

"What do you think is the reason as to why I demanded guardianship from the Dursleys in the first place?" He asked, growling at the old meddling fool.

"You knew, Albus?" Minerva gasped, in clear shock.

"The day that this old meddling fool fails to notice anything happening in this bloody school of his, it will be the day the Dark Lord appears before us in diapers with milk bottle in one hand, pacifier in the other and calling him 'daddy'." He growled at the headmistress.

"Of course I did and honestly, at times like these I am very glad that spouses can be together at school no matter what roles they are in or I would have to break you two up which would be a shame."

"Forgive me to ask, Severus, but surely you will stop spying now, won't you?" Minerva then asked, getting serious again and he nearly could see the hopeful look in her eyes.

"You do realize that we need a spy, Minerva." He softly answered. He had already made his mind up, but he wanted to know what Albus and Minerva thought of that first.

"That might be, Severus." The woman softly answered. "But surely you do realize that Harry needs you being safe."

"Well, then this is settled." Albus smiled his infuriating smile.

"You do realize that the Dark Lord won't be too pleased about me quitting my services to him." He said with a frown at the headmaster.

"Yes, yes, my boy." Albus still smiled. "But you are safe here at Hogwarts, as is Harry, and Snape Manor – it is an old family property and I have no doubt that it is heavily warded. After all, except for Tobias Snape, the Snape's are some of the most paranoid witches and wizards I've ever known, no offence, Severus. Harry and you will be safe there once the bond has been performed. If this is what this meeting is about after all."

"It is." Severus calmly said.

"Well, then I suggest that we call upon the young man." Albus smiled widely and happily. "As the headmaster I will have to question him just as well. Maybe you could wait in my study?"

"Of course." He sighed, getting off the armchair. He had known after all that the headmaster would question Harry on the subject before he would give his final permission. Not that he would listen to the man, Harry and he – they wanted this, but he rather would do this without going against the headmaster.

"Oh, and Severus." The old man said. "Now that you are no longer a spy, I would ask you to treat all students equally. I don't care if you are nice to them, but at least be equally evil to all of them please." Dumbledore said and Severus smirked, knowing the old coot enough for now to know that – it already was some kind of permission.

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"Care to tell me what's wrong with you – aside from being a good shag for Snape?" Ron asked, loud enough for the entire school to hear and he scowled at his former friend. "Or should I say a slave for him to be beaten up and raped!"

"Like I said a few days ago, Ron – you know nothing!" He growled back. "And even if it were, then it were none of your business anyway. So just shut up and mind your own business."

"Don't tell me what to do and what not, Potter-slave!" Ron called out and he had to force himself to not wince for a moment in front of him, because surely Snape didn't see a slave in him.

Of course, they had discussed all those things about BDSM and the subject slavedom had been amongst their discussions, but he knew that it only was a play, a game for a few hours that they had agreed to before, both of them, only if he so wished and Snape had made it clear that if there would be times that the Potions Master wouldn't wish then they wouldn't play a scene as well as they wouldn't if Harry didn't wish to. It was as easy as that. They only would play if they both wanted this.

"You're just jealous because you have no sex-life at all." He growled angrily. "Maybe you start one and then maybe you'd be able to leave other people and their sex-lives alone."

"How dare you, accusing me of wanting such a thing!" Ron hissed, coming closer and again he had to force himself to not retreat a step. "You're disgusting and you're …"

"What, Weasel – you sound like wishing for a shag yourself." Malfoy's voice came from his right and groaning he turned. He was so very pissed off now! Severus would be so mad at him for not only the entire Gryffindor table knowing about them having a relationship, but at the Slytherins too, something he had warned him upon. "I will have a note pinned to the board, maybe some guy may take pity on you and take you even without money, because I'm sure that you can't afford paying for a good shag."

"You!" Ron hissed out at Malfoy, but the blond boy laughed, passing them before leaving the great hall. A moment later Ron had his wand in his hand, pointing it at him, Harry.

"All of that's only your fault, Potter-slave!" He hissed out. "Yours and Snape's! I'll show you what it means to be a slave I'll show you … servus ad dominus in dolere." A moment later there was a weave of black magic floating around them and then there was silence in the great hall, a silence so deep, you could hear a needle dropping to the floor.

