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Sirius' Savior

Chapter 68 Home to England

As Sirius left Harry's room he was tackled by Harry's friends.

Cassidy looked at him. "Will Harry be okay? Do they know what's wrong with him?"

"Harry will be fine, he's overspent his magical energy and got hit with some nasty curses. But he's been hit with worse and was fine. It may take a while but he'll get better."

They both looked deeply into his eyes as if to judge the truth of that statement.

Then Steve started, "We've got questions. The first being, you were in England, how the blazes did you get here so fast?"

Sirius grinned, trust Harry's friends to go straight for information the moment their concerns for him were assuaged. "Port-keys. Have you to been checked out?"

"No but we're good. A little hungry, a few bumps and bruises a scrape or two, and we could probably stand a shower, but it's all secondary stuff." Cassidy answered.

"Well I'm a little hungry too. So we'll see about getting a little food. Does the rest of the tour group know where you two are?"


"Well then, we'll take care of that too. Unfortunately we may be here a while I want to stay until some security and Winry show."

Elsewhere Dominic finished his interview out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the aurors raise their wand. "By the way I know about magic there is no need to obliviate me. My Nana and my sister are both magical. My friend Michael Coldsmith Briggs III also knows, the aunt he sometimes spends holidays with is a witch in Boston. We're classmates to Harry. He and his bodyguards are the ones who noticed some of those men that attacked were wizards and made the plan to get us away."

The two aurors looked at each other and then nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Santini, for your cooperation."

Twenty minutes later Michael practically bounced out of his own interview. Once he got near Dominic he smiled. "It worked. I spun them so many ways they weren't sure which way was up. I answered all their questions, but I also went off about how gee I'd never seen that much magic being flung around before, how my aunt never did anything like that, and gee since Harry, Rachel, Cassidy, Steve, and Alexis weren't with us were they okay, or had those bastards cursed them. I asked as many questions as I answered, and acted like I was hyperactive. They sent me out of the room just to have some peace and quiet."

Dominic smirked. "Somehow I doubt it took much acting."

Finally what was left of their portion of the tour group was escorted to their Hotel in Jaipur where they were told that the Government of India was footing the bill to extend the tour two days for their entire group. That didn't stop the parents that had been with the Bhangarh tour and several of the students to make the decision to return to the USA. Two of the teachers were panicking because they were unable to get information on three of their students who had gone missing. Until a hotel employee gave them a message that their students were at a hospital and alive.

Sirius, Cassidy, and Steve stayed at the hospital for six more hours before Winry and a six man security team showed up. Sirius smirked as Winry bulled her way past hospital personnel to check on both Harry and Rachel, while half listening to his bodyguard berate him for leaving them behind in England. He was about to leave to take the kids to their hotel when the Inspector Gusain exited the lift.

"Ah Mr. Black."

"Inspector, I apologize for my earlier rudeness. I was very concerned for my ward."

"Yes." He looked at the two preteens who looked very wilted. "I assume he will make a full recovery?"

"The healers here aren't convinced, but I know him and I've brought in a top-notch healer of my own. He'll be fine. I was about to take these two to their hotel."

"That's hardly procedure. Mr. Black."

"I know, but at this moment I don't really care. I want to get these two back to the people that I know are worried about them. Then you and I can talk."

Half an hour later the kids were happily back, or at least as happy as they could be under the circumstances, with their teachers and schoolmates. Sirius had gotten a room in the same hotel and had gotten some coffee for himself and the inspector. "Lets take this to my room, it will be more private."

"You act like a man used to getting what he wishes."

"Yeah, blame it on the fact I'm Sirius Orion Black, Duc de Sable, Co-founder and CEO of DuSable Potter Industries."

While the first two meant nothing to him the third did. "Oh, I...Um."

"Relax, I'm also a former auror so I got a pretty clear rundown of what happened but I would like to know who, why, and is there anyone else whose arse needs to be hunted down and kicked."

"Not really, the who is a man named Aaradhak Saxena. His family has been behind attempts to free the sorceress Pushpa for centuries. She has been imprisoned within a time and space ward in Bhangarh for several centuries. Legends about her activities while alive and free put her on par with Kali the destroyer. Saxena had a silver tongue and was very persuasive he pulled together a group of nine other wizards. Our investigation shows they managed to capture and imperious some twenty gunmen. His intent was to kill the tourists and the gunmen and use blood magic to set her free. Both he and his conspirators all died in the attempt."

"Would it have worked?"

"Judging by the numbers quoted by the interviews probably. I found it very interesting that only a few of the interviews came out speaking of the plan that freed them and most of those seem to feature your employees and your ward."

Sirius smiled slightly. "How many dead and injured?"

"Not counting Saxena and his fellows; twelve dead, another eighteen in the hospital, most will recover. I myself am relieved, Saxena was a very powerful wizard with adequate knowledge of wards and magic in general, he could have succeeded. My condolences on your loss."

Sirius nodded his acceptance. "How many obliviates?"

"Too many."

"So what's the cover story?"

"Something fairly close to the truth. Bandits hoping to force the government into concessions in the region. We would like to interview the two children that you brought here plus we need to interview both your employee and your ward. Once the children's memories are modified-"

"That won't be necessary."

