Title: Uncontrollable Power

Author: Sarge

E-mail: Samcwannabe@aol.com

Rating: PG

Summary: The Mutant X team find a girl who needs their help with her new mutant abilities, but little do they know how dangerous she can be.

Status: Work in progress

Disclaimer: They're not mine(Dangit!!)

Author's Notes: Hope ya like it...Please READ AND REVIEW!!! Good or bad.


"So, what's going on?" Shalimar asked as she approached Adam and the rest of the Mutant X team.

"Adam was just going to tell us about a new mutant he wants us to go pick up," Emma explained.

"Oh," Shalimar replied simply before turning her attention to Adam.

"Ok, well as I was telling them, Shalimar, there is a new mutant I want you guys to go pick up, but first I have to tell you something about her," Adam said as he showed them a picture of a girl around the age of fifteen or sixteen with blonde hair and green eyes. "Her name is Emily Mackenzie and she's what you call a hybrid."

"A hybrid? What's that?" Jesse questioned.

"A hybrid is a mix of the four types of new mutants I told you about," Adam answered.

"Well, why didn't you tell us before that there were new mutants like that out there?"Brennan asked.

"Because there aren't many of them. I mean, I didn't think we'd ever find one. You see, when we were creating your new mutant abilities, we decided to experiment with more than one. Most of the test failed except for three of them and this girl, Emily, is one. We have no idea why those three lived and the others didn't, but they did," Adam explained.

"Well, I'm guessing that if we know about her, the GSA knows too," Jesse put in.

Adam nodded, "Yes, I know. That's why I want you to go get her now. We can't let the GSA get their hands on her."

"Ok, let's go then," Brennan said as he turned to leave.

"Wait! Before you go, I have to warn you of something," Adam waited until he had everyone's undivided attention. "Emily is only sixteen years old and is not in full control of her new mutant ability, or I should say abilities. So, you all have to be very careful not to put her under any heightened emotional stress because it could trigger her abilities to go off and she could hurt you very badly."

"We'll be careful, Adam. We promise," Shalimar assured him before she, Brennan, Emma, and Jesse set out to find Emily.

To be continued....

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