"What have you done, Ron!" Hermione gasped, her face in shock and Ron was about to open his mouth to rant at them when a side door to the great hall opened.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, what exactly is going on here?" McGonagall asked and he groaned.

Of course he knew that Severus had told her about their relationship and so he knew that – McGonagall knew about it. He just wasn't ready to have her hearing Ron's words, it was enough that the Gryffindor table had heard them and he knew that she would tell Snape. Merlin! He was in trouble now!

"I do not know what exact spell you have been using, Mr. Weasley, but you better do accompany me to the headmaster as it is clearly dark magic I can feel having been cast."

"Professor McGonagall …"

"Not now, Miss Granger, and you two better hurry up to the headmaster's office, Weasley and Potter." And with those words she turned sharply and left the great hall into the direction of the entrance hall and the gargoyle that watched the headmaster's office.

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"I've brought Mr. Weasley too, Albus." Minerva said, sounding tiredly somehow and he looked up at his head of house, startled for a moment. And really, McGonagall looked old suddenly, her face wrinkled and her eyes tired and war-weary. He hadn't noticed how old she had become since his first year here at Hogwarts. "Seeing that he has …"

"I know." The headmaster said and Harry frowned. "I practically can see the dark magic wavering around Mr. Weasley, meaning that it has been cast by him, and unsuccessfully so, as it still weavers around him. Mr. Weasley, if you please take a place on the steps outside, I will call you in shortly, but the matter I have to discuss with Harry is private. I will have a word with you later, about using dark magic. Oh, and please do not leave the stairway as long as you have the aura of dark magic around you, anything could happen after all."

"Do you know what kind of spell it has been, Minerva?" The Dumbledore asked but McGonagall shook her head.

"Harry?" Dumbledore then asked, but he shook his head too. Of course he had heard the incantation Ron had said, but honestly, he didn't really remember it, nor had he understood it anyway. It's been something about domination, but that's been all he'd understood and he only had understood, because they had discussed that subject so often now, Severus and him.

"Ah well, we'll surely find out later and no harm has been done so far. I have a few questions for you right now anyway, Harry." Dumbledore then said, leaning back in his armchair. "I heard that you have a relationship with Professor Snape?"

"Uhm … well …" He said, not sure if he really could tell the truth or if the Potions Master would be in trouble then and searching for help he looked up at his head of house – who gave a curt nod away. "I guess so …" He then said, taking a deep breath. "But it's surely not Professor Snape's fault, sir. It's been me … I mean, I wanted that and …"

"Calm down, my boy, calm down!" Dumbledore said, nearly laughing and he scowled. "There is no rule against a teacher being in a relationship with a student as long as it is an educational relationship the teacher and student both have agreed to and as long as there is a bond that is formed officially and not secretly."

"It is!" He quickly said. "Professor Snape's been to my relatives and has asked for guardianship over me so that …"

"I know, Harry." Dumbledore smiled. "Severus already has told me, but as your headmaster and you as my student, I will have to ask you too if this is what you want, if you are amenable with the situation. So, do you really want …?"

"I do!" He answered without having to think about it.

"But why?" Dumbledore then asked. "I'm sure that you could find a much younger partner who would make you happy. Severus is more than twice your age after all and both your interests are a long way away from each other. Whereupon you surely would like to enjoy your youth and have a party every so often, Severus surely would like to enjoy his peace and quietness, what would hinder you in your growing."

"I don't care!" He called out. "I've never had many parties anyway and I don't care about parties either. I like it at home peacefully and sitting in front of the fire."

"Understandable, but surely you would be annoyed soon over your bond being superior to you." The headmaster said.

"But he isn't." He answered, getting desperate. He had the strange feeling that Dumbledore didn't want Severus and him being together and that he tried to get the two of them … but he couldn't allow that! He wanted this, this bond! "Severus said so himself, we're equals and he isn't superior to me!"

"Ah, very well." Dumbledore finally said and he nearly breathed a sigh of relief. "But will you be happy, my boy?"

"The brat better be happy since he is not getting out of this marriage."

The soft and silky voice of one Severus Snape – it was one of the most welcoming sounds Harry had ever heard right now and he quickly turned towards the doorway where the man suddenly had appeared, dressed in one of his usual black robes and with his deadliest scowl in place. The black eyes glittered dangerously and the thin line that was the Potions Master's mouth was set in an unyielding line, the man extending his hand to wave him over.

