Hello all! This right here is my second FanFic, and I'm so excited. This is different than my last one, so those who read my last story, I hope I read up to expectations. Also, this story will be in Bella's POV for a pretty large portion of the story. I've been working on this for a little while, so I have a lot of chapters written. Hope you like.

NOTE: Charlie is not the warm, fuzzy cop in this story. He's the bad guy. So take that with a grain of salt. I'm trying to make all the characters a little different than the book, so keep that in mind when you expect to have them all acting the same. This story contains adult content, meaning abuse early in the story and future lemons, hence the M rating.

Disclamer: I do not own Twilight, nor do I own any of the characters portrayed in the book and/or movie. I do, however, own a box of mini Fruit Roll Ups. It's freaking awesome.

September thirteenth, my birthday. Waking up on your seventeenth birthday with the rain pouring down outside is a bad omen, right? In my case, I can't think that way. In the small town of Forks, Washington, I had grown accustomed to spending important days or holidays under the cover of gray clouds. I became envious of the residents of Florida when I was about ten years old.

"Isabella! You awake?" My mother shouted. I shifted in my bed, tearing my eyes away from the window. I sighed and cracked a small smile.

"Yes Renee!" When teenagers got closer to adult age, they called their parents by their first names, right?

"I don't think so missy!" I heard her laugh gently, but was immediately cut off by my father's rough voice. My smile disappeared and I made my birthday wish right there: I wanted to stay in bed all day and not have to deal with this shit.

My cell phone vibrated from its position on my desk, and I shot up to grab it before it started to beep. If my father heard it he would confiscate it again. I was not supposed to have my phone on at night. Rule twelve, I believe.

Brushing my fingers through my hair, I smiled when I saw the text was from my boyfriend, Ryan.

Happy Birthday, sweetie. I'll call you when I'm on my way over. Love, Ryan

I grinned like an idiot, wishing that my time with him would come sooner. Spending an evening with Ryan was the birthday present I wanted, not to go out with my parents and sit through an awkward dinner.

"Isabella?" My mother's voice called again, and this time I could tell that she had come upstairs and was walking closer to my door. I threw my cell phone on the desktop and opened the bedroom door before she could knock.

I loved my mother, more than my own life. Our relationship had been very close when I was younger, but for some reason we drifted… probably because I withdrew into my own mind. I shook my head, forcing myself to stop 'shrinking' myself.

"Hey you, happy birthday!" My mother walked forward and embraced me in a tight hug. I was reluctant on hugging her back, but looking over her shoulder I saw my father standing in the hallway. If I didn't make my mother happy, he would get angry.

"Thanks mom." I followed her downstairs, flinching away from my wordless father as I passed him. I kept my mind on Ryan, knowing I would only have to play golden child for a little while longer and then I could escape for a while.

"What would you like for breakfast?" The question caught me off guard a bit, knowing that usually I didn't get a say in what my mother cooked.

"Um, anything is fine," I responded. I sat at the kitchen table and smiled when I saw that my mother had already made my favorites—pancakes and eggs. I reached forward to grab the spatula for the pancakes and winced when I saw the yellowing bruise on my wrist. I pulled back immediately and pulled down on the shirt sleeve. Something within me cringed at the fact that I was hiding he bruise. But Charlie's dark eyes were watching me, and I knew it was something I had to do.

"Thank you for breakfast, Mom." She seemed pleased that I loved it, and I remained quiet between my chewing. The large clock on the kitchen wall counted the seconds that we sat there in silence. My father read the newspaper, adorned in his full uniform for work. This is what happens when your father is the Chief of Police; you never know when you'll see him donned in apparel.

"So what time is Ryan picking you up?" my mother broke the silence. I grinned at her before setting my fork down on my empty plate.

"He said he'll be here around noon." My dad huffed and set his coffee mug down a little too forcefully. I instinctively flinched back, wondering if the mug was going to stay where it was on the table.

"I don't understand why you're spending time with people who are not your family on your birthday," Charlie said with a harsh bite in his tone. My eyes automatically flew up to my mother, wishing and hoping that fate was on my side today, and she would stand up for me.

Thank you fate.

"Well, since you're going to be at work today, I told Bella she could pick her plans." Renee's words flew out of her mouth with a smile on her face. "She wants to have fun with her friends, so she's going out with Ryan and we'll have a late dinner if possible." Charlie glared at my mother, but she didn't back down. With a final grunt, he tucked his newspaper under his arm and stood. My breathing stopped when he stared at me. I swear a full minute passed before saying anything.

