Sitting at her desk she knew that she should be doing work. Or maybe she should be in Limbo, trying to figure to give a name to any of 10,000 sets of remains that rested there. She kept thinking about what was going to happen.

It had only been one time. One time of foolishnish. One time. One time. she knew that it could happen, scientifically she knew that it could happen, but she didn't thyink that it would actually happen. She has had sex before, many times before, and nothing happened.

A baby…no, it was a fetus. She would not think of it as a baby. Booth's baby. She wondered if it might have his smile, his eyes, maybe his hair color. Hopefully it would have her brains, and his intuition.

She would not think about what it might look or act like. She wasn't going to keep it. She couldn't keep it. She knew nothing about babies. She could learn, but really, what would be the point? She had already been told that she wouldn't make a good mother. She just didn't have the, how was it put? Oh yeah, "you just don't have the 'heart' to want to be a good mother. Yeah, you have the brains, but it takes more than that."

She never really knew that those words would hurt that much. Never knew that they would follow her for this long….haunt her every day, as well as in her sleep.

She knew what she was going to have to do. Now all she had to do was tell Booth. Tell him that Parker was going to have a sibling. One that she didn't want, because of what he had said to her.

"Bones!!!" a voice yelled out. The voice that she had always longed to hear. The voice that had kept her sane when she and Hodgins had been buried alive by the Gravedigger. The voice that she heard every night in her dreams…well they were her nightmares.

"Bones, where are you? We have a case." Booth was getting closer to her office. She could hear him walking through the lab. Heard his footsteps coming closer to her. She knew that she needed to compartmentalize everything…because if she didn't he was going to know that something was wrong.

"Booth," she called out "I'm in my office. Let me grab my bag."

She knew the moment he stepped into her office. She felt his presence before he even said a word. His aftershave, his shampoo…everything about him hit her like a sledgehammer. She tried to soak in everything about him, because she knew that in a few short months she wouldn't be here.

"Lets go. Construction worker found a duffle bag on some property out in Manassas…" He stopped talking. She hadn't even looked at him when he walked in. But he could just tell. He knew that something was wrong. He felt it in his heart, but knew that he couldn't ask her about it. Knew that since his misstep he didn't have the right to say or ask anything about her life. He knew that even if he had asked, she would have just looked right through him.

Standing there just inside her office he thought about everything that they had been through. How their relationship as partners had changed throughout the years. He then thought about something that had happened quite recently...something that he wished he could change. The day he said only a few words…but he knew that those words would haunt her and him for the rest of his life.