And while it was hardly a declaration of love, for Harry, those words held the same meaning, he realized while he hid his grin and went over to the man, standing there for a moment before leaning against the dark figure after the man had pulled him close against his chest.

"I do want this." He softly repeated. "The past few weeks have been the best and the happiest in my entire life ever!"

Snape raised an eyebrow but Harry noticed how the black eyes seemed to warm suddenly and the older wizard, with much less venom than Harry had ever heard from him, growled – "your life must have been quite miserable if the past few weeks with me have been the best and – happiest of your life."

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At the same time however – something inside of the Potions Master, Severus Snape, brightened and he stood straighter, prouder and taller, knowing that his junior partner did not mind a touch here or there in public, that he did not mind being touched by him in public, that he did not mind being pulled into his, Snape's, arms – in public.

"You can't even call him by his name!" Weasley's voice came from the doorway to the headmaster's office and he turned towards the door, frowning.

He had left the study behind Albus' office when he had felt Harry getting desperate, when he had felt the brat needing him, He had not noticed the Weasley boy being present too and he wondered what the idiot boy was doing here. This was private and between Harry and him – and then he noticed the aura of dark magic surrounding the idiot boy, slowly coming closer to Harry and his frown deepened while he quickly shifted his own magic to pull the boy into an unseen but protective shield.

"And it is absolutely none of your business if I called Potter 'Potter' or 'obnoxious Gryffindor', 'impertinent brat' or any other soppy nickname." He said, pulling his brat whom he could feel starting to tremble closer protectively. "That is between me and my future husband and no one else."

Not to mention that Weasley would be in real trouble now – for using dark magic against Harry, his submissive!

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It had been the 'the brat better be happy since he is not getting out of this marriage' that had made him entering the office despite the headmaster's words that this would be private and Ronald Weasley frowned at Snape as the older wizard straightened proudly, his hand coming to rest on Harry's shoulder when he had pulled him closer, and – well, he knew that Severus Snape was a stern man, a man who never smiled, never showed any kind of emotion except anger, dislike or annoyance, but right now, Ron had to rethink at seeing the black eyes the Potions Master had on Harry going soft, and the deep and velvet voice going even softer than he ever had heard the man – and Ron couldn't help swallowing while he nearly started trembling. It was a possessive look, a protective one, aimed completely at Harry and one that told Ron – Harry was Snape's entire focus.

It was intense, protective, possessive and fierce. The kind of look that told somebody that Snape wouldn't stand for anybody to hurt Harry and he couldn't help wondering – how would it feel for his friend to be the sole focus of somebody so powerful and passionate about everything he did? And he knew that the Potions Master was powerful and passionate about everything he did, he wasn't stupid after all and he knew that man since five years now after all.

Snape would look at a potions ingredient with some kind of interest, focus and concentration that was startling, frightening even, and he would look at his snakes in a protective and possessive way that was just as startling. And now the Potions Master looked at Harry with a mixture of those looks, one that he had to admit – Snape wore remarkably well, and he shuddered, wide eyed.

The gentle pressure that Snape might not even be aware of giving Harry's shoulder – it seemed heaven for Harry and he watched his friend leaning back into the warmth the dark wizard's arms that held him close offered, watched his friend relaxing in the older wizard's arms – and he suddenly knew, that was what had to be, somehow, knew that – he, Ronald Weasley, he was only such a small screw and wheel in the machinery that was universe and fate, it wasn't his place to question it now, because this was what had to be.

And he knew this not only because of the passionate, protective and possessive emotion the otherwise emotionless and cold man right now expressed towards Harry – no, he also knew because he could count on one hand the times Harry had been unguarded and completely himself and relaxed, and it had never been in the presence of anybody except the ones he trusted completely – Hermione, Neville and him, Ron.

"I do want this." He heard Harry saying softly. "The past few weeks have been the best and the happiest in my entire life ever!"

For another moment more he wondered what exactly could be so good while living with Snape of all people. It was Snape, for Merlin's sake! It was the one man that had made their potions lessons a living hell, especially Harry's, so how could Harry now be so … so … he didn't understand.