"Happy birthday, Bella." The air I had been holding flew out of my lungs.

"Thanks dad." And just like that, Charlie kissed Renee on her cheek and walked out the front door. The house was eerily quiet, so I just sat as I watched my mother walk around the kitchen. A faint flush had appeared on her cheeks, which I knew would happen when she stood up to Charlie.

"Thanks," I whispered. Renee waved her hand like it was nothing and continued to clean up the kitchen. When we were done I headed up to my bedroom to get ready for when Ryan picked me up. Taking a fast shower, I wrapped a towel around me and started to rake through my closet. Choosing a pair of dark jeans and a red t-shirt, I threw the towel to the side. When I pulled on my underwear, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I froze.

There was a long bruise on my back, stopping right before it reached my hip. But what scared me more was the scattering of bruises that I could still see on my arm. Shit. My eyes trailed to the t-shirt I had brought out, and I knew it wouldn't be the best choice for tonight. The bruises I had were not to be shown to anyone. Rule number seventeen. Even my mother turned her head to this.

Images of Charlie pushing me against the wall the other night a few minutes past curfew flew through my head. 'What would the town think if the Chief's daughter is a fucking hussy!' he had screamed at me.

I swallowed hard, pushing past the nausea. I put the t-shirt back and grabbed a long sleeved black sweater. Better to hide things with, I guess. My cell phone rang then, and I reached for it with a smile.

"Hello?" I could hear car sounds in the background.

"Hey, Bella! I'm on my way. I should be there in five minutes." Ryan, wonderful Ryan.

"Okay, I'll see you then!" I hung up the phone without further conversation, knowing I still wasn't ready. I looked in the mirror, wondering when I became so ordinary. I had gotten my hair cut just last week, and now my brown hair hung just above my shoulders. I reached for a brush, making is so that the stray hairs were now tucked back in with the rest of my crazy hair. My eyes were large and brown, and I always thought they were too simple. But Ryan loved them; he said he could see my soul. The thought made me blush, and I quickly tore my eyes away from my reflection. Grabbing my black boots, I shoved my feet inside and raced down the stairs, purse in hand.

"He here?" My mother asked. She was sitting in front of the television, the volume low. A book was in her lap, and I smiled at her ability to somewhat multitask. If anyone asked her later on what happened on that television show and in that book, she'd know everything.

Knock, Knock.

"Yeah, that's him," I said excitedly. I approached my mother and gave her a quick hiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later." My mom didn't say much of anything, but gave me a smile as I walked towards the door. Opening it, I could only grin.

Ryan Lynch was my beacon of light on a dark night. He had moved to Forks about three years ago, when we were all still in Junior High. His personality was immediately accepted, and I developed the biggest crush on him. Only during the summer after freshman year did he start to show signs of liking me as well. I remember it like it was yesterday… a group of us from school going to the movies. Sitting next to Ryan in a dark theatre had been the highlight of my existence… until Ryan reached over and held my hand.

And here he was, over a year later, at my front door step to take me out for my birthday. My life of covering bruises didn't seem so bad when his white light shined down on me.

"You ready babe?" he asked. I nodded, reaching out to grab his hand. I adored Ryan, and how he looked at me with such adoration. He had blonde hair that stopped right at his ears, and blue eyes that sparkled like he had a neon light behind them.

"Bye Mom!" I yelled as I closed the door. I was free, I was out of the house. Stepping through the falling rain, I slipped into the passenger seat of Ryan's Expedition.

"So, what's on the agenda?" Ryan asked, backing out of the short driveway. I grinned and shrugged. I didn't care, as long as I had time away from the house.

"Doesn't matter, you choose."

Ryan drove us to the town bowling alley, and I was pleased to see that all of our friends were there to great us. Stepping out of the SUV, I was swept into a group hug. Jessica, Cindy and Maria were singing me an off-key happy birthday tune while the guys hung back to chat. I adored my friends, every single one of them.

"So, this was planned?" I asked rhetorically to Ryan. He grinned and ducked as Ben swung to smack him. The interior of the bowling alley was always dull and placid, but when Jessica pushed me past the entranceway, I gasped when I saw there was a banner hanging over two of the lanes saying 'Happy Birthday Bells!' Tears sprang to my eyes and I laughed.

"Guys!" Ryan put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a hug.

"Happy birthday Bella. I love you." I turned to kiss him, letting my lips linger before I was grabbed away again.

