This is my first FanFiction. I've been reading Fan Fiction for a few months now and I'm hooked so I thought I'd give it a shot. Of course I don't own the characters from Twilight and I'm a strong Jacob fan, so of course that's the relationship of Bella's I've chosen to write about. Hope you like it!

Chapter One – The summer of change.

Some of my first memories of my childhood were of me sitting on a low stone wall facing the back of the Black's property. Uncle Billy had 3 kids, there were the girls, who were older then me so they never wanted to play, and there was also his son, Jacob who was a little younger then me. In the summertime when our folks would grill out and spend the afternoons together, Jacob and I would play and make mud pies for dessert.

It was nice having someone close enough to my age to keep me company on those slow afternoons when all I really wanted was to be at home in my room playing with my dolls.

"Bella" Jacob cried as he came around the side of one of the outbuildings. "Why are you sitting there, come on he'll start without us you know." He walked up and took my hand and led me towards the forest of tree's that lined their backyard. The sun was actually out and the puffy white clouds that blanketed the blue sky were clear. As we walked through the knee high cover, I looked up and pointed out the animals I could see in the clouds. Jacob would just shake his had and smile. What an imagination I had.

The closer we got to the tree line the more nervous I got. "I don't know if I should, Mom and Dad said I should stay put, and not wander to far away." How many times had I heard them warn me not to go into the forest by my self. Dad told me how sometimes kids traveling with their parents on summer vacations would wander away from their camps and get lost. A few years ago, one little boy went missing for 3 days! I remember my Dad's tired self coming home after searching for 12 hours that first night he'd gone missing. Mom and him had talked in hushed tones in their room about the search and that nothing had been found yet. Dad didn't seem to optimistic that the boy would be found alive.

Jacob kept a tight grip on my hand and kept walking, it was hard to keep up with him. Even though I was older he was taller and his stride faster. "It'll be ok, your with me, I know the trails and we won't get lost." His grin even then made me feel secure and safe even though I was still not 100% positive we should be doing this.

The leaves and twigs crunched beneath my Keds when we entered the tree line. I could hear Jacob's friend Embry up ahead on the trail. Embry was fun to play with also, but he tended to play too rough. I took pride in being able to keep up with the boys and liked to get dirty as much as the next kid about our age, but wrestling wasn't fun when you were outweighed by 10 lbs.

I looked back towards the house and saw that it was getting smaller with each step we took, I must have had a nervous expression on my face, because when Jacob looked back at me, he just smiled that beaming smile of his and said "It'll be ok, I won't let anything happen to you."

That afternoon we played for a long time, the boys fathers has made a swing in a tree deep in the forest out of an old tire and long piece of rope. Jacob let me swing as long as I wanted when it was my turn. He pushed me evenly so that I would spin as little as possible. He knew the spinning either on the swing or the teacup rides that the traveling carnival brought to town made my stomach feel bad. Embry on the other hand, he'd spin the tire in circles when it was Jacob's turn and then let go… Jacob would spin first one way and then the rope would make a snap and reverse the direction. I can still remember him leaning back and laughing from deep down inside.

Jacob had a sense when it was time to go home, he might have smelled his mom's cooking or heard our folks talking out in the backyard. He could also watch the position of the sun in the sky and tell what time it was just by that alone. I never could, even though he'd tried to teach me time and time again. But then again I never had the sense of smell or hearing that Jacob had even back then. I never really gave much thought about it, even though now it makes a lot of sense to why.

We said our good bye's to Emry who heading in the direction of his home and we started back the way we'd come.

I was concentrating on followed Jacob's exact steps and didn't even see the fallen tree branch in the leaves. I tripped and landed in a lump, coordination was never a strong point of mine. Tears welled up in my eyes, I'd tried to catch myself and put my hands out but that hadn't gone so well. As I looked down they were scratched and I had some nasty looking scrapes on my knee's as well. Before I could even look up, Jacob was by my side.

"Hey, are you ok Bella?" He knelt down on the moist ground next to me as I sat up. "Here let me see." He took my hands in his and shook his head a little. Then I remember his big brown eyes looking into mine. "It doesn't look that bad, you'll be ok, really." His concern showed on his face and that's when it happened. "Don't cry Bella, it'll be ok."

Jacob leaned in and placed a soft feather like kiss on my cheek. I took a deep breath in and looked down at my feet, a bit embarrassed but not knowing if I should be because of falling or because of the spark that was running through me. Before I could even think, he hauled me up off the ground and brushed my knee's off and away we went again. This time he held my hand and went a little slower.

That was the first kiss I ever got from Jacob Black.

In bed that night, I replayed it again and again in my head. I really liked Jacob and I hoped it wouldn't be the last kiss I got from him. A little girl can dream right.

My whole world was falling apart. Mom and Dad seemed to fight every day, they were as quiet as they could be, but I could hear the conversations.