But then he again looked at his friend, Harry closing his eyes even while he leaned against the proud form of Snape, allowing Snape to – he actually blinked at the picture – card his fingers through his hair, but not in a cruel way, not in a way that would hurt Harry, but in a comforting, calming and gentle way, one that was protective and comforting and – but how was this possible? Was their relationship not meant to be of a slave and a Master? Was it not meant for Snape to dominate Harry and to hurt him, to degrade him, to beat him and to kick at him?

The Potions Master's next words nearly had him fainting however.

"Your life must have been quite miserable, if the past few weeks with me have been the best and the – happiest of your life." The man said, but not the words were what had him so very startled – it was the voice and the man's dark eyes the moment he looked down at Harry. Those eyes expressed so much warmth, he nearly could feel it at the entrance door to Dumbledore's office where he stood and the man's voice was so very soft and gentle and held so much emotion – never before had he seen the man, or heard the man expressing …

"You can't even call him by his name!" He said, angrily over his own stupidity.

Why had he come to watch this anyway?

What had he … Merlin! It was as if watching Charlie and Joseph … and it was as if … it was the same he had felt for a moment during the summer holidays while he'd been in Victor's arms. Shuddering he scowled at Snape while he roughly shoved his own emotions aside, not allowing them to … to do anything!

"And it is absolutely none of your business if I called Potter 'Potter', 'insufferable Gryffindor', 'impertinent brat' or any other soppy nickname." Snape said and he could watch the older wizard pulling Harry even closer, protectively, possessively. "That is between me and my future husband and no one else. And while we are at it – care to tell me what exact spell you have tried to cast at – your friend? I can feel the dark magic emerging from your core still and I can feel the dark magic trying to break into Harry still."

"What?" He couldn't help asking, startled.

He had forgotten about that blasted spell and while he only had wanted to show Harry that he was getting into so much trouble – he now suddenly realized what he had done – and paled. Merlin! He had used a dark spell to bind Harry to Snape. But he had not only used any dark spell that would simply bind Harry to Snape, but that would bind Harry to Snape as a slave!

And with this realization his vision blurred and then went dark.

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Knowing that he couldn't do anything right now except of shielding Harry's body – what had been the reason he had waved the boy over and held him in such a sappy way in front of not only Albus but Minerva as well – not to mention Weasley until he had passed out.

He immediately had noticed the presence of dark magic in the office, had noticed the moment he had left the headmaster's study when he had felt Harry's desperation, and he had noticed the barely visible black clouds that surrounded Weasley's body the moment the boy had appeared in the doorway, but – as strange as it had been, the magic that had tried to get near Harry, it hadn't really had an effect on Harry's body, not even the smallest parts of it really coming close enough to penetrate the magical aura Harry radiated, his magical signature.

At first he hadn't been too sure if parts of those small dark clouds might have already reached Harry's core earlier, but when he had reached out with his own magic to feel Harry's – he had found nothing. And nevertheless he was not ready to take any risks and so he kept his hand on his submissive's shoulder to keep a physical contact, knowing that he was able to keep the dark magic under control and from attacking the smaller body. He hadn't applied for the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher each year for nothing after all.

"Until we do know which dark spell Weasley has used, and its counter spell – I won't allow Harry out of my presence." He growled darkly at the headmaster while Minerva cast a diagnostic at Weasley and then called for Poppy. "I won't take any risks and therefore I will have to ask you to overtake my potions class for the unforeseen time."

"But sir, I have classes!" The idiot boy still in his arms said, large eyed and blinking at him.

"Your classes have been cancelled just now." He said, causing his idiot brat to blink at him again. "As has been mine."

"Of course, Severus, my boy." Albus said, getting off his armchair from behind his desk, causing the blasted brat to blink at Albus in just as much shock, most likely over the headmaster allowing him to miss classes.

"I just ask you – do not have my NEWT students creating – candies – again, Albus." He asked the headmaster and a small gasp made him looking down at the boy he still held close to him, green eyes blinking up at him in shock at his words before they blinked at Albus and then again – blinked at him.

"Why are you impersonating an owl?" He asked, his brows furrowed at the boy but instead of the idiot Gryffindor complaining or scowling at his words – the Potions Master received a bright – and wide eyed – smile.

"You puzzle me more than a Gryffindor should." Severus remarked, glaring at the boy who blinked at him again.