The afternoon went by quickly, and I was showered in birthday attention and gifts. I'll be honest, I normally hate the attention. But something about today told me to smile and take it. Five games and three bags of gifts later, Ryan was sweeping me away.

"Care for dinner?" he asked. I nodded eagerly. Glancing at my cell phone I saw that I still had two hours before I had to be home. Curfew sucked but according to my father it was a necessary evil. I remained quiet as Ryan drove through the streets, letting his fingers trace patterns over my hand. I felt calm, which was welcoming. Lately, it was rare that I felt peaceful. At home I was required to finish all of my homework before I could come downstairs for dinner or television. My father even checked it before I went to bed to make sure I hadn't skipped over anything. What would everyone think if the Chief of Police's daughter was a lazy student? The rare weekend when I could escape with my friends was glorious. My friends didn't ask many questions though. They knew Charlie was strict and would just blame it on that. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't let it go so easily… maybe if someone looked a little harder into my life they would see all the wrong things.

"You okay?" Ryan's voice penetrated into my thoughts and I smiled automatically.

"Of course." I realized then that he had stopped the car in front of the local diner. My chest seized for a moment before I noticed that the all too familiar police cruiser was not in the parking lot. Charlie always stopped here to get coffee.

"Are you sure?" I saw that Ryan's eyes were studying me, a little too closely, so I grinned and jumped out of the car. Sitting down in an available booth, we said hello to everyone that waved and started to scan through the menu.

"Thank you for today," I said softly. Ryan raised his eyes to me and smiled.

"It's your birthday, I would do anything for you." I could see the way he looked at me, and the way he caressed me with just a gaze. He was perfect.

"What can I get for you kids?" The waitress, Brianna, stopped by the booth. I knew her from the year before, when she still attended Forks High School. It perturbed me slightly that this was as far as she had gotten after she graduated. Was this the best that I would do? Would I stay in this town forever?

We ordered food and laughed over light conversation until the food arrived. One thing I liked about Ryan was that he was okay with the silence. He didn't force conversation and make me talk about things when the silence was so much more inviting.

After dinner was through, Ryan and I sat in the car, staring at the diner.

"Something's on your mind," Ryan whispered. I sighed and closed my eyes. Should I tell him the truth? I felt his hand close around mine, and I smiled. The darkness of the night mixed with the harder falling rain made a curtain of darkness over my face. I had no reason to be embarrassed about my admitting my feelings, especially when he couldn't see how red my face was becoming.

"What's going to happen after we graduate?" I asked quietly. Ryan shifted in his seat and I heard a small chuckle escape him.

"We have a year and a half left to worry about that, right? What are you worrying about?" I winced at his ability to brush this off, but I decided it was now or never.

"Brianna went to school with us last year." I pointed out her figure from the lit up diner before us. Ryan looked at her and nodded once. "She wanted to go to school on the East coast and become a psychologist." Again, Ryan nodded.

"She works at the diner full time."

"And this bothers you, because?" I sighed again and rolled my eyes at myself. How would I explain my fears to him when he seemed so laid back about it all?

"What's going to happen after we graduate?" I repeated my question. "You mentioned how you want to run your own business, and I want to be a writer. What if college doesn't work out and we end up in this town like Brianna? I want to be free of it, not be stuck in the shadow of my parents."


"Sweetie," Ryan finally said, "I promise that you will not end up like Brianna." I opened up my mouth to argue with him, wondering how on earth he knew this, but he rested his finger over my lips.

"You are not Brianna." Ryan's voice was firm and I quieted immediately. "You are Isabella Swan, and you are such an incredible person, that there is no way for you to end up a townie. You will leave this town and blossom. You will succeed and you will be more than a diner waitress."


I stared at Ryan, my heart pounding. He said exactly what I needed to hear.

"I love you." And just like that I was moving over the center console and pressing my lips to his. I knew I caught him off guard when his hands paused before wrapping around me, but I didn't let that deter me from what I wanted at that moment. I wanted Ryan, and I wanted to feel him. I let my tongue dart out to brush along his bottom lip and grinned into him when I felt him respond. I let my hands sink into his hair, pulling his face closer as I opened my mouth for him. As usual, he tasted like warmth and honey.

Slowly I let my right hand leave his hair and travel down his neck and to his waist. I wanted so badly to let my fingers duck under his shirt, but I couldn't go there yet. Yet. I could feel my face heat up as I imagined leaning back in my seat and letting Ryan's weight cover me. Before I could follow through with my imagination, I could feel Ryan stiffen and pull away. I laughed and reached for him again.

