A/N Okay, I had to many ideas to stop this story. And cuz I'm stalling since I have a little bit of writer's block for Ashley Magnus: Girls Scout, one of my other stories. And cuz I couldn't ignore it. Anyway......

Will was walking down the hallway of the Sanctuary, mind focused on the file in his hand. Henry walked by with a huge cardboard box in his hands, and Will paid no heed untill one of the things fell out of the box. He picked it up, interested. It was a barbie doll with the head of a dinosuar.

" Henry, what's this?"

" THAT Will, is the future! And it's $19.99 so if you could just give it back....."

Helen Magnus was watching T.V.

It was a very rare occurrence that she should do such a thing, but now she was sick, and it was BBC. She felt so bad that she didn't even have the energy to mute it when a commercial came on.

" Do you find ordinary toys Ho-Hum? Are you the tomboy who likes barbie AND dinosaurs? Then this is the toy FOR YOU!

Introducing Dino- Barbies! The Dino with a BARBIE head! Or a Barbie doll with a dino for it's head! This revolutionary new toy has stormed the markets ever since it's creator, Henry Foss-"

Helen was laughing to hard to hear the rest of the commercial.

A/N I got the idea when I was drawing this advertisement for Dino- Barbies. It's after Ashley ' dies' ( NOT!), and Henry decides to sell the idea, since he missed out on the Adjuster comic rights.