"Allow me to take this bloody owlish brat to his respectable room in the dungeons where I can have an eye on him." He then said. "And make sure that Weasley wakes soon so that we know which counter spell to whatever spell the idiot boy has tried using on my future husband to cast! And after that, please do shield him from my wrath as any punishment set by me for attacking my submissive with a dark spell – he won't survive it." Snape growled at the headmaster while his free hand came to rest on his brat's shoulder, pressing the boy even tighter against his firm body while he purred into the boy's ears: "And you, young man, the peach you had for breakfast this morning seemed very tasty."

He watched Harry gulping while he stood in front of him with eyes even larger than those of any owl would be able becoming ever.

"Well, what are you waiting for, brat? Into my office. Now." He ordered pointing at the door next to them, the door that would lead them out of the headmaster's office while he ignored the chuckle Albus gave away and the huff one Minerva McGonagall gave away.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

"And you, young man, the peach you had for breakfast this morning seemed very tasty." Snape said and Harry gulped while the man stood in front of him with an expression on his face that was beyond words. A dark expression, but one that spoke of – warmth, need and want. The man wanted him. Severus Snape wanted him! Him!

"Well, what are you waiting for, brat? Into my office. Now." The Potions Master then ordered pointing at the door that led out of the headmaster's office and his knees nearly buckled when he took the first step.

"Any troubles walking, Mr. Potter?" Snape asked the moment they had left the office, were walking down the short corridor that led to the staircase and his legs that already felt like soft and wobbling jelly – they actually threatened to give way beneath him at the dark and velvet voice.

"N-no, sir." He gasped, hoping that they would reach the man's office – and then their chambers that lay behind – before his legs would fail in function for good.

"Then I fear we will have to remedy the situation right now." He heard Snape's soft voice very close behind him suddenly and he gasped again, halting in his – already unsure steps – to turn towards his senior, looking up at the man wide eyed. Surely Snape wouldn't do anything – inappropriate here? In the headmaster's corridor still?

A moment later Snape had his hand on his shoulder again, keeping him in place and from turning towards him completely, while the man's other hand circled him from behind, sneaking down his stomach, his hip, and then down towards his thigh, moving excruciatingly slowly towards his aching erection that had built within the past few seconds, but without touching it yet and he couldn't do anything else than gasping – but then … the man's hand suddenly run back over his thigh, towards the inside of it and he hitched his breath, unable to draw his breath the way his lungs were supposed to, and another moment later a firm hand applied pressure to the inside of his thigh, indicating that he should move it apart and his legs opened up, automatically obeying Snape's command given with his hand, giving way for Snape's hand to …

"You seem to be on the edge, Potter." Snape whispered into his ear, electing another harsh gasp from Harry as a reply, causing Harry's knees to start trembling, but Snape seemed to like it. "Although – I have done nothing to you yet …"

Nothing? Harry's mind screamed through the thick fog – that, was nothing to Snape? For him this felt like it might be the calm before the storm and he wasn't sure if he wanted to see what the storm would be like as this foreplay already nearly made him dropping here and now – he already wasn't able to breathe yet and he already barely was able to stand yet …

Merlin! Another moment later he nearly gave away a whimper when a firm hand pressed hard against his balls, massaging them for a moment with firm strokes, causing his body to arch.

"I suggest you go on walking, Harry." Snape whispered in his deepest possible voice while he at the same time increased the pressure of his hand on the boy's private area, smirking down at his brat, enjoying the feverish gasps, the boy's trembling with pleasure that ran through him and the excited moans when finally his legs seemed to give way and he had to curl his free arm around the boy's midsection to keep him upright, the slight body leaning against him weakly. "Seeing that you surely would not want crossing the entrance hall or any corridors when lessons start in ten minutes and students are roaming?" He then added, taking a deep breath at the mixture of deepest pleasure possible coming from his brat and washing over him, Snape, the boy barely able to stand by himself.

Yes, that was his submissive and he knew that he had chosen very well.

He could make this boy trembling with pleasure upon just a few words and he could cause this boy's knees to give way with just a few touches while at the same time he could handle this boy with only one arm or hand.

Slowly releasing the boy he made sure that the brat stood on two – even if wobbly – legs, before he himself straightened, his face an indifferent mask as if nothing had happened, knowing that this was one of the things that would get Harry just the more uncomfortable, and then indicating that the boy better started walking towards the entrance hall, waving his wand at the brat with a smirk on his face.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

He had known that he had gripped the boy's balls tighter than it would have been necessary to make the boy horny, but he also had known that the pleasure would counter any pain the boy might have felt and the first thing after pulling away his hand from the boy's privates had been – he had cast a spell at his brat, one that would cause the boy to still feel his hand there, pressing roughly against his privates, so long – until he would cancel the spell.