The arguments would almost always start the same way. Renee would start in on Charlie about how Folks was too small of a town and he should seriously consider transferring to a larger station, Port Angeles or even Seattle. Charlie would say how he liked the small town life and it's where he wanted to raise his daughter.

"She's not only your daughter Charlie, I carried her for 9 months you know." Renee said. She'd felt smothered in this town ever since she'd found out she was pregnant. She'd considered not even telling Charlie and doing something about the problem on her own. Then when she fainted that day, Charlie and her mom had both guessed what the cause was. After that, there was no going back.

She loved her family, she loved Charlie and she even loved this old house that had been passed down to them after they got married. But she just really wanted more out of life then being a librarian and a wife and a mom. Renee felt in Forks, that's all there would be.

Charlie was comfortable in his skin, and he loved his life. I was the light in his eye and each time he'd have a Saturday off, he'd come in my room bright and early, I'd be woken by the same question "Where is my fishing partner?" I remember his grin from ear to ear when I'd peak out from under the cover and laugh. We'd spend all morning fishing on the reservation with Mr. Black and his most times Jacob would be there also.

If I had a nickel for every time Jacob would try and put a worm down my back I'd had a whole jam jar full of them.

That summer was the summer that Dad became Charlie and Mom became Renee. She'd had enough, I heard her say. Their bedroom door was closed for a long time. When it opened she came in my room with a small carry on bag, and started taking my clothes and putting them into it. I remember sitting on my bed and tears spilling down my face. Clutching my stuffed wolfe to my chest, I shuttered and hid my face. Renee sat next to me and hugged me. "It'll be ok sweetie, you'll see you'll like Arizona, Grandma and Grandpa are going to meet us at the airport". "It's sunny there, Bella, and there is a Ballet class just starting up Grandma says, so you'll meet new friends."

I was too young to tell her I didn't want new friends or to live in Arizona with her and her parents. Folks was my home, I loved it here.

That afternoon, Charlie came upstairs and his face looked as I'd never seen it before. He eyes were rimmed in red and his face looked worn and tired. He turned to go into his room and saw the bag Renee had packed for herself. His sigh was heavy and as he turned and looked into my room. I was sitting on my bed, in a yellow sundress with a daisy on the front and a white sweater. Renee had picked it out and said it would be warm in Arizona and sundresses would be cool. My long brown wavy hair was back in a braid and I was looking down at wolfe and I saw his shoes.

"Bells, I love you." He said quietly. "I love you more then life it's self. Everything is going to work out. Your Mom needs some time, but you'll come and spend summers with me and I'll see you at Christmas."

I didn't want to hear him. Sitting quietly I wouldn't look up at him, I just stared at his shoes. Black leather meeting tan uniform pants. Tears filled my eyes, when I'd thought there were no more left to spill. His shoes became blurry, like when you look out a window and rain is pouring down against the glass. I couldn't breath and I just wrapped my arms around myself.

I felt his armed sqeeze my little frame and I'd hoped he would scoop me up and run, but he didn't. He walked out of my room and back to the stairs. Inside I was screaming "Daddy, don't leave me." He went down the stairs. I heard the front door open and close. His cruiser's engine started and the tires on the gravel filled my ears. Then he was gone. I still couldn't breath.

Mrs. Black came and picked us up that afternoon. Renee loaded our luggage into the back of her small compact. I looked around my room and wondered when the next time I would sleep here would be. Only being allowed to take a few things, I felt empty on the inside. My fingerprint turkey was on the bulletin board and my glow in the dark stars that kept me safe at night would all stay.

Renee fastened my seatbelt around me in the backseat of Mrs. Blacks car. She smoothed my skirt down and whispered "Won't be long Bella, we'll be where it's warm all the time." She smiled. "You'll like it, I promise."

Jacob sat next to me, head down and quiet. As we drove out of Forks, Jacob slowly brought his small hand across the seat and took one of mine from my lap. The trip to the airport was spent in silence between us and I tried to ignore Renee and Mrs. Black's conversation. All I could do was watch as my house, my town and my life passed by outside the window of the car. The only constant was the warm hand that had encased my own. Jacob was my best friend. I'd never told him that, but somehow I'd hoped that he knew it.

When Mrs. Black pulled away from the curb that day at the airport. I couldn't look. I never saw Jacob sitting up and looking out the back window of her car. I never saw his tears and wave to me. That afternoon Jacob lost his best friend and his mother. I'd overhear my mother's shocked voice that next day when she found out that find out that on the way back to Forks that afternoon, Mrs. Black had swerved to miss a deer in the road. Her small compact had ran headfirst into a tree. Jacob had survived with a few cuts and bruises but mostly because he'd been in the backseat. I don't like to even think about my Jacob, who was trapped in the car with his dying mother until a passing car came upon the accident.

Deep down I blame Renee. If only she had stayed…