"But Mr. Black the Statute of-"

"Secrecy. Yes, I am expecting faxed exceptions come morning. Both children understand the need for secrecy. They are good friends of my ward, and therefore I trust their discretion. I'm actually looking forward to the increased honesty between them."

The Inspector scowled. "Well we have a couple things still to clean up. Most of the people killed were killed by guns including your employee. Except one that died of a bludgeoning hex to the head. The wand that did it was a juniper wand. But the rest were killed mysteriously. We need to understand before we can completely close this case."

Sirius grimaced. "The juniper wand is Harry's. He also is behind the other strange deaths. He's done it once before in a do or die situation. He can under extreme duress access elemental magic. The last time he killed two wizards trying to kill us both, by calling lighting down on them. Does that match your mystery?"

Inspector Gusain couldn't help it he gaped for a second. "You say he has done this before?"

"Once. It drains his core substantially to do it though. He'll be fine, Winry actually has experience on her side at getting him through it."

"I thought the boy was not yet eleven?"

"He's not technically, but he was strong enough to warrant early training. Most of which he has taken with aurors. Which is why he fought."

"I see. Very well, I will return for the children's statements tomorrow and as soon as the hospital notifies me I will see about getting them from Miss Luttrell and your ward."

"Thank you, Inspector. If I may, could I get the list of people with the Stuart-Cavanagh group who were obliviated. I wish to give the school counselors a heads up, so they'll have fewer complications."

"That's hardly procedure."

"Do you know what an obliviate spell can do to a muggle? Those kids are some of the best and brightest, and they are friends to my godson. I'll be damned if I will stand by and do nothing while magic messes any of those kids up."

Slightly taken aback by the vehemence of that statement, the Inspector nodded. "Well good evening, Mr. Black."

After checking on Harry the next morning, Sirius met up with George whom he'd had port-keyed in from England. They checked in with the teachers and the rest of the Stuart-Cavanaugh group. He stayed with Steve and Cassidy while the Indian Aurors did their debrief. George worked with the people who had actually been in Bhangarh, while Sirius talked with everyone else. They did a basic trauma debrief and made sure the adults knew warning signs of stress in the kids and themselves plus who to contact for additional counseling when they got back to the United States.

Sirius talked to Harry's friends, and while it took some persuasion when the tour group left the next day Steve, Cassidy, Michael and Dominic were with them. The four all had memories intact but understood the story that had been planted into the rest of the group. They also looked forward to the increased honestly between themselves and Harry.

Harry slept for most of a week and most of his injuries were healed before he woke up. He was relived when he woke up and saw Sirius in a chair next to his bed. "Rachel?" he croaked.

"She'll be fine. She'll be out of here tomorrow in fact."

"Alexis died." Harry half sobbed.

"I know."

"I tried to save them, but the guns."

"I know. What happened, the people who died, that wasn't your fault Harry." He looked into Harry's dazed and teary eyes. "Harry that feeling that you could have done more or saved everyone that's survivor guilt. You did your best and you did save the majority of people. You didn't start what happened, you finished it, and I'm very proud of you and your friends."

"Steve, Cassidy?"

"They're fine. They were persuaded to continue the tour, and I've given Carson a heads up to keep an eye on them when they get back. I've spoken to their parents as well."

"What about Dominic and Michael?"

"They're fine too. Mr. Fulson is in the hospital for a couple more days but he'll be leaving on a flight home as soon as he's released."

"That's good." Harry started to drift back to sleep.

"Before you go to sleep Winry left a potion for you. And in the future when you write your friends other than a spell so only they can read it you won't have to censor things."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise and Sirius saw a spark of happiness.

"I pulled a few strings Cassidy and Steve now have waiver's and Dominic apparently has family that is magical and he and Michael spoofed the Indian Aurors into believing he knew about magic too. I spoke to him and he'll have an official waiver when he gets home. Drink up."

Harry pinched his nose and swallowed the potion as fast as he could. Two minutes later he was asleep.

Two days later Inspector Gusain came and interviewed Harry it was fairly short as such interviews go, after which he returned Harry's juniper wand. At the end Harry was surprised when the Inspector said, "Thank you for your services to the people of India."

"What do you mean? I didn't do much of anything."

"Your modesty is becoming in someone of your age, but based on all the testimonies it is clear that Saxena and his friends had clear intentions of doing much harm and you acted to stop him.

"But I didn't act by myself Rachel, Alexis, Verun and Kamala's bodyguard, and Daniella's Gustaff's bodyguard and Cassidy and Steve and- all of them did something."

"Yes but they credit you with the plan and they were not the ones to kill Saxena. All of them will be given a commendation as well."

"Thanks, then I guess."

The day after that Sirius, Harry, and everyone else port-keyed to England. Then Sirius took Harry side along to Grimmauld Place. Sheba practically knocked Harry over in her enthusiasm in finally being back with her person. Harry still was only at thirty percent of his reserves so it didn't take much persuasion to talk him into going to bed. Sirius was slightly concerned because it was only a week until the Hogwarts Express was supposed to leave for Hogwarts.

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