"Are we there yet?"

" Are we there yet?"

" Are we-"

" Yes Ashley, we're there. You can get out now."

" Spoilsport."

There were most certainly not there. Magnus had decided it was time for a vacation. So she packed up Henry and Ashley and started a road trip to Georgia. The lovely visions of family-ness quickly faded as traffic started only two hours in.

Luckily, Ashley had animal crackers so she was mostly occupied, and Henry had long retreated to the depths of his Sci-Fi novel, so her migraine wasn't as bad as it could be.


" Magnus jerked up, and looked back at hers daughter's joyful face. She was waving around an animal cracker. Relaxing slightly, Magnus responded wearily.

" What did you do Ashley?"

" I bit off half the Giraffe, then I bit off half the Rhino, and I stuck them together, so now the Giraffe has a Rhino sticking out of it's butt!"

" Amazing Ashley."

Soon the traffic thinned and she was able to pull off at a McDonald's. She sighed as she went in, Ashley ecstatic at the vision of so much junk food, and Helen thought ruefully that James would double over in laughter at the very concept of her willingly entering the fast-food joint, much less actually ordering.

She sighed gain as they finally made it to the front of the line. Ashley's eyes were sparkling, and Henry was choking back giggles. He knew something she didn't, which scared her.

" And what do you want Ashley?"


A/N Duh duh duh DUH! Kay, cliffy is referencing my fic ' Mcdonald's overtaken' , ya'll can read that until I post the next chappie. I came to the animal cracker realiazatipn a while ago..... smart, huh?