He then had the boy walking down to the entrance hall, casting a privacy spell so that none of the students on their way to or from the great hall and classes would notice them and Harry's – trembling form, his wobbling gait and his gasps and moans the boy barely was able to keep hidden, as much as he definitely tried, a sight so delicious, it was one to behold, he had to admit that.

He hadn't told Harry of the privacy spell of course, had him believing that the other students would notice the boy being horny to no end, barely able to walk straight – what apparently only added to the boy's growing discomfort however and he could feel not only the boy struggling to keep his arousal hidden, but the humiliation radiating off his submissive in waves, adding to the boy's pleasure and it was enough to give him, Snape, trouble too. He would have to keep this in mind, humiliation adding to the boy's pleasure, he thought with an evil smirk.

He more than once had to reach out now to keep the brat from stumbling and crashing face first into the stony floor of the castle – not what had been on his mind for the day, and he knew that he would have to have an extra eye on Harry upon reaching the stairs that led down to the dungeons, the boy barely able to walk on straight ground even without stumbling.

Well, after he had reached out to steady the boy's form yet once more, he simply kept a firm hand on the still too thin upper arm of his brat to lead the boy down those flights of stairs and into the dungeons with a firm grip and – what he had not thought possible – the boy had given away yet another whimper, a moan of pleasure, unable to control himself any longer.

Well, he would have released the boy the moment they had reached the bottom of the stairs, but seeing what his leading him along those hallways did to the boy, he kept his firm grip, tightened his hold even and led the boy along the corridor to his office.

The moment they had reached their quarters the boy had been a squirming and trembling mess, unable to keep his whimpers and moans hidden anymore, the green eyes clouded with need and want, and the boy's lower lip pulled in between his teeth – until the boy's tongue darted out for a moment to lick over lips that were a dark red. A moment later the boy's hand twitched and with the sternest face he right now could muster he gripped the thin wrist in a painfully tight grip.

"You better keep from touching yourself." He growled darkly at the boy. "Or I will feed you a potion that will keep you from reaching an orgasm after I have fed you a potion that would increase your pleasure tenfold and believe me, you would end up as a babbling and sobbing mess, writhing on the floor and begging me for a release."

"You …" The boy hitched a breath, his eyes wide. "You could … you could do that?"

"Of course I could." He growled. "And that is only one of the many wicked things I could do to you in order to watch you squirming and sobbing with desperate pleasure. I could have you flooded by waves of pain and pleasure in turns until you are unable to think straight and I could have you pinned to the next wall, naked of course, while casting a spell on you that turned you into a sobbing and trembling mess of pleasure for hours – while you are bound to the wall and unable giving yourself any means of relief and while having me watching you in all your aroused and naked glory."

Well, a trembling and whimpering mess the boy already was, barely able to breathe straight, and the thin wrist still in a tight grip he led the boy towards the kitchen table.

"And now I suggest you start on your potions essay." He smirked then. "Lest you wish to remain in this particular state for the remainder of your life, seeing that I will cancel the spell that keeps you – aroused – only when you have handed in a potions essay perfect in content and writing."

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

He wasn't really sure how exactly he had managed walking down the spiral staircase, through the entrance hall and down all those stairs towards the dungeons. He wasn't sure how he had managed staying on his feet and he didn't know how he had managed to keep still, to keep himself from moaning and gasping with the waves of pleasure, excitement and humiliation that washed over him, pleasure caused by each and every step he did, feeling as if Snape's hand still were pressed against his balls, excitement at what the man would do to him the moment they were in privacy and humiliation over walking along the halls like a wobbling and nearly sobbing fool, his entire form shaking for all of the other students to see …

And then Snape even had gripped his upper arm to lead him down the stairs to the dungeons and even if he had been glad for that, seeing that he had been unsure of how he would manage them in his current prediction – he had felt so very humiliated, as if Snape had dressed him naked in the middle of the great hall and then led him through the isle like a bad boy for all to see, Merlin!