"Hey, I didn't say you could pull away." But I saw that Ryan was staring out the front windshield, and in the glow of the light from the diner's 'Open' sign, his face had paled considerably. "Ryan?" I felt uneasy as I turned to follow his eyes, and then I understood. There under the awning of the diner, staring directly at me was Charlie.

I jumped back and let out a small squeak. Shit, shit, shit.

"Your dad just caught us making out," Ryan whispered. My heart was pounding. It was not just the fact that we were making out. It was the fact that we were making out in front of a public place, and my father was the person who had found us.

"Drive," I muttered, not tearing my eyes away from my father's. Ryan turned to me with his eyebrows up.

"What? We can't just-" I turned to him and all but yelled in his face.

"Drive!" Ryan jumped and turned the key in the ignition. It was the only thing I could tell him to do. I didn't know what would happen if we just sat there watching as Charlie killed me with a glare. Would he have torn me out of the car and let Ryan watch as he hit me? Would he have walked away and dealt with me later? I didn't want to find out.

"Bella, what is going on?" Ryan asked as he pulled away from the diner and towards my house.

"Nothing. I have to go home." My hands were shaking, so I clenched them into fists and held them to my lap.

"Bella!" I looked at Ryan and wanted to cry. Wait, was I already crying? I touched my cheek and felt the slick tears on my face. Looking down at the dash board I saw that it was five minutes past my curfew.

"I missed curfew." I was honestly surprised that he heard me, but Ryan turned to me with an exasperated expression on his face.

"So what if you missed it by a few minutes? Are your parents going to be that mad?" I opened my mouth to answer, but knew he wouldn't understand. Instead I closed my mouth and shook my head. I couldn't say anything. Rule number fifteen. Minutes later Ryan pulled into my driveway, and I grabbed my purse and opened the door.

"Wait! Bella!" He reached out and grabbed my arm, and I cried out in pain. There was no way he would know that was my bruised arm. His eyes were wide and he let go.

"I'm sorry, I'll call you later." I slammed the door shut just as he yelled my name, and I ran for the door. I ignored the rain, knowing it didn't matter at this point. I barged into the house and looked around. Most of the lights were off, but I saw that my mother was sitting in the living room with her book, just like I had left her hours ago.

"Mom?" I whispered. The clock above her head showed it was thirteen after eight, and I knew after what my father saw, he would be home any minute. I could hear Ryan's car recede from the driveway, and I felt so alone. My mother looked at me and gave a week smile.

"Happy birthday sweetie." And like that, she stood from the couch and walked upstairs. My mouth hung open in shock. Did she just leave me to defend myself? I looked around the living room and at the clock again. Maybe if I just went upstairs and went to bed, I could either ignore this or at least postpone it. But my thoughts were cut short when headlights flashed through the room and came to a stop outside the front door.


I looked around and frantically tried to act like I hadn't been waiting for him to get home. I turned on the television and sat on the edge of the recliner. Maybe if I was watching TV he would just go upstairs. The door opened with a bang, slamming into the wall on the other side. I winced and looked at the figure, swallowing hard.

"Hey dad," I whispered. My heart was echoing loudly in my ears and I wondered if he could hear me. His brown eyes that were so much like my own glared at me as he slammed the door. No words were spoken as he stood breathing hard in the doorway and I sat scared on that chair. And just like that Charlie moved forward and grabbed my arm.

"No! Dad, I'm sorry!" He led me into the kitchen and slammed me against the counter. Tears were already pouring down my cheeks as I closed my eyes in pain. I could feel the edge of the counter cut into my back, but I bit my lip from crying out; this would only make him angrier. I peeked out to watch as Charlie reached forward and turned on the garbage disposal. The grinding sound echoed throughout the house, and I knew then that I was not forgiven.

"No! No, please, no," I cried. The garbage disposal was there to drown out my cries, to make sure that the neighbors couldn't hear. I had tried so many times to break that damn thing, but Charlie would always call the local handyman over to fix it. I was condemned to this.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Charlie asked me as he searched the drawer for the rolling pin. I winced as his other hand clenched down on my arm, and I wish I had the strength to pull away from him. "What do you think you were doing when you decided to practically fornicate in front of the damn diner?!"

"I'm sorry!" I screamed. Charlie found the rolling pin quicker than I hoped and pointed it at me.

"You ask for this, you know that right?" I couldn't nod. I couldn't say a word. I could only stare at the wood weapon that Charlie wielded. And just like that, he grabbed my arm and extended it out, slamming the rolling pin onto my arm. I screamed out in pain, forcing myself to keep my other hand to stay where it was—clenching the counter's edge. He only hit my arm three times, and for that I was grateful. Not too hard to break anything, but hard enough to 'teach me a lesson'. Charlie stepped back from me and I fell to the ground.

"Please stop," I cried. I was shaking, and I brought my right arm to my chest to protect it. There was a constant ringing in my ears, and I tried hard to push past it and listen to what he was saying. If he asked me a question and I didn't hear him, I would only make him angrier.

"You listen to me, Bella," Charlie crouched down to speak to me as I huddled on the floor. "You are not to see that boy anymore." I opened my mouth automatically to protest, fear blinding me when I thought of never seeing Ryan again. But I clamped it shut when I saw Charlie raise his hand as if to strike me.

"No!" I cried out. I was pressed back against the cabinets as far as I could be, but it wasn't far enough.

"You aren't to see him anymore," Charlie repeated. "And you are to come home after school every day. Home and school, that's all. Until further notice." I nodded quickly. I kept my eyes shut as I heard Charlie stand. Seconds later I felt something slam against my temple, and it was like an explosion behind my eyelids.

"Go to bed." I gasped in pain as I listened to Charlie walk around the house, shutting off the garbage disposal, the television, and all of the lights. As he walked up the stairs, I dared to open my eyes. The entire house was encased in darkness, and I only then allowed myself to collapse on the linoleum floor. Curled in the fetal position, I let my cries leak out quietly. I had no defense mechanism when I had no one to stand up for me, and I was too small to stand up for myself. After all, he was the Chief of Police. Who would believe me?

I rose from the ground once my tears had subsided. Glancing around I saw that my purse was on the floor, wide open. I knew my cell phone was gone without looking inside, as this would be a part of my punishment as well. Keeping my right arm pressed to my chest, I left the purse in the middle of the floor and walked tentatively up the stairs. My parents' door was closed, so I walked into my bedroom and shut the door. Shedding my clothes with a few cries, I walked to get my nightgown. There was no use fighting this, I knew. This was not a first time occurrence, even if I never admitted it aloud. Glancing in the mirror, I bit my lip again. The side of my face where Charlie had hit me was swelling, already showing the signs of a bruise. My arm was also bruising, and I thought it ridiculous that now both of my arms were matching.

Is this what I had become? A battering ram? Would it ever end? I ignored the questions and dressed into a nightgown that covered my arms. I curled into my comforter, staring at the wall.

"Happy birthday to me," I whispered. The sound of rain falling outside normally would keep me awake, but tonight it lulled me to sleep. I was just slipping into a dream when I heard a soft noise from within my room. My eyes shot open and I sat up as quickly as I could. Looking around I let my hand fly up to my mouth, gasping when I saw a figure sliding into my window.

"Ryan!" I whispered. I slid out of the bed and rushed forward. He had to leave, he had to leave now.

"Bella, are you okay? I tried to call you but it goes straight to voicemail." Ryan was soaked from head to toe, and I gaped at the fact that he just climbed the tree outside my window.

"Ryan, you have to leave!" I started to push him towards the window, but he turned and reached for my arm. His hand wrapped around my right arm, very gently, but I cried out in pain regardless. I wrenched my arm away and held it to my chest. Looking at Ryan, I pleaded with my eyes for him to leave. He didn't understand, he didn't know what would happen if my father found him in the bedroom.

Ryan didn't say anything though, only stared at me as he reached out again and grabbed my right hand.

"No, Ryan, please." But he didn't listen. Holding my hand tightly, he reached out and lifted the sleeve of my shirt. The bruises were dark already, and regardless of the lack of light, he could see every single one of them.

"Bella!" Ryan gasped. His movements became frantic as he pushed the sleeve up the rest of the way and moved to my left arm, doing the same. Seconds passed by as he unearthed more bruises, and when he reached out to grab my face, he saw the final one on my temple.

"Did you father do this to you?" he asked. His voice was flared with anger, and I didn't want to tell the truth. If he knew the truth, he would try and do something, and the best thing right now was to just leave and not look back.

"Ryan, you have to go," I moaned out. I couldn't look him in the eyes, knowing that he would see the truth if I looked at him directly.