But somehow he had managed surviving this particular walk and now – Merlin, he didn't know how Snape managed being so very still and so cold and calm and collected and – oh, Merlin! Snape had not allowed him any relief, had done nothing to him than ordering him to sit down at the kitchen table and write his blasted potions essay! While he was so damn … horny! And he had told him that he wanted it perfect in content and writing – after he had told him what he could do to him if he so wished.

How was that man able doing this to him? Was such a thing normal? Did other men do the same things to their bonds? How could that man be so calm and collected, while he, Harry, was squirming on his chair, trying to get just the slightest bit of relief out of the movements – how was Snape doing this anyway? He felt as if the Potions Master still had his extremely firm hand on his balls, pressing against them roughly, massaging them, not allowing them a moment of relief, never mind how much he squirmed on his seat and he had to close his eyes every now and then in order to keep himself from sobbing desperately, had to press his hands into tight firsts in order to still their trembling and he was sure that the man would not accept his potions essay the way it was written right now, seeing that the handwriting was shaky and the content surely anything than coherent.

If only the man would allow him a moment of relief, a moment of touching himself or at least a moment of pause so that he could take a deep breath and calm his overstrained nerves – but no! Snape enjoyed watching him struggling, enjoyed watching him squirming, enjoyed watching him gasping for breath every now and then, enjoyed watching him nearly sobbing in desperation, enjoyed keeping him on the edge forever as it seemed, and he didn't know how long he would be able surviving – while Snape watched and made sure that he didn't touch himself.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

"If I remember correctly, and I am sure I do, then I have told you more than once by now that I wish to see what you are feeling and that I wish to hear those precious little noises you are giving away while being aroused and in so much pleasure." He darkly growled, leaning close to his brat, his hands leaning atop the kitchen table and his dark eyes fixing the boy sternly. "You are not to hide your feelings from me or I will have to take more drastic measures soon." He added, inwardly smirking at the boy that looked up at him startled and barely able to breathe. "And believe me, I do have a few very nice ideas, at least nice for me to watch."

Well, Severus Snape knew exactly what he was doing to his younger bond, to the young man that was his submissive, he knew exactly that he was driving him mad. But well, the boy was not the only one who had a hard time controlling himself and for a moment he had to close his eyes, while he leaned his hands onto the kitchen counter, taking a deep breath. Merlin! That boy and his squirming, the delicious gasps and sobs he was giving away, it was driving him mad!

"Sir?" The boy's questioning voice got him out of his musings and he turned, lifting a questioning eyebrow at his brat. "I … I've finished … the essay." The brat then said, his voice rough with strain.

"Very well, follow me." He said, leading the way to the living room where he sat down into his favourite armchair and then extending his hand with an ordered "stand still, legs slightly apart, hands at your sides", demanding the boy handing over his – 'work' – for he was sure that it couldn't be called thus, but well, he hadn't expected anything to begin with, knowing that the boy wouldn't be able to write anything that would make sense in his current condition.

Of course he knew that he was torturing himself just as much as he was torturing his brat, but well, seeing that it was the most pleasant torture he ever had endured – he enjoyed it greatly, and with another inward smirk he watched the boy's desperate struggle to stand still and to keep his hands still as well, knowing how evil it was of him to have him standing there where he couldn't find any kind of relief like he had before in form of the seat of the chair he had been sitting on, squirming to give movement and pressure to his painfully throbbing private areas, while he now not even could close his legs to create pressure and therefore relief this way and while he couldn't even get his trembling fingers busy to get his mind off his strain.

"Might it be that you have been a bit – distracted while composing this piece of work?" He asked, his best smirk on his face. "Because this essay surely is not done to my satisfaction under normal circumstances."

"Uhm …" The boy made and he lifted his eyebrow at him in question. "I guess so …"

"You guess what, Mr. Potter?" He asked.

"That I've been a bit … distracted … yes." The boy stammered.

"And that might be – why?" He asked, knowing that he was being evil.

"Uhm … well … I mean … you see … Merlin! … Please sir … just … please …" The boy then stammered, shaking violently with the weaves of pleasure that seemed to wash over him, barely able to stand and his voice hoarse – and he couldn't keep him in his misery any longer. Slowly he got off his armchair and went over to his submissive who watched him with a desperate look in his green eyes, placing the tips of his fingers beneath his brat's chin and softly ordered "stand still" while he started to undress the boy that was his.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

To be continued

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