"Bella, don't you fucking lie to me," Ryan threatened. "Did he do this to you?" I looked down at the floor, and finally nodded. Ryan let me go and stepped back. I let the tears leak out of my eyes as I watched his shoes retreat. Was he going to think any less of me? I listened as Ryan took a deep breath, and just like that he was moving around my room very quickly. I looked up and gaped at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked him quietly. He had grabbed a duffel bag form the corner of my room and was opening drawers, throwing clothes into the bag.

"I'm getting you the hell out of here. Get dressed." My mouth remained open as I watched Ryan throw several pairs of jeans into the bag, followed by sweaters and shirts.

"But I can't…" He turned on me so quickly that I flinched back.

"To hell you can't. You are not staying here. I am taking you to the hospital to make sure nothing is broken, and then you are coming home with me." We stood in my room, staring at each other, and my resolve broke. I stepped forward and wrapped my less painful arm around his waist.

"Thank you," I whispered. Ryan kissed the top of my head and ran his hand through my hair, careful not to touch my bruise.

"Get dressed." I did as he said, and minutes later he was helping me out of the window and down the tree. I couldn't believe this was happening; I couldn't believe I was following Ryan. If this went wrong, if something happened and I was forced to go back to my home, I would pay for it. This was the biggest mistake I could do. When my feet hit the wet grass, I pulled my hand away from Ryan. He turned back to look at me in question, and I just stared.

"There are so many ways this can come back to bite me in the ass," I said with a laugh. Ryan shifted my bag on his shoulder and reached out for my hand again.

"You're with me, Bella, you're safe." Words never sounded so sweet. I grabbed his hand and trudged through the rain to his SUV that was parked around the corner. Slipping into the dry passenger seat, I sighed and closed my eyes. Was it really that easy? Did I really get away?

"I don't want to go to Forks General," I said to Ryan as he turned on the car. "Charlie knows too many people there." Ryan nodded, understanding me without searching for explanations.

"I'll bring you to the Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles," he said as he drove away. "It's going to be a drive, but we run less of a chance of running into someone who knows your father." I leaned back into the seat, watching the road whip by as we hit Highway 101. The rain was falling harder now, and I tried not to think of that as an omen… a fucking horrible omen.

"You know, I woke up this morning thinking the rain was a bad omen on my birthday," I said to Ryan as I watched the yellow reflecting lines pass us by. "I guess I was right."

"I don't want you thinking that way," he said gently. "You shouldn't have to live in conditions like that. I can't believe I never saw it before."

"I'm good at covering up," I bit out. He shook his head though.

"That's just it. You shouldn't have to worry about covering up anything. You're too special for this shit." I reached out and took one of his hands from the steering wheel, bringing it to my lips.

"I love you," I whispered. Ryan smiled at me and I turned away with a blush. Mere seconds later, I felt my eyes go wide and I screamed.

"Ryan!" His eyes tore away from me and flew to the road. He swerved to the right, narrowly missing the deer that stood in the middle of the road, and I gasped when I felt the car swing to the left in correction.

"Shit!" Ryan yelled. His hands were on the wheel, trying hard to straighten the car, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the edge of the forest ahead. My hands were gripping the seat, and I could hear a high pitched scream echo through the air. It hit me suddenly that the screaming was coming from me.

It was like slow motion, my eyes glued to the windshield as the car slowly turned sideways, skidding across the road. I don't know what we hit, but we were turning. The seatbelt strained against my chest, cutting off my air supply. The car hit something then, slamming into the ground and slid. I felt intense pain in my temple as my head hit the window, and I cursed the fact that Charlie had to hit me there just that night. I felt my world turn around me, shaking me as I continued to scream. Only when we hit a solid surface did the car seem to stop. I opened my eyes, gasping for breath, tears pouring. I felt disoriented, and realized we were upside down. I screamed again, letting a sob break through. Strands of my hair fell down around my face, and I swiped them away to see.

"Ryan! Ryan!" I cried. I turned to the left and froze. Ryan was motionless, eyes closed. I could feel my breathing speed up, and slowly my vision started to blur.

"Ryan?" The rain pounded down outside, and I was vaguely aware of noises coming from the car. Metal groaning and something under the hood clicking. Ryan was still, his head cocked to the side. I could see blood leaking from a gash in his forehead, pouring into a puddle on the roof.

"Ryan?" I whispered. I felt weak, and just seconds after I whispered his name, I succumbed to the